Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2099

To be honest, Zhao Hai is somewhat disappointed, the stage last present fights is the last competition of this competition, two on stage, a side is Shang Yuan Sect, but another one upright is Worship Sword Sect, finally these two Great Sect smiled finally, competed for the Earth Monarch Stage first position.([] …… although said ten points that the person on stage hits splendid, but Zhao Hai is actually somewhat disappointed, is not the style that disappointed they use, but is disappointed their practice degree. They with the sword, Sword Technique level are also very high, but they the Sword Technique practice was too bad, looks like in Zhao Hai, their Sword Technique also only arrived at the boundary of Major Mastery, the complete boundary, is falls far short to fresh Spirit Realm, Zhao Hai sweeps one casually, can see several flaws in opposite party style, this is really makes his interest reduce greatly. The two on stage hit is actually very enthusiastic, but Zhao Hai is actually smiling bitterly shaking the head, he presently now True Spirit Realm here cultivator, model|pattern a mistake, that is they extremely in settling on Spiritual Qi cultivator, too does not pay great attention regarding the practice of style. It looks like in Zhao Hai, Spiritual Qi cultivator, looks like a person is the same in the practice strength, you will be increased by your strength through all kinds of exercises, Spiritual Qi looks like the strength of person, but the strength is not representing the attack strength, you let a weightlifter, goes with lightweight boxer one on one, finally defeat definitely is that weightlifter, even if he is bigger than the opposite party strength, does not have the means to deal with the opposite party. Spiritual Qi is the strength, but the style turns into the attack strength the strength the technique, now True Spirit Realm here many cultivator. Probably is one spatially has a strength. Actually cannot the strongman who the strength uses completely. Disappointed, the Zhao Hai present feeling was disappointed, quick stage the fight on two had ended, the Worship Sword Sect person even better, won this time Earth Monarch Stage competition. The Tyrant Blade Sect result is good, two cultivator entered Earth Monarch Stage competition top three ten, such result regarding Tyrant Blade Sect, is considered as absolutely good. The competition conclusion was the link of prize, but this prize was only the symbolic significance, simply did not have what good thing. Naturally this is also only does to other person looked that all obtains the first person, returned to Sect, will obtain another reward from Sect there. That is the climax. After Zhao Hai participated in the prize carelessly, on returned to Tyrant Blade Sect Cave Mansion, the Tyrant Blade Sect Cave Mansion present to is jubilant, all people is a smiling face of face, because this time competition was Tyrant Blade Sect these days in the best result in competition obtaining, before Tyrant Blade Sect may not have like this good achievements. But this time good achievements, the first hero was Zhao Hai, Tyrant Blade Sect don’t know they had how long not to make the competition first progress, no matter Doppelganger Stage or Earth Monarch Stage, did not have.

However Cave Mansion there is not their Sect. Therefore the people have lived it up in there for a while on calm, then Yue Elder decides to bring all return to Sect to go next day, naturally, this time did not need to separate. But Li Fei now was also healthy, even has not stayed behind including the wound, naturally can also unable to have any matter with the people together motion. But passes through being together of this several days, all participated in competition cultivator to know a matter, that was status of Zhao Hai in these Doppelganger Stage cultivator hearts. If they just arrived at the Yang Ding Mountain there time people not to have presently, that now they complete present, status of Zhao Hai in these Doppelganger Stage cultivator hearts. Has gone to the one type of very high situation, all participates in competition Doppelganger Stage cultivator, gazes by the Zhao Hai horse, this arrives is lets Yue Feng their several long Old Ten minute of being startled. Must know that participates in competition cultivator, the strength is not weak. They can be said as Elite in Sect, after these people want, show was good. The status in Sect will not lower, but the strengths and innate skill of these people can affirm, after them minimum has 50% people, will become the elder in Sect, but after becoming the elder, they will be representing in Sect an influence, but Zhao Hai now unexpectedly became their lead characters, in other words, if this situation will maintain, after that status of Zhao Hai in Sect certain low not, naturally, the premise will be the Zhao Hai strength achieves that degree the line. However regarding the Zhao Hai show, is all Tyrant Blade Sect people was actually not worried that he not only has certainly high innate skill, has best teacher, but also he is a rich man, such person such as is the show is not good, that felt strange, in other words, currently Zhao Hai had own crew. although many Tyrant Blade Sect cultivator have not thought of this point now, but Yue Feng was actually looked, to be honest, Yue Feng really very surprised, his don’t know Zhao Hai such did is having a mind or had no interest, if were has a mind, that Zhao Hai on was too scary, if were has no interest, that also be considered well. The recuperation in Cave Mansion a day, Yue Feng was bringing Zhao Hai their returned to Sect, but what this time he sits is Transmission Formation, from Transmission Formation there direct returned to Sect. flash of white light, Zhao Hai their returned to Tyrant Blade Sect Transmission square there, has prepared to greet other people's cultivator in square there also really much, moreover came several to have the elder of component, Yin-Yang 2 elders also in crowd, but they have stood in the surrounding of crowd, appeared somewhat lonely. Not only this because of their low key, is not willing to contact with the person, most important other people do not want to contact with them, feared that will come under their killing aura influences. Zhao Hai although understood that these cultivator procedures, however his complexion is not quite still attractive, Yin-Yang 2 elders for entire Tyrant Blade Sect, fights with all might with other Sect people who can go all out, finally becomes killing aura that makes one, cannot receive including disciple, was they in Tyrant Blade Sect there, although obtained the status, but actually also became other objects of cultivator fear, this was really is for them unfair.

Zhao Hai nodded with the people, then has arrived at side Yin-Yang 2 elders, good big ritual said : saw Master to them, disciple has not disappointed you.” The Yin elder look at Zhao Hai appearance, shows a faint smile said : well. Very good. Attractiveness that this time you make, I did not certainly mean the matter that you compete, competes you to take to be very normal, what I said is you can bring Doppelganger Stage that kid to the Yang Ding Mountain matter safely, this matter you do is very good.” Zhao Hai smiles said : not to disappoint two teacher finally, Master, disciple returns to the later preparation to close up, full impact Soul Fusion Stage.” Yin elder knows certainly that Zhao Hai this saying is any meaning, Yin-Yang 2 elders although don’t know Zhao Hai now so many Doppelganger, but they also know. Zhao Hai minimum has two Doppelganger, therefore one hear of Zhao Hai said now that Yang elder complexion cannot help but somewhat did doubt heavy said : you to prepare?” Yin-Yang 2 elders is so serious also has reason, in entire True Spirit Realm. Nobody has over Doppelganger, two both do not have, but Zhao Hai minimum has two Doppelganger, before this is, has not lived matter, therefore their naturally extremely worried. Zhao Hai nodded said : is, has prepared.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Yin-Yang 2 elders cannot help but nodded, their also very Zhao Hai disposition, Zhao Hai is the person who that type will unable to achieve will not speak at a venture absolutely, he said that prepared. That certainly was prepares. At this time Yue Feng also walked, this Zhao Hai biggest hero, impression of Yue Feng to Zhao Hai was very good, naturally, Yue Feng regarding the Yin-Yang 2 elders manner was also very good, although said that Yin-Yang 2 elders strict was his younger generation, but he same does not dare to neglect \; first, because of the Yin-Yang 2 elders strength, two was contribution of Yin-Yang 2 elders to Tyrant Blade Sect. After both sides see exchanging greetings, Yue Feng with a smile to Yin-Yang 2 elders said : Yin-Yang. But you were Sect have trained good disciple.” Yin-Yang 2 elders shows a faint smile, Yang elder said : „the praise of thanks a lot mountain Senior Brother, the matter of prize, Little Hai has not planned to participate, he prepared to close up. We first went back.” One hear of Yin-Yang 2 elders said that Yue Feng cannot help but stares. Then puzzled said : Little Hai was What happened? injured?” Yin elder smiles said : not to have, must attack Soul Fusion Stage, Senior Brother does not need to take on the people.”

Yue Feng then relaxed said : well, rewards Sect to deliver to Yuanyue Peak there to go.” Yang elder smiles said : well, we first went back.” Reason that Yin-Yang 2 elders will say that because of their very clear, Zhao Hai does not like such situation, therefore they acted keeping off this matter. Three people sit Transmission Formation returned to Yuanyue Peak there, after entering the living room has sat down, Meg their immediately to three people delivers to serve tea, although their also has plenty words want to say to Zhao Hai, but they also know that Zhao Hai they had the words to say, therefore they have not said anything to Zhao Hai, was only as usual, they offered the tea to draw back to Zhao Hai. Yin-Yang 2 elders also knows that Zhao Hai and Laura they had certainly the words to say, therefore they have not said anything to Zhao Hai, but inquired with Zhao Hai their this all the way, research lived anything. Actually Zhao Hai their this lived anything all the way, they know probably, Zhao Hai had said one time to Yue Feng, because the here surface also has the matter about Ghost Cultivator, Yue Feng also reported Sect this matter, they naturally also know, but they were some not feel relieved, therefore wants to make Zhao Hai say one time. Zhao Hai all the way told them this process, after they have listened, nodded is very good, but after you, said : does in wanted more careful, now the enemy were also many Divine Machine Sect, Divine Machine Sect absolutely not only Divine Machine Crossbow one type of Magical Artifact, various mechanism of these fellows may be many, you added carefully.” Zhao Hai smiles said : this time I to obtain several Divine Machine Crossbow, we can also research, then these team of Outer Disciple of thing to Sect, like this they have the strength of self-preservation.” Yin-Yang 2 elders has smiled bitterly next step: „ It is not easy, Divine Machine Sect manufactures the Divine Machine Crossbow process to strictly keep secret, especially several formation of Divine Machine Crossbow most core, do not have that several formation, Divine Machine Crossbow is useless, but that several formation are anything, knows to the present also nobody that has person of research, these many years, Divine Machine Divine Machine Crossbow wanders about destitute to outside also many, nobody has actually succeeded, moreover Divine Machine Crossbow also has the self-exploding ability, one, but moved to Divine Machine Crossbow that several cores formation, Divine Machine Crossbow immediately can self-exploding, you do not have this idea. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }