Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2083

Next morning, Zhao Hai their full of vigor getting up, after having eaten thing, this rode Demon Horse to start off, normally was not the fight time, did not need to use the technique of Man & Horse Unification, practice that such words on equal to were not you keeping, this also not necessarily was any good matter. Chatting that however the people just learn the technique of Man & Horse Unification, some excited, this all the way had kept, the time passes to is quick. However after two hours, the Zhao Hai actually knitting the brows head of gently, deep voice said : fellow brothers, we come out from the morning now, can meet horse carriage?” As soon as the people listened to Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but has gawked, then shook the head said : not to have, Team leader, we from the morning to the present, horse carriage have not met, What happened? had any wrong? Zhao Hai deep voice said : everyone/Great Clan is more careful, but here the Divine Machine Sect main road, on this main road, we walked for several hours, horse carriage has not actually met, a pedestrian has not met, this not very strange?” The people have gawked, is complexion changes, they had not felt anything, regarding them, the average person who on the road runs into, their simply has not cared, was a present Zhao Hai such saying, they actually really felt that some were not right. Zhao Hai deep voice said : preparation, I always felt that today will have the matter to live.” Said that hits the horse to proceed to walk, the people follow hastily, but they actually lost the interest of speech, but sits in immediately/on horseback, careful is sizing up all around situation. Zhao Hai looks at their appearances. Somewhat cannot help but disappointed. These people were too tender, they clarified like this are tell the enemy me to alert, enemy attack their times, naturally also careful, this regarding them was not the good matter, but Zhao Hai has not reminded them, this matter, must need slowly their realized. Also walked for one hour, distant Zhao Hai they saw a village, sees that village. Zhao Hai cannot help but two eyes concentrates, deep voice said : everyone/Great Clan is then careful, in the front village has the strangeness, our speeding up. The one breath overruns, the middle do not stop.” The people have complied with one, simultaneously the luck the Man & Horse Unification method, proceeded to overrun. Demon Horse originally is the height body weight, now more than 20 Demon Horse together run, has imposing manner that one type of goes full steam ahead seriously, moreover Demon Horse also under the stimulation of Man & Horse Unification, mentioned high. Meng Qi on a tree in standing village, direction that look at Zhao Hai they come, in this village already nobody. Has ambushed over a hundred Divine Machine Battalion cultivator in the village, in the hands of these people are taking crossbow arrow, has aimed at that Grand Dao in village. Zhao Hai that Meng Qi look at suddenly adds they, in the eye cannot help but flash through a dignity, his do not understand why Zhao Hai their suddenly added that have they present oneself ambushed in here? Is impossible? However now cannot control that many, Zhao Hai their is very quick, is almost blinks, has crashed in the village. Meng Qi immediately/on horseback waves said : to put!” Along with his voice, rows of feather arrows. They have shot toward Zhao Hai, but at this time, Zhao Hai they have pulled out their long blade, the standard kept off to shoot at their feather arrows.

However at this moment, Zhao Hai suddenly feels cross below the Demon Horse foot one soft. Zhao Hai stares, lowers the head looks. Presently the main road in this village unexpectedly is given to dig up, manufactured pitfall, in this falling horse Kangli, a formation trap, so long as obviously Demon Horse stepped on to that trap, can by trap attack. A Zhao Hai Spiritual Qi revolution, he cross below Demon Horse four hoof fierce balls, the personal appearance proceeds to leap, one has leapt that trap unexpectedly, has not bumped into trap following formation. Simultaneously Zhao Hai also said loudly: everyone/Great Clan is careful, the ground has trap.” Zhao Hai this reminder, other people also noted the trap of ground, immediately control Demon Horse were leaping, but afterward one after another appears some traps, having made Zhao Hai they somewhat be tired out by dealing with, what most important was, Meng Qi they have not stopped not attack in this process, conversely, their crossbow arrow shot was quicker, Zhao Hai they not only need be careful the trap, must be careful these crossbow arrow, at once appeared very distressed, two people were also even injured. Zhao Hai looks at this situation, cannot help but coldly snorted, his in hand Blade Technique has launched, instantaneous eight demon huge golden color big gate appears in their all around, have given protecting them firmly, these crossbow arrow shoot on big gate, all broke off the ground. But Zhao Hai they have not actually stopped, before long ran out of the small village, among in the blink of an eye on vanish from sight, Meng Qi is wanted make a move to cope with Zhao Hai they, but he has not thought that Zhao Hai their so will be unexpectedly quick, among in the blink of an eye on vanish from sight. The direction that Meng Qi complexion ugly look at Zhao Hai he goes far away, hatred at heart deepened one layer, at this time also ran in these cultivator of here ambush with his together, these cultivator strengths are not very strong, many cultivator are also the Rebirth Stage strengths, they depend upon, only then in hand crossbow arrow, this is also the reason that Zhao Hai they can escape safely, if these cultivator have the Doppelganger Stage strength, Zhao Hai they will not be easy to withdraw. cultivator has arrived at Meng Qi said : Senior Brother, now what to do?” Direction that Meng Qi look at Zhao Hai they go far away, coldly snorted said : has made various cities pay attention to their good sect along the way, if there is opportunity, we are coping with them, now Zhao Hai feared that is knows we wanted to cope with them, but this was also good, what to do I to have a look at Zhao Hai then to.” Runs out of the village about hundred li (0.5km), Zhao Hai slowed down finally, he turned the head to look at people one eyes, presently that two injured person, underwent simple processing, in having matter, his then feel relieved. However their complexion are not quite attractive. Zhao Hai looks at their complexion, knows that they are thinking anything, uses crossbow arrow attack, this generally is the Divine Machine Sect method, this also indicated that just attack their people, is Divine Machine Sect cultivator. This is their complexion ugly reason. In the Divine Machine Sect domain. By Divine Machine Sect cultivator with such method attack, it seems like Divine Machine Sect is thinks reckless kept here them, their later roads were more difficult to walk. Zhao Hai looked at their one eyes, deep voice said : everybody, present situation everyone/Great Clan also saw, person blatant attack of this Divine Machine Sect we, it seems like they want no consideration for face, we cannot sit waiting for death, now cannot attend to that many, no matter we behind must cope with us our are who. We must take risk, our a while takes the alley, walks into the mountain, receives Demon Horse. Such Divine Machine Sect person presently our whereabouts, we will be unsafe temporarily, but our behind enemies will possibly overtake us, but I believe that deals with our behind enemies, coping with one Sect wants to be easier , does everyone/Great Clan look?”

People now to Zhao Hai, but the incomparable belief, just they broke through in that village, seems like shocking but not dangerous probably, but thinks now. Actually is thrilling extremely, if not Zhao Hai presently that village has the unusual form ahead of time, if were not Zhao Hai has given them the technique of Man & Horse Unification, they were impossible to break through that village. Divine Machine Sect crossbow arrow famous very one type of Magical Artifact, this Magical Artifact copes with too strong cultivator not to be useful, but copes with some Soul Fusion Stage following cultivator is very useful, if not the rapidness that they clash, but is not they have studied the technique of Man & Horse Unification, enabling their Demon Horse to jump over these traps, they feared that must die in that small village. They do not believe that in that small village does not have on Expert, may they really be forced to stop in that small village, not only will meet crossbow arrow attack, similarly will also meet Divine Machine Sect Expert attack. Even will also receive attack of formation trap, but they have 20 people. If meets these attack, they really had dead Unborn. Now Zhao Hai said that they naturally will not have any opinion, all people nodded said : „to take responsibility by the team leader.” Zhao Hai nodded, waved, getting the people to ride Demon Horse to take an alley. By this group is the jungle, behind the jungle not the far place is huge mountain, this mountain in Divine Machine Sect here very famous, calls Arrow Tree Mountain, because on this mountain the one type of arrow tree, this arrow tree manufactures the crossbow arrow best material steadily, therefore acquires fame. This Arrow Forest not very high, elevation about three kilometers, but this arrow tree long is actually very long, is very long mountain range. After Zhao Hai they entered the jungle, in suiting rode Demon Horse, big tree very tall and big in this forest, they in riding Demon Horse, not only will not speed up their marching, instead attended the meeting to reduce their marching, therefore since Zhao Hai they after entering not long after to the jungle, from Demon Horse, then Zhao Hai received Demon Horse, cancelled them the trace in jungle, this was getting the people toward Arrow Tree Mountain direction advancing. After one hour, Zhao Hai they entered in Arrow Tree Mountain, on this Arrow Tree Mountain is growing one type of straight big trees everywhere, this tree also very straight, tree trunk soars to the heavens straightly, really manufactures the imbue arrow best material. Zhao Hai got the seedlings of two arrow trees to put in Space at will, then got the people one to go toward moving forward, but Zhao Hai has actually been careful, because he can feel clearly, as soon as after he entered to forest, that type was haunted by the ghost the same danger to feel, in time entangling he, moreover was more intense than before. Zhao Hai motionless sound is leading people moving forward, but their advancing is not quick, will not let people consumption too many Spiritual Qi, because of Zhao Hai very clear, if they consume too many Spiritual Qi, that is meeting person attack, was really dangerous. To darkness time, Zhao Hai they have not met any attack, to has met some Monster Beast, but these Monster Beast strengths are not very strong, Zhao Hai does not want to provoke them, such will make them leave the trace, therefore he led the people to bypass these Monster Beast. The eye look at day wanted black, Zhao Hai also knows that they must rest, today passed through a war, has marched on a day of road on the mountain, the people somewhat were tired, with Zhao Hai these people was not Body Cultivator, they are will be also tired, was time rest well one. Zhao Hai looked for the a piece forest not that dense ground in forest, then looked at all around one, deep voice said : was good, is here, we rest today a evening in here, tomorrow are leaving.” People let out a long breath, disregards sat the ground, to be honest, on this day anxious hurrying along, making them feel really quite tired.

Zhao Hai looked at their one eyes, showed a faint smile said : to be good, put out beast skin to come, then ate to select thing in sleeping well, tonight I stand night watch.” Was saying Zhao Hai while walks toward camp all around, meanwhile often puts out formation disk to lose in camp all around. These cultivator one hear of Zhao Hai said that immediately jumped, in which cultivator said : team leader, that can make you stand night watch, this, we divide into classes, everyone/Great Clan stands night watch in turn, this can also rest well.” Zhao Hai smiles said : to consider as finished, you rest well, does not need to be worried for me.” Before long Zhao Hai formation to prepare, then also the matter left a piece beast skin spread on the ground, sat on beast skin, put out some things to eat to apportion the people. Other people also brought things to eat actually, but they like thing that eats Zhao Hai to take, does not have the means that thing that because Zhao Hai takes was too delicious, compared with thing that they bring, but delicious many. After having eaten thing, Zhao Hai made them rest, these people also know, as soon as possible was restored by oneself to the optimum condition is most important, they sat on beast skin, controlled one's breathing one to be able with, lay down on beast skin rests. Zhao Hai also sits cross-legged to sit on beast skin, probably is controlling one's breathing, however his Doppelganger, the branch to camp all around, some have actually submerged underground, some submerged in the arrow tree, entire camp protecting. Reason that Zhao Hai must such do , because he felt that tonight will certainly have any matter to live, because of the feeling of that very dangerous, was more intense, even turned into killing intent, locks his killing intent. Zhao Hai was too familiar with this feeling, before each time he must by attack, this feelings, he can feel clearly that this time attack, comes to him, because that locks in his killing intent is most intense, but the bodies of other people, killing aura is not strong. Zhao Hai sits in there, is recalling diligently, he wants to know that is who, actually like this will feel to him, because he from that killing intent, felt that gloomy and cold, such feeling is not long sees, but Zhao Hai actually knows that oneself before has certainly experienced, but where experiences, he somewhat could not think for a while. When Zhao Hai recalls oneself that several times exiting smelting trial slowly, the situation of encountering, suddenly he has thought Wu Family Villa that a place, Wu Clan, goes around a mountain! He on going around a mountain in Wu Family Villa, felt that has been to this similar feeling, at that time he probably also by one type of killing intent locking, but locks in his killing intent, has a gloomy and cold aura, then, Zhao Hai immediately knows that who own enemy was, Ghost Cultivator!( To be continued. ^-^^-^ { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }