Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2085

Feng Xuefeng, Lin Yang, this may in True Spirit Realm here, at the height of power name, but this Young Master Bewitch can by an enemy two, this really be too great at that time unexpectedly. At this time Li Fei according to legend in the past Cui Wuxin collaborating to have killed by Feng Xuefeng and Lin Yang in said :, how possibly appears ?” That Cui Wuxin also heard the Li Fei words obviously very much, his coldly snorted said : depends on them, wants to kill me? Your these idiots, all by that two fellows deceiving, them said that has killed me, but some have True Spirit Realm here people seen my corpse? Snort, in this case, actually believes that they have killed me, the True Spirit Realm person also is really suffices the day to be straight.” Zhao Hai one hear of this Cui Wuxin words, cannot help but stare, then his showing a faint smile said : suddenly I don't care you are real Cui Wuxin or fake Cui Wuxin, you now are not past you, perhaps you in the past not by Feng Xuefeng and Lin Yang killing, but I can actually affirm that you received certainly very heavy wound, moreover the wound did not have to the present completely well, he he, does your present strength, still stay in Earth Monarch Stage? HaHaHa, depends on your present strength, do you want to cope with me? What I look to be naive is you.” Snort!” A coldly snorted sound transmits, does along with it ting greatly, but these Ghost Soldier, each and every one actually like by ting stimulating, their each and every one two blood red eyes, going all out is brandishing the in hand weapon, but on the face of Zhao Hai appears a dignified facial expression, his in hand drum has also knocked was more anxious, the low and deep drumbeat, seemed like encouraging the soldier to welcome with the mentality that one type of fierce did not fear to enemy same welcoming has approached that intermittent ting. The invisible sound wave from the sky is battling. All around trees around the middle was all shaken by this sound wave. camp all around, if judgment day is the same. But at this time Li Fei they had also pulled out the blade, defended in Zhao Hai side, but they quickly presently, these Ghost Soldier also by the Zhao Hai drumbeat blocking, simply did not have means nearly their bodies, this also made them put the heart slightly. In this time, the sound of suddenly ghost wailing is transmitting, Li Fei they turn the head to look, present is only actually revolving Boomerang. Shoots toward them, these Boomerang manufactures very special, in the Boomerang middle position, but also has gotten each and every one small hole. But the sound of that ghost wailing, is from that. When they prepare to keep off Boomerang, that Boomerang one was actually given the ball to result in the round trip to fly by the sound wave, but that Boomerang manufacture very refined, after a revolution, immediately/on horseback transferred, moreover strength compared with former even bigger a point. Zhao Hai deep voice said : this Boomerang cannot meet hardly, paid attention, I drumbeat toward recycling, the people pay attention to the Boomerang path. With the blade from or next two direction attack he, asks the price with no intention of buying him directly.” Li Fei several people have complied with one, look at these Boomerang that is careful. But the Zhao Hai drumbeat at this time, was actually often slowing down somewhat, drumbeat slow these Boomerang immediately flew, but these Boomerang probably also became somewhat slow, Li Fei they can see these Boomerang flight ancient covered wagon paths clearly.

When ~ when ~ when ~ when ~ works as ~, Li Fei they with oneself in hand blade, must fly to the standard that several Boomerang, but this these Boomerang have not actually flown in the round trip. But is straight toward flying in the sky past, because Li Fei their just standards kept off, struck to fly Boomerang from below, the place of Boomerang stress was different, was naturally impossible to fly. But these Ghost Soldier were also calling opportunity that the Zhao Hai drumbeat postpones. Advanced in time proceeding. But Zhao Hai looked that Li Fei they striking to fly Boomerang, drumbeat immediately/on horseback was also anxious. However these Ghost Soldier have not actually drawn back, each and every one red eyes, is still brandishing the weapon. Zhao Hai sees this situation, cannot help but the knitting the brows head of gently, then his intention moves, his Doppelganger one on appears in his side, that Doppelganger front has then acted a drum, that Doppelganger starts to beat a drum, but Zhao Hai actually received oneself front drum. After receiving the drum, Zhao Hai look at these Ghost Cultivator, coldly snorted said : got into mischief in here with me, you think that I will fear.” The Zhao Hai intention moves, in his hand were many a Magic Staff, then let Li Fei their dumbfounded appears , they presently Zhao Hai front appears each and every one small luminous spot, these small luminous spot anything color had, looked like looks like stars. However quick, they presently that is not the star, these small luminous spots unexpectedly are each and every one formation, each and every one baseless appears , is condensed formation that by Spiritual Qi, but these formation all superimposed unexpectedly in together, looked like very astonishing. Li Fei they innumerable Zhao Hai front appears many formation, their really understand, Zhao Hai how so many Spiritual Qi will not have supported the revolutions of these formation. formation that actually they and don’t know, Zhao Hai release comes now is also few, before he when Comprehend the world there, can condense innumerable formation to superimpose, but now he can only condense 10,000 formation to superimpose, are many his Spiritual Qi some not to be insufficient. After 10,000 Magic Formation form, Zhao Hai also felt that was somewhat strenuous, his immediately handle proceeds to wield, silently said: Holy Light Descent, Purify The World!” Along with his sound, a white light departs from his front Magic Formation, shoots toward these Ghost Soldier. These Ghost Soldier meet that white light, resembled the shadow to meet the shadowless lamp to be the same, one vanished cleanly, even linked a pitiful yell not to have. However that white light was only flashes vanished, vanished along with white light together, these Ghost Soldier, after waiting for white light to vanish, Li Fei they resemble the place that senile dementia same look at these white light vanished, for a long time has not recovered.

Damn, you have destroyed my many Ghost Soldier unexpectedly, Zhao Hai, I want you dead, you died, I must turn into my Ghost Soldier you!” Cui Wuxin sound, breathless transmits from all around, but on the Zhao Hai somewhat exhausted face has actually shown the smiling face, before Cui Wuxin has used Spiritual Qi control own sound, therefore Zhao Hai had still not found the Cui Wuxin position, but just he, because was angry, in has not used Spiritual Qi to come control own sound most from the beginning unexpectedly, therefore his position had been found by Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai immediately command(er) these small Insect Race, is diving in the direction that Cui Wuxin is, simultaneously he also in full is controlling one's breathing, just that spent freely his all Spiritual Qi, even if at his formidable returning multiplicity, needs some little time to reply. But at this time, suddenly all around has heard sound of the ghost wailing, then each and every one Skull appears in camp all around, these Skull is the real skeleton, entire Skull was being surrounded by one layer blue ghost flame, they are opening the big mouth, leaves sound of the intermittent ghost wailing, drifts in in midair, they flushed toward Zhao Hai. But Zhao Hai has not restored own Spiritual Qi now, these Skull attack, is not weak, not having the means that Zhao Hai only to draw back in the future, deep voice said : will block them, I will require time.” Li Fei that at this time recovered they, immediately present Zhao Hai situation, without demur, their immediately/on horseback went forward one step, Zhao Hai encircling in the middle, has simultaneously extracted own long blade, has blocked these skeletons, at this time Zhao Hai Doppelganger in beating a drum, because that sound wave attack regarding these skeletons, did with probably is not very big, what most important was, Cui Wuxin did not have to use that Bewitching Demon Bell, Zhao Hai was using the drumbeat, does with is not big. Zhao Hai Doppelganger also appears in the Zhao Hai side, Blade Technique also has launched now, helping Li Fei their together defend Zhao Hai. At this moment, suddenly how many pitiful yells transmit, Li Fei they stare, because their defenses very reasonable, was also nipped by these skeletons to the present nobody, nobody presently calls out pitifully, does that this pitiful yell come from that? When they feel is startled, the Cui Wuxin sound conveys said : mean, has not thought that Tyrant Blade Sect also will really have this mean method, uses poisonous insect attack unexpectedly we.” Zhao Hai has not made noise, his Spiritual Qi has not restored, will not waste time Cui Wuxin to display one's eloquence, what makes Zhao Hai somewhat accidental is, attack of these skeletons to are one slow. However Zhao Hai feels quickly, these small poisonous insects that oneself release goes, fast are disappearing, now already not remaining many.

When Zhao Hai felt the sound that the small poisonous insect that own release goes to all vanishes, his Spiritual Qi also just restores, Zhao Hai pulls out the long blade, a Blade Technique show, with his Doppelganger together, these skeletons keeping off outside. But at this time the Cui Wuxin sound youngster kept your life in time conveying said : temporarily.” Said that did not have the sound, these skeleton also vanish from sight. Why Li Fei they and don’t know Cui Wuxin must walk, but Zhao Hai actually knows that Cui Wuxin for rescues certainly other Ghost Cultivator to meet leave. Zhao Hai believes that Cui Wuxin possibly is not a person moves, his side certainly also with other people, but these small poisonous insect although are not what kind of Cui Wuxin, but makes other Ghost Cultivator be injured, but the toxins of these small poisonous insects are not good to solve, Cui Wuxin their these Ghost Cultivator although also plays the poisonous expert, but wants the toxin of solution small poisonous insect is actually impossible, therefore Cui Wuxin has not untied poisonous of these person when presently means immediately/on horseback, can only choose leave. Zhao Hai paid attention to look at all around one, determined that Cui Wuxin real leave, his immediately/on horseback said : walked, our immediately/on horseback leave here, just sound was too big, may bring to the attention of Divine Machine Sect, Divine Machine Sect these fellows is also looking for us, if made them find us, certainly will not have our good fruit to eat.” The people nodded, camp completely was destroyed, simply was not useful, but Zhao Hai in camp here arrangement formation, although also a little use, but the use is not big, therefore they do not have no thing to be good to tidy up, immediately along with Zhao Hai leave. Zhao Hai this time may have no alternative but to be careful, because here is on the mountain, is has plenty Monster Beast, if they formidable Monster Beast to, that certainly cannot be asking to be good, therefore Zhao Hai release went to scout several small winged insects to front, but he is leading Li Fei their careful moving forward. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }