Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2087

I believe that saw here, everyone/Great Clan understand Zhao Hai must make anything, sheepskin raft, not wrong, Zhao Hai must make the sheepskin raft. Flow direction of hundred zhang (333m) river is the same with the direction that Zhao Hai they must walk, such Zhao Hai they can definitely withdraw using hundred zhang (333m) Jiang to come, because these cultivator will not pay attention to the river generally. In the hundred zhang (333m) river will little have cultivator to go, because there was too dangerous, in the hundred zhang (333m) river to will attract little to having Monster Beast is wicked information, but the surface of the river is too wide, water current is too anxious, if cultivator will not fly, travels by boat walks in the hundred zhang (333m) river, is very dangerous, therefore little will have cultivator to go to the hundred zhang (333m) river. Is adding on is sheepskin raft thing that Zhao Hai they use, simply does not need to chop the raft lumber massively, therefore Zhao Hai was not worried that was given by space cultivator of these Divine Machine Sect presently. The sheepskin of Zhao Hai manufacture sheepskin raft, already processed, therefore manufactures very relaxed, after Zhao Hai chopped some branches, the sheepskin raft can manufacture smoothly. Zhao Hai these time has only gripped a sheepskin raft, but this sheepskin raft is not very big, can only ride about ten people, but Zhao Hai is actually very satisfied, he in these sheepskin rafts, but also has installed some hoses, these hoses pass through in the following river directly, what another of hose is linking is a breathing mask, this attracts shouts the mask to cover entire of person in, moreover in also has one to be able with communication device that Zhao Hai they momentarily communicate. Like this after sheepskin raft launches, underwater can on dull more than ten individuals. But as the matter stands. Even if they are given by the Divine Machine Sect person presently, because the quantity will not be right, will not bring to the attention of Divine Machine Sect these cultivator. All prepared, Zhao Hai turned the head to people said : brothers, now we were given to chase down by two groups of people, how although my don’t know Ghost Cultivator these fellows found our, but I can affirm that they also will certainly be finding our, therefore we can only come moving forward with this method, now needs 12 people to go to underwater. In people underwater, not only need follow raft, but must remind person on the water surface, there has reefs. there has the undercurrent, but the person on water surface, must pay attention to the control raft and direction.” Nodded from the person, Li Fei deep voice said : team leader, you above, I goes to underwater with other brothers.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, kept the water above person to pay attention, has changed to me your clothes, changes into that ash-gray warrior cloth that general Rogue Cultivator put on. weapon has also traded, cannot all use the blade, that was too false, I now am Merchant, you are I hire to protect my Rogue Cultivator, remembered.” Said that Zhao Hai wields, release some weapon and some clothes. These weapon are all kinds, what has, the clothes are also that warrior cloth that some Rogue Cultivator often put on, is mostly pessimistic. Moreover looks like some principles. Li Fei cannot help but curiously looked at Zhao Hai said : team leader, you these thing that gets so far as from there?”

Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : to kill a person to be good, left is curious he, changed the clothes.” Said that a Zhao Hai personal appearance revolution, his clothes immediately changed an appearance. It is not the Warrior luck, looks like some likely is that one type of long gown that Merchant often wears. However looked like somewhat was also old, what most important was, the Zhao Hai appearance also changed, turned into one has looked like about 30 years old, a man of face wind and frost. Li Fei they dull look at Zhao Hai, they really have not thought that Zhao Hai will really have such change, this was too astonishing. Zhao Hai looked at their one eyes, deep voice said : was good, do not look, the immediately/on horseback preparation, with calculates according to the experience of former several times, the Divine Machine Sect person soon came.” As soon as the people listened to Zhao Hai saying that does not dare to neglect, on immediately has changed the clothes, person who these must launch, that breathing mask taking. Along with issuing an order of Zhao Hai, all people got up the sheepskin raft, after sheepskin raft on, Zhao Hai release two boxes, these two boxes have sealed, above placard the seal, is also seeing these two boxes, cultivator immediately/on horseback puzzled said : team leader, what thing is the here surface?” Zhao Hai smiles said : not any thing, I must fit out now am transporting freight Merchant, naturally must have the goods, thing in these two boxes are the goods.” The people then nodded, Zhao Hai put out several wooden oars to give them, deep voice said : was taking this thing, paid attention to water current, we walked.” Several people of earth wooden oars looked at one mutually, shrugged to delimit. Must say that this stroke of raft is not an easy matter, but well in them is cultivator, regarding strength control, strove to excel compared with the average person on were too many, therefore grasped before long has delimited the skill of raft, although was inferior to specialized good, but will not appear specially unfamiliar. water current very fast of hundred zhang (333m) river, therefore their simply does not choose a person to delimit, raft will float away on downward the class, but the person on raft, must do uses oneself in hand oar, a control raft well and direction, do not make the raft crash in the undercurrent or hit on reefs. Raft very fast, Tyrant Blade Sect these cultivator on raft, situation that must pay attention to the raft, while also person with people underwater hold a conversation, very busy, therefore simply does not have the time to pay attention to the Arrow Tree Mountain there situation. They have not paid attention, but Zhao Hai actually noted, Zhao Hai in paying attention to the Arrow Tree Mountain there situation, he has currently been using collected the air/Qi technique, could not be seen cultivator characteristics by oneself on, therefore he now seems like face wind and frost small Merchant, made some laborious money of keeping a family. The Zhao Hai attention Arrow Tree Mountain there situation, they just had entered to hundred zhang (333m) in the river didn't have long time, on Arrow Forest had flown a Divine Machine Sect patrol leader, but they have not noted a small raft in hundred zhang (333m) river very much obviously, therefore Zhao Hai their advancing very smooth.

moving forward fast, less than one hour, Zhao Hai presently the Arrow Tree Mountain sky, in time appears a batch small black spots, Zhao Hai knows that the Divine Machine Sect patrol leader in one time came. However what these time follows one time not to be different is. This these black spots came toward their here. Zhao Hai has been paying attention to the Arrow Tree Mountain there situation. Looked at the opposite party to come, his immediately/on horseback deep voice said : everyone/Great Clan paid attention, Divine Machine Sect cultivator came, you have remembered, you were the Iron Sword Mercenary Group people, was I hires your, the place that our come from Feather Peak City, must go to was front not far Green Leaf Town.” After saying Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai deep voice said : informs people underwater, the attention to breathe. By these fellows present, these fellows may ride Monster Beast, regarding the flavor is very sensitive.” People simultaneously has complied with one in a low voice, then ships out the entire gods to delimit the appearance of raft. However the order of Zhao Hai had actually been transmitted, in people underwater, added carefully. Before long Zhao Hai they felt head one black, they ship out a startled appearance, looks up, looked to the end to fly one crowd of Monster Beast, quantity minimum about 50, but on these Monster Beast, sits cultivator, they carried on the back carry crossbow arrow. Understood at a glance that is Divine Machine Sect cultivator. Zhao Hai their immediately has stood, bows to salute said : to see fellow Sirs to that cultivator!” Divine Machine Sect these cultivator vision such as blade, one by one delimits the face of people, Zhao Hai their bow the body has not been daring to stand, but at this time, the raft also in moving forward that in the hundred zhang (333m) river kept, because lost control, started to sway, appeared was very not steady. Divine Machine Sect cultivator looks at this situation, gently knit the brows said : to be good. In you who is calculation that said.” One hear of that Divine Machine Sect cultivator said that Zhao Hai they then relaxed, immediately had four people to take up the oar, control the raft, but Zhao Hai had also stood at this time. Villain Gu Yueyan to Divine Machine Sect these person of said : has seen fellow Sirs, the villain is Feather Peak City Merchant. These Sir cultivator are the villain hire, Iron Sword Mercenary Group Sirs.” What thing Divine Machine Sect that did cultivator nod this that said : you use is? How hadn't I seen before?” Zhao Hai quickly said: Returns to the words of Sir, the thing that villain uses called kayak, is thing that the one type of short haul used, this thing can only be suitable for the river , the words that wanted to swim against the stream, can only place in the water this raft, drags away by the person, because this thing construction cost was not very high, in adding on the use was very convenient, therefore the person of use were many, possibly before was the Sir, has not noted.” That Divine Machine Sect cultivator to has not said anything, this hundred zhang (333m) river said strictly that is not their control areas, their normally little will have here to come, therefore has not seen this thing to be also normal.

However is he deep voice said : you must arrive at there to go?” Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback said : returns to the words of Sir, the villain must go to Green Leaf Town there to deliver the a batch goods, because the time is quite tight, therefore has used this raft.” Divine Machine Sect that cultivator nodded, looked at on the ship two box said : what thing is?” Zhao Hai deep voice said : returns to the words of Sir, is two box of medicinal herbs, moreover is high grade medicinal herbs.” That Divine Machine Sect cultivator one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but said : medicinal herbs? Opens comes to see?” Zhao Hai does not dare to neglect, nodded hastily said : is.” Said that turned on two boxes, turned on two boxes, immediately has transmitted an intermittent medicine fragrance person, these two boxes were not very big, but design with surface actually very reasonable, was divided into the each and every one small check, in each small check a look at jade box, in the jade box is any medicinal herbs now returns don’t know, but can actually to smell the intermittent medicine to be fragrant. Whiz! Has not waited for Zhao Hai to respond, a jade box flew from the box, fell Divine Machine Sect cultivator in hand, that cultivator not polite, opened the jade box directly, this opened the jade box, he cannot help but gawked, because medicinal herbs in jade box unexpectedly changed the ordinary ginseng, but this ginseng was actually some years, regarding some average people or Rogue Cultivator, was good thing, but regarding their these Great Sect cultivator, was actually not many big attracting gravitational force. However Divine Machine Sect that person also knows that the average person can get so far as such medicinal herbs, is a little method, he has not gone to snatch these medicinal herbs, after the jade box has delivered to the box, that Divine Machine Sect cultivator on greeting companion leave.( To be continued..) { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }