Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2090

After Zhao Hai they climb mountains, had found before long Tyrant Blade Sect Encampment, does not have the means they to think that did not find also difficultly, a huge Tyrant Blade Sect flag inserts in there, if you cannot see, that was a blind person. When Zhao Hai leads Li Fei they were arriving at Tyrant Blade Sect Encampment there, presently here is very big Cave Mansion, the Cave Mansion in front of the door station bumps into two cultivator, these two cultivator are Earth Monarch Stage cultivator, understood at a glance that is Tyrant Blade Sect Inner Disciples. But Li Fei they are Doppelganger Stage, besides Zhao Hai, in entire Tyrant Blade Sect, does not have that Doppelganger Stage disciple is Inner Disciples, Doppelganger Stage disciple is Outer Disciple. Zhao Hai led Li Fei they to arrive at Cave Mansion in front of the door, held the fist in the other hand said : Zhao Hai to see two Senior Brother to that two cultivator, Zhao Hai has followed orders to lead Doppelganger Stage disciple to arrive, presently by bringing, please two Senior Brother notifying one.” That two people know certainly that who Zhao Hai is, they do not dare to keep up appearances in the Zhao Hai front, their simultaneously holds the fist in the other hand to Zhao Hai, smiles said : Zhao Hai Junior Brother you to come, the elder had given regards several times, Junior Brother please directly go in has been OK, some inside naturally people bring Junior Brother you to see the elder.” After Zhao Hai expressed gratitude, leading Li Fei they to enter Cave Mansion, after entering Cave Mansion, immediately had two cultivator to welcome, these two cultivator all were Soul Fusion Stage, they held the fist in the other hand to Zhao Hai, one of them said : asked Zhao Hai Junior Brother to come with me, the elder must see you, other Junior Brother please follow him, he will arrange the rest to you place.” The people have complied with one. Li Fei they then turn the head to hold the fist in the other hand to Zhao Hai said : „the attendance of this all the way team leader thanks a lot. Team leader, having the time may probably find us to drink.” Zhao Hai one hear of they said that cannot help but laughs said : „your fellows, each and every one has not settled the good intention, is keeping thinking about my liquor, feel relieved, has you to drink.” Li Fei they also laugh, then in one time holds the fist in the other hand to Zhao Hai, before that cultivator turn around walked, but that stands in Zhao Hai Soul Fusion Stage cultivator is actually somewhat astonished look at Zhao Hai. He has not thought that Zhao Hai they are together with Li Fei so will be unexpectedly good. How Zhao Hai has not managed that person to think that he with that Soul Fusion Stage cultivator, to big Cave Mansion. Entered Cave Mansion Zhao Hai to see before , they in ZhanTian Peak there has seen that old elder, that elder was sitting cross-legged to sit on praying mat, saw Zhao Hai to come, he nodded said : to come, sat, said your this process.” Zhao Hai has not thought that this elder is so direct, but he is deep voice said : is, elder.” Said that Zhao Hai sat on elder front praying mat, mentioned this process all the way. Zhao Hai knows that who now this elder was, this elder mountain. known as Yue Feng, is in Tyrant Blade Sect the qualifications quite old elder , some fame on Continent, the person delivers nickname Swift Blade, his Blade Technique to become famous quickly, must, his qualifications also want on old some compared with Yin-Yang 2 elders. However his innate skill is limited, now is also the strength of Condensing Spirit/focus boundary initial period, compared with Yin-Yang 2 elders comes, but in difference many, because his qualifications are old enough. Therefore in Sect has some foreign activities, is he manages, moreover he also very cherishes regarding young disciple, in the Tyrant Blade Sect young disciple mouth, the appraisal is very high.

After waiting for the Zhao Hai lecture. Yue Feng elder look at Zhao Hai said : you said that you have met Young Master Bewitch Cui Wuxin? Can definitely be he?” Zhao Hai deep voice said : that person truly is to say is Cui Wuxin. Moreover he uses is also Cui Wuxin becoming famous Magical Artifact Bewitching Demon Bell, but he had not actually made an appearance, therefore is he, this I also real don’t know, his strength is actually very strong, although, only then Earth Monarch Stage strength, but is actually in Earth Monarch Stage cultivator, compared with is difficult to deal with one that moreover I can affirm that he had arrived at river bank with us, after seeing we crossed the river, they not in come.” Yue Feng knit the brows said : „, this matter I will process, Divine Machine Sect matter? Did you give to kill Divine Machine Sect 40 Doppelganger Stage cultivator really?” Zhao Hai nodded said : is, at that time they used crossbow arrow to come attack we, by us presently, was trapped ahead of time, gave ambush them at one fell swoop!” look at Zhao Hai that Yue Feng some not bear, he also knows now the Divine Machine Sect person will be why full the world chases down Zhao Hai they, moreover exhibits not their kill, appearance of vowing not to rest, your kill others 40 future hopes, others , if not think that kill you felt strange. Yue Feng also in vain why Yin-Yang 2 elders will receive simultaneously Zhao Hai to make disciple, a look at Zhao Hai face temperate smiling face, you really do not have the means to relate with a vicious and merciless person this person in together, but the issue is, his make a move is not forgiving, so long as is his enemy, so long as he has opportunity, can not be forgiving the opposite party extinguishing, absolutely not idle talk a little, will not have any unnecessary idea. After the opposite party has abandoned will be what kind, what trouble will make, that complete in his consideration, in any case he was not first extinguishing was saying own enemy. Actually what Yue Feng also somewhat treats unjustly Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai is not the person who that type disregards completely, but the opposite party wants to kill him, he also certainly the opposite party extinguishing, Sect that if Zhao Hai is likely beforehand Black Tiger Group there, is not Great Sect, Zhao Hai such possibly will not have done, Sect that but he is at now but of Tyrant Blade Sect Great Sect, his nature cannot provoke his person to keep the hand to these. Zhao Hai looked that the Yue Feng expression knows what he is thinking, but he has not said who, in Cultivation World here, a person is famous, what depends is what? Depends is the strength, depends is vicious and merciless, Zhao Hai naturally does not think one do has anything not to be right. Yue Feng also asked Zhao Hai they with Gui Yuan Sect and process of Riverfront School contact, Zhao Hai also one by one said that naturally, was used together the raft to say in that in the hundred zhang (333m) river escaped. After listening to the Zhao Hai words, Yue Feng also has to acknowledge. Zhao Hai truly is a talented person. In that situation, can that calm matter processing good of that is absolutely rare. When Zhao Hai talked about all matters clearly, Yue Feng then nodded said : to be good, the matter I knew, you went back first, was right, this several days you can have a look to Yang Ding Mountain, familiar location.”

Zhao Hai has complied with one, after Yue Feng gave a salute. Stood turn around to walk, to outside, naturally had cultivator to get him to go to rest to Cave Mansion that in he prepared. Has rested for day in Cave Mansion, next morning. Zhao Hai came out from Cave Mansion, looked for cultivator to inquire, he only knows, the place that Li Fei they lived is not far to the place that he lived. Tyrant Blade Sect this time camp is actually this Cave Mansion, but is in huge cave mansion has plenty small Cave Mansion, looks like in big courtyard the has plenty small room is the same, here is also same, Li Fei each of them independent small Cave Mansion, this point, what Tyrant Blade Sect does is very good. Li Fei they are practicing in their Cave Mansion. How actually their simply does not need to practice, besides practices crazily, who will carry on the practice before the competition these days, that ratio procrastinates might as well. Zhao Hai one looks for them, their immediately came out with Zhao Hai, group enormous and powerful walks toward Yang Ding Mountain on, when are not many arrived on Yang Ding Mountain. On this Yang Ding Mountain had been cleaned up obviously, in Yang Ding Mountain above, has been built many Arena by Cyan Stone, these Arena hundred meters lengths and breadths. Is absolutely big enough. On entire Yang Ding Mountain, like Arena, altogether 20, arrangement entire simultaneously, but currently on many Arena has cultivator to practice above. Evidently also in familiar location. Zhao Hai led Li Fei they to transfer in Yang Ding Mountain here, to be honest. here did not have really attractively what, besides one to the stand that various Sect elder level characters sit, other places all are the grounds that average Stone spreads, looks like spacious incomparable, really does not have attractively what. They continually are strolling in Zhao Hai, at the same time chatted, a sound conveyed said : „, looked also in vain looked, well looked at here several, otherwise several days no looked.” Zhao Hai one hear of this sounds know, that Butterfly Sect cultivator that speech yesterday they meet, Li Fei they turn the head to look, is really that Butterfly Sect cultivator, but is also standing in his side today several people, on the waist of that several person is inserting Butterfly Knife, understood at a glance that is the Butterfly Sect person. Zhao Hai looked at that person of one, shows a faint smile said : not to think that also ran into everybody in here, what? everybody knows own few qualities of being worth looking , was also insufficient such loudly shouted? Really did not have the meaning.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Li Fei they cannot help but laugh, that Butterfly Sect cultivator, clarified has wanted to satirize them, but a Zhao Hai such saying, actually a little changed flavor.

Butterfly Sect that cultivator one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but coldly snorted said : has wanted to make us go home ahead of time? That must have a look at you to have that ability, depends on you to fear that is impossible.” Zhao Hai smiles said : we to have that ability, in here said that useless, we when the time comes see in the field.” Said that Zhao Hai led Li Fei their turn around to walk. That Butterfly Sect cultivator, the look at Zhao Hai back, cannot help but coldly snorted, at this time followed in his side one is Butterfly Sect cultivator, to that cultivator said : Hu Jilong Senior Brother, who the fellow is, looks like probably is very rampant appearance?” Hu Jilong coldly snorted said : who can also be, Zhao Hai, Tyrant Blade Sect Zhao Hai, before is , the legend he fights Teleportation boundary Expert that Zhao Hai alone.” That Butterfly Sect disciple one hear of Hu Jilong said that cannot help but stares, then does complexion change said : „is really Zhao Hai? If he, that arrives must be careful that a point, I heard, he and matter of Teleportation boundary Expert to war is, with his Teleportation boundary Expert to war, is Matchless Sword School Lu Sheng.” Hu Jilong sneers said : I to know what with him to war is, this time I must have a look, some of he big abilities.” Said that also paid no attention to other Butterfly Sect cultivator, turn around walks. That with cultivator that he spoke, look at his back, the corners of the mouth have cannot help but revealed sneering. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }