Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2086

although this fight, Zhao Hai they do not have what loss, however their moods actually very heavy, does not have the means that the name of person, the shade of tree, Young Master Bewitch Cui Wuxin appears , gives the one layer shadow that in their road ahead casts. Zhao Hai their although has not seen that Cui Wuxin, but they can actually affirm that Cui Wuxin definitely real, Ghost Cultivator also has own dignity, they will not pretend to be others' name, moreover Cui Wuxin forms of combat that Cui Wuxin forms of combat, they know very well with Zhao Hai very, most important is, that Bewitching Demon Bell, that is Cui Wuxin becoming famous Magical Artifact, therefore Zhao Hai their although has not seen Cui Wuxin, but can actually be affirmative, yesterday copes their on is Cui Wuxin. The Cui Wuxin fame be older much than them, he was also becomes famous to be long, although said that vanished after a period of time, even added that was given to kill, but now looks like, he still live, the although possible strength not to have been that very high level well, but actually still gave Zhao Hai them to create very tremendous pressure. However this pressure majority in Li Fei on them, Li Fei they compared with the fearfulness of Zhao Hai clear Cui Wuxin, but Zhao Hai has actually fallen far short compared with them, Zhao Hai is confident to oneself, so long as this Cui Wuxin has not entered to the Teleportation boundary, he will not be afraid. Careful moving forward, that several small winged insect continuously in front scout, made Zhao Hai they bypass several Monster Beast domains, has not caused any big calamity all the way. Had walked for about two hours. Zhao Hai watched the weather. Also looked at Li Fei they, Li Fei they now are also weary look of face, looks like probably is very tired. Zhao Hai looked at all around one, deep voice said : everyone/Great Clan rest a while, if such is walking, the enemy one, we counter-attacked does not have the means to counter-attack.” Li Fei he naturally also agreed that Zhao Hai found a place, the people sit the rest directly, has rested for about a half hour. Li Fei open the mouth and said: Team leader, do we want to tell Sect this matter? These time comes attack we, but Cui Wuxin, this fellow is not good to cope.” Zhao Hai nodded said : „to tell inside Sect, this Cui Wuxin also is really very hard to deal with. If before is not them, has not thought I will carry on sneak attack with the poisonous insect, feared that is the present also with our dogfight.” Was saying Zhao Hai while has put out communication device, but looks at the communication device situation, Zhao Hai cannot help but knitting the brows head, this communication device is very convenient, can direct spoke with the opposite party, but demonstration three-dimensional projection, but this communication device regarding the fluctuation of energy also very sensitive, if the fluctuation of energy were chaotic, that this communication device did not have the means to use. But in this Arrow Forest. The energy fluctuation also is really very chaotic, in other words this communication device, does not have the means to use in forest. Saw this situation, Zhao Hai has cannot help but criticized one, communication device this thing, but also was really on mobile phone with Earth same was not reasonable, arrived on the mountain not to have the signal. Did not have means Zhao Hai to put out Transmission Formation of small shape, then recorded the here situation in jade slip, in jade slip through Transmission Formation, Transmission returned to Sect. After completing all these. Zhao Hai relaxed, this Transmission Formation does to Li Fei they looked that his here lived any matter, Laura they are know that but he must such do. Then can explain, how in Sect to know that their here lived any matter. Li Fei they looked at Zhao Hai jade slip Transmission. Then relaxed, Zhao Hai looked at Li Fei their eyes, is actually somewhat disappointed, the matter that Li Fei they experience was too few, encountered this situation so to be anxious, this definitely was incorrect.

However Zhao Hai also knows, a short time wants to change Li Fei their idea that is impossible, therefore they can only take your time. Zhao Hai although has sat in there, but his time is actually paying attention to all around situation, but is good not to have no thing to be to disturb them, Zhao Hai they also feel at ease has rested in there. Has rested in there for two hours, the Zhao Hai suddenly facial expression moved, one has stood, to Li Fei their said : everyone/Great Clan, probably some people came toward our here carefully.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Li Fei their immediately anxious, if this time is not the Zhao Hai method is many, they feared that has planted in the hand of Cui Wuxin, therefore nobody must suspect Zhao Hai. All people have been vigilant, first has put out own blade, then hidden entered in own body the forest shadow, has turned also very quiet own, making oneself as far as possible not by person present. although said that this method will have the big use not necessarily, after all Earth Monarch Stage cultivator can use spiritual force easily presently they, but they can achieve was also these. Some little time the people feel in sky to have one to wield the sound of wing, Zhao Hai looked toward sky in that presently sky has flown one crowd of Monster Beast, but carrying on the back of these Monster Beast have the person, these people without any exception in their carrying on the back at the back of crossbow arrow. Saw this situation, Zhao Hai on understand, these people were the Divine Machine Sect people, just their fights, alarmed the Divine Machine Sect person, Divine Machine Sect these people came here examination, after they looked at the place that Zhao Hai they have fought, started all around examination, good Zhao Hai already through Space knows that they came, therefore made everyone/Great Clan make the preparation ahead of time, moreover in person who this Divine Machine Sect came, did not have no Expert, therefore not presently they. Has walked away to these Divine Machine Sect people, Li Fei their then let out a long breath, their looks do not have Zhao Hai to be so good, but can also affirm, flying in the sky that troop Monster Beast, not possibly wild, because these Monster Beast anything varieties have, if wild was fishy. Moreover just attack their, but Ghost Cultivator, Ghost Cultivator does not dare such rampant use flight Monster Beast to look for them on Arrow Tree Mountain, that possible appears to have one in the here person, the Divine Machine Sect person. However this regarding them is not good information. Divine Machine Sect is chasing down them now. If lets the Divine Machine Sect person presently they, only trouble. Zhao Hai looked at people said : we immediately/on horseback leave here, I want after dawn, the Divine Machine Sect person, certainly to additionally appoint the manpower to look for us, we must carefully be better.” The people nodded, their also very clear, before they and Cui Wuxin that war, have certainly brought to the attention of Divine Machine Sect, the Divine Machine Sect person also thinks double Fang Zhizhong who fight has a side is they. Divine Machine Sect will certainly additionally appoint the manpower to come Arrow Tree Mountain here to look their, Arrow Tree Mountain in the Divine Machine Sect domain, they , if not careful, may be given in dire straits by Divine Machine Sect on this Arrow Tree Mountain.

What most important is. This Divine Machine Sect surrounds Arrow Tree Mountain, a very sufficient reason, that searches Ghost Cultivator, in trace that before they and a Cui Wuxin war, left, can very easily judged, a Fang Zhizhong of fight had Ghost Cultivator, such Divine Machine Sect had every reason to search on Arrow Tree Mountain, if really to that situation, their situation only troubles. Zhao Hai gets the people continually to proceed. At the same time is pondering the countermeasure, the Divine Machine Sect person is coping with them blatantly, Ghost Cultivator is resorting to all means copes with them, no matter that side sufficing lets their headache. Moreover now Arrow Tree Mountain here is unsafe, although beforehand Divine Machine Sect will also come Arrow Tree Mountain to look for them, but Tyrant Blade Sect scruples, they have not dared extremely in making widely known, but now is different, now had Ghost Cultivator take part, Divine Machine Sect can definitely with these Ghost Cultivator, when gave a pretext. Directly Arrow Tree Mountain sealing, such words they thinks that was escaping ascends to heaven is more difficult. Wants leave Arrow Tree Mountain! Zhao Hai after analyzing advantages, immediately has made this decision, after leave Arrow Tree Mountain, they will possibly be chased down by Divine Machine Sect. However similarly, Ghost Cultivator has scruples Divine Machine Sect. Should too not dare too to cope with them flagrantly, as the matter stands their enemies have been short of one. Moreover Divine Machine Sect believes that now does not dare to have no consideration for face with Tyrant Blade Sect, although will possibly send some people to come to meeting them, but should not send out too strong Expert, so long as does not send too high Expert, Zhao Hai can deal with. After adding on them left Arrow Tree Mountain, but can also use Demon Horse, Demon Horse is quick, the impulse is very strong, so long as they use well, they could the leave Divine Machine Sect domain as soon as possible also perhaps, so long as leave the Divine Machine Sect domain, the Divine Machine Sect person has handled affairs does not dare to be so unscrupulous, they also hopes. Thinks of here, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback turns the head everyone/Great Clan to prepare to people said :, our immediately/on horseback leave Arrow Tree Mountain, we entered Arrow Tree Mountain before, the Divine Machine Sect person do not dare to send out too many people to pursue us, we can definitely get rid of them using the Arrow Tree Mountain terrain, but now is different, because of Ghost Cultivator appears , the Divine Machine Sect person can definitely send out the massive manpower to come in Arrow Tree Mountain to look for us, if made them find, we have troubled, therefore now the best means are leave Arrow Tree Mountain, cannot be given to stop up us by them in Arrow Tree Mountain.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Li Fei they nodded, Li Fei is deep voice said : team leader, you took responsibility, we believed you.” Other people also nodded to Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai looked at Li Fei their eyes, nodded deep voice said : well, I thank the trust of everyone/Great Clan first, we walk now, but we must take an effort, I believe now us, if Arrow Tree Mountain, will possibly be given to stop up by the Divine Machine Sect person, they certainly in the main road there arrange large army, therefore we cannot walk from there, that can only from the other aspect.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Li Fei cannot help but knit the brows said : team leader, Baizhang River that Arrow Tree Mountain another machine became famous, there not only water current very rapid, but also the has plenty undercurrent, said it, we do not have the ship, but also in the river bank, not obstructs not blocks, if really by the Divine Machine Sect person present, opportunity that we run did not have.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „the issue of ship you not to need to be worried that was solved by me was good, but then I hope that now everyone/Great Clan can pretend is the appearance of average person, especially in the class, warrior cloth cannot put on, weapon cannot bring, as far as possible to see us is practice, understand?” What in the people although understand Zhao Hai bottle gourd does not sell is any medicine, but they nodded, Zhao Hai look at them to nod, cannot help but shows a faint smile said : well, you agree well, our he walks.” Said, when gets people to rush in the direction of hundred zhang (333m) river first. The hundred zhang (333m) river, the river wide hundred zhang (333m), water current is rapid, reefs is densely covered, this river can govern good, so long as there is cultivator to want make a move, cleans up in the river some reefs, that hundred zhang (333m) river can definitely become golden waterway, because the here surface of the river is not only wide, moreover very deep, can definitely walk huge ship.

What what a pity is, that cultivator has not been willing to run up to here to do this matter, looks like in these cultivator, had that time, might as well many sitting in meditation a while, was the average person good to walk, really did not have no relationship with them, therefore Baizhang River here, has not become any gold waterway, some although also small Merchant transported freight in the river, thing that however transported was not many, moreover frequently accident, therefore the ship on surface of the river was few, has is also some boat or the small wooden rafts. Zhao Hai they crossed Arrow Tree Mountain, saw the hundred zhang (333m) river, this hundred zhang (333m) river is a giant jade belt, in Arrow Tree Mountain nearby flow through, looks like attractive extraordinary. Good Arrow Tree Mountain is not specially big mountain range, in adding on Zhao Hai they are cultivator, therefore was quick, when second is late daily, they arrived at river bank of hundred zhang (333m) river, this is also because the space will always have some Divine Machine Sect cultivator to look for them, has slowed them. To the hundred zhang (333m) river, Li Fei looked at a hundred zhang (333m) river, turns the head to Zhao Hai said : team leader, now we what to do? Cutting trees down shipbuilding?” Does Zhao Hai smile said : to cut trees down? If you cut trees down, but also can not immediately by the Divine Machine Sect person present, when the time comes their also varying eye recognizes us to come, feel relieved, I have the means.” Said that Zhao Hai wielded, has put out one pile of beast skin. These beast skin after processing sheepskin, but these sheepskins actually besides his neck and four limbs, without any other wounds beast skin, moreover underwent processing, on the sheep has rubbed the oil. Li Fei their understand don't Zhao Hai do, Zhao Hai actually showed a faint smile, takes up a sheepskin, then with the hemp rope the four limbs of sheepskin gripping, then in using Wind element Spell poured into the air toward the sheepskin , after the skin got up roused, he hemp rope the sheepskin is being tight, this kind of sheep leather bag made. After making a leather bag, did Zhao Hai turn the head their said : to see to Li Fei? Follows my this appearance to do, imitates all sheepskins on is mad, however however grips tightly, cannot leak air absolutely, you are doing, I in prepare thing.” Li Fei their although is perplexed, but has done according to the Zhao Hai appearance, in fact gives the sheepskin gasification, regarding their these cultivator was to say is really too relaxed, their also very curious, wants to know that Zhao Hai must make anything with this thing. But Zhao Hai at this time, strolling in forest, he must actually look for some not to calculate that thick branch, manufactures small platoon, is used to tie up these sheep leather bags!( To be continued..) { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }