Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2093

Zhao Hai stands on Arena, looked at person one under stage, does not have any expression, he wants to know that what person his that Tyrant Sword Sect match is. Zhao Hai just thinks that hears Bang one, a person's shadow leapt on Arena, entire Arena was given to shake by him shook shaking. Zhao Hai Ding eyeball looks, immediately present, this match also really has Arena shaking in a flash ability, the build of this fellow was really too valiant. What stands in the Zhao Hai opposite is giant, not wrong, was not enough the table to accommodate him with the husky fellow, should call giant, personal appearance close three meters of this fellow, this in saving Human Race is a very rare height. On this giant puts on black warrior cloth, carries on the back at the back of Great Sword, Zhao Hai present, then crosses two meters the Great Sword length, moreover sword has half meter width fully, this is really who with any sword, this is big sword enough, to conforms to Tyrant Sword Sect this name. That giant is also sizing up Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai naturally does not have what attractively, sees is an ordinary not wonderful person, really does not have what good attention place. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile to that giant, then holds the fist in the other hand said : „to advise.” That giant to has not thought that Zhao Hai unexpectedly so polite, he has gawked, then exempts strongly held the fist in the other hand said : to be polite to Zhao Hai.” Said that was not speaking, has extracted oneself back Great Sword, the double hand-held sword, the sword dust was pointing at Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai was one backhandedly has also pulled out own long blade. Single-handed hold the blade. The blade points to giant, that giant looked that Zhao Hai does not have the meaning of first attack probably, cannot help but coldly snorted, capable bigfoot has made an effort treads Arena, hears bang one, a piece Cyan Stone on Arena to be trod by him, his whole person also with this strength of treading, flushes away toward Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai coldly snorted one, with is effort treads Arena, throws toward that favorable opposition. That guy has not thought that Zhao Hai such will flush unexpectedly also toward him, but regarding this situation, he also dealt with don’t know many times, therefore has not stopped. in hand Great Sword wields, sweeps away to directly soar the waist of Zhao Hai. His body Expert is long, is adding on that long Great Sword, this sweeps has to sweep away the potentials of thousand armed forces seriously, moreover this person with the utilization of sword attention potential, this sword sweeps, naturally has the mighty force to rush ahead general Evil Qi.

However this time match is not the average person, Zhao Hai does not care about his imposing manner, the Zhao Hai personal appearance moves, entire such as the young swallow turns over to the nest to be common. Flew from the giant side, to giant, he fell the ground, then received own blade. Under the stage some have not seen clearly what's the matter cultivator has gawked, how don’t know was, but that giant was also vacant of face, prepared turn around to cope with Zhao Hai time, referee suddenly said : Tyrant Blade sect, Zhao Hai victory.” The referee one said that all people stare. Including that giant, that giant two eyes stares, why turns the head look at referee said : is he to win? How did he win?” That referee with one type of looked that idiot same look look at his said : he won certainly, haven't you felt? The back that he when with your wrong body, he has used has wiped on your neck. What if he just used is knife edge, you head moved.” That giant one hear of referees said that cannot help but stares. Then his tracing neck cannot help but, presently neck there has the a piece skin to have coolly some, this presently cannot help but makes this giant fine body hair one set upright, his naturally understand what is this, reason that his skin is cooler than the skin of other place , because there by the Zhao Hai back hitting, if Zhao Hai under Assassin, his head truly had disappeared at that time. Has put down the hand, that giant look somewhat complex looked at one, had turned around, look at that smiled his Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai held the fist in the other hand said : receiving to let to that giant.” giant holds the fist in the other hand to Zhao Hai, turn around has jumped down Arena leave, he really somewhat did not have the face to stay in here, because he just unexpectedly even/including Ziji had defeated don’t know, this was really a little too loses face. Zhao Hai also shows a faint smile, then turn around jumped down Arena, Li Fei their immediately has encircled, congratulated Zhao Hai, but Zhao Hai to was the expression is light, not too happy appearance. Zhao Hai very clear, this time can win is so quick, is so relaxed, most important is because his match is a stature very big person, stature very enormous, by the strength give priority to person, such person make a move is impossible to be too quick, but Zhao Hai Body-maneuvering Technique is not slow, therefore he noticed that the opposite party clashes toward him, he has not moved aside, but is flushes away toward the opposite party directly, most time from the beginning, his degree is not very fast, by the opposite party is thought his degree on is such, then when soon rushes to the side of opposite party, his suddenly adds, This simple change, wielded in this moment finally has done to use, the opposite party has made the movement of sweeping away, wanting change the maneuver not to be impossible, in adding on Zhao Hai this in addition suddenly, therefore opposite party simply any opportunity, Zhao Hai has not overrun from giant, transferred the in hand blade, with back on giant neck gently wiped, that giant has not then felt to Zhao Hai attack. This saying said that probably is very long, actually on Arena is also flash's matter, they flush away toward the opposite party, then victory and defeat by dividing, such simply.

However on the scene may not have one is amateur, their very clear, this time attack is not simple, from coming to power to the observation of match, to be arriving to the judgment of match attack, is arriving in the suddenly in addition, the utilization of in hand blade, can say that all these all had been calculated by Zhao Hai, this is the Zhao Hai most fearful place. This is on today's Arena ties a quickest competition, but also lets a competition that the people most taste, under these stages prepares to look cultivator how Zhao Hai fights, first time experienced fierce of Zhao Hai, they know that Zhao Hai fiercest place, was not his, but regarding the battlefield control ability, came to power to finish to the fight from them, probably all in Zhao Hai control, all during the computation of Zhao Hai, this were Zhao Hai most are felt the fear place. A following day of ratio harmed quickly had ended, Tyrant Blade Sect altogether ten people attended the competition today, won nine, defeated, such result was very good. In the evening Zhao Hai returned to in own Cave Mansion, sat in Cave Mansion static the recollection experience of this day, although he has only been fighting with the person a move, but he experiences the place sweeping to be many today, do not think, only then he has seen is his harvest, in fact entire Yang Ding Mountain summit there, by his arrange the Liquid Silver dust, he has been able the entire athletic field, all Arena contents to record in Space, then comes back in analysis slowly. Did not want underestimated this analysis, must know that this time participated in these cultivator of competition, but various Sect had, moreover was various Sect Doppelganger Stage topest skilled people, collected the fights of these people, regarding understanding this Sect forms of combat was ten is in charge to use, therefore Zhao Hai so will do. Has digested one well in the evening, next day Zhao Hai was leading the Tyrant Blade Sect person in time appears on the Yang Ding Mountain summit, observed the competition of various look at Sect, but made Zhao Hai be what was surprised, Tyrant Blade Sect one a competition has not been one's turn today all day unexpectedly, this arrived somewhat stems from the expectation of Zhao Hai. Third day, five Tyrant Blade Sect cultivator attended the competition, the final result is three people wins, they are defeated, fourth day was five people attended the competition, three people were defeated, they won, reason that like this, will be because this day Tyrant Blade Sect met all was the able hand, all was various Great Sect people, they can win two, is suitable was not easy. After four days, the Doppelganger Stage first round competition had basically ended, started second round, second round first round be much more difficult , the time of using was also short, only used two days to end, but the Tyrant Blade Sect only remaining eight people participated in third round, after the third round, Tyrant Blade Sect can participate in the fourth round person only then four, when third round, on Arena started the appears casualties. Fourth round started, the Tyrant Blade Sect person had been eliminated one after another, only then Zhao Hai and Li Fei were still insisting that they the fourth round, had entered the fifth round competition, but the fourth round playing time was also shorter even useless one day to end. This does not have the matter of means that because of appears some casualties, therefore in the fourth round competition, appears some mutually wounded situations, in that case, both sides did not have the means to participate in the next round.

The fifth round competition formally starts, now very arrives at fifth round cultivator, only then less than hundred people, but Zhao Hai is the third batch enters the stage, his match was more interesting, Imperial Beast Sect person, Zhao Hai another personal enemy. Imperial Beast Sect becomes enemies with Zhao Hai is very early, in Soaring Dragon Realm there, both sides on had the conflict, compared with Tyrant Sword Sect must early, naturally, Imperial Beast Sect also already have a grudge with Tyrant Blade Sect, can say that Imperial Beast Sect is a Zhao Hai biggest personal enemy. Zhao Hai stands on Arena, but his opposite is standing is actually a woman, wear beast skin, looks like very sexy woman, this woman wears the beast skin small vest, the lower part of the body wears the beast skin short skirt, the grew in vain fresh arm and foot reveals outside, naturally, she is also a beast skin cloak. in hand of this woman is taking two short sword, short is not long, be only ordinary long sword half are long, in her, but also with three Monster Beast, but these three Monster Beast very has the characteristics, that is three snakes, but is actually three completely different snakes. What follows side the woman is one long more than ten meters, a python of variety scale, body very thick of this python, the diameter about one meter, absolutely will be big guy. In her front, is stopping a fiery-red snake, this snake long about two meters, but the head of this snake actually lived a meat crown, looks like looks like Emperor is the same. But in her head, is bargaining a small snake, this small snake is very small, has grown about 30 centimeters, all over the body is the greens, the plate is motionless in there, looks like looks like an ornament is the same, but Zhao Hai actually knows that is a snake, live snake.( To be continued..) { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }