Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2084

Ghost Cultivator! Unexpectedly is Ghost Cultivator! Thought of here, on the face of Zhao Hai has cannot help but revealed a surprised color, he has not thought that these time stared own unexpectedly was Ghost Cultivator, this arrived somewhat troubles.([] …… Zhao Hai very clear, these time goes to Yang Ding Mountain there, is opportunity of smelting trial, various Sect will send for other attack Sect people, however the strength of both sides will not actually miss much, like Divine Machine Sect this time, sending out more than 100 people to besiege their matters, rarely seen. However all Sect feared that meets Ghost Cultivator in the process of smelting trial, Ghost Cultivator and cultivator have the big enmity, are they will not manage you smelting trials, they are kill people, the person who naturally cannot send out the same level strength copes with them, such words have not become smelting trial Zhao Hai. However Zhao Hai can affirm, person who these Ghost Cultivator send, the strength will not be strong, the person strength that if they send is too strong, various Great Sect will certainly note, the person who when the time comes they send feared that cannot go back, these Ghost Cultivator do not dare to take risk, the person who therefore they send possibly has some strengths, but must say that will send out the strong person, to also not necessarily. Zhao Hai sits in camp, head actually keeping is calculating, then his hand presses toward underground, then he sits in underground transmits one rustle the sound, before long sound on vanish from sight. Zhao Hai just such pressed has delivered to underground several Insect Race, but that several Insect Race, are some small Insect Race, only then the palm of the hand size, fighting strength is also not. However this Insect Race has the one type of very special ability. That is the toxin. This Insect Race end has a poisonous needle, this poisonous needle can the release venom, but this venom after multiple enhancement of Space, feared that was in Earth Monarch Stage Expert, can lose fighting strength instantaneously. Moreover this Insect Race also ability, that is they can shield the spiritual force investigation of cultivator completely, even if cultivator of Teleportation boundary, feared that is impossible with spiritual force presently they, although they, when underground excavates earth, will have some rustling sounds. But if both sides are battling, will be nobody will actually pay attention to the rustling sound of under foot, can say that these thing will be best underground Assassin. But Zhao Hai goes to these small Insect Race release, not only he, for makes them help his in the fight. What most important is, he must let these small Insect Race , helping him arrange formation in underground. But Tyrant Blade Sect cultivator that at this time, these slept soundly, suddenly hears a sound to transmit said : in their ears brothers, awakes.”

These cultivator originally machines very awake, therefore one awoke, but they have not moved, because that sound conveys said : afterward brothers, do not move. Pretends also in the appearance of sleeping soundly, some people must begin to us.” One hear of this sounds they know that this saying was Zhao Hai said that all people cannot help but gawked, at this time Zhao Hai then deep voice said : brothers, listened, you must believe me, these time came attack we are Ghost Cultivator, I already arrange around camp formation, because of the don’t know these Ghost Cultivator strengths, therefore don’t know these formation can very how long. Therefore you must be ready, when Ghost Cultivator attack, you must cohere my side in the nearest/recent time.” People static is listening, without any response, but Zhao Hai actually knows. They awoke, moreover heard his words. Zhao Hai has not worried. His then said : has remembered, this time enemy is not simple, you should also know that Ghost Cultivator will not honor anything to agree, therefore they come attack our people, strength certain very formidable, I wanted you to remember, if we did not beat the opposite party, then I must ask you to leave, your immediately wanted leave, then arrived in the Dornum river looked at River City there , etc. I, you do not need in there , etc. I, to be in sight in River City my three days, if I within three days have not arrived, you travelled by boat along the river, disembarked to the riverside city, was direct Yang Ding Mountain, this all the way. Do not reveal that your status, must separate the motion, but must maintain the relation, must pretend is the Rogue Cultivator appearance, must remember.” The people however had not replied that Zhao Hai has not been making noise, his static sitting in there, is anything has not lived probably, quick, that sense of crisis is getting stronger and stronger, Zhao Hai can affirm that the opposite party arrived has been able attack their range, but has not moved to the present. Zhao Hai very has the patience, what method his present don’t know opposite party with will come to meeting them, his former although has contacted with these Ghost Cultivator, Ghost Cultivator that but he contacts is not that formidable Ghost Cultivator, therefore he regarding Ghost Cultivator attack style is not completely understand, therefore he wants to have a look, what method currently these Ghost Cultivator will use to cope with them. Quick, Zhao Hai knew, he one jumped, he has thought Ghost Cultivator meets a has plenty method to cope with them, but he has not thought that finally Ghost Cultivator will use such one type of method. Intermittent Ghost Soldier appears around Zhao Hai their camp, these Ghost Soldier below predecessors all like the smog, could not see their feet, however their upper part, actually all are each and every one puts on the full body armor soldier image, they put on all kinds of full body armor, in hand are taking all kinds of weapon, looks like an army same their camp throws toward Zhao Hai. To be honest, these Ghost Soldier images are really very good, they not only each and every one look like fierce fearsome, what most important is, their full body armor look like, very beautiful, but can also look at these Ghost Soldier level from the full body armor style and thickness, most Inferior level Ghost Soldier, their bodies do not even have full body armor, but in hand is taking a blade. Sees these Ghost Soldier time, Zhao Hai has cannot help but gawked, he has not thought that opposite these Ghost Cultivator, will cope with them with such method unexpectedly.

These Ghost Soldier look like although is good, but Zhao Hai sees these Ghost Soldier time, the first feeling unexpectedly is, this is not a soldier, but is one crowd bandit who comprised of the routed troop, even their routed troops are not, because routed troop minimum has returned the battlefield, but also knows that needs to coordinate, but what these Ghost Soldier are actually has, noisy crowd same flushed. Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly, simultaneously pretends probably was just presently these Ghost Soldier appearances, said loudly: Enemy raids!” Said that one jumped, has pulled out own long blade, other people also jumped, probably somewhat vacant looked, immediately has pulled out the long blade, encircled the Zhao Hai side. But at this time these Ghost Soldier rushed to camp, but these Ghost Soldier just entered camp, probably immediately lost target to be the same, in camp transferred several, immediately toward other Ghost Soldier attacks, one on hidden entered killing one another unexpectedly unexpectedly. At this time measured cloudy the sound that did convey said : formation? Snort, but also is very careful, in careful is also useless, Bewitching Bell present, Ten Thousand Bewitching Ghost, scolds!” As this sound conveys also tings, the common ting appears very clear, but in this ting is actually every is actually similar to ten eight layers attains the death knell to be the same, making people from feel the wool at heart. Zhao Hai hears this sound, complexion changes said : sound wave attack, everyone/Great Clan is careful, defends strictly the mind.” Said that Zhao Hai turns, in hand were many a big drum, then Zhao Hai puts the ground to put the drum, effort has knocked, low and deep drumbeats, probably battlefield the battle drum on the summon soldier are the same, making the person hear felt that the spirit shakes exerts. Sound that measures cloudy in time transmitting, he somewhat accidental said : oh? Has not thought that in Tyrant Blade Sect also appears will have used unexpectedly Magical Artifact, interesting, today lets my Young Master Bewitch teaching well you, how Magical Artifact must use.” Hears this sound, Tyrant Blade Sect these cultivator cannot help but complexion change, in which cultivator is said : Young Master Bewitch Cui Wuxin!” Zhao Hai turned the head to look at that speech cultivator said : Li Fei, what Young Master Bewitch have you heard this?” That cultivator that Li Fei just spoke, he looks like over 30 years old, the figure is not tall, but very sturdy, strength very good. One hear of Zhao Hai said that Li Fei cannot help but forced smile said : good, Team leader, I had heard this Young Master Bewitch, in fact 30 years ago, in True Spirit Realm here, had not heard the person of Young Master Bewitch this name are really not many.”

Zhao Hai nodded said : then to say to Li Fei.” Li Fei has complied with one, then said : Young Master Bewitch Cui Wuxin, is 30 years ago in Ghost Cultivator rare talent, at that time his strength had achieved Earth Monarch Stage, the don’t know anything reason, was put Continent to come up by Ghost Cultivator, he starts massacring Continent cultivator on all directions, no matter Righteous Path cultivator, Evil Path cultivator or Demon Path cultivator, he has killed but, especially on Continent some young Expert, folded in his hand, these also included our Tyrant Blade Sect senior Senior Brother, that senior Senior Brother was Heaven Spirit Root, was our Tyrant Blade Sect at that time the most famous talent.” Speaks of the here Li Fei eye belt fears intent looked that in all around dark forest looked at one, deep voice said : „a he most famous war is, by strength of the, about fighting Righteous and Demon, two paths at that time crest of wave most vigor two young Expert, one is Matchless Swordsman Feng Xuefeng, another is Suicide Blade Lin Yang.” Zhao Hai hears these two names, the mind also cannot help but shakes, because of this Matchless Swordsman Feng Xuefeng and Suicide Blade Lin Yang name, he has heard, in Feng Xuefeng is present Righteous Path relates call highest young Expert, has the younger generation first person of name, this person comes in True Spirit Realm first sword cultivator sends Worship Sword Sect greatly, 20 years ago has achieved the Teleportation boundary, moreover fully had the 25 year not to have make a move, now his strength to any degree, nobody knows. But Suicide Blade Lin Yang, there is the name of Demon Path young generation of first Expert, Feng Xuefeng is the temporary fine jade is bright, Feng Xuefeng is also 20 years ago has achieved the Teleportation boundary, but his last make a move 23 years ago, he by the Earth Monarch Stage strength, challenged Expert of Teleportation boundary at that time, finally although is injured, makes Expert of that Teleportation boundary be injured, they have made into an evenness. But Expert of that Teleportation boundary does not have what fame character like it with Lu Sheng that Zhao Hai fights, that is one becomes famous by long Teleportation boundary Expert, obviously his strength has formidable how. ^-^^-^ { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }