Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 22 - Chapter 2106

Zhao Hai entered Great Hall, salutes said : Zhao Hai to see Sect Master to Sect Master, is popular does not fail in one's mission, duty has completed.” Sect Master look at Zhao Hai is said : so quick? Good, good, my immediately makes people moving out the material in arsenal.” Zhao Hai quickly said: Returns to the Sect Master words, does not need to move, arsenal there does not have what material, what originally is, now what, after I these Magical Artifact decompose, synthesizes the original appearance, will not have any flaw.” Sect Master stares, then two eyes bright said : good, this is better, these weapon refinement method did you all know?” Zhao Hai nodded said : is, all knew.” Said that Zhao Hai has put out Space Bag, has given Sect Master said : Sect Master Space Bag, here is formation that these Magical Artifact refinement method and use.” Sect Master opened Space Bag, spiritual force searched toward, presently in Space Bag has plenty jade slip, carefully counts, feared that had more than thousand, Sect Master has put out a piece jade slip at will, saw in jade slip to write said : eight choppers, all materials, Burmese iron, fierce Yang Gang, bronze powder......” in jade slip, not only very detailed recorded these Magical Artifact to use the material that formation, refinement method is very detailed that wrote, when used what crucial moment, recorded clear, absolute good thing. Sect Master very satisfied nod, received jade slip, carefully received Space Bag, did this turn the head look at Zhao Hai said : to hear you to the exiting smelting trial?” Zhao Hai nodded said : is, before interrogated that several Ghost Cultivator time. Knows that they come in our Tyrant Blade Sect govern the next very far away small town. Afterward heard that small town by Monster Beast Sect, all people died, I think that there may have is Ghost Cultivator Stronghold, but was possibly given up, I want to go to there to have a look now, having a look at them to leave behind any clue.” Sect Master nodded said : to have a look also well, but you must be careful, your present personal enemy are many, moreover that Cui Wuxin still had not found now, he also will possibly cope with you. Before you went to the smelting trial, was a person goes, now is still leading your wife they, as the matter stands your danger coefficient was higher. One add carefully, when necessary looks like Sect to request reinforcements, this is not the disgraced matter, your this exiting smelting trial, follows one time not, the previous time your exiting smelting trial, cannot to others reveal that your Tyrant Blade Sect status, these time can actually reveal, previous time you cannot contact with various branch Hall. This time you, understand?” Zhao Hai nodded said : is, understand, invited Sect Master feel relieved, I did not think dead now.” Sect Master he he the chuckle, beckoned with the hand said : to go, if you, Yin-Yang they will run to look for my important person.” Zhao Hai has complied with one, to Sect Master gave a salute, turn around walked. Sect Master looked at Zhao Hai back one. Sighing said : that also cannot bear made Yin-Yang that two fellows get a small advantage, if lets me presently, I also already received you to make disciple.” These sighs of Zhao Hai don’t know Sect Master, he comes certainly out from Zhantian Palace, immediately has used Transmission Formation. returned to on Yuanyue Peak, Yuanyue Peak there. Yin-Yang 2 elders already in he.

Zhao Hai saw that Yin-Yang 2 elders cannot help but stares, his immediately/on horseback salutes said : to two people Master, how you know that I did come out?” Yin-Yang 2 elders smiles said : I to tell the Zhantian Palace there person, so long as sees you to go to Zhantian Palace there, immediately told us, therefore you, as soon as arrived at Zhantian Palace there I to receive information.” Zhao Hai nodded, entered the living room along with two old person, sits down after the living room, Yin elder look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, is the situation what kind of? Can process?” Zhao Hai nodded said : to process, has given Sect Master jade slip.” Yin elder deep voice said : processed well, rest several days, at the smelting trial, this gave you at home, must bring on the body.” Zhao Hai received that thing to look, presently is the a piece circular, thing like Jade Pendant, Zhao Hai puzzled look at Yin elder. Yin elder deep voice said : this is Core Disciple can have Self Protection Jade Pendant that he not only can at crucial moment, release protective shield protect you, can pass on your position because of arriving at Sect here comes, Sect can send for supporting you, this is maintaining life thing, must bring.” Zhao Hai nodded, receives Jade Pendant, Yang elder then open the mouth and said: We already to Laura they and small iron person of a piece Blade Command, inside seal our Blade Qi, you have also remembered, with looked your.” Zhao Hai complied with one, Yin-Yang 2 elders has then stood, turn around walked, they walked, Laura their then walked out, look at Zhao Hai said : of Laura face hope Elder Brother Hai, when did we leave?” Zhao Hai smiles said : tomorrow to leave, this time our travel on a horse carriage goes.” Laura they cheered one, immediately have tidied up thing. Next morning, Zhao Hai they take one's leave Yin-Yang 2 elders, has gotten down Yuanyue Peak, to Yuanyue Peak, Zhao Hai has wielded, release horse carriage, this horse carriage release came, to follow in Zhao Hai Qiu Tie to be shocked, because this horse carriage was too big. Entire horse carriage has about ten meters, about five meters high, the width has also been about four meters, the horse carriage altogether ten wheels, one has a position of driver in horse carriage front, horse carriage behind is a gate, in the there also small Little Ping stage, but the horse carriage top is also a platform. horse carriage all over the body range one type of bronze colour spooky cyan light, horse carriage two sides, but also eight windows, these windows are divided into high and low two respectively, understood at a glance that this horse carriage is also two designs.

Such big horse carriage, Qiu Tie had not seen before, such horse carriage, was too heavy, changes is not very flexible, probably isn't convenient? Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, walks the small iron to Qiu Tie said :, we board.” The earthen mound in one, they boarded with Zhao Hai hastily, this arrives at the car(riage) with, Qiu Tie stares, because arrangement in this car(riage) he was too familiar, arrangement in this car(riage), with Zhao Hai room very similar. Zhao Hai looked at this horse carriage, satisfied nod , this time smelting trial does not want covertly, he wants going of open and aboveboard, this horse carriage although compared with small Yama Ship, but he sits now, appeared somewhat free, this was enough. Some True Spirit Realm here although also Great Magical Artifact, but the quantity is not many, the fight of their here, does not depend upon Great Magical Artifact, Great Magical Artifact mainly to open reveals the status. But Zhao Hai the horse carriage, is actually 8 Steed Green Jade Carriage modified, is actually Magical Artifact, for does not make the person think that this horse carriage was Magical Artifact, Zhao Hai or release two Undead Creature and eight Demon Horse comes, that two Undead Creature were driver, but that eight Demon Horse were used to pull a cart, although this horse carriage did not need to draw can also walk, for did not make the person think that he was Magical Artifact, met a train needs. After that two Undead Creature horse carriage puts on, catches up with horse carriage to leave, but Laura they are actually arranging thing in horse carriage, horse carriage one layer is a living room, the in addition kitchen, a room prepares to Qiu Tie, two layers is Zhao Hai and Laura their rooms, but on the vehicle roof is also a platform, there even can practice martial arts. horse carriage has good absorption of shock effect, sits in horse carriage, looks like sits is the same in own in the room, Zhao Hai sits in the living room, Qiu Tie stands in his side, Laura they in cleaning up the room, but horse carriage actually walked on the road. Now Zhao Hai they also beyond the Tyrant Blade Sect General Hall range, once for a while can meet some cultivator, these cultivator see Zhao Hai horse carriage, will stop to stop to watch, because this horse carriage was really too big, these cultivator want to know that this horse carriage was who. Line, horse carriage is not quick, moving forward that horse carriage keeps, they have not stopped at noon, things to eat in the car(riage), in this horse carriage any thing has, the lunch that Meg makes, with does not have at home differently what. A direct acting arrives at the darkness, they stopped in small town, when Zhao Hai their horse carriage enter to that small town, the person in small town one has caused a stir, they first time see such lordly horse carriage. In this small town also had Tyrant Blade Sect branch Hall, Zhao Hai horse carriage rushed to Tyrant Blade Sect branch Hall in front of the door directly, after horse carriage stopped, Zhao Hai from the vehicle, has arrived around branch Hall in front of the door two Tyrant Blade Sect cultivator, these two Tyrant Blade Sect cultivator were the Doppelganger Stage strengths, now they somewhat are surprised uncertain look at Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai to them, has shown a faint smile said : „below Zhao Hai, this coming out smelting trial, various is the visit.”

The name that branch Hall disciple one hear of Zhao Hai reported that immediately gawked, then his immediately/on horseback face pleasantly surprised listened to said : originally is Zhao Hai Senior Brother, Senior Brother can come our here, was really our being honored, Senior Brother invites quickly.” Zhao Hai smiles said : please two Junior Brother to be circular, outside on my vehicle do not have the family, can ask Junior Brother to arrange a dwelling to me.” That cultivator quickly said: Senior Brother was too polite, my name was Han Qiang, Senior Brother to call my Xiaoqiang to be good, my immediately gave the Senior Brother arrangement.” Said that Han Qiang makes nearby that person notify, but he personally gives the Zhao Hai arrangement room, as for Zhao Hai horse carriage, he also gave to find a place to stop. Laura they got out with Zhao Hai, entered this Tyrant Blade Sect branch Hall along with Zhao Hai, although here is small town, however Tyrant Blade Sect the branch Hall is not small, Han Qiang they have arranged independent courtyard to Zhao Hai. here just arranged, several cultivator walked, for looks like about 50 -year-old middle-aged people, this middle-aged person puts on very magnificent warrior cloth, is tall, walks creates an incident tigerishly, the style is full, but the one who makes Zhao Hai pay attention is his strength, this person of strength minimum has achieved the Teleportation boundary, was a region's Expert, wants to come him to be branch Hall Hall Master. Zhao Hai goes forward to salute upon meeting said : Zhao Hai to see the elder hastily.” Tyrant Blade Sect branch Hall Hall Master, is the status of elder, moreover is the 6th level elder, although is worse than on 1st level Yin-Yang 2 elders, however the in hand authority is actually very big. This Hall Master laughs said : not to need to be overly courteous, are you Zhao Hai? I already had heard your name, are the Yin-Yang two brothers good?” rs! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }