Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 22 - Chapter 2101

Zhao Hai sits in Space hundred Spirit Tree, but in in midair, is floating with Zhao Hai exactly the same person, these people also close one's eyes to sit in there, between they and Zhao Hai have an invisible line to pull probably are being same, has been holding a distance with Zhao Hai Bao, actually not flying meeting far of too. Zhao Hai was recalling Doppelganger and main body about in the together method, secure said that probably is not difficult Zhao Hai that Strength of Soul that so long as goes to own release, was receiving to be OK. However actually the matter is actually not that simple, if Zhao Hai with own method, received returned to that Strength of Soul in own soul, that Strength of Soul independency will vanish, will only turn into Zhao Hai Strength of Soul part, but will not be helping Zhao Hai like Doppelganger in command(er) that Doppelganger. But according to the True Spirit Realm here method, Zhao Hai received his Strength of Soul returned to own main soul, that Strength of Soul although and lord soul unifies, but also has certain independency, looks like computer, the Zhao Hai main soul is the key software that in computer uses, but that Strength of Soul will turn into computer some below software of your breech loading, although this software also in your computer, but their uses are different, their means have not replaced the main software, computer has not installed these thing on the means that they are actually relative ** exists. But this point is actually the most difficult place, because Zhao Hai Doppelganger were too many, if according to this method, then has installed several thousand software on equal to in computer, that consequence has one. The computer system collapsed directly. Zhao Hai also feared that received own these Doppelganger returned to own main soul, will affect itself. Now he must do is adaptation bit by bit, slowly all absorbs in these Doppelganger souls own main soul, and will not affect from already, making this computer not collapse, the use will be also many. After Cultivation Method each character first earnest the analysis has explained that Zhao Hai finally starts to carry on the technique of his Soul Fusion, along with his intention rotation, to Zhao Hai very near Doppelganger, seemed like been same by the map tacks of magnet absorption. One merged in the body of Zhao Hai. Then vanish from sight, on the face of Zhao Hai did not have any expression, but he now is actually the incomparable anxiety, because he now diligently just inhaled that Strength of Soul maintained by oneself ** nature. To be honest this is not really easy. That Strength of Soul originally is his, moreover Zhao Hai main body Strength of Soul also very formidable, that Strength of Soul fortunately said outside, this, but entered in the Zhao Hai main body soul, quick by the Zhao Hai formidable main body soul assimilating, turned into his main body soul part. Now Zhao Hai must do, must control of entering quantity own Strength of Soul, that Strength of Soul assimilating, making that Strength of Soul still maintain ** nature. Zhao Hai felt that this score left Strength of Soul more difficult, this probably was you cutting away is very easy own finger. A blade had finished up, but wanted to join this finger was difficult, but what was more difficult, this finger must have own thought that this was difficult. don’t know how long, finally that Strength of Soul complete has stabilized, already complete merge to the Zhao Hai soul, but is maintaining ** nature, Zhao Hai then relaxed. However the issue came, now Zhao Hai felt that in own head thinks of two souls. although these two souls do not have what conflict, but that feeling also makes Zhao Hai very does not adapt, Zhao Hai has to sit in there is adjusting these two souls slowly, slowly made these two souls have the primary and secondary division, slowly made these two souls look like beforehand Doppelganger such being together. Waits for Zhao Hai, when one time opens eye. His eye turned into clear and bright, even compared with former clear and bright. Because his Strength of Soul was more formidable than before, moreover undergoes this repeated exercise, his Strength of Soul became essence has also saved, Zhao Hai then present, originally Strength of Soul can also exercise unexpectedly.

Zhao Hai long vented anger, looks up one many still to sit cross-legged to flutter in in midair Doppelganger, in the eye flashes through color of the proud, he has not looked like now such confidence, he believes that he can certainly all receive into these 1000 Doppelganger to his within the body. Had the first time essence to examine, to the second time time, Zhao Hai had the essence to examine, he in one time inhaled his within the body Doppelganger, then in one time unified with own main soul this Strength of Soul. Time that this time he uses first time was shorter, then third, fourth, fifth......, Doppelganger were received returned to by Zhao Hai in their main body, accent entire own Strength of Soul that he keeps, is exercising own Strength of Soul. When Zhao Hai absorbs to 100 Doppelganger, he has to stop gets down, to is not his soul had problems, now Zhao Hai already complete adjusted own soul, what this having problems was his body. Zhao Hai body very formidable, will certainly not have problems, what this time he has problems, his body half will not have the means to adapt, pouring into of that hundred times of soul suddenly, Zhao Hai felt now own probably turned into a balloon, the whole person must to the brace be exploded by hundred times of Spiritual Qi that this suddenly increased. Zhao Hai very clear, is he, his body is quite special, if changes into other, feared that was already exploded to the brace by Spiritual Qi may not. Now Zhao Hai must do by adaptation these Spiritual Qi of own body, he now is not dared to absorb Spiritual Qi toward own body, such words are his body will unable to bear. After waiting for Zhao Hai finally Spiritual Qi in own body to straightening out, his then let out a gentle breath, then looks by has been suspending a timer, this looked that Zhao Hai cannot help but was startled, he has used unexpectedly for one year complete gives the complete digestion that 100 Doppelganger and these Spiritual Qi. Zhao Hai has cannot help but smiled bitterly, it seems like that this Doppelganger are many are not the good matter. He feared must with several years can complete achieving enter Soul Fusion Stage by oneself. Thinks one have one year has not seen Laura they. Zhao Hai immediately made Cai'er bring Laura they to enter in Space. Before long Cai'er their returned to in Space, Zhao Hai look at they, have shown a faint smile said : to be laborious you, now is outside situation what kind of?” Laura smiles said : to be very good, good that the day of the small iron practices, you give are very good, now he who he arranges to practice him to do had the Rebirth boundary late strength, progress very fast.” Did Zhao Hai nod said : Master? Are they good?”

Cai'er smiles said : well, two teacher are very both good, but I can look. They somewhat are worried about you, has not thought that the person closes up is one year, Elder Brother Hai, haven't you achieved Soul Fusion Stage?” Cai'er look at these also flutter in in midair Doppelganger ask. Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly next step: I can only have achieved now ten points of Soul Fusion Stage. I now just coincided 100 Doppelganger and main bodies, has not thought that this Soul Fusion was not an easy matter, it seems like must these Doppelganger complete with words that the main body coincided, feared also took several years, was right, you exited, said one to Master, my here did not have the matter, in can go out several years later, making them not need to be worried.” Laura they nodded. Zhao Hai look at several females, when he sees zhu 1 i time, cannot help but stares, then his pleasantly surprised said : zhu 1 i, you already to Doppelganger Stage?” Good, Zhao Hai presently zhu 1 i probably arrived at Doppelganger Stage, this was a pleasant surprise, zhu 1 i is in several females first enters Doppelganger Stage absolutely. zhu 1 i smiles said : „, I arrived at Doppelganger Stage, moreover had Doppelganger.” The hand of zhu 1 i moves. With zhu 1 i exactly the same Doppelganger appears in her side. Zhao Hai look at zhu 1 i Doppelganger, smiles said : you, prepares to make several Doppelganger, is carrying on Soul Fusion?” zhu 1 i smiles said : in any case I also nothing, used time in the practice.” Zhao Hai nodded said :this to be also good. Happen to I can tell you some experiences, this Soul Fusion that. Also is really not an easy matter. Laura they accompanied Zhao Hai in Space some time, said to Zhao Hai the matter that beyond a next this year looks unfamiliar, in True Spirit Realm to has not lived any matter in this year on the whole, Zhao Hai attention Ghost Cultivator did not have the too big sound, moreover moved has been short, this arrived somewhat stems from unexpected of Zhao Hai. Rested well several days, Zhao Hai has then carried on the second practice, this time his previous time was quicker, moreover Zhao Hai also started to use wholeheartedly, Doppelganger integrated the main body time, started adjustment soul, while wearing in Spiritual Qi, was as the matter stands quicker. Moreover as the matter stands he does not use, when practices to 100, is stopping, wore in specially own Spiritual Qi, the efficiency was quicker than before. Waits for Zhao Hai 500 th Doppelganger integrates the main body the time, has used for one year, Zhao Hai considers as finished, illuminates his current, was using the last year unable to go out. Zhao Hai in one time they called in Laura Space, asked the matter that outside him looked unfamiliar, outside this time to lived something, this matter also really had some relationship with Tyrant Blade Sect, the cross the border department was not very big, that is, Butterfly Sect there present Ghost Cultivator, this Ghost Cultivator unexpectedly is Butterfly Sect Inner Disciples.

But reason that Butterfly Sect will suspect in their Sect to have Ghost Cultivator , because previous competition time, Hu Jilong hits a target Li Fei that to have Corpse Toxin the throwing knife on, but that Corpse Toxin is not under Hu Jilong, this has caused the suspicion of Tyrant Blade Sect, then Tyrant Blade Sect this matter with Butterfly Sect ventilation in secret, Butterfly Sect started internal check of secret, has used for two years, finally presently conceal in their interior Ghost Cultivator. But Butterfly Sect the presently, has immediately caused in an uproar of True Spirit Realm, various Great Sect immediately started to look up, they do not want to be mixed their interior by Ghost Cultivator. Let alone, this looked up really has also found out some issues, various Great Sect Zha Xian some conceal in their internal Ghost Cultivator, but these Ghost Cultivator very aggressive, after presently, first have also committed suicide, finally various Great Sect although present some traitors within, but was any valuable information has not obtained. Tyrant Blade Sect also started to look up, moreover said , the time in Tyrant Blade Sect looking up, compared with Butterfly Sect must early, but Tyrant Blade Sect was secret carries on, therefore nobody knows, in other Sect people started to look up, Tyrant Blade Sect in looked up has completed, in Tyrant Blade Sect altogether present five Ghost Cultivator, elder in an even Tyrant Blade Sect, although was not the real power elder, but this was also suffices dreadfully. However Tyrant Blade Sect by present these five Ghost Cultivator, did not have other Sect to be been so lucky by present these Ghost Cultivator, in they and don’t know Tyrant Blade Sect started to look up, listened by them and don’t know present, later Tyrant Blade Sect has used some methods, directly these five people to control, having made opportunity that they committed suicide not have. Reason that such does, is the Yin-Yang 2 elders strong request, even Tyrant Blade Sect has not carried out a punishment to them, has not gone to examine them, because the Tyrant Blade Sect person has been waiting, they went out and other Zhao Hai, so long as Zhao Hai went out, that five Ghost Cultivator think that did not say is not good. On the responses of various Great Sect regarding Continent, Zhao Hai does not have what to indicate that after previous Ghost Cultivator appears , on Continent various Great Sect should have responded is right, but finally is actually, on Continent various Great Sect, because the peace was too long, is not big to the matter response of previous Ghost Cultivator appears , although also looked up some time, what afterward presently has not looked up to come out, on looking up, model loud thunder but small raindrops. Now various Great Sect responded, but Zhao Hai actually thinks that some late, Zhao Hai knows, these Ghost Cultivator feared now was collected the situation of this collection, they in preparing to begin, but Zhao Hai also believes that these Ghost Cultivator will not begin at this time, now on Continent various Great Sect in tracing Ghost Cultivator the matter, was various Great Sect vigilance maximum times, began at this time, that was hits toward the muzzle in without doubt, therefore Ghost Cultivator will not begin at this time. Besides the Ghost Cultivator matter, on Continent also nothing lived, to was Tyrant Blade Sect here appears some small conditions, disciple of Tyrant Blade Sect going out smelting trial, multiple was ambushed by Divine Machine Sect, some disciple were killed, this caused the Tyrant Blade Sect strong disaffection, Tyrant Blade Sect lived the conflict of several times small scale with Divine Machine Sect, because the middle was away from Gui Yuan Sect, therefore conflicted is not very big, but this conflict, the Tyrant Blade Sect aspect has occupied some cheaply, Divine Machine Sect ate some have slightly owed, mountain ridge this of both sides has had. After Laura they walk, Zhao Hai then carries on the Soul Fusion practice, he now is also many a sense of urgency, Zhao Hai knows that Ghost Cultivator is not easy to deal with, on Continent various Great Sect this motions, places the person Ghost Cultivator in various Great Sect for these years, gave was clear clean, Ghost Cultivator will certainly retaliate, when the time comes did not make must start on next time cultivator and Ghost Cultivator war, he must before the war that below one handed over, there is a strength of self-preservation the line.( To be continued! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }