Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2094

The three snakes of this woman, without one were the ordinary goods, Zhao Hai had seen her fight before, her fight very formidable, the python lord guarded, is helping his Master defense, the red main attack, helping Master enter with, but Green Snake was mainly sneak attack, that green movement very fast, when the enemy suddenly carried on attack unexpectedly, several cultivator have planted in the mouths of these three snakes. What most important is, these three snakes are poisonous, red snake and Green Snake toxin in their mouths, but the toxin of that python is quite special, the toxin of that python on his scale. Zhao Hai has pulled out own blade, coldly look at that woman, Zhao Hai very clear, that woman does not compare that three snakes to be good to deal with, can say, no matter that three snake that women, alone take one, is good to deal with, but four together go on stage, dealt with quite to be difficult. Naturally if Zhao Hai leaves fully, he will not fear that woman, but the issue is, he cannot fully, therefore he must careful be better. At this time, that red snake personal appearance flashes, direct Zhao Hai flushed, simultaneously that woman also flushed toward Zhao Hai, commencing of action. Zhao Hai this attack, this is different from his first several fight, the first several fights, Zhao Hai on the ship is comes up to attack, continuously with attack opposite party complete defeating, but this time he is not, he has taken the defensive. During Zhao Hai in the first several places compete, uses is Metal element Blade Technique, what uses is Metal element attack Blade Technique. This Zhao Hai has used Metal element Eighth Gate Golden Lock Blade. Naturally he will not expose his strength, he will not make these people know that he has practiced Highest Level Eighth Gate Golden Lock Blade. Zhao Hai present Blade Technique only used did not arrive at 50% strength, even if were this, made these cultivator feel to be startled, people one to believing, Zhao Hai Blade Technique very formidable, only then knows that the details talented person understand, Zhao Hai Blade Technique compared with being much better that he displays now. Zhao Hai however only has presently used 50% strength, however his defense still gives people the feeling of one type of wind and rain can not penetrate. To that women and that three snake how attack, does not have the means to defeat the Zhao Hai defense circle, before has thought Zhao Hai is attacks defends the weak person, now present. Zhao Hai does not attack defends weakly, conversely, his defending possibly ratio attacks is strong. The fight in continuing, to have been continuing for about a half hour, to be honest, the competition is held now, can hit such long time not to decide the victory and defeat to come, this was not very easy, do not think that more to the competition later, decides the victory and defeat more difficult. Actually is just the opposite, more to the later period of competition, decides the victory and defeat is easy.

Various Sect people when each competition, will send out some accompanying staff, with person who was eliminated, observes other Sect cultivator fight, collects some information, discovers this cultivator and comes weakly, then gives the participating person to refer, therefore in later period of competition. Almost both sides have both solved the characteristics of opposite party, like this they almost will not carry on the exploratory attack at the competition, comes up is the big move of successive, strives to take down the opposite party in the shortest time. Reason that they will worry such , because they do not have the too much time. To later period, because the population tails off. The time of competition was also short, the participating person cultivates the rest time was also shorter, in order to by oneself are many some rests time, therefore all participating people, to pay fully, strives with quickly defeats the match, is good the rest, the preparation next competition. Because of this all sorts of reasons, therefore to later period, fight time is short, them one dozen like Zhao Hai is a half hour are really not many, other people only solved to fight with about ten minutes generally. However Zhao Hai their here must decide the victory and defeat, after attacking for a half hour, the offensive of that woman and her three snake cannot help but one slow, but Zhao Hai Blade Technique seize the opportunity launches, person of three snakes to the circle in his blade circle, although that woman has defended fully, however his defense missed compared with Zhao Hai much, after ten minutes, her defense circle was broken through by Zhao Hai, that woman defeated. After both sides salute, went down Arena, although said that Zhao Hai had a grudge with Tyrant Sword Sect and Imperial Beast Sect, but he under the pain Assassin at the competition, that has not been the Zhao Hai style. His under Assassin, does not represent others not, Zhao Hai just from Arena, presently Li Fei disappears, he stares, Li Fei did not have the competition today, moreover generally he competes, Li Fei look at on the stage, how now disappears. At this time Zhou Hong walked, before Zhou Hong, was eliminated, therefore has been helping them collect the information, he did also good, collected some useful information. However now Zhou Hong complexion is not quite attractive, he has arrived at the Zhao Hai side, to Zhao Hai said : team leader, Old Li feared that is not good, you have a look quickly.” Zhao Hai one hear of Zhou Hong said that cannot help but complexion changes, deep voice said : what's the matter?” said : of Zhou Hong face hatred „is also not Butterfly Sect that Hu Jilong, this Old Li match is he, you also know that fellow does not cope with us, but innate skill is good, I had also collected some of his materials before, this Old Li to he, two humanities is fights to a draw, but that fellow suddenly release the throwing knife, Old Li has pressed to guard, a move, most hateful is, on the throwing knife of that fellow has wiped unexpectedly poisonously, Old Li on was poisoned now, but solution poison that we bring to that poisonous not effect.”

Zhao Hai one hear of Zhou Hong said that cannot help but relaxed said : poison? That was easy to do, walks, I have a look.” Said that walks toward Tyrant Blade Sect Cave Mansion with Zhou Hong together, before long they arrived at Tyrant Blade Sect Cave Mansion. Zhou Hong brought Zhao Hai to arrive at Li Fei Cave Mansion directly, now in Li Fei Cave Mansion is gathering round many people, these Doppelganger Stage cultivator all arrived, Yue Feng elder also in inside. Saw Zhao Hai to come, everyone/Great Clan immediately to him made a road, Zhao Hai also see was lying down Li Fei on beast skin, now the Li Fei face upper hood one layer black gas, is looking like very scary. Zhao Hai has not managed other people, the half step has arrived at the Li Fei side, look at in him the place of blade, in Li Fei the place of blade in his shoulder, the cutting edge is not big, however the there meat is actually passing black, disperses the intermittent putrefactive odor. Brow of Zhao Hai cannot help but spoiled, the time that Li Fei is poisoned is not long, but the wound actually turned into an appearance, that can only explain, the toxin that the opposite party uses was really too overbearing. What most important is, this poisonous flavor is not very right, the beam energy spread leaves this flavor the toxin, generally has relationship with Corpse Toxin, but in True Spirit Realm here, the ordinary person will not use Corpse Toxin, with Corpse Toxin most is Ghost Cultivator. The Yue Feng elder looks at the Zhao Hai appearance, cannot help but sighed said : this poisonous very overbearing, what most important was, we had not seen this type of toxin before, don’t know was any toxin, several solution poison that we brought, did not have what effect to this toxin, it seems like that this Li Fei was more unfortunate than fortunate.” Zhao Hai look at Li Fei complexion, hand turns, in hand left a jade bottle, then he turns on the jade bottle, a flavor of delicate fragrance transmits, then Zhao Hai breaks off the mouth of Li Fei, poured into Li Feng mouth the liquid in jade bottle, the people noted, the liquid that in the Zhao Hai jade bottle poured unexpectedly was the golden color. Poured into the mouth of Li Fei one bottle of golden liquids, Zhao Hai had then relaxed, deep voice said : „the situation of Li Fei being poisoned, in him was very likely Corpse Toxin, after refinement Corpse Toxin.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that stares from the person, then complexion big change, especially Yue Feng elder, he one has stood, look at Zhao Hai said : „can you affirm?”

Zhao Hai nodded said : affirmation, from the wound situation, in him truly is Corpse Toxin, if this toxin is really under Hu Jilong, then he has certainly relationship with Ghost Cultivator, but I think that this possibility is very low, although said competition time, allowing cultivator to use hidden weapon, does not have on regulation hidden weapon unable to use the toxin, however the majority of people will not quench on their hidden weapon poisonously, that will be looked down upon, Hu Jilong is one arrogant, he can use hidden weapon, but he will not use on hidden weapon poisonously, is he is Ghost Cultivator, He must cope with Li Fei with poisonous, he will not use Corpse Toxin, this equal to immediately will expose his status, he will not be stupid, that was the second possibility, on his throwing knife, intoxication of secretly, in this case, that must look up well.” Yue Feng complexion is somewhat cloudy, he nodded said : Butterfly Sect the custom of person useful throwing knife, but they will not have on the blade to quench the toxin generally, moreover they will not receive in their throwing knife Space equipment, therefore was wiped the toxin on the throwing knife, to has the possibility, but that person certainly is he very intimate person, because ordinary person simply will not know the Butterfly Sect person, own throwing knife conceal in there.” Zhao Hai nodded said : „, I also think that this matter asked the elder you to ventilate with the Butterfly Sect person, secret carried on, the secret investigation, must find that Ghost Cultivator, not only otherwise to Butterfly Sect, to other Sect was not the good matter, if in Butterfly Sect had been submerged by Ghost Cultivator, other Sect may also be submerged by Ghost Cultivator, we wanted more careful.” Yue Feng complexion was more dignified, his deep voice said : this matter do not manage, do not say that do not say to anybody, I will process.” Said that turned the head to look at Li Fei, this looked at Li Fei, Yue Feng has cannot help but gawked, because black gas on Li Fei face vanished unexpectedly much. Yue Feng cannot help but stares, then two eyes one bright, turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, what you drink to Li Fei is what? How such to be effective to Corpse Toxin?” do not blame Yue Feng so will be excited, must know that Corpse Toxin is the Ghost Cultivator one type of important attack method, until now, True Spirit Realm had not found to solve Corpse Toxin best antidote, because Ghost Cultivator, when refines Corpse Toxin, but also added other poisons, this made Detoxification difficulty. But that bottle of thing that Zhao Hai takes, in such short time made Li Fei toxin reduce unexpectedly, this absolutely was a very extraordinary matter.! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }