Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2097

Boom! a loud sound, Zhao Hai and Liu Zong gather for the first time not only minute, and draws back returned to their original positions, on shoulder of Zhao Hai were many fist mark, but the Liu Zong abdomen clothes were cut a slash. They have not actually paid attention to the wound on oneself clothes, calls out one, in one time plunges the opposite party, blade light broad and magnificent, the fist wind runs amuck at once, rocking that entire Arena keeping. Before Zhao Hai and Chen Rufeng fought to time, they were quick sword, not such big sound, but these time was different, this Zhao Hai match was Body Cultivator, strength very big that every struck, therefore moved the table is very big. Most from the beginning Liu Zong has not been serious Zhao Hai attack, he is Body Cultivator, defense strength is astonishing, he hits a Zhao Hai fist, Zhao Hai although also blows his blade, but Zhao Hai that blade is not very heavy, although his fist is also not very heavy, but he thinks that Zhao Hai was certainly injured, because he believes that his defense is stronger than Zhao Hai. However was quick the place that he presently does not suit, he defense of Zhao Hai is not presently worse than him . Moreover the strength of Zhao Hai each blade was not worse than him, even was stronger than him. Present this point Liu Zong has cannot help but criticized one, his finally understand, Zhao Hai unexpectedly is also Body Cultivator, this presently makes Liu Zong want to shout'mother-fucker', you said that your Body Cultivator, so is unexpectedly good, is this that Blade Technique practices the pit father? However he does not have the means that can only tough it out. Their battles have used for more than 20 minutes, in Zhao Hai the Liu Zong ten fists, but in Liu Zong the Zhao Hai 12 blades, Zhao Hai has not certainly wielded 100% Blade Technique strengths. After they fight for 20 minutes, is separating does not have toward to collect, Liu Zong looked at Zhao Hai one, has smiled bitterly, received Fist Force, Zhao Hai also received his long blade, Liu Zong has held the fist in the other hand said : mister to exceed to Zhao Hai, Liu Zong matched the clothing/taking. This was I loses.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : receiving to let, I have taken the weapon advantage, if did not have weapon. Feared that is the victory and defeat has not said.” Liu Zong has smiled bitterly next step: „After it seems like, I must study Martial Arts well, mister invite.” Said that holds the fist in the other hand to Zhao Hai, turn around has jumped down Arena, floating went far away. Zhao Hai also shows a faint smile. Has jumped down Arena, at this time the person under stage was actually in an uproar, Zhao Hai fist mark also, but Liu Zong slash also, people eyes looked. Zhao Hai and Liu Zong should be evenly matched are right, even can say that Liu Zong was in the upper hand, because Bladesman, if in ten fists by Body Cultivator repetitive hitting, that consequence is absolutely dreadful, but Body Cultivator by Bladesman delimiting ten blades, will have any matter not necessarily, such, should be Liu Zong wins. How he instead to admitting defeat?

When the people are puzzled. Referee deep voice said : do not clamor, this was Zhao Hai wins.” People somewhat puzzled look at that referee, hoping him to them an explicit view. The referee looked at their one eyes, has smiled bitterly next step: Zhao Hai should also be Body Cultivator, his make a move strength one is worse than Liu Zong, but within similar time. Zhao Hai multiple hits Liu Zong twice, if. Zhao Hai truly won.” As soon as the people listened to the referee saying that was actually shocked, they have not thought. Zhao Hai can be Body Cultivator unexpectedly, can Body Cultivator practice that degree Blade Technique? This was too astonishing. These people of various Sect collection, immediately have given their Sect this information repayment, but at this time, the ninth round competition also started, this participating person were less, is counted Zhao Hai, altogether has four people, Body Cultivator, two sword cultivator, finally were Zhao Hai. That Body Cultivator is come from True Spirit Realm here Hundred Beast Sect cultivator, Hundred Beast Sect is not a Imperial Beast Sect gate, they are one to imitate the lifestyles of hundred beasts, practices oneself body and spirit Sect, this Sect person was called the madman, because they to practice need, all the year round in the place practices of various Monster Beast lurking, is a companion with Monster Beast, some people even obtained the approval of Monster Beast, Monster Beast have regarded same type them, but cannot attack they. cultivator that this Sect comes out, is cultivator that True Spirit Realm here nobody is willing to annoy, because their all the year round is a companion with hundred beasts, the body will be having a beastly nature, this beastly nature will have certain influence to their dispositions, if you really with him to, they like wild beast, with your undead continuous, moreover their styles are almost same as wild beast, incurs the move to fight tooth and nail, other did not say that the light is this imposing manner, on some could not be endured. But two sword cultivator of somebody else also very extraordinary, Matchless Sword School cultivator, was better, he is come from True Spirit Realm first sword cultivator sends Worship Sword Sect sword cultivator greatly. Matchless Sword School although has the conflict with Zhao Hai, but Zhao Hai also has to recognize, Matchless Sword School sword cultivator truly be some methods, as for Worship Sword Sect, that was more fearful, Worship Sword Sect was known as that is True Spirit Realm first sword cultivator Sect, this title is not they are calling amusingly, but is they really has such strength, they can with level Great Sect that Shang Yuan Sect compares. To be honest, although said that Tyrant Blade Sect is also one of the True Spirit Realm here 81 Great Sect, but strength between Great Sect and Great Sect also has the disparity, if ranks, Worship Sword Sect and Shang Yuan Sect, that absolutely is top five name, but fearing of Tyrant Blade Sect can only arrange at about 60 in a big way even possibly also in the future, obviously their disparities. It can be said that Zhao Hai arriving at today this position, this has stemmed from the anticipation of many person, he could be said as a dark horse. However the people think that Zhao Hai also can only arrive at this, the match who he must face is not an average person, his these enemy any are not good to cope, can say that these were called one along with the case, the strength will not compare Liu Zong and Chen Rufeng difference, will be stronger.

But after this ballot, Zhao Hai match also very interesting, had a grudge Matchless Sword School cultivator with Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai to has smiled, his really don’t know said that any was good, he at this time Arena match, must with his three enemies one by one to fighting unexpectedly, don’t know arranged intentionally, was really only fortunately. Zhao Hai stands on the stage the look at opposite is standing that cultivator, this cultivator clothes sky blue warrior cloth, carries on the back at the back of a long sword, is really a long sword, his sword minimum grow into about one foot compared with others' sword, saw that this knows sword Zhao Hai. Opposite party using sword method certain very special, otherwise his sword cannot like this. Zhao Hai holds the fist in the other hand to that cultivator, shows a faint smile said : Tyrant Blade Sect Zhao Hai.” That person has not actually returned a courtesy. But is look at Zhao Hai said : that two eyes decides Zhao Hai, I know you, you just broke through taking advantage of Lu Sheng Senior Brother, boundary not steady time. escaped with life clown, has not actually thought that your this clown will have become famous because of this matter unexpectedly, today you run into me to calculate you to have bad luck, I must to know. clown is clown.” Zhao Hai look at this cultivator has not been angry, but showed a faint smile said : I to notify the name, you actually did not notify, this did not represent you to look down upon me, can only represent you not to have the politeness, the I and Lu Sheng matter, how, this was not you can manage. You cannot manage. We are competing now, if your wish makes me lose face, so long as you defeated me to be OK, is not no need to speak that many idle talk, not?” Matchless Sword School cultivator one hear of Zhao Hai said that a complexion cannot help but paleness. His coldly snorted said : disciple assumes the villain of advantage of argument, depends on you also to coordinate Lu Sheng Senior Brother to have grievances. The name of young master, you do not match to know. Suffers to death.” Said that his hand will wipe in the future, the long sword arrived at in his hand, because this sword was too long, does not have the means directly pulls out, therefore his scabbard after the special design, his sword can from side of scabbard, direct wipes. Zhao Hai he he the chuckle, the hand wields, Great Blade appears in in his hand, this Great Blade is not the long blade that his normally uses, but is large Glaive. Sees Zhao Hai in hand Great Blade, Matchless Sword School that cultivator cannot help but stares, then complexion changes, before Zhao Hai used the long blade, he has carried on regarding the Zhao Hai style turned research, he confessed that had found has coped with the Zhao Hai method, but Zhao Hai this trades weapon now, all styles that he thought of before no matter all have used, this made his complexion cannot help but change. Zhao Hai look at that Matchless Sword School cultivator, sneers, in hand large Glaive wields said : to kill!” Said a blade toward that Matchless Sword School cultivator detachment. Matchless Sword School that cultivator lifts the sword to welcome hastily, he wants to use his long sword to come the restrain Zhao Hai long blade, but Zhao Hai changed into large Glaive now, his long sword comes cheaply unable to occupy compared with large Glaive, therefore he lifts the sword also to block Zhao Hai this blade.

However he presently has made quickly a mistake, Zhao Hai this blade actually has the thunder to be extremely powerful, listens to appropriate one, that person felt that a great strength, transmitted from the Zhao Hai blade, cannot bear ascend to draw back continually several steps. Zhao Hai look at his appearance, cannot help but laughs, the large Glaive high and low fluttering of in hand, suppressed completely that person, did not have including opportunity of counter-attack. That person has exquisite Sword Technique spatially, completely was actually suppressed by the Zhao Hai great strength, simply cannot cause, can only passive coming under attack, this is all people have not thought. They fight more than 50 moves, a Zhao Hai blade chop on the Matchless Sword School that cultivator sword, that Matchless Sword School person in the future continually will have drawn back several steps, but he has to note, he has fallen back on near Arena, this drew back a foot to tread to empty, after his personal appearance cannot help but direct but actually, his movement was also quick, immediately made an effort inserted own sword on Arena, because his very clear, if fell down Arena that is lost. However he just inserted on the sword Arena, Zhao Hai Great Blade arrived, Zhao Hai Great Blade is not attack he, but was a blade chops on Arena, Arena one was divided by him split big opening, they will not have the working point, the personal appearance in one time in the future but actually. However just under that also had given him a point taking advantage of the place of strength, has caused iron slab bridge skill taking advantage of this share dividend, personal appearance although toward swing back, but the foot actually like is took root to grip on Arena. Zhao Hai in hand Great Blade wields, with the tool face one on the racket on the body of that cultivator, has given to pat under the stage him directly.( To be continued..) { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }