Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 22 - Chapter 2104

In the new year, clear(ly) space wished everyone/Great Clan in here, the entire family one'ss liking, happily! Also asked everyone/Great Clan to look in clear(ly) space in the new year also in diligently the share of renewal, arranged to enjoy obviously, thanked politely obviously! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Yin-Yang 2 elders is leading walked out of Zhao Hai from the dungeon, on their faces a shocking expression, they by Ghost Cultivator frightening, Ghost Cultivator these methods they in clearly, truly those who make them shock is Zhao Hai these Undead Creature, if these Undead Creature are not Death Qi, complete does not have the heartbeat, has not breathed, they definitely do not think that these are Undead Creature, because these thing was really too intelligent, was some cultivator not necessarily has these Undead Creature to be intelligent These Undead Creature not only have been close to before death complete consciousness, similarly, they were also close to before death all abilities, the package expanded their powers of thought that this was very fearful After they arrived at dungeon outside, turned the head to look at Zhao Hai said : well Little Hai, you went back first, we sent to Zhao Hai to comply with one item supplies Sect, body flash of white light, vanished in dungeon in front of the door Now Yin-Yang 2 elders has attained that five Ghost Cultivator all oral confessions, not only there are their items to supply, they can provide, therefore the Ghost Cultivator list, to be honest, these thing regarding Tyrant Blade Sect are really very useful However now they think more was actually not this oral confession Yin elder turns the head to look at Yang elder one to smile bitterly next step: Slightly weighs youngster, but also really can be pleasantly surprised to us, Old Yang, you said that you had heard that one Sect, can build up this degree Undead Creature? Including Ghost Cultivator, includes these Evil Cultivator Sect and Demon Path Sect?” Yang elder shook the head, has smiled bitterly next step: No, has not heard, this True Spirit Realm we were also walked many places, no matter Ghost Cultivator was also good, Demon Cultivator was also good, Evil Cultivator was also good, we have fought with them with all kinds of corpse refinement, Battle Corpse, the number of times that the ghost fought are also many, but small graduated arm type Undead Creature, I was the first time meet likely, was right, just I also forgot to ask, you said Little Hai these Undead Creature, but can also practice? How my look at they had felt that they can continue to practice?” Yin elder shook the head said : my also don’t know to go back to ask Little Hai, this youngster, he he, walked saying that two people of flash of white light, vanished in same place After Zhao Hai returned to on Yuanyue Peak, immediately they looked for Laura, after Laura they arrived in the living room has sat down, Zhao Hai deep voice said : has clarified, they know that has also provided the list in Tyrant Blade Sect here Ghost Cultivator seven them, I think that Master they soon moved Laura nodded, deep voice said : following?” Zhao Hai deep voice said : Ghost Cultivator has to move they and don’t know, but nearest/recent their nearest/recent one time receives the order of Ghost Cultivator is, ambushes standby, but before , duty that they receive is, understood that the defensive system of Tyrant Blade Sect General Hall understands Tyrant Blade Sect all branch Hall staff configurations and defense physique One hear of Zhao Hai said that Laura cannot help but stares, then does complexion change said : these Ghost Cultivator wants simultaneously to attack Tyrant Blade Sect General Hall and each every branch Hall? Is this impossible? Does Ghost Cultivator have such strength? Did they have saying that now these Ghost Cultivator in there, Ghost Cultivator present strength how?”

Zhao Hai selected to say to said :, that place that but they said very famous, because of Master clear remembering, that place that they said that was can only small town, moreover these years has lived a Monster Beast surprise attack event, the people in entire town were killed, stayed behind without a living witness, any clue, regarding the Ghost Cultivator main strength, their don’t know, they have not been the young time on join to Tyrant Blade Sect, they is almost knows nothing regarding the Ghost Cultivator situation Speaking of here Zhao Hai cannot help but to sigh said : „, moreover before looking like you, said that they were the one-way contacts, their this online only then these 12 people, but with person who they contacted, was actually not the Tyrant Blade Sect person, was who, they and don’t know, they related through Transmission Formation and opposite party Laura knit the brows said : good method, as the matter stands is Tyrant Blade Sect wants to trace is impossible, fierce looks like the clue that this line can provide also only then these many, was right, did they have saying that the situation about Tyrant Blade Sect here, how many they revealed?” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly next step: Many of revelation, do not forget, but in them Level 3 Elder, his although not too big authority, but Tyrant Blade Sect here something they know that besides Tyrant Blade Sect Great Defense Formation, main defense in Tyrant Blade Sect, they almost knew Laura complexion cannot help but changes said : then, Tyrant Blade Sect was passive, the ins and outs of oneself this side by the opposite party finding out team, this is not easy to do Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly next step: Most headache still in behind, you knows that Ghost Cultivator elder, what duty does he is prepare in Tyrant Blade Sect? Manages the Inner Disciples business, in other words, entire Tyrant Blade Sect has many Inner Disciples he is almost clear Laura they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that also has cannot help but smiled bitterly, one Sect, although topest strength fellow elders, these Core Disciple, but these Core Disciple actually from the True Disciple liter, but True Disciple from the Inner Disciples liter, but in managing Inner Disciples business position, he had almost many Inner Disciples to be clear to Tyrant Blade Sect, he can also through looking at the Sect record, calculates in Sect had many True Disciple, how many Core Disciple, Tyrant Blade Sect all strengths, were almost given to find out as the matter stands one Sect core fighting strength naturally is True Disciple, Core Disciple and these elders, but Inner Disciples also absolutely is the one Sect highly regarded strength, even if before is him, and really spirit disciple quantity told Ghost Cultivator Core Disciple has not been he tells Ghost Cultivator True Disciple and Core Disciple quantity is the wrong light tells Ghost Cultivator the Tyrant Blade Sect Inner Disciples quantity, then regarding the attack of Tyrant Blade Sect was also very big Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly next step: Now looked how Sect responded, if Sect makes extremely in the intense response, feared that has not waited for these Ghost Cultivator to hit, other Sect must suppress us, oh, but also really suffices to trouble Laura look at Zhao Hai said : what to do that Elder Brother Hai do you prepare?” Zhao Hai thinks, before deep voice said : I prepare , can that place that they said that having a look at there leave behind any clue, there although has left uncultivated, but after is Ghost Cultivator has stayed the place, if there has any clue, that perhaps we can project on the Ghost Cultivator den Laura thinks that nodded said : this to be also good there to have a look also well, your can time exit how long?”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : is not I, is we, I prepare to bring your together to go, the small iron takes away, here has Master in any case, what that also does not use, what kind of?” Laura they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that gawked, was two eyes bright said : good fantastic, we already want to go out to play with your together, now had opportunity Zhao Hai he he chuckle, to Laura said : these years painstakingly you, now my strength, even if meets the strength of true Teleportation boundary Expert also war, in True Spirit Realm here, was small Expert, in adding on all sorts of methods, I believe that I had the strength of self-preservation, moreover Laura, you were impossible not to fight, True Spirit Realm here had Expert of Space Breaker boundary, if one day, we really you have not been able to raise advancing to enter to with Expert of Space Breaker boundary to Space, that you on must have certain fighting strength firmly rheumatism oneself. The security, this is also to your smelting trial, in adding on the small iron also practiced such long time, before although him, has fought with Monster Beast, however the experience of fight was too few, his present immediately can attack the misunderstanding time, cannot a preying experience not have, must therefore also take him Laura thinks that nodded said : this to be also good, the age although also shoes of small iron however actually very steady, should let he increases the add some actual combat experience the time Zhao Hai nodded said : is chaos will get up, we must make the best use of each time to promote our strengths, only then we can in the chaos that like this , will already arrive at lives Laura nodded, in this time, Zhao Houqing is moving said : Master to come back, we go to discuss that with Master said Zhao Hao, walked outward Yin-Yang 2 elders really came back, moreover they are preparing toward Zhao Hai, looked at Zhao Hai to welcome, Yin elder immediately/on horseback nodded said : to walk, we went to say that” Zhao Hai nodded, introduced the living room them, after sitting down, Meg has offered the tea to them They sit down to drink tea, Yin elder then said : just we looked at to Sect Master the oral confession, Sect Master will make the secret adjustment recently, if we adjust quickly excessively anxious, not only will alarm these Ghost Cultivator, will also make other Sect guard against us, then does not have to our advantage Zhao Hai nodded said : is, we also had just analyzed the situation, now makes the adjustment also with enough time, therefore cannot too the adjustment, otherwise possibly make these Great Sect think that anxiously we will have anything to move, that will meet us disadvantageously, was right, Master, my also requests, can I want to bring Laura they to go to that by the place that Ghost Cultivator will abandon, look find any clue Yin elder one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but stares, then he turned the head to look at Yang elder one, Yang elder cannot help but has also smiled bitterly, then his deep voice said : we discussed that was also this meaning, you now are Soul Fusion Stage cultivator, needed well exiting smelting trial, happen to Sect wants to make you go to that to have a look by the small town that Ghost Cultivator abandoned, what clue can look find, therefore planned that nearest/recent made you exit, but can you bring Laura their together to go really?” Zhao Hai nodded said : Laura their nearest/recent practice good of , the experience that but they and person fight is not lots, I want their exiting smelting trial, the small iron must with, these time go to that small town to have a look, must let their smelting trial well Yin elder nodded said : „, should make them go to the smelting trial one, light at home practices, practices inadequate Expert, your present although is Soul Fusion Stage, however your strength, should be in Soul Fusion Stage is topest, such strength although is not strong, but your youngster method also has many, maintaining life should not have the issue, Sect not in the faction people with you, do you look?”

Zhao Hai nodded said : is, does not need to send for with me, I can, invite Master feel relieved Yin elder nodded said : right Little Hai, my also matter must ask you, you must reply me truthfully, whether your many Undead Creature can practice?” Zhao Han, he has not thought that really Yin elder actually will ask this issue, he nodded said : is, Master, these Undead Creature can practice, moreover I after into Soul Fusion cultivator, these Undead Creature can also maintain before death strength Yin-Yang 2 elders one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but stares, then they mutually looked at one, saw a shocking facial expression from the opposite party eye, must know that five Ghost Cultivator that just Zhao Hai died, they the status in Tyrant Blade Sect are not low, especially that Ghost Cultivator elder, he is solid Teleportation boundary cultivator , did in other words, in Zhao Hai have Teleportation boundary Expert to work as the goon? Naturally, this ability, only cannot be used to maintain life is so simple, if this ability used, not only to Zhao Hai, to the entire Tyrant Blade Sect advantage was very big, thinks that Tyrant Blade Sect suddenly left one in large numbers, strength strong Undead Creature, this will create how big shock to the enemy, that was can play changes doing of war result to use They did not speak for a very long time, they by Zhao Hai all sorts of mysterious abilities, had been shaken somewhat numbly, but Zhao did not prepare to let off them obviously, Zhao Hai turned, the in his hand pair many a piece jade slip, Zhao Hai has given Yin elder jade slip, deep voice said : Master, I closed up these three years, the middle for sometime felt that the flighty air/Qi was dry, practiced without the means that my research Divine Machine Sect Divine Machine Crossbow, Master, this is Divine Machine Crossbow refinement method, had including that several nucleus Mental Technique, according to this method refinement, can make Divine Machine Crossbow, moreover I still added several on Divine Machine Crossbow. formation, such Divine Machine Crossbow compared with Divine Machine Sect Divine Machine Crossbow Might even bigger Yin elder some received Zhao Hai jade slip that hands over, then to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, is this you make? Really is Divine Machine Crossbow?” Zhao Hai said : is being, invited Master feel relieved, I the successful imitation Divine Machine Crossbow, the effect have also been much better compared with original Divine Machine Crossbow, believes that this thing, the Sect strength in one time will increase Yin elder look at Zhao Hai, puzzled said : „can you know the Divine Machine Crossbow method of manufacturing? Is that Divine Machine Sect continuously security thing? Sect spent innumerable manpower and resources not to imitate Divine Machine Crossbow, how can you achieve?” Zhao Hai said : Master, actually I am being Divergent Warlock , but I strongest Divergent Technique decomposes the synthesis, but now I am too low in level, cannot decompose too Advanced level thing, but thing like Divine Machine Crossbow, can definitely decompose( to be continued, welcome you to cast the recommendation ticket monthly ticket, { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }