Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2088

Divine Machine Sect disciple that Zhao Hai look at these go far away, in the eye flashes through a happy expression, deep voice said : everyone/Great Clan is must have the performance of any happy, even to smile is also suppressing to me, now we must do diligently proceeds to catch up, so long as Green Leaf Town there, we have not needed to be so anxious.” Zhao Hai said not wrong, because to Green Leaf Town there, they have been able to come ashore, because there is not the Divine Machine Sect domain, Divine Machine Sect does not dare such flagrant chased down them. Other people although very happy at heart, but also said like Zhao Hai, has not displayed him, their advancing, probably any matter has still not been living has been same. Zhao Hai first successive command(er) the people are proceeding, at the same time is paying attention to all around carefully, the feeling of that being haunted by the ghost has not vanished, this also most directs the place that Zhao Hai pays attention. Raft is quick, Zhao Hai they use advancing of Body-Lightweight Technique in forest is quicker, this is mainly because hundred zhang (333m) in the river water current is quick, therefore their advancing also very fast. After several hours, Zhao Hai saw near the crag of hundred zhang (333m) river appears small pier, Zhao Hai immediately deep voice said : has informed the underwater brothers, making them bring that mask, is separated from the raft, downward walks randomly, most walks in swimming ten li (0.5km), then comes ashore we, we stop on pier, comes ashore.” The people complied with one, immediately have informed people underwater, people underwater has also complied with one, then on the raft breathing mask immediately of each every hiding place has been separated from the raft, downward the tour swam away, but Zhao Hai their control the raft, was actually ruling out toward that Small pier of shore. Before long Zhao Hai they arrived at that pier there, this pier here is stopping many boat, but also has plenty wooden raft, but nobody has actually seen this raft, saw that Zhao Hai they arrive, feels very curious, has encircled in abundance. Zhao Hai is bringing that several cultivator, lifted the ashore the box. Then also drew the ashore the raft, then untied rope on raft, sheepskin inside air/Qi bleeding off. Then Zhao Hai makes that several cultivator take two people to come, the special platoon is selecting the sheepskin with the wooden rod, is looking for the four person special lifting boxes, before long their leave pier. Left behind the pier there person to be dumbfounded in there. These people have not thought that will see such matter, after some people unexpectedly really oneself and ship opening, selected, this was also too mysterious. Zhao Hai has not actually managed that many, after he leads that several Rogue Cultivator were entering Green Leaf Town, directly went to Green Leaf Town biggest Medicine Shop. Bought that two box medicinal herbs for Medicine Shop, then he led that several cultivator to rove in Green Leaf Town here. That several cultivator although understand Zhao Hai this are not must do, but they had not asked that is only continuously with the Zhao Hai extension, they believe that Zhao Hai will not make the useless merit.

Transferred for day, Zhao Hai asked many thing prices, met in Green Leaf Town very famous will cause in the china shop, has bought some chinawares. Then looked for a small inn to live. After entering the inn. Zhao Hai has eaten with these cultivator well, eats thing, Zhao Hai while with secret voice transmission skill said : several brothers, we arrived at here to be given to stare, if I have not guessed wrong, certain Divine Machine Sect person. However now they already leave, but acts in a play to develop the complete set. Cannot make them presently we arrive, therefore we rest in here today an evening. tomorrow we get up in the morning walk early in the morning, just like common good foot Merchant, when these people to our complete feel relieved, we were going to collect with these brothers with.” The people complied with one, Zhao Hai have drunk one cup with the people well, then on returned to the room to rest, saw their returned to the room to rest, these look at their Divine Machine Sect cultivator, removed the bottom leave, in not with them. But next morning, Zhao Hai they got up, brings thing leave that yesterday is buying town, Divine Machine Sect these person and doesn't manage they, them good foot Merchant like Zhao Hai, to march on some groups, gets up is very ordinary matter, simply nobody cares early in the morning. Zhao Hai their leave town time, toward Baizhang River on escapes, such Divine Machine Sect person will not suspect them, when their leave town, walked about ten li (0.5km), in determining nobody after them, they directly soared the Baizhang River downstream in the rapid copying alley. In downstream piece of forest, they had found yesterday to here these people, the people about soldier one, then copies the alley to walk toward the downstream, to noon time, was very far from green leaf there, Zhao Hai then let people release Demon Horse, then grazed a horse to dash about wildly, this time they have not contacted with any city, meet the city directly to circle generally, therefore was adding on the Divine Machine Sect person, has placed Arrow Tree Mountain and Green Leaf Town there the majority of attention, therefore Zhao Hai they have not encountered any danger. Now Zhao Hai also finally can relax, now they in the Divine Machine Sect domain, although have not located to the Divine Machine Sect domain far, but they in the Blue Leaf Sect domain, Divine Machine Sect with Blue Leaf Sect relationship only could be common now, Blue Leaf Sect is impossible Divine Machine Sect, making an arrest swaggering in own domain. Because this time they have let loose, one day, ran more than 2000 li (0.5km), this is because the road is not relationship that is very good, otherwise walks will be farther. In the evening Zhao Hai they have not found place to rest, but has sat in carrying on the back of Demon Horse, making Demon Horse still proceed, was not excessively slower than the daytime a point, passed through one in the evening, Zhao Hai they had more than 5000 li (0.5km) to Green Leaf Town, Zhao Hai they then relaxed. However Zhao Hai has not stopped, this Blue Leaf Sect is very ordinary with Divine Machine Sect relationship although, but not necessarily is also good to go to that with Tyrant Blade Sect relationship, can say that they with Tyrant Blade Sect relationship, do not arrive at that to go with Tyrant Blade Sect relationship compared with Divine Machine Sect, but this Zhao Hai they have not fought with the Blue Leaf Sect person, the Blue Leaf Sect person also thought Zhao Hai they stopping up by Divine Machine Sect to Arrow Tree Mountain on, therefore not too strict questioning, by Zhao Hai their free and unfettered to the present.

Zhao Hai does not want to stir up trouble in Blue Leaf Sect here, although he does not fear the Blue Leaf Sect person, but the feeling of that being haunted by the ghost, has still not vanished, can affirm, opposite party also with at their back, if he is stirring up trouble in Blue Leaf Sect here, they might receive three sides attack, they have troubled, therefore Zhao Hai this time strategy will be, fully, with quickest will pass through the Blue Leaf Sect domain, before the Blue Leaf Sect person has not responded, they on already floating leave. The plan of Zhao Hai is very successful, is mainly Demon Horse was too quick, moreover endurance fantastic, simply does not need to rest, dashing about wildly not to stop, before Blue Leaf Sect has not responded, they broke through the Blue Leaf Sect domain, entered the Riverfront School domain. Riverfront School is not Great Sect, can only be medium grade Sect, but they with Tyrant Blade Sect relationship to are very good, Zhao Hai they arrived at here, finally can be safe. However Zhao Hai they had not planned that has too many contacts with Riverfront School, because their present time are not much, they arrived at Riverfront School here to want the sitting down ship to take a section of waterway, was coming ashore 6 groups, can arrive at Yang Ding Mountain directly. Zhao Hai general considers as finished, this minimum also takes about ten days all the way, they have used more than ten days to the present, if they are losing some time, finally possibly cannot go to the place. Zhao Hai they have not contacted with Riverfront School, arrived in the Riverfront School river to be connected including the above directly, then chartered a ship has downward swum away, after Zhao Hai they embarked, Divine Machine Sect, Blue Leaf Sect and Riverfront School received information. Divine Machine Sect and Blue Leaf Sect, when receives this information, complexion that called an ugly that did not have the means that they also in there over the mountain looked for Zhao Hai they, but Zhao Hai they appears beyond ten thousand li (0.5km), how this has enabled their complexion to be attractive. Zhao Hai has not actually managed that many, is getting the people directly along the river, quick Zhao Hai they arrived at a next station to speak the truth, here was the Riverfront School domain, Zhao Hai they to not having what good worry. Gets down after on the ship, Zhao Hai presently, the feeling of that being haunted by the ghost unexpectedly was strange vanished, although don’t know what's the matter, but Zhao Hai also knows that this was the good matter, therefore after he also came ashore, contacted with the Riverfront School person, said that oneself these time really rushed to time, words that therefore with they many excessively contacts, please have not excused me and so on. Riverfront School with Tyrant Blade Sect relationship is good, naturally cannot, because this matter feels embarrassed Zhao Hai, the Riverfront School person knows that status of Zhao Hai in Tyrant Blade Sect, impolite said that offended Zhao Hai to offend Yin-Yang 2 elders on equal to, offended Yin-Yang 2 elders to offend Tyrant Blade Sect on equal to, in this case, Riverfront School naturally will not offend Yin-Yang 2 elders.

After Riverfront School contacted one next, Zhao Hai their immediately rides a horse to directly soar Yang Ding Mountain, finally in being earlier than regulation time five days to Yang Ding Mountain under. Yang Ding Mountain is not far from Riverfront School, but this Yang Ding Mountain to is not considered as that any famous mountains, even is not any one Sect domain, because of this mountain any minerals, medicinal herbs that produces only cannot be general, therefore general Sect will not want this mountain. But reason that this mountain will be selected to take the competition competition site , because on this mountain has characteristics, his summit is even. Not wrong, this Yang Ding Mountain summit distant seems looks like the summit of volcano is the same, the summit is even, but this Yang Ding Mountain is not a volcano, his summit is the a piece very big flat land, this most makes people feel the strange place. This Yang Ding Mountain summit is why even, the has plenty legend, some people said that because of antiquity almighty in there Fighting Technique, finally by one antiquity almighty one Yang Ding Mountain summit truncating, therefore the Yang Ding Mountain summit is even, but this is also only a legend, Yang Ding Mountain summit why this, nobody will go to manage, instead to because of the here terrain, becomes Yang Ding Mountain major characteristics, on all people by Continent is known very well.( To be continued..) { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }