Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 22 - Chapter 2102

Zhao Hai closed up already for three years, this matter has caused the stir in Tyrant Blade Sect not, also has caused simultaneously not the small stir in True Spirit Realm here.([] …… Zhao Hai now was not the True Spirit Realm here peon, but he in previous competition, Doppelganger Stage cultivator first, can say that he was True Spirit Realm Doppelganger Stage cultivator Strongest was not overrated at that time, but in his returned to Tyrant Blade Sect started to close up, attacks the Soul Fusion Stage matter, other Sect people were also know that looked like in other Sect these people, Zhao Hai possibly had more than enough for one month to go out, smooth promotion Soul Fusion Stage, because their eyes were not blind, they looked come out, the Zhao Hai strength was very strong. However Zhao Hai this closes up is three years, this stemmed from the anticipation of other people, even if were Yin-Yang 2 elders has not thought that must know with these cultivator of Zhao Hai with a batch, almost all became Soul Fusion Stage cultivator, Li Fei they also after participating in competition, came back few months, the breakthrough became Soul Fusion Stage cultivator, only then Zhao Hai, closed up for three years, has not actually gone out, this made True Spirit Realm here all people be surprised. All person worries , the don’t know Zhao Hai accident sentiment, closes up lived the accident, only then Laura they do not worry, but also is busy comforting others, look at Laura their appearances, Tyrant Blade Sect some people then feel relieved. The day of Li Fei just made duty to come back, just returned to Cave Mansion, immediately/on horseback his servant walked, bows to Li Fei said : Sir, has your letter.” Li Fei nodded. Received a signalling jade sword. This signalling jade sword is similar to the Cultivation World there signalling jade sword, can actually I must speak records the words and image that to the jade sword, person spiritual force that so long as receives a letter searched the jade sword to see. Li Fei received the jade sword, spiritual force searches toward, presently this is Laura gives him, Laura smiling Li Fei Senior Brother to Li Fei said : hello, I will be Zhao Hai wife Laura, Zhao Hai will go out on July 8, if you had the time, can come get together.” Li Fei stares. Then considered as finished the date, immediately turn around exited, because today is on July 8, if he does not go now on the evening. And Li Fei receives the person of jade sword also to have many equally similarly. Lin Ling and Xiang Ying received, Dao Shu their 12 people also received, before participated in Doppelganger Stage competition cultivator also to receive with Zhao Hai together, Zhao Hai these time wants with everyone/Great Clan well poly one. This idea is Zhao Hai leaves, Zhao Hai finally, therefore Doppelganger with his itself Soul Fusion, his strength compared with before don’t know many times, 1000 Doppelganger unified with itself, does not ride 1000 to be so simple absolutely, but also meets other has plenty effects, but most makes Zhao Hai be surprised same. He can fly now.

Also in other words, Zhao Hai although theoretically Soul Fusion Stage, but he actually had almost the Teleportation Stage strength, this absolutely is unexpected. Naturally Zhao Hai does not prepare to tell others this matter, who he will display still look like Soul Fusion Stage cultivator, naturally, he can be strongest Soul Fusion Stage cultivator. When Li Fei to Yuanyue Peak, there came many people, all people in that moment of waiting for Zhao Hai going out, Laura them welcome to the dining room in have done. Moreover has prepared the tea and dessert, letting everyone/Great Clan can chat while, will not be bored. To noon time, Zhao Hai walked from outside, saw Zhao Hai to come. Lin Ling their immediately has stood, Zhao Hai holds the fist in the other hand to them. Smiles said : to be unfair to everybody, the evening that I come, just went out, goes to Master there to report next step, this did not come.” Lin Ling look at Zhao Hai, smiles said : well, is very good, you always located went out, I said your youngster, not to be why different from others, closed up is different from others, I also first time saw, some people closed up attack Soul Fusion Stage, closed up unexpectedly is three years, your youngster, real don’t know said your anything good.” Zhao Hai smiles said : to make Senior Brother Lin be worried, I have not thought that will use such long time, he he, no matter what, this went out finally, this several years have not seen the brothers, therefore invited everyone/Great Clan, we were lively.” Was saying Zhao Hai while notified other people, after he sat down, Laura their immediately removed the tea and dessert, provided the food and wine, the people started to eat and drink, in this period Zhao Hai often proposing a toast, atmosphere very lively. But Zhao Hai here asked these many people to come, information must pass on, when Zhao Hai they have not drunk with Lin Ling, information that he went out spread. The Tyrant Blade Sect person knew in the shortest time this information, this information has then spread over entire True Spirit Realm through all kinds of channels. To be honest, now True Spirit Realm here, regarding may be many, Zhao Hai that Zhao Hai pays attention is Doppelganger Stage competition first, moreover comes up from Lower Realm ascend, two aggressive incomparable Master, I am kill people like scything flax, a such person, you thinks that does not pour is not good.

Zhao Hai has not actually managed that many, they have drunk liquor with Lin Ling, exchanged the sentiment, Zhao Hai resumed the life of calm. After Zhao Hai goes out the second day, he looked at the Qiu Tie practice achievement, Qiu Tie now is the Rebirth boundary complete boundary, momentarily can attack the Condensed Phase boundary, such progress degree absolutely is quick. look at Qiu Tie is practicing the blade that in front of oneself follows a prescribed pattern, the expression on Zhao Hai face to is very delighted, Blade Technique that Qiu Tie practices now is not brilliant Blade Technique, is only one set of low level Blade Technique, but he practices is actually very earnest, now this set of Blade Technique he has practiced reach a high degree of proficiency boundary, wants much stronger compared with general cultivator, this is also the Zhao Hai most happy place. Now Cultivation World here cultivator, regarding the practice of style is not caring, but Zhao Hai is opposite, Zhao Hai very cares regarding the style. although said in the future what Qiu Tie will walk is the Body Cultivator path, but Body Cultivator did not express that has the body, Body Cultivator is only has been the practice of attention body. Qiu Tie received the blade, stood Zhao Hai, he now is over a ten -year-old youth, good that Zhao Hai look at his appearance, chuckle said : good, small iron, to make, the style was also good, Cultivation Method was also good, most important was the foundation, did not want underestimated these basic Cultivation Method, all Advanced level Cultivation Method, unfolded from the basic Cultivation Method foundation, but these foundation Cultivation Method, after True Spirit Realm these many year of temperance, still had not actually been eliminated, on the foot can see that they have to do to use not to be common, you did was very good, Very good.” Qiu Tie one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but face excited said : real Young Master? I will certainly try hard, will not lose Young Master your face.” Zhao Hai laughed, has patted Qiu Tie shoulder said : well, but must pay attention to rest, went, rest well one.” Qiu Tie complied with one, turn around walked. Zhao Hai returned to in the room, Laura their in the room were then waiting for him, after he sits down, to Laura said : Laura, what sound nearest/recent these Ghost Cultivator has?” Laura shook the head said : not to have, a sound does not have, these Ghost Cultivator resembled suddenly one to stop, this arrived is somewhat strange, before various checks of Great Sect dispersing, had truly found out many Ghost Cultivator, normally Ghost Cultivator there will have some sounds, but they were a response do not have, this likely was not the Ghost Cultivator style.”

Zhao Hai deep voice said :they will not move at this time, Ghost Cultivator after multiple struggles with various Great Sect, they already learn bearing patiently, if they moved at this time, on Continent various Great Sect regarding the hatred of Ghost Cultivator will be stirred up, these Ghost Cultivator certainly cannot when the time comes ask to be good. Laura nodded said : looks like these Ghost Cultivator has not possibly prepared, if they prepared, on certain moved, but looks at now their appearance, feared was also the preparation was similar, even if were various Great Sect have not started the self-examination the time, their activities have tailed off actually, this explained thing that they needed, collected was similar, must prepare share thing, prepared was similar, but also was only almost, has not prepared completely well, so long as they prepared well, can immediately move the attack.” Zhao Hai nodded, then deep voice said : heard that Sect also catches several, after waiting for me to go out, examines, now I went out, I will look at it will not take long, Sect will send for calling me to examine these fellows, hopes that can obtain some useful thing from their mouths.” Laura shook the head said : I to look not necessarily, these spy already sent in Sect, for does not let these spy, when presently is said anything, besides letting in these spy mouths conceal poisonous and storehouse toxin, they also will certainly use other methods, for example one-way contact and so on, moreover these spy are impossible to know all matters.” Zhao Hai sighs said : „the present also only to be walks one step to calculate that one step, various True Spirit Realm here Great Sect, with these Ghost Cultivator such long time, I have not believed their means to be also useless, I believe that these Great Sect although maintains composure now, feared that was started to get ready, these Great Sect may not have that is the fools, otherwise their Sect were impossible to have the present.” Laura nodded, then said : that Elder Brother Hai, we? Do we want also to make some preparations? Must know that you heavy that these Ghost Cultivator offend, if they retaliate, feared that will be first will not let off you.” Zhao Hai smiles said : we to be useless in preparation, if cannot block Ghost Cultivator including Tyrant Blade Sect and True Spirit Realm here various Great Sect, we are impossible to block, even if we in all family properties Space takes, can't compare with True Spirit Realm here strength, Ghost Cultivator, if can sweep away True Spirit Realm, we are struggling also useless.” Zhao Hai these words Laura they to are approvals, in the face of the situation, small rebel simply cannot have anything to do to use, if various True Spirit Realm Sect can block Ghost Cultivator, their naturally also safe and sound, if cannot block, depending on them, is impossible to produce anything to threaten to Ghost Cultivator. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }