Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2091

Hu Jilong is in Butterfly Sect a talent of becoming famous, this fellow now although is only the Doppelganger Stage strength, however his practice time compared with on others short very me, moreover he is Heaven Spirit Root cultivator, finally seven are spirit root, separately is the [gold/metal], wood, water, fire, earth, wind and thunder! Seven are spirit root has the advantage regarding the practice very much, naturally you scored points primary and secondary, if your seven departments all cultivated, then sorry, you must have bad luck, finally possibly will not have any result, will also turn into every kind sloppy waste material. But reason that Hu Jilong attached great importance to by Butterfly Sect , because Hu Jilong these seven are in spirit root, most prominent two are spirit root, separately is Wind element and Lightning element these two variant spirit root. cultivator spirit root is divided into two types, standard spirit root and variant spirit root, standard spirit root is foundation spirit root, is Five Elements spirit root, separately is the [gold/metal], wood, water, fire and earth, but variant spirit root is actually has plenty, like the Wind Spirit root, thunder spirit root belongs to variant spirit root, even if ices spirit root and so on, is in the variant spirit root range. The variant spirit root most major characteristics are, no matter in attack in the defense, variant spirit root occupy superiorly compared with standard spirit root, is mainly few of variant spirit root appears , but few of variant spirit root appears , everyone/Great Clan in dealing with the variant spirit root aspect does not have what experience, in this case, variant spirit root with the standard spirit root person to, has naturally fought very big small advantage. General cultivator, variant spirit root titter, but Hu Jilong has two variant spirit root, in adding on him is specialize these two variant spirit root, therefore he in Butterfly Sect young generation of disciple, is very famous. This has also fostered his arrogant disposition. Because he is arrogant. Therefore in Butterfly Sect, many cultivator, do not compatible with him very much, before with that cultivator that he spoke is one of them. That cultivator called Liu Wenzheng, the strength of this person to was very good, but some he worked as the surface of people contradicting by Hu Jilong, this made him bear a grudge in the heart, therefore his specially instigated Hu Jilong to cope with Zhao Hai, because of his Chu Zhao Hai strength, Hu Jilong to Zhao Hai. Cannot ask for absolutely. Reason that Liu Wenzheng so will be confident to Zhao Hai , because several years ago Zhao Hai and Lu Sheng that war, he is one of the viewers, but he watched below at that time. Is most common one. However this also made him remember Zhao Hai, when has remembered Zhao Hai and Lu Sheng war appearance, his very clear, the Zhao Hai present strength, is higher than Doppelganger Stage to be too many absolutely, perhaps Hu Jilong in Doppelganger Stage cultivator was Expert, but compared with Zhao Hai, he fell far short.

Butterfly Sect these cultivator, do not unite like the Tyrant Blade Sect person, what this plants the short rope used to bind animals the matter they to do is familiar and easy. Therefore Liu Wenzheng not any guilty feeling. Zhao Hai and person in don’t know Butterfly Sect, the person on one's own side is still giving the person on one's own side to cause the short rope used to bind animals, he has not cared, he must tidy up in any case these Hu Jilong, the fellow was too rampant. Li Fei they are complexion ugly following in Zhao Hai, Li Fei is furious said : is waiting, the fellow do not make me meet, otherwise, has him to feel better.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, deep voice said : „, if runs into that fellow. You must be careful that a point for good, that fellow although said rampant loathful, but I can actually look, the strength of fellow is not bad, in having one step to enter Soul Fusion Stage. Moreover his spirit root probably is very special, therefore, if with him to. You must pay attention to his attack, he possibly is variant spirit root cultivator.” Reason that Zhao Hai will say that is because he noted, Hu Jilong Butterfly Knife had some differences with Butterfly Knife of other people, the Butterfly Sect there person, their Butterfly Knife characteristics, that was thin, because Butterfly Knife was foldaway, if blade did was too wide, that magazine with broaden, such one, when the blade opened, because the magazine will be excessively wide, but influence to use. However Hu Jilong Butterfly Knife, other people are narrower, Butterfly Knife that also in other words he uses is narrower, naturally is also lighter, the blade is light, his attack speed will be quicker, if he is not special spirit root, he has practiced special Cultivation Method, but Zhao Hai felt that from the body of Hu Jilong strength of the thunder and lightning, perhaps is because Hu Jilong thunder and lightning Cultivation Method must break through, not the strength of means completely control thunder and lightning, will therefore be looked to come out by Zhao Hai. Li Fei they very believe regarding Zhao Hai, one hear of Zhao Hai said that Li Fei they stare, then in immediately/on horseback heart one cold, their very clear, variant spirit root is representing anything, no matter what variant spirit root, is not good to deal with, if Hu Jilong is really variant spirit root, they to must be careful. After returned to Tyrant Blade Sect Encampment, Zhao Hai asked the people to enter own Cave Mansion, has eaten well, in although Tyrant Blade Sect this Cave Mansion, there are place that special ate meal, but Zhao Hai they liked eating in his Cave Mansion, this casual. After on this day, although Zhao Hai they also will occasionally exit, however the majority of time keep in Cave Mansion to practice, static waited for competition to start that day that.

However what makes Zhao Hai somewhat accidental is, after they arrived at Yang Ding Mountain, enough and other half a month this competition start, this arrives makes Zhao Hai feel that accident really, afterward asked excellent knows, this for quite late Sect that to look after came, because of some Sect in competition couple of days ago. competition uses is also the single round elimination series, does not limit the attack method, but must reduce the casualties as far as possible, will have the referee value law, if a side admits defeat, another side can not attack, Israel of confrontation was decided by the ballot, the person who had not pulled out, can observe to the scene. Sect that because participates are too many, the population are also too many, therefore this time competition altogether lasted one month, is various Sect Doppelganger Stage cultivator carries on competition most from the beginning, is Soul Fusion Stage cultivator, finally was Earth Monarch Stage cultivator, Zhao Hai they were the a batch competition person. The competition same day, the Yue Feng elder brought Tyrant Blade Sect all cultivator to arrive at Yang Ding Mountain here, these time cultivator that came Tyrant Blade Sect to come are not many, person who 100 attended the competition, less than 100 guards and other staff member. Is good because of Yang Ding Mountain on very big, otherwise could not have thought of these many people, even if this, has plenty cultivator does not have in the means to come up to the summit, can only stand in halfway up the mountainside high grade is treating the result. These time does not have what leader to speak and so on, because here is quite near to Riverfront School, close to sending was the host, therefore the Riverfront School person said several, then announced competition started. To quite likes regarding this way Zhao Hai, he did not like some people saying that above quite a while useless thing, completed to become the lead, but their people of these competitions instead to have become the supporting role. Actually Zhao Hai definitely does not need such worry, in True Spirit Realm here, is the exquisite reality, naturally nobody went to waste of time to say big pile of useless thing. cultivator of quick first round 20 groups to war was elected, without the Tyrant Blade Sect person, person but who has Butterfly Sect, Zhao Hai these days inquired that the Hu Jilong name, very paid certainly attention regarding Butterfly Sect other people, he may the contradiction in don’t know Butterfly Sect, he fear that will be Butterfly Sect other people will also cope with them with Hu Jilong together, that very had a necessity ahead of time understanding under Butterfly Sect attack method.

The quick first round competition started, Zhao Hai they stand under Arena of Butterfly Sect that cultivator competition, two person one on stage are Butterfly Sect, another is actually small Sect Black Dragon Sect, this small Sect also very interesting, weapon very special that they use, is Nine-Segmented Whip. After both sides come to power, has not spoken any polite speech, but holds the fist in the other hand to the opposite party, then has extracted own weapon, Black Dragon Sect that cultivator, is vibrating gently in hand Nine-Segmented Whip, the ten points that his Nine-Segmented Whip makes have the characteristics, the entire whip looks like the appearance of coordinated process, all over the body pitch-black, forefront whip that all are the dragon's head appearances, but last of whip, is Dragon's Tail, now the whip is vibrating in in his hand gently, looks like looks like wants to select the person Black Dragon that but bites is the same. But Butterfly Sect that cultivator does not compare that person of difference, his in hand Butterfly Knife in his hand turns to transfer, looked that looks like the butterfly that flutters to fly is the same. Also the side gazed at opposite party several minutes on the stage, then started to carry on exploratory attack, Zhao Hai Butterfly Knife that paid attention to Butterfly Sect cultivator to use, this Butterfly Knife can play huā to come in their in hand, that blade in their in hand, even can regard a variation nunchakus to use, was adding on Blade Technique, this Butterfly Knife also was really becomes in their in hand extremely powerful, style, wonderful was the Zhao Hai entire life only sees. But that has missed on the other hand a point with the Nine-Segmented Whip person, Nine-Segmented Whip although is also one type of Invisible Weapon , but Zhao Hai is actually not strange, his careful research martial arts on Earth, but in martial arts on Earth, about Nine-Segmented Whip and many, but Nine-Segmented Whip of that cultivator use , can only be fair, not anything specially. Looked at a while Zhao Hai to know that this that made Nine-Segmented Whip cultivator lose \; first, because that cultivator strength did not have Butterfly Sect that cultivator strength, second was his style does not have the opposite party to be exquisite, before third was him, obvious has not met Butterfly Sect cultivator, regarding Butterfly Knife this weapon very strange, when facing this weapon, some were timid to act, how don’t know dealt with, in this case , he if can win that on to be strange. But the competition very special place, has not permitted to use Doppelganger, does not permit to use Battle Beast, even if Sect like Imperial Beast Sect , can only use three Battle Beast, can not over three this quantities, but like Formation Cultivator and Artifact Cultivator these quite special cultivator, they cannot use to surpass five Magical Artifact or formation disk, therefore their fights quick on deciding victory and defeat, Zhao Hai the material, that Butterfly Sect cultivator won. But Zhao Hai regarding the Butterfly Sect Butterfly Knife application method , some general understanding, this Butterfly Knife, if used well, Might seriously was not small, it seems like that one type of weapon used pinnacle, Might can be underestimated.