Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 22 - Chapter 2105
Zhao Hai is first time with Yin-Yang 2 elders mentioned own skill, before Yin-Yang 2 elders, has not paid attention to have been to Zhao Hai the skill.([] …… In fact the True Spirit Realm here person somewhat looks down upon regarding Lower Realm cultivator universal, naturally, ascend to exception of True Spirit Realm, because of ascend to True Spirit Realm these Lower Realm cultivator, is the talent in talent, they have not looked down upon the qualifications of talent. They mainly look down upon is Cultivation World there Cultivation Method, Cultivation Method that in their opinion, Cultivation World there uses is very bad Cultivation Method, including True Spirit Realm here most common Cultivation Method can't compare with. For this reason, therefore Yin-Yang 2 elders does not know what ability Zhao Hai has, they do not have carefully has asked that therefore Zhao Hai one hear of Zhao Hai said now when ability of this decomposition synthesis, they one were shocked. Their look at Zhao Hai, some little time two talented people responded, Yin elder look at Zhao Hai said : decomposition synthesis? What Divergent Technique is this?” Zhao Hai smiles said : this is the meaning of one type of very special, he can decomposes into the most primitive material medicine pill and Magical Artifact with Divergent Technique, even and has used any formation including refinement method, I can know that but the synthesis can regard as him is the one type of special crafting way, for example prepares some medicinal herbs, I can these medicinal herbs direct synthesis medicine pill, be simpler than the refinement.” Yin-Yang 2 elders one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but the two eyes none remaining braves, what change their too clear Zhao Hai this ability can let bring about to the sect. True Spirit Realm here, struggles among various Great Sect. Is much more brutal than Cultivation World there. medicine pill that Magical Artifact that many Great Sect, they use, uses, is, the formula that their Sect is in sole possession is the strict security, but various Great Sect regarding stealing other Sect secret recipes, continuously very warm-hearted. If they can other to break Sect unique Magical Artifact, that be able to find out to cope with their methods, they in other Sect will profit to the war. Because of this, therefore Zhao Hai said itself to have the ability of this decomposition synthesis. Yin-Yang 2 elders will feel such being startled, one, but Zhao Hai had this ability, then other Sect abilities in the Zhao Hai eye are not secret. Yin elder dignified said : Little Hai, do you have this ability really?” Zhao Hai nodded said : „. thing that however I can decompose now very few, moreover is some level is not specially high thing.”

Yang elder deep voice said : no matter what, this ability regarding our Tyrant Blade Sect is very important, the crafting technique of your youngster so is no wonder fierce, originally is because has this ability.” Zhao Hai smiles said : „, but this Rebirth, I thing of meeting, weak many, therefore before , I have not displayed.” Yin elder nodded said : your journey to postpone several days, crossed several days to go a Sect storehouse with me at that time. Has a look at there to have any thing is you can decompose.” Zhao Hai nodded said : this to not to have the issue, thing that but I can decompose now, is some level very low thing, with Divine Machine Crossbow similar level thing.” If Divine Machine Crossbow strict, is not the Advanced level Magical Artifact person, this thing, regarding some low level cultivator, the lethality is very big, but regarding high level cultivator, does with is not very big. So long as your strength has achieved Earth Monarch Stage, that Divine Machine Crossbow has almost not used to you. But is so, Divine Machine Crossbow was also extraordinary Magical Artifact, most at least he can pose the threat to majority of Inferior level cultivator. Actually Zhao Hai can Advanced level Magical Artifact decomposing now, but Zhao Hai such has not done. thing that he exposes now were many, cannot one all expose. Yin elder nodded said : „to decompose many are many. Walks, we now on the past.” Said that Yin-Yang 2 elders immediately has stood, pulling Zhao Hai outward walks. Three people quick arrived at Zhantian Palace here, had found directly Sect Master, Sect Master also very attaches great importance to this matter, this can relationship to the entire Tyrant Blade Sect big matter. Sect Master led Zhao Hai to enter a following arsenal personally, in this arsenal was putting was some Magical Artifact, but these Magical Artifact characteristics, that was they are not Tyrant Blade Sect this gate Magical Artifact, was other Sect becoming famous Magical Artifact, Zhao Hai saw many Divine Machine Crossbow in here, Butterfly Knife and so on Magical Artifact. Sect Master turned the head to look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, these Magical Artifact you used at will, can decompose many to decompose many, has gone bad also it doesn't matter.” Zhao Hai nodded, looked at this arsenal, Magical Artifact in this arsenal, minimum has several thousand, Zhao Hai nodded said : good Sect Master, gave me the several days time to be OK.”

Sect Master nodded said : well, the person in this arsenal I will make them withdraw, now here turns over to you.” Said to beckon with the hand, leading Yin-Yang 2 elders to leave the arsenal, closed the arsenal, made the person guard outside the arsenal, do not make person disturb Zhao Hai. Sect Master and Yin-Yang 2 elders three people of returned to Zhantian Palace, entered Great Hall, Sect Master sighed said : „, if Little Hai were not a talent, I made certainly his as soon as possible enhanced this ability, what a pity.” Cloudy Changbai Sect Master said : has been a pity anything, in Sect left a Little Hai such talent, you should feel that happy is.” Sect Master does not care, is only he he chuckle said : good, in Sect can leave a such talent, is very good, Lin Ling this youngster these time has contributed to the great merit, Little Hai early has hauled in Sect, good, this is the excellent matter.” Yang elder deep voice said : after a period of time Little Hai must the exiting smelting trial, before he wants to go, had a look to that Stronghold of rejection by Ghost Cultivator, can look find any clue, this time smelting trial regarding Little Hai them is very important.” Sect Master nodded said : also similar danger, Little Hai the personal enemy may be many now, moreover that strength is not weak, what most important is, now that Cui Wuxin had not caught, seeking revenge for the slightest grievance that Cui Wuxin became famous, previous time he copes with Little Hai, instead to suffered a loss in the hand of Little Hai, that fellow will be will definitely not let off Little Hai, although said that Cui Wuxin strength has not arrived at the Teleportation boundary, but the Ghost Cultivator method will be many, we must remind Little Hai to pay attention many some.” Yin elder nodded said : we to think means that that also has the body of Qiu Tie to be joined to Blade Command to Little Hai several wife, I with seal of Old Yang on each a piece Blade Command own Blade Qi, to prepare emergency requirement.” Sect Master nodded said : this means to is good, but must give Little Hai the a piece position finder, making his Portable bring, like this has any matter, we can rush to there to support in the shortest time.” Yin elder nodded, he also looked, now Sect Master regarding Zhao Hai attaching great importance to degree, crosses general Core Disciple, but this looked like in Yin elder is also normal, any one Sect, if there is Zhao Hai such disciple, they will also attach great importance. Zhao Hai and don’t know these, he is decomposing these Magical Artifact in the arsenal now, actually regarding him, decomposes these Magical Artifact not to have what difficultly, loses toward Universal Machine in these Magical Artifact, can decompose directly completes. After decomposition, what formation this Magical Artifact refinement process Zhao Hai and has used, records in jade slip, each Magical Artifact uses independent jade slip. In decomposing the Magical Artifact process, Zhao Hai also obtained many advantage, other did not say that is only formation in these Magical Artifact, makes him have the harvest greatly.

although said before , he obtained many formation, but these formation are some can formation, Tyrant Blade Sect nucleus Mental Technique is not. But now he decomposes these Magical Artifact time, obtains, but other Sect unique formation, these formation are various Sect keeps secret generally, can say that these formation regarding Zhao Hai are very important. Each one Sect his formation with Magical Artifact that this Sect uses, the perfect union in together, has been able saying that these formation have some interlinked places with that Sect martial arts characteristics , because of this, therefore various Sect so will take seriously these Magical Artifact, but Zhao Hai obtains these formation now, to his help is also very big. As each article Magical Artifact was decomposed, formation that Zhao Hai obtains are also more, but Zhao Hai has not decomposed the become a useful person material to be placed these formation in the arsenal directly, after he Magical Artifact decomposes, Magical Artifact synthesizing the original appearance, he has not wanted to make the person know that he has the ability of this decomposition synthesis, he believes that Yin-Yang 2 elders they so will also do. Zhao Hai guesses does not have the mistake, he will decompose synthesizes Divergent Technique this matter, now in entire Tyrant Blade Sect, besides Zhao Hai and Laura them, only then Yin-Yang 2 elders and Sect Master know that other person don’t know, this matter jamb does not prepare to tell anybody, he will become the top secret in Tyrant Blade Sect. Time day-by-day passed, one of the Zhao Hai in the arsenal dull is half a month time, he had completed actually already to the decomposition these Magical Artifact, but he has not actually come out from the arsenal, he does not want to come out quickly, such will only expose his strength. Half a month later, Zhao Hai walked out from the arsenal, arsenal Zhao Hai gawked, because arsenal outside unexpectedly is standing now cultivator of two Teleportation boundaries . Moreover the elder assumed personal command personally. That elder looked at Zhao Hai to come out, immediately moved forward to meet somebody, to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, you came out? Sect Master lets you, as soon as comes out, immediately sees him.” Zhao Hai has complied with one, walks toward Zhantian Palace with that elder, but cultivator of that two Teleportation boundaries, is actually being perplexed some look at Zhao Hai. They were defended big gate temporary the requisition by the gate to arsenal here before, this thinks in this arsenal to have any secret, has not actually thought that now Zhao Hai comes out from inside, this arrives makes them feel that accident really, their understand, why a Soul Fusion Stage person will not run up to arsenal here to come . Moreover the person who lets their Teleportation boundary gives him doorkeeper. Zhao Hai arrived at Zhantian Palace with that elder, Sect Master already received information, made Zhao Hai enter Zhantian Palace directly, but that elder has not actually gone, this also made that elder some doubt puzzled. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }