Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2089

Zhao Hai Yang Ding Mountain of their look at distant place, looked at Shan Pao dead the horse, now their although looks like to Yang Ding Mountain is not far, probably was arrived under the Yang Ding Mountain mountain to be the same, but Zhao Hai actually knows, if they wanted Yang Ding Mountain, minimum also took about one hour. However Zhao Hai they were now safe, because they just had related with this competition first reception center, that reception center in leaving about Yang Ding Mountain two hours small town, all participates in competition cultivator, the first station is there, after there reported that you can go to Yang Ding Mountain. Naturally, you after there reported that was also the absolute safety, even if were you have met with your Sect since birth dying big enmity Sect cultivator, they do not dare to your make a move, otherwise, by all participating Sect relation suppressions. Zhao Hai rides on Demon Horse, whatever Demon Horse slowly proceeds, but his two eyes actually looks to stare at Yang Ding Mountain, to be honest, this Yang Ding Mountain had not had anything to be attractive, but looks from this plane, to was also a little characteristics. Li Fei they follow not to make noise in the Zhao Hai side, they also in look at Yang Ding Mountain, to be honest they also are really very excited, to arrive at Yang Ding Mountain, they have used many moves, if not Zhao Hai, they feared that already was explain/transfer in the halfway. Now Li Fei they gaze by the Zhao Hai horse completely, Zhao Hai said advancing, even if front has the mountain of sword, their retreat one step, cannot say that Zhao Hai uses own strength, the wisdom and leadership. Make Li Fei they completely his adorer. Some little time Zhao Hai let out a long breath. Then laughs said : brothers, united has been marching on these many days roads, was everyone/Great Clan tired? Had not said that today our Yang Ding Mountain, in this group of good good drinking, I to does not want to take a look, this returns to have the person to disturb us.” Said that Zhao Hai also disregards, jumped down from Demon Horse directly, has arrived at the roadside. Now this roadside is piece of forest, must say. The True Spirit Realm here environment is really very good, can see primitive forest everywhere, naturally, is mainly in these forest has Monster Beast. But the average person could not cope with these Monster Beast, cultivator will not be all right to here cuts trees down, therefore True Spirit Realm here environment very good. Li Fei they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but gawked, they have not thought that Zhao Hai at this time, must drink in here. However they along with it on excited, these days to hurry along, have they are eaten, has drunk, now had opportunity. Naturally must drinking well. Li Fei also immediately jumped down from carrying on the back of Demon Horse, making Demon Horse eat thing, but they actually put out various of preparation to eat, preparation drinking well. Zhao Hai has put out many good thing from Space, he truly is the preparation in here drinking well, these days except for hurrying along is makes the person pursue hitting, this feeling not being feeling well, therefore Zhao Hai wants drinking well, to release, but Li Fei they are also similar to the feeling of Zhao Hai. Therefore all people agreed. They just took things to eat, raises one's wine cup upside-down on, heard to run has heard a horse's hoof sound, then one group of people the road that came from them dashed, place that Zhao Hai they chose. It is not far from the main road, can see them. However jumps up the flying dust that flies actually unable to fly Zhao Hai their there.

Zhao Hai looked at these person of one, cannot help but shows a faint smile, because he has recognized these people, clothes very good that these people put on recognizes, they are Zhendao Sect disciple. Zhendao Sect, that is the Tyrant Blade Sect ally, moreover hardcore ally, Zhao Hai, when Soaring Dragon Realm there, has the contact with the Zhendao Sect person, if in fact is not Lin Ling has greeted, that present Zhao Hai possibly was the Zhendao Sect person, at that time disciple in real [say / way], embroidered hundred flowers Luo Xiu'er very to favor to Zhao Hai while Feng Lingyun Feng Lingyun and sword, what was a pity, Zhao Hai by Lin Ling first one step, and other they noted to Zhao Hai the time, Lin Ling had notified them, they not good to snatch with Lin Ling, finally can only be look at Zhao Hai helplessly became the Tyrant Blade Sect person, However Zhao Hai in Soaring Dragon Realm, knows that Tyrant Blade Sect is very good with Zhendao Sect relationship, moreover he also received many attendances of Feng Lingyun and Luo Xiu'er, therefore sees Zhendao Sect disciple, Zhao Hai cannot help but raised the one type of kind feeling. Zhendao Sect disciple of Zhao Hai look at contact, cannot help but shows a faint smile slowly, then the personal appearance moves, appears in the roadside, these Zhendao Sect disciple saw that in forest suddenly drills a person to come, cannot help but stares, then one face vigilant look at Zhao Hai, simultaneously slowed down the horse. Mark who Zhendao Sect these disciple ride is not Demon Horse that type looks like very valiant high big horse, horse although that they ride is not short, but compared to Demon Horse to come to be bad much, most important was, the body of this stud horse was tall and slender, looked is Monster Beast of shape. These Zhendao Sect disciple somewhat vigilant look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai shows a faint smile to them, then holds the fist in the other hand said : everybody, but Zhendao Sect Senior Brother?” One hear of Zhao Hai said that these Zhendao Sect people cannot help but stare, then looks like 30-year-old cultivator holds the fist in the other hand to Zhao Hai in immediately/on horseback said : Zhendao Sect Zhao Yalong, is your excellency?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „below Tyrant Blade Sect Zhao Hai, we also just arrived at here, does not want that early goes to Yang Ding Mountain there, therefore wants to eat to select thing in here, drinks a liquor, rest well, happen to saw that Zhendao Sect Senior Brother came, Tyrant Blade Sect and Zhendao Sect originally is the ally, if Senior Brother is not busy, was inferior how together does drink two cups?” Zhao Yalong one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but has gawked, he has heard the Zhao Hai name, moreover not from the outside world hear, but hears from Feng Lingyun there, therefore he impression to Zhao Hai compared with the average person on deeply many, now one hear of Zhao Hai identify one's role when first coming on stage, he cannot help but more curious, cannot help but careful is sizing up Zhao Hai. look at Zhao Yalong of Zhao Hai face smiling face. suddenly Zhao Yalong has heard a low sighing. Zhao Yalong one recovers, he presently, oneself is then staring at Zhao Hai to look, this is some not politeness, he cannot help but somewhat awkward holds the fist in the other hand to Zhao Hai said : originally is Zhao Hai Junior Brother, has been disrespectful below, the Tyrant Blade Sect brothers invited, how we can not go, happen to we also want to rest well, today disturbs Zhao Hai master disciple.” Said that he waves. Jumped down from immediately/on horseback with his Zhendao Sect disciple, Zhao Hai then pays attention, they unexpectedly all are Soul Fusion Stage . Moreover the quantity are many. Zhao Hai asked Zhao Yalong they to arrive at their temporary camp. Please after several people sit down, Zhao Hai cannot help but smiles said : Senior Brother Zhao, this all the way, we have been chased down, is much more tired, therefore was now safe, wants well relaxes, has not thought that happen to have met Senior Brother, this may really be the fate, but also hopes that Senior Brother do not blame offensively below. Asked Senior Brother to drink this cup completely.” Zhao Yalong holds up wine glass to come hastily, has done one cup with Zhao Hai, smiles said : Junior Brother you to be too polite, he he, to be honest, I, when Junior Brother such level, has participated in competition, that time is also chased down, running labor of , but we are quite stubborn. Has run up to Yang Ding Mountain there to rest, that looks like Junior Brother you, suddenly finds out the halfway on the drop of drinking, this drop is good, HaHaHa.” Zhao Hai they have also smiled. relationship of both sides has pulled closer much, exchanges toasts that drinks to call a liveliness. The road got up several groups of people to see them, but these people also looked on turn around leave, they know that did not permit in here at will make a move, will otherwise bring to own Sect greatly troublesome.

Has drunk well, has drunk the darkness, the people have not drunk, until the midnight, the people have dispersed has rested, next morning, the two Sects person gathers, hurries to toward Yang Ding Mountain there, after one hour, they then arrived at Yang Ding Mountain at the foot of the hill. Has gawked to Yang Ding Mountain at the foot of the hill Zhao Hai, because of the here has plenty table, behind each table sits a person unexpectedly, but in this person, sets up a flag, on the flag writes that Sect name. Zhao Hai looked at one, immediately had found the Tyrant Blade Sect table, in looking at one, presently the Zhendao Sect flag, is not far from the Tyrant Blade Sect flag, Zhao Hai turned the head to Zhao Yalong said : Yalong Senior Brother, we lived separately in light of this, after competition, if there is opportunity, was asking Yalong Senior Brother to drink.” Zhao Yalong Ha Ha knows said : next time to change me to invite you greatly, to be honest, I, but good long time not to have drunk such passed quickly, Zhao Hai Junior Brother, walked one for the brother first.” Said that holds the fist in the other hand to Zhao Hai, getting the Zhendao Sect person to walk toward their Sect table there, but Zhao Hai also leads Li Fei they to walk toward Tyrant Blade Sect table there. To Tyrant Blade Sect table there, Zhao Hai has held the fist in the other hand to cultivator that behind the table sits said : in Zhao Hai, is the Doppelganger Stage team leader, reported especially.” That Tyrant Blade Sect disciple strength is not very strong, also has Soul Fusion Stage, he knows that the Zhao Hai details, naturally do not dare to neglect, immediately/on horseback has stood, holds the fist in the other hand to Zhao Hai said : Zhao Junior Brother, you may be came, yesterday listened to the reception desk there person saying that you came toward here, how to the present?” Zhao Hai smiles said : to sorry, making Senior Brother be worried, because these days hurried along to be too tired, therefore yesterday on the road, has rested well, the evening of therefore coming.” That person has not cared, but smiles said : not to obstruct, I heard, your this all the way is not peaceful, was good because of safely arrived, Junior Brother your well done, climbed mountains quickly, our Tyrant Blade Sect camp on mountain, to mountain on rest well.” Zhao Hai has complied with one with a smile, holds the fist in the other hand to him, getting the people to climb mountains. They already received Demon Horse, on the mountain also uses, with Body-maneuvering Technique speeding up, has not walked while is chatting. Zhao Hai looked at behind Li Fei their eyes, shows a faint smile said : looks like Sect relatively attaches great importance to this time competition, we want strive properly.” Li Fei he he chuckle said : we are trying hard, is accompanies the crown prince to study, other Sect Doppelganger Stage person strength how we are don’t know, but wants to come not to compare on our many, these time first ironclad is Senior Brother your, we have this confidence, the brothers, you said yes or no? Yes!” People bang has complied with one, they were too clear regarding the Zhao Hai strength, before said that Zhao Hai has fought with Expert of Teleportation boundary, they have not believed that but they actually believe now, did not say other, light with Young Master Bewitch that made them know the Zhao Hai strength. Big word is not remnant!” In the people chatted, sound suddenly transmits, Zhao Hai they have gawked cannot help but, then looked at one toward side, presently by them not far away is standing cultivator, this cultivator black-clothed, in his waist was actually leaving about one -and-a-half meters money, iron bar same thing person.

However Zhao Hai sees this thing, immediately recognized is anything, that was Butterfly Knife, was with Tyrant Blade Sect neighboring Butterfly Sect advertisement weapon. Zhao Hai looked at that person of one, shows a faint smile said : originally is Butterfly Sect Senior Brother, our brothers are chat, Senior Brother why takes seriously.” That Butterfly Sect cultivator is also Doppelganger Stage, obviously he might meet with Zhao Hai in the future, therefore he will say that Zhao Hai their big word is not remnant, words that now one hear of Zhao Hai this admit defeat, he looked down upon Zhao Hai, coldly snorted said : has remembered, some words cannot take to crack a joke casually, otherwise the consequence was not you can withstand.” You!” Li Fei one hear of this saying may not be glad, who Zhao Hai is, their team leaders, their benefactors, their idols, your Butterfly Sect don’t know from that drill the fellow dares to teach him, how this enables Li Fei they to bear. Some Zhao Hai vitalities, his just words just do not want to make with the opposite party too stiffly, has not thought that the opposite party gives to be concerned about face unexpectedly, upward crawls following the pole, taught him to come unexpectedly, how this let him to bear, Zhao Hai complexion cannot help but sank, his look at that cultivator did said : withstand, was not calculation that was said by you, had the skill to see on Arena, had managed our idle matters in here at that time, might as well went back to enhance own strength, may don't really the goods that became has only been able to display one's eloquence.” Zhao Hai is not friendly stubble, you annoy him, he naturally must counter-attack fully, will be impolite, therefore this saying knocks continually is hitting, results in complexion to be pale to the air/Qi that Butterfly Sect person. That Butterfly Sect person has not thought that before looked like temperament good Zhao Hai, if really harmed others, unexpectedly so fierce, his cannot help but coldly snorted said : who only will display one's eloquence, when the time comes knew.” Said that turn around walked. look at that person of back, Li Fei coldly snorted said : any thing, depends on you also to match with the team leader fights, best do not run into me at the competition, otherwise I make certainly you know that who is displays one's eloquence.” Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand, shows a faint smile said : to consider as finished, if has met in the athletic field, is teaching him not to be late, walks.” Said that gets the people to walk toward mountain on. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }