Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 21 - Chapter 2100

Zhao Hai also really knows that this matter, that Divine Machine Crossbow was decomposed by him, he obtained massive formation, moreover he these formation join to the Space spear|gun , the Space spear|gun now Might was bigger, the new type gunpowder in adding on new formation, the Space spear|gun, stronger compared with Divine Machine Sect Divine Machine Crossbow absolutely on many. However Zhao Hai does not prepare to tell Yin-Yang 2 elders this matter, he cannot display was extremely versatile, such words not only cannot obtain the Yin-Yang 2 elders favor, instead to be is reproven by the parents, because the parents will be that type wholeheartedly the person who will want to practice, they will not hope Zhao Hai too many energy waste at these matters. Therefore Zhao Hai also can only select has selected said : is, Master, my understand.” Yin-Yang 2 elders nodded, Yang elder deep voice said : Little Hai, your innate skill is very good, although you in other aspects also very has innate skill, but you should better use the experience in the practice, Bi Jing compares with other aspects, the practice is the proper way.” Zhao Hai complied with said : is, Master, my understand.” Yin-Yang 2 elders nodded, Yin elder look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, practice well, achieving Soul Fusion Stage as soon as possible, I to have a look, if after you have achieved Soul Fusion Stage, what strength will have, in Sect has carried on research to that Doppelganger Cultivation Method that you took, moreover had the elder to practice, now although branches out France, but still has not actually turned into Doppelganger France, but this is a good start, if this matter were successful, then you on were too big regarding the contribution of Sect.” Zhao Hai smiles said : this not to have anything, is I should do.” Yin elder beckoned with the hand said : Sect not to treat unjustly any person who absolutely is Sect makes the contribution, your rest assured, the reward must have your, was right, I heard that this time you did use one type of Potion to solve Li Fei Corpse Toxin? The Potion formula can you give to Sect, rest assured, has our two old fogies, Sect will not treat unjustly your.” Zhao Hai smiles said : this not to have anything, gives to Sect to is not any extraordinary matter. However my initially when compounds Potion, has used the one type of water, but this water very special. At that time I obtained were not many, this water known as Detoxifying Holy Water, this type of water, if normally drank does not have poisonous, but if came the dispensing with him. So long as join any one type of medicine talent, this water beetle becomes poisonous, because in the water included hundred toxins, but hundred have achieved the one type of balance poisonously, therefore drank was unable poisonous. One but join medicinal herbs, balances is broken, he became world most poisonous poison, initially to compound this type of solution corpse Potion, I have taken many efforts, was because had this type of water, Potion that therefore I matched can solve Corpse Toxin that Ghost Cultivator compounded, must know Corpse Toxin that Ghost Cultivator compounded may, not only Corpse Toxin. Inside also added other poison. But my Potion is the Detoxifying Holy Water compound, uses poison to combat poison, can solve these toxins, if with the ordinary water, feared that cannot achieve that effect, can only solve Corpse Toxin. Other toxins feared that is very difficult solution.” Yin elder static is listening, said that to Zhao Hai he deep voice said : didn't have other means? That Detoxifying Holy Water can't we compound?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : this I also really not trial. However I believe that Potion that Detoxifying Holy Water compounds can solve Corpse Toxin. Then compounds Potion also to solve Corpse Toxin with other Potion, this time I collected some Corpse Toxin samples on the body of Li Fei, with these samples, we can with some precise machine observations well one these Corpse Toxin, perhaps be able to compound to solve the Corpse Toxin medicine, but I did not have that time, I can give Sect Corpse Toxin and many machines, I on did not participate.”

Yin elder nodded with a smile said : so good, such manages.” They do not hope that Zhao Hai participates in this matter, such words will take the Zhao Hai too much time, to the practice of Zhao Hai very disadvantageous. Any Detoxifying Holy Water that actually Zhao Hai said is the one type of excuse, his there has any Detoxifying Holy Water, he uses is ordinary Spatial Water, but the water in Space is not the ordinary water, Spatial Water even is much more useful than Detoxifying Holy Water that he said that he said that was not excessive. Regarding treating the Corpse Toxin formula, this Zhao Hai to has, even if he does not have, made the Universal Machine neighborhood come out to be OK casually, any poison is unable to hide in the Universal Machine front. However Zhao Hai wants to let in Tyrant Blade Sect, can research leave to match the Potion method, such words also very much have the advantage to Tyrant Blade Sect, directly provides Potion compared with him to Tyrant Blade Sect, but much better. Three people also said a while words, Yin-Yang 2 elders stood, Laura they then went to the living room, Laura puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : Brother Hai, you presently you changed, when Cultivation World there, you also using Space, massive was helping Black Tiger Group, but to Tyrant Blade Sect here, you have wanted Tyrant Blade Sect probably, complete by them, this can be good?” Zhao Hai smiles said : line, your rest assured, the creativity of person is infinite, I do not want because of my such as, Tyrant Blade Sect, lost the creativity, then regarding Tyrant Blade Sect is not the good matter, was good, did not say these, tomorrow you formula and machine to Master they, two days I have prepared to close up attack Soul Fusion Stage, so long as Soul Fusion Stage, I have believed that I had the strength of self-preservation.” Zhao Hai is not speaks irresponsibly, Soul Fusion Stage that enters, has practiced in together on equivalent to 1000 him, then regarding his advantage, but are many, by that time his strength feared in cultivator of Teleportation boundary, will not be adding on his special physique weakly, even if to cultivator of previous Vajra boundary, he feared that is also strength of the war. Naturally now this is only his suspicion, how has situation him to return don’t know, after all he has only fought with Expert of Lu Sheng this Teleportation boundary, but Lu Sheng just entered to the Teleportation boundary at that time, boundary does not move, cannot representative Teleportation boundary cultivator fighting strength. Laura they nodded, Laura deep voice said : True Spirit Realm here Spiritual Qi very thick, to our practices very had the advantage, zhu 1 i these days must break through, Brother Hai, I Spiritual Qi in although Space also is very presently thick, but we practiced in Space was actually inferior to True Spirit Realm here, you said this, what's going on? Zhao Hai gently knit the brows said : also to have this matter? My how don’t know?”

Cai'er open the mouth and said: We have thought one type of is possible, is don’t know is right, we think that possibly was we were too long in the time in Space staying, regarding Space there Spiritual Qi, has had the one type of resisting force, therefore met appears this situation?” Zhao Hai still frowns said : is careful research one, Space is our bases, cannot have any problem absolutely.” Cai'er they nodded, Zhao Hai then said : this competition time, the style of other Sect gate do you have to write down? If there is written down, immediately carries on research, look can their Martial Skill styles stealing, if possible, then to our advantage was too big.” Laura smiles said : Brother Hai your rest assured, we have been handling this matter.” Zhao Hai nodded, turns the head to look at Laura their said : this matter to make Cai'er do has been OK, you can also handle other matters, how Laura, do you have to think is doing some business in True Spirit Realm here?” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Laura their cannot help but two eyes one bright, to be honest, compares that arid data analysis, Laura likes advancing freely and quickly in the market, Zhao Hai the raises intent regarding her, the attraction is very big. Thinks that Laura shook the head said : „the present not to want, strength that our present simply have not protected oneself, opens a shop well not to go to there, I do not want to reply on the Sect strength.” Zhao Hai nodded, does not have to urge them, at this time Meg has prepared the food, several people of high happy are popular had a food, Zhao Hai watched the Qiu Tie practice advancement, to be honest, Qiu Tie this youngster also was really one practices the talent of technique of Body Cultivator, his type strength was very good, Blade Technique used was also decent, Zhao Hai to him was very satisfied. Next day Zhao Hai has given Yin-Yang 2 elders the Corpse Toxin antidote formula, along with it also some accurate machines, these machines are some with the life form study related machine, in True Spirit Realm here is absolutely useless, naturally, these machines regarding compounding doing of various Potion used to be very big. Zhao Hai has given Sect these machines, as for teaching the person in Sect, how use these machines, they have been done by Laura, how names in they are taught Sect these Alchemy Master to use these machines by Laura.

These machines have the advantage of difficult imagination regarding the medicine pill show of tyrant Yemen, Tyrant Blade Sect later medicine pill unfold to arrive at the True Spirit Realm Continent front, has inseparable relationship with these machines. But matter that Zhao Hai actually started to get ready to close up at this time. Now their all Doppelganger cultivation level have achieved with his main body same a degree, now he must do receives to add to the main body these Doppelganger. Is good in True Spirit Realm here has receives Cultivation Method in returned to main body Doppelganger specially, otherwise, Zhao Hai also trouble, before closing up, Zhao Hai needs to make some preparations, he also specially made Universal Analyzer analyze, the place that type coincided Cultivation Method that does have anything not to suit Doppelganger and main body, can receive in the returned to main body his 1000 Doppelganger. After these preparatory work complete, Zhao Hai Lin Ling, Xiang Ying, Dao Shu their 12 people with Li Fei they welcome to a Yuan Yueshan, well have drunk liquor with them, told them matter that he must close up. Hearing Zhao Hai must close up attacks Soul Fusion Stage, Lin Ling their very happy, that represented the Zhao Hai strength to be stronger a person, their these people were Zhao Hai friend naturally happy. After Lin Ling they send off, Zhao Hai returns really nothing, before he prepares official closing up, Tyrant Blade Sect gave his reward also to get down, the reward of this Tyrant Blade Sect to Zhao Hai was very simple, only then, Zhao Hai will enjoy same allowance with Core Disciple, when the Zhao Hai strength has sufficed, was not necessary after the inspection, directly became Core Disciple.( To be continued.! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }