Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2096

Hu Jilong had not seen Zhao Hai uses throwing knife, even had not heard Zhao Hai will use the throwing knife, moreover any will use the person of throwing knife, like Zhao Hai, one will not exhibit that many throwing knives, must know that the throwing knife is a technology lives, regarding the physical strength, the strength of arm, the eyesight has very high request, moreover what most important is the throwing knife is hidden weapon, hidden weapon needs the make a move opportunity. hidden weapon is different from ordinary weapon, hidden weapon is used for sneak attack, cannot hit, you in want to deal with the person with hidden weapon on very difficult, therefore the good at using hidden weapon person, will not make others notice that own hidden weapon places there, this will have sneak attack opportunity. although said the body of cultivator compared with ordinary much stronger, but does not have that cultivator to meet frantic to one to put out the situations of these many throwing knives, this is the body of that cultivator, he impossible to shoot at the enemy these throwing knives, consequence that then makes only then two \; first, the enemy was shot dead by him directly, two are the enemy cuts to kill him, absolutely does not have the third possibility. But Zhao Hai one time puts out such my throwing knife, this looks like in Hu Jilong, clarified is to his contempt, how this let him to endure. Thinks of here, in the Hu Jilong look at Zhao Hai look, more read resentfully fully, wished one could this to draw a sword to cut Zhao Hai under the blade. Zhao Hai look at Hu Jilong, showing a faint smile said : suddenly this time I cope with you with these throwing knives, come.” Said that Zhao Hai both hands move, eight throwing knife appears in in his hand. Hu Jilong looks at Zhao Hai this, he cannot help but stares. Then complexion changes. although Hu Jilong very arrogant, but he is not an idiot, he looked that the vision of person has, especially he is hidden weapon Expert time, therefore he looked that Zhao Hai takes the hand signal of throwing knife to know, Zhao Hai is one plays Expert of throwing knife absolutely. Must know how to take hidden weapon from a person, can see the hidden weapon level of this person, but holds the hidden weapon technique from Zhao Hai, his hidden weapon skill is not low. Hu Jilong received to despise the heart of Zhao Hai. Starts Condensing Spirit/focus look at Zhao Hai, the Zhao Hai look at Hu Jilong appearance, showed a faint smile said : I to want make a move.” Hu Jilong coldly snorted, just about to says anything. Zhao Hai both hands raise, eight throwing knives shoot toward Hu Jilong, Hu Jilong at this time already his Butterfly Knife with in hand, his Butterfly Knife really like Zhao Hai imagined, was taller and slenderer than Butterfly Knife of other people. Hu Jilong now his Butterfly Knife in own front dance fast, flew to complete knocking the Zhao Hai throwing knife, but this has not ended, Hu Jilong just knocked to fly that eight throwing knives, actually presently more throwing knife directly he shoots.

But at this time the person under stage had also been shocked, they presently both hands of Zhao Hai probably already vanish from sight. But the throwing knife on that stance/framework/shelf by him also with one type of naked eye obvious quick is vanishing, but on before stage body of Hu Jilong, is piling the one layer throwing knife. Throwing knife suddenly that should this time Zhao Hai in hand fly going changed, the throwing knife that person dull look at Zhao Hai in hand under stage flies, they will make a bet, they saw really several throwing knives are making a turn. Hu Jilong did not have the time to think now that many, he only knows goes all out is dancing in hand Butterfly Knife, because of his very clear, so long as he stops that to fear that is only then, immediately by the Zhao Hai throwing knife hitting. However at this moment. His suddenly felt that his left and right flash of cold light, two throwing knife he punctures directly, Hu Jilong is surprised, sees Zhao Hai to stand in his front obviously, so long as he dealt with the throwing knife that from shot directly to be good. When his left and right also had throwing knife to shoot. This startled no small matter, Hu Jilong Butterfly Knife has to keep off several throwing knives that about two bank come. However as the matter stands the front throwing knife nobody can block. At this moment, Hu Jilong felt that his left shoulder pain, then he feels his neck one coolly, Hu Jilong one startled, but simultaneously he presently, all throwing knives all vanished, was not having the throwing knife to shoot toward him, Hu Jilong cannot help but relaxed, he has not examined his injury with enough time, heard the referee sound to transmit said : „the Tyrant Blade Sect Zhao Hai victory.” One hear of this saying, Hu Jilong has cannot help but gawked, then he looked down his left shoulder, presently own left shoulder hollow of the shoulder place is inserting two throwing knives, these two throwing knives almost gathered in together, but the position that stabbed, just hit a target the Li Fei position, simultaneously he also felt that his neck was a little painful, he put out a hand to touch his neck, presently a bloodstain. Hu Jilong understand, Zhao Hai under the hand/subordinate was forgiving, just Zhao Hai obviously can a blade hit a target his throat, but Zhao Hai has not actually done, the throwing knife has delimited from his neck, delimited a blood thread on his neck. Hu Jilong knew the Zhao Hai under the hand/subordinate sentiment, but he did not have a grateful meaning, conversely, he thought itself shaming by Zhao Hai, therefore his complexion pale look at Zhao Hai, coldly snorted said : Zhao Hai, your other proud, this enmity I must report.” Zhao Hai look at Hu Jilong, shook the head, anything had not said that but waves, on Arena all throwing knives were all received by him, then he jumped down Arena to walk, looked that did not have to look at Hu Jilong one.

But in stage the eye under of person look at Hu Jilong also completely despises, part of reasons are matter that because Li Fei is poisoned, in another part of reasons because of the Hu Jilong present performance. Under the stage all people looked at understand, Zhao Hai obviously had just put his one yard, but his actually don’t know gratitude, instead to was to the Zhao Hai exit / to speak malicious talk, looked like in that cultivator, such person, the moral behavior was too bad. although said what cultivator looks is strength, generally regarding the moral behavior is not settling on, even if your moral character in high, but you do not have the strength, will still be looked down upon, but most at least you must know grateful, you have shot a Tyrant Blade Sect cultivator throwing knife, above also brought the toxin, Zhao Hai although also to hit a target your twice, however on his throwing knife did not bring poisonously, moreover finally returned spare your life, even if were you do not thank him, did not need to regard the big enmity him, this must the performance was really too disappointing. Moreover person also understand Zhao Hai why turn around leave under stage, Zhao Hai disdained in spoke to him, in the Zhao Hai eye, Hu Jilong simply does not match for his match. Sees manner of Zhao Hai to Hu Jilong, in associated to manner of Zhao Hai to Chen Rufeng, these person of immediately understand under stage what's the matter. although said that the Hu Jilong strength is also good, can kill the seventh round, this showed sufficiently he had that strength, however in the bearing, he compared with Zhao Hai and Hu Jilong, missed far. Comes the here competition looks at the person of competition, is not rookie, their very clear, the bearing also thought slightly cultivator will arrive at that step important attribute, if you do not have the bearing, then you in the practice, will be slightly petty, even meets Demon Sense from living, extremely easy possessed by the Devil, such you were impossible to walk on the path of practice are far. But obviously Hu Jilong is this person. cultivator under stage diverged quickly, the people are waiting for the following competition, the eighth round competition started quickly, this Zhao Hai match, is actually Divine Fist Sect Expert, Divine Fist Sect is very special Sect, Divine Fist Sect is pure Body Cultivator Sect, their strength very formidable, have the name of True Spirit Realm first Body Cultivator Sect. The Zhao Hai present match is a Divine Fist Sect person, this person is different to general Body Cultivator, general Body Cultivator is the personal appearance is majestic, to person feeling of one type of firm as a mountain, but the person before Zhao sea surface is actually not, this person of figure is not tall, only then about 1.8 m, the personal appearance somewhat is thin, the skin looks like somewhat black, two eyes is actually the none remaining sparkles. However Zhao Hai sees this person, actually the feelings of some one type of very dangerous, this person toward a there station, you cannot feel too many imposing manner, but actually gives people the feeling of one type of danger, looks like places the long sword in sheath, he possibly will not reveal killing aura, but you actually still know that the sword can kill people, this person gives the feeling of Zhao Hai is this. Zhao Hai holds the fist in the other hand to that person said : Tyrant Blade Sect Zhao Hai.”

That person also holds the fist in the other hand to Zhao Hai said : Divine Fist sect Liu Zong.” Said that person was not speaking, a double fist pendulum, has exhibited one gesture, look at Zhao Hai that decides. Zhao Hai has also pulled out own long blade, look at this Liu Zong that decides, must say that this Liu Zong beforehand competition Zhao Hai has also looked, because has looked, therefore Zhao Hai to this Liu Zong careful, for other, because of this Liu Zong strength very formidable, this Liu Zong beforehand fight, had not been passed through 50 moves by own match in his under the hand/subordinate, on had not said that his all matches were given to defeat by him in 50 moves. 50 moves sound probably are many, but Expert contests, 50 moves are not really many, almost among in the blink of an eye several moves will pass, 50 moves fight, almost cannot use for ten minutes, in other words, Liu Zong all matches have not gone against in his under the hand/subordinate for ten minutes, but Liu Zong, is one of the competition seed players, rank also above Chen Rufeng. The showdown, these time absolutely is the showdown, because the Zhao Hai strength is placed in there, can defeat the Chen Rufeng person, can be a simple character? Moreover Zhao Hai except for with the strength of Chen Rufeng that fight, has not let his match in his under the hand/subordinate palm over 15 minutes of record, now such two people bump into together, that is Spark hits a war of Earth absolutely, can capture the attention of all people fully. Zhao Hai hold the blade look at Liu Zong, Liu Zong is also look at Zhao Hai that two eyes decides, they do not dare to have bold relaxation, at this time, put spear|gun equal to is the failure. They looked at each other five minutes, although they had not begun, but the person under stage actually some suffocated the same feeling, because of two people of imposing manner unceasing increasing, although true fighting, however their fighting even already had not been launching, the effect quantity on imposing manner, did not compare to fight with ease. At this moment, suddenly one hear of applauding sounds transmit loudly, two people on nearby Arena decided the victory and defeat, but Zhao Hai they actually probably by suddenly the black bear that awakens from the hibernation, simultaneously bellows, throws toward the opposite party, the Zhao Hai in hand long blade lightning flash, one group of blade fists cut toward Liu Zong, but the fist of Liu Zong is also dances a fist shade, strikes toward Zhao Hai.! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }