Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2095

Zhao Hai one hear of Yue Feng said that cannot help but shows a faint smile said : not anything, the elder you also knows that I in Lower Realm, can Dark Magician, but Dark Magician regarding using toxin, is not worse than anybody, especially regarding Corpse Toxin, I very found that just that was solution poison that I matched, to be not quite good regarding other toxin possible effect, but coped with Corpse Toxin, he he, was not I boasts, effect absolutely formidable.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Yue Feng cannot help but two eyes one bright, but he does not have immediately/on horseback to make Zhao Hai hand over solves the poison formula, but is look at Li Fei said : Li Fei how long can awake?” Zhao Hai thinks that said : „about one hour can awake, about one day can fully restore, naturally, the wound on his shoulder, after must wait poisonously completely clear, is applying medicine.” Yue Feng deep voice said : good, leaves behind two people to keep Li Fei, other person of returned to athletic fields come up, then also has the competition to carry on, walks.” The people looked that Li Fei did not have what matter, immediately has complied with one, walked with Yue Feng outward. The group returned to on Yang Ding Mountain, now Yang Ding Mountain here this round competition had ended quickly, started the sixth round competition, fortunately before , has not selected to the Zhao Hai name. However when Zhao Hai to Yang Ding Mountain here time, sixth round competition also immediately must start, this time match, to is not the acquaintance, but absolutely is not good to deal with, person who because he must face, one of the people being this competition seen, Shang Yuan Sect Chen Rufeng. Shang Yuan Sect. True Spirit Realm here Profound Sect Righteous Sect big faction. Is ordinary with Tyrant Blade Sect relationship, but Tyrant Blade Sect is very good with Gui Yuan Sect relationship, but Gui Yuan Sect also has the complicated relation with Shang Yuan Sect, therefore relationship of both sides is also can pass, does not have what conflicts of interest, exempts is the friend. The Zhao Hai look at Arena opposite is standing Chen Rufeng, Chen Rufeng is a Scholar attire, however his carrying on the back actually carries a sword, this looks like unadorned the sword, does not have any special place. But Chen Rufeng this person long also very general. Not very charming, but this person has one type of temperament, one type of makes the person look on heart fresh favorable impression temperament. He does not have the arrogance, but you in his front. Actually meets the feeling of not being thinks to lower his head, on his face is having the temperate smiling face, making you unconscious wants to be intimate with him, his eye temperate like water, makes unconscious on understanding fresh favorable impression. But Chen Rufeng also somewhat surprised look at Zhao Hai, because of Zhao Hai temperament, has looked like with his temperament now, although Zhao Hai warrior cloth, but is actually not to the person the one type of uncouthly feeling, opposite to letting Zhao Hai were many a heroic spirit. On the face of Zhao Hai is also having the smiling face, that smiling face also very temperate, lets the person heart fresh favorable impression. It can be said that these two people stand in there, although has some not to be different in temperament, but actually actually same letting person heart fresh favorable impression, this is other people have not thought. Saw that such two people stand on the stage, cultivator under stage has forgotten the speech at once unexpectedly, dull look at they, because two people of temperament were really too special.

The Zhao Hai look at opposite party, opened the mouth first. He holds the fist in the other hand to the opposite party, smiles said : Tyrant Blade Sect Zhao Hai, has seen Chen Senior Brother, the first several competitions of Chen Senior Brother, has looked below. To be honest, you are the match who I most do not want to run into. What a pity actually has met, that also can only ask Chen Senior Brother under the hand/subordinate to be forgiving.” Chen Rufeng also held the fist in the other hand said : Zhao Hai Junior Brother to be too polite to Zhao Hai, your competition I have also looked, your Blade Technique let admire below, asking Junior Brother under the hand/subordinate to be forgiving real.” Zhao Hai he he chuckle said : we should not be polite in here, otherwise everyone/Great Clan will scold our, Chen Senior Brother invited.” Said that Zhao Hai has pulled out own long blade, points to Chen Rufeng. Chen Rufeng also showed a faint smile, pulls out own long sword, the Chen Rufeng long sword this has pulled out, Zhao Hai immediately felt differently, Chen Rufeng long sword sword like autumn waters, but actually gave the feeling that the person in the one type of point all collected, absolutely was a good sword. The eye of Zhao Hai narrows the eyes slightly, then his in hand long blade fierce wields, in the mouth calls out said : to kill!” Said that a blade attacks toward Chen Rufeng. The smiling face on Chen Rufeng face also vanishes, starts all Liu concentrate with the Zhao Hai fight in together, sees this situation, cultivator has plenty under stage is calling out in alarm, they do not have the means not to call out in alarm, because before him, Zhao Hai with other people fight, has not drunk killing, but Chen Rufeng with other people fight, the smiling face on his face has not vanished, now their like this as, under person understand by, before , their simply has not needed fully, now to use fully. When they fight really in together, the person under stage was really then startled, because their these time has put out the real skill, Chen Rufeng Sword Technique is a character, the quick, incomparable rapidness, sees his make a move, you almost cannot see his sword, only sees sword ray to sparkle, but that sword is the genuine sword, that sword is sword ray, under this many people also really look do not come out. But after Zhao Hai Blade Technique launches, astonishing of in addition, his Blade Technique launches, his in hand blade completely vanished, sees only him to be sphered by one group of golden light, you could not even notice that inside has the blade to reflect light, because that is one group of golden light, very dazzling golden light.( Reads novel.) It can be said that has competed these many days, the most splendid competition came finally, they to hit quickly quickly, did not strive for quickly, only strove for being quicker, on the stage a slash of golden light piece of sword ray hit at once in together, the dāng dāng sound that the weapon intersected, was the same like the raindrop, making the people who heard innumerable leaves many sounds to eat the sound. Astonishing, was too astonishing, both sides has achieved a certain degree, what most important is, this type quickly was not one on the past, but was long-enduring, both sides have fought for ten minutes, the original people think that this almost suffocating quick attack, quickly ended, but the result was actually both sides in inconceivable speeding up. All people felt one were could not breathe probably, because the fight on stage was too intense. Too quick. They look probably did not have including the time of breath. Enters in this, suddenly makes all people feel appears that the brain jams, saw golden light suddenly vanish from sight on stage, but the Zhao Hai in hand blade resembled suddenly one slowly not to have the several fold, on his blade was pressed huge mountain to be the same probably, wielded probably is having ten thousand jin (0.5 kg) great strength.

Sees Zhao Hai this blade, all people by this type from extremely quickly to extremely slow contrast making almost possessed by the Devil, but more depressed is actually Zhao Hai match Chen Rufeng. The Chen Rufeng clear feeling, Zhao Hai this blade although is very slow, but has actually blocked his all attack routes. Some of his one type of cannot leave the feeling of sword unexpectedly, what most important is, on Zhao Hai this blade is also having a potential, an unprecedentedness. Crushes all potentials! The opposite this situation, how Aru wind real don’t know must handle, his in hand sword unexpectedly also slow, but person who sees this change, simultaneous sighing, because they know that Chen Rufeng these time has defeated, because he lost his offensive rhythm now, he fell into the Zhao Hai rhythm, can only lead by the nose by Zhao Hai. In this case, he naturally did not have means to defeat Zhao Hai. Really, Chen Rufeng Sword Technique one is slow, on complete falling to leeward, Zhao Hai is only slow left five blades, broke through the defense of Chen Rufeng, Chen Rufeng defeats. Chen Rufeng also very has the demeanor, although he is somewhat disappointed at this failure, but actually not extremely disappointed, he received the long sword. Holds the fist in the other hand to Zhao Hai said : Zhao Junior Brother, if good method, I was inferior, later has the time, we want to compare notes.” Zhao Hai also received the long blade, smiles certainly said : to Chen Rufeng „. To be honest, quick sword of Senior Brother person. Deals with take the trouble below really very much, if is not opportunistic below finally, the victory and defeat has not said.” Chen Rufeng smiles said : Junior Brother not to be no need toward my face previous post [gold/metal], my teacher saying that my Sword Technique quickly is quick, but actually cannot achieve to take and put away freely, really therefore, I defeat is not injust, hopes to have opportunity, you drinks with Junior Brother.” Said that he holds the fist in the other hand to Zhao Hai, turn around jumped down Arena leave. Zhao Hai look at Chen Rufeng appearance, shows a faint smile, turn around has jumped down Arena, this war had eventually ended, but also allowed the people to understand the Zhao Hai strength, Chen Rufeng before the competition, had many fame in True Spirit Realm here, his fame was even bigger than Zhao Hai, has not actually thought that finally defeated in the hand of Zhao Hai, this also allowed these people really to understand to the Zhao Hai strength. although beforehand True Spirit Realm here has Zhao Hai to fight the Teleportation boundary cultivator rumor alone, but has looked at the people who Zhao Hai and Lu Sheng fight to know that Zhao Hai that has occupied Magical Artifact and Monster Beast small advantage, actually he with Lu Sheng positive fighting, naturally this has not been refers to into Teleportation boundary later Lu Sheng, therefore they think that Zhao Hai came up from Lower Realm ascend, the method were many, has not been serious. However these time is different, Chen Rufeng is not character that is good to deal with, he is the Shang Yuan Sect this Realm talent character, can say already faint had the Doppelganger Stage True Spirit Realm first Expert appearance, moreover according to the estimates of various Great Sect, Doppelganger Stage True Spirit Realm first Expert is not Chen Rufeng, he feared that can also arrange to enter hundred this rows, in other words, the Chen Rufeng strength obtained the approvals of various Great Sect. But these time actually in also nobody suspected that Zhao Hai strength, this is on Arena, but Zhao Hai the blade to the sword, has defeated Chen Rufeng directly, moisture does not have, if to some present people were also suspecting that Zhao Hai strength, he was also an idiot. The fight of Zhao Hai and Chen Rufeng captured most people's attention, when the after fight of Zhao Hai ended, other fights also ended, the competition of next round in a time start, in other words, a Zhao Hai rest time does not have.

But this Zhao Hai match also very interesting, is not others, is Hu Jilong, previous Hu Jilong with the flying knife wound the Li Fei matter, all people knew now, knows that Hu Jilong has used the toxin on own blade, therefore sees Hu Jilong to go on stage, under the stage has cannot help but heard the intermittent hiss, this is very rare, cultivator breathes out a person like the average person unexpectedly, this is all people have not thought that naturally, hears Hu Jilong of this hiss, complexion is also a paleness. On Zhao Hai Arena, he looked at Hu Jilong one, to be honest, he to Hu Jilong dislike, he did not feel that most from the beginning Hu Jilong is somewhat arrogant, but regarding experiencing Zhao Hai of too many this matter, Hu Jilong that superficial provocation, really could not raise his interest. Reason that he before will bicker with Hu Jilong, does completely to Li Fei they looks, Tyrant Blade Sect always overbearing, if Zhao Hai were good to speak, that Li Fei they will not take his, will also look down upon him, therefore Zhao Hai the time, will be counter-attacking Hu Jilong suitably, but generally speaking, Zhao Hai has not cared Hu Jilong. Hu Jilong fight Zhao Hai has looked, his fighting strength although is not weak, but compares with Zhao Hai, missed far, this type not a match in level, Zhao Hai, if cared that yes damn. However now Zhao Hai regarding Hu Jilong was actually somewhat discontented, because he extremely in thinking oneself infallible, in other words, he was too proud, to the arrogant situation, that was proud intolerable, if were not because he so proud, has regarded the archenemy them, some people do not think that will wipe the toxin on his throwing knife, Li Fei almost will not die, therefore regarding such person, Zhao Hai did not have what favorable impression, even had some dislike. But Hu Jilong is on own initiative does not have, look at Zhao Hai of his still face hatred, probably is under the stage these people breathes out him, because of Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai sees his such expression, cannot help but felt that speechless, Zhao Hai understand, how does not practice like this person to this degree, it seems like innate skill of this fellow is really very high, but this person, innate skill is very high, will not have the too great achievement, because his too not brain. Zhao Hai look at Hu Jilong, before deep voice said : you, has shot a Li Fei blade, I will add the generation, shoots your two blades, but I will not want your life, most minimum cannot today.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Hu Jilong has gotten angry, his coldly snorted does said : want to cope with me with the throwing knife? HaHaHa, was too funny, how I to have a look at you am cope with the throwing knife my, I stand in here, you to are come.” Zhao Hai look at Hu Jilong appearance, spatial smiles said : well, I also stand in here, you have a look at me to hit a target you,” said that Zhao Hai wields, stance/framework/shelf appears in Zhao Hai side, saw that stance/framework/shelf, cultivator cannot help but brains corona on stage, what situation they really cannot clarify this are, how some people also used stance/framework/shelf in the fight, moreover what on that stance/framework/shelf was? Don't tell me is the throwing knife? If is the throwing knife, how many can have? 1000? 10,000? Day that this is Doppelganger Stage cultivator competition, is the vaudeville performance? What situation is this? Not wrong, on that stance/framework/shelf that Zhao Hai release comes, dense and numerous has chocked up the throwing knife, some quantity many, simply nobody can see clearly, people really understand Zhao Hai does not want to do, but stands in Zhao Hai opposite Hu Jilong, complexion completely was black. (.). { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }