Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2092

First successive underwent five rounds competitions, has not elected the Tyrant Blade Sect person, Zhao Hai to not to worry, he leads Li Fei they to rove in the athletic field, looked that cultivator and enemies of some well-known big factions fight. Has to recognize, disparity between this Great Sect and small Sect, but also is really not a least bit, is only exquisite degree of style, Spiritual Qi density wait / etc. ways, Great Sect holds very strong superiority, so long as is Great Sect disciple goes on stage, has almost not been defeated. The second round opposite party both sides announced that Zhao Hai their excited, because these round has Tyrant Blade Sect cultivator to participate, this person of participation called Zhou Hong, but his match, was only small Sect cultivator, Zhao Hai they naturally must give Zhou Hong to support, No. 8 Arena there that therefore people and others must contend in martial arts to him with Zhou Hong. To No. 8 Arena there, Zhou Hong jumped up Arena, on Arena had old cultivator to take the referee, but his match has not actually come. However Zhou Hong has not waited for too long time, he on just Arena not long after, a person jumped up Arena, this person of black warrior cloth, stature medium grade, short, face calm, but lets is actually his weapon that Zhao Hai pays attention, pair of Dual-Tonfa. Dual-Tonfa was weapon of one type of comparison unexpected winner, this weapon attack strength was really not very strong, but defense strength was really not weak, what most important was, used Dual-Tonfa time, you can use the Fist Technique style. This known as Divine Arm Sect small Sect, is relying on Fist Technique has this, their disciple do not have what fixed weapon. Because their Sect most is good is Fist Technique. weapon that therefore they choose also many have relationship with Fist Technique, looks like Tonfa, double hammer , some people will use the gauntlet (glove) to take weapon, but are not many. This Divine Arm Sect person goes on stage, Zhao Hai two eyes cannot help but narrows the eyes, this person of bearing very calm, is adding on his both feet to air plant, obviously his under foot footwork certain very good, such person is not good to deal with. However Zhao Hai has not reminded Zhou Hong. How he wants to have a look at the Zhou Hong strength, after both sides see exchanging greetings, Zhou Hong pulls out own wild goose plume blade, the opposite party has suspended fist. look at Zhou Hong that two eyes decides. Zhao Hai regarding Zhou Hong or have some understanding, what Zhou Hong should specialize is water attribute Blade Technique, Blade Technique is light and lively, but also does not bring the air/Qi of silk bold smoke and fire, can say that in Tyrant Blade Sect Outer Disciple is also a very famous person. Both sides gaze at opposite party several minutes, presently opposite party indefatigable, has not shown any flaw, therefore they almost at the same time make a move as if by prior agreement, Zhou Hong in hand wild goose plume blade, such as wild goose expansive sky. Traceless may seek, Body-maneuvering Technique of whole person turned into the running water to be the same probably, the continuous going enemy attacked. But the opposite party is not bad, opposite party Dual-Tonfa use the ingenuity of, or keeps off or the frame, Zhou Hong style one by one melted, but most makes Zhao Hai feel what is somewhat surprised, the opposite party has not entered probably fully, a very relaxed appearance. Naturally this did not express that Zhou Hong entered fully, both sides are probing actually. However Zhao Hai can look, Zhou Hong probe minimum has put out 60% strength, but the defense and counter-attack of opposite party, most puts out about 60% strength, such looks like both sides unexpectedly fought to a draw. A Zhao Hai brow cannot help but gently wrinkle. Has stood in his Li Fei saw the Zhao Hai movement, he looked at Zhao Hai said : puzzled team leader. What happened? Zhou Hong performance is very good, you present what?”

Zhao Hai shook the head said : I not to have presently anything, but this Zhou Hong match is very hard to deal with, it seems like that this Divine Arm Sect Cultivation Method also really has his unique point, Zhou Hong these wants to win, does not put out some real skills to fear that is not good.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Li Fei cannot help but stares, then he wrinkled under the brow, thinks then to right that Zhao Hai said : team leader said that now the Zhou Hong match is the Divine Arm Sect person, Divine Arm Sect is one by Fist Technique give priority to Sect Master, but their Sect person and not only uses the fist, they will also use weapon, their Tonfa Technique and Hammer Technique have their unique point, is one quite Sect that is difficult to deal with, this Zhou Hong runs into them, feared that must struggle hard after one.” Zhao Hai nodded, has not said anything, to be honest, this Divine Arm Sect name, he had heard before, is not completely understand, he real don’t know, the opposite party strength unexpectedly so is strong. When they spoke, the two on stage have fought dozens rounds, now they in probing, started fully make a move, on the stage blade light sparkled at once, the turning shade fluttered, what fought was very lively. A gaze of Zhao Hai face calm the situation on stage, on the stage the forms of combat of two people are being two extremes, Zhou Hong Blade Technique very quick are absolutely swift and violent, style continuously, such as the water of rivers and streams. But Tonfa Technique of his match is actually very simple, keeps off, to keep off, is such simple, but likely is the mainstay is ordinary, stands one's ground steadfastly. Li Fei actually frowned, he has not thought that the opposite party so is unexpectedly difficult to deal with, they fight now about hundred have incurred, the scene, although is Zhou Hong was in the upper hand, but he still has not actually borne about the opposite party, very good that the defense of opposite party makes, wants to break through the opposite party broken imperial is not that easy. Does Li Fei turn the head look at Zhao Hai said : team leader, Zhou Hong will not have the matter? The defense of opposite party that fellow is very good, Zhou Hong may other Yingouli capsize.” Zhao Hai shook the head said : that to arrive is insufficient, Zhou Hong and opposite party do not have now fully, when the opposite party could not find the Zhou Hong attack flaw, Zhou Hong could not find the opposite party to defend on flaw, therefore they can only such drag now, to a side appears flaw, it seems like they did not have 3500 moves are impossible to decide the victory and defeat.” Li Fei nodded, but on some look at stages of worry, the fight on stage is still continuing, quick, 200 moves passed, 300 moves passed, they looked like somewhat were tired, a side that attacked has postponed attack, however a side of defense did not have seize the opportunity to attack, a side that because defended was also tired, he wants to attack unable to attack. Sees this situation. Zhao Hai cannot help but shows a faint smile. deep voice said : Zhou Hong has won, the opposite party anything was unable to attack by force now, in having about 50 moves, he can win.” Really looks like such that Zhao Hai said that they fought 55 moves, Zhou Hong have broken through the defense of opposite party, has obtained the interlude compared with the victory of type. When Zhou Hong face sweat walks from the stage, Zhao Hai they in abundance applauds to him, this Zhou Hong wins is not really easy, but this did not mean that the Zhou Hong strength is not good. In fact Zhou Hong strength, in Doppelganger Stage cultivator, already good, his match was not weak. The rival in chess, will meet the good talent, can say that in this round competition, hits most splendid is they.

Zhao Hai put out a small jade bottle to give Zhou Hong conveniently, smiles said : to drink, in immediately/on horseback returned to Cave Mansion rested, the fight of tomorrow feared that is will not be easy.” Zhou Hong has not said anything, nodded, received the jade bottle, drank thing in jade bottle. Then immediately returned to in Cave Mansion. In a following round competition, there is Tyrant Blade Sect cultivator to participate, this has two people to participate time and time again, these two match strengths are good, is medium grade Sect cultivator, another meeting is actually Great Sect cultivator, is a fierce struggle between two evenly matched opponents, finally their Tyrant Blade Sect cultivator chess misses one, was won one by the opposite party. To the 11 th round time, Li Fei went on stage finally. But mentioned also skillfully, this meeting was actually Butterfly Sect cultivator, Li Fei heard that with unexpectedly is Butterfly Sect cultivator that he confronted, one on excited, Hu Jilong has contradicted Zhao Hai several times. Now he can with Butterfly Sect cultivator to fighting, him finally has naturally waited eagerly. To give an opposite party lesson. Zhao Hai looks at the Li Fei appearance, has held on him hastily, Li Fei somewhat puzzled look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai look at Li Fei, deep voice said : Li Fei, you have remembered, this you can win, but impossible to give kill the opposite party absolutely, cannot insult the opposite party absolutely excessively, otherwise our two Sect has the dead enmity, now our Tyrant Blade Sect with Butterfly Sect relationship although relationship is not good, but will not be bad, if we with Butterfly Sect relationship too stiff, to our Tyrant Blade Sect what advantage, the side always has not had an enemy, absolutely was not. The good matter, you to listen to understand?” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Li Fei cannot help but stares, then his puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : team leader, do we such let off the Butterfly Sect person?” Does Zhao Hai sneer said : to let off them? Has a dream, but we cannot the present let Butterfly Sect is vigilant, must therefore maintain the one type of stance, must make the opposite party think that we do not want to live the conflict with them, if makes the opposite party have the hate to us, that attention we, having found the way to cope with us, at the appointed time we in want to cope with them more difficult, understand?” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Li Fei cannot help but two eyes one bright, then he smiles said : team leader, you are really sinister, but I like, your feel relieved, I know how to do.” Zhao Hai has then patted his shoulder two, this got up Arena. That Butterfly Sect cultivator on Arena, he noticed that Zhao Hai was saying anything and Li Fei, but also once for a while toward his here finger, that Butterfly Sect cultivator, the heart has cannot help but raised, because conflict between his very clear Hu Jilong and Zhao Hai, he thinks that Zhao Hai is makes Li Fei tidy up him well. Li Fei is also known in Tyrant Blade Sect, his Blade Technique is good, in Doppelganger Stage cultivator, if not counted Zhao Hai, he was also Expert, to this kind of person, anybody does not dare to treat it lightly. On Li Fei Arena, has held the fist in the other hand to that Butterfly Sect cultivator, then showed a faint smile said : finally to, I somewhat could not wait.” That Butterfly Sect cultivator coldly snorted said : I could not wait.” Said that he extracts Butterfly Knife, is playing, but Li Fei that in hand keeps had also pulled out own long blade at this time, the look at opposite party that two eyes decides. look at Li Fei that Butterfly Sect that person also decides, in his hand has not stopped, his in hand Butterfly Knife also keeping is playing, both sides were waiting for probably opportunity is the same. At this moment, Li Fei suddenly calls out said : to kill!” Said that a in hand long blade pendulum, a blade has wielded. Butterfly Sect that person although complete attention centralized to the body of Li Fei, but he has not thought that Li Fei comes up to fiercely attack, a point probe does not have, his some are underprepared, the personal appearance toward retreat, simultaneously Butterfly Knife launches, oneself protecting firmly.

But Li Fei attack is not slow, a blade tight as blade, probably opposite is not the object who he must compete with, but is his killing father personal enemy is the same, such attack do not say that Butterfly Sect cultivator, even if under the stage cultivator of look at competition, has raised the heart, they also really want to take a look, can the competition of today's first time deceased person appears on this Arena. That Butterfly Sect cultivator, by the Li Fei offensive frightening, his defense cannot help but one chaotically, appears a flaw, the Li Fei long blade on capture this opportunity, a blade has divided directly, Butterfly Sect that cultivator looks at this situation, thinks that is blocking was impossible, his cannot help but secret passage said : finished! then his closed eyes treated. However some little time, he had not felt that his body has any pain, instead to is hears the referee sound to transmit said : „the Tyrant Blade Sect Li Fei victory.” That person has cannot help but opened the eye, presently Li Fei has actually taken back the long blade, is smiling is holding the fist in the other hand to salute to him. Butterfly Sect the cultivator cannot help but relaxed, then holds the fist in the other hand said : thanks a lot under the hand/subordinate to be forgiving to Li Fei.” Li Fei showed a faint smile said : to be polite, you and I two Sects may not have what enmity, was the ally, if I began to you, that too doesn't uphold justice? Junior Brother, receiving let.” Butterfly Sect that cultivator smiles said : is Senior Brother exceeds, little brother Gansu defeats leeward.” Said that holds the fist in the other hand to Li Fei, turn around jumped down Arena to walk. Li Fei has also jumped down Arena, arrived at Zhao Hai said : how to lead a group, my work pretty good?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : well, is very good, he he, don’t know can I run into the Butterfly Sect person.” Li Fei smiles said : feel relieved, sooner or later will meet.” In one time was announcing on this time stage the both sides of next group of opposite party, but these time really has Zhao Hai, but with Zhao Hai to the war, is actually the Zhao Hai old enemy, Tyrant Sword Sect cultivator. Zhao Hai hears this result he cannot help but to stare, then is actually looks the happy expression said : Tyrant Sword Sect, unexpectedly is Tyrant Sword Sect, to was a little meaning, I went to be able they.” The Zhao Hai personal appearance moved jumped up Arena. At this time many people heard just announcement, knows that this time was Zhao Hai has come to power, many person immediately have encircled, Zhao Hai three years ago , but for sometime was very famous, that time he and Lu Sheng war, captured the attention of True Spirit Realm here many person, although Lu Sheng just entered the Teleportation boundary at that time, but no matter what, that was also the Teleportation boundary is not, before adding on Zhao Hai destroyed completely the Crystal Realm matter to be given the violent, therefore Zhao Hai became famous during that time, was cruelly good to kill, almost all True Spirit Realm Sect know, therefore one heard that now Zhao Hai has come to power, immediately had. Large quantities of people have encircled, wants to look at an outcome.! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }