Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 22 - Chapter 2108
Because this matter has not spread, therefore the Tyrant Blade Sect person has not moved the person of Ouyang Family clan, but that European Yang elder had also been killed, his explain/transfer, in his Clan has some people, became Ghost Cultivator. However for Tyrant Blade Sect does not alarm these Ghost Cultivator, they decide in a short time motionless Ouyang Family, but actually also started to find the way to tidy up Ouyang Family. Because knows this matter, therefore Zhao Hai will ask that they are that a family/clan person, when knows when they are the Ouyang Family people, Zhao Hai cannot help but turns at heart. said : that however he still maintains composure originally is European Yang elder family member, were many to offend a moment ago, but also please excuse me.” That red cultivator, one hear of Zhao Hai said that the facial expression on face cannot help but more arrogant, his cold sound said : „said that this Sir invited, we must go home to report after carrying out orders, was right, reminded the Sir your, nearby some appears bandits and thieves, I looked at the Sir often your strength are not very strong, but also asked the Sir you to add carefully is good.” Zhao Hai one hear of he said that cannot help but stares, then his complexion changes, but turn around that red cultivator, actually laughed walked. The Zhao Hai look at that red cultivator appearance, cannot help but sneers said : really extremely arrogantly, snort|hum, but also worked as itself a character.” Laura deep voice said : Elder Brother Hai, you said thing that they must look for what is? I think their appearances, probably such thing, to their very heavy wants, to listen to the meaning in his words, feared that is certain little while can look for our troubles?” Zhao Hai deep voice said : certainly will. It seems like we must add are careful. Ouyang Family, snort|hum, feared that these Ghost Cultivator present, already extinguished you, but also dares to be so wild, but this is also good, I first tidied up you one to say.” Said on Zhao Hai turn around horse carriage, horse carriage from new start advancing. Along with time past bit by bit, weather also slowly dark, but Zhao Hai they have not actually met the place that can rest. However some horse carriage, where them do not need, rests on out of office on is also same. The day dark getting down person, horse carriage also stopped roadside forest outside. That two Undead Creature, after stopping horse carriage, from the vehicle, well cleaned up outside horse carriage, Zhao Hai has put out two tables from own Space, suspended outside, Meg has been busy preparing food on the vehicle. The supper is very sumptuous, after having had the supper, Zhao Hai and Laura they still sit outside have drunk a while tea, this returned to on horse carriage.

On returned to horse carriage. Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback deep voice said : our was given to stare, the opposite party is Ghost Cultivator, moreover I felt that person who is staring our, I am somewhat familiar, do not do well am Cui Wuxin that fellow.” Laura said : Cui Wuxin? Can he appears in here? Because of Ouyang Family? This has Cui Wuxin hidden in Ouyang Family? Therefore before Sect person, still hadn't found him?” Zhao Hai nodded said : to have possibility very much, Ouyang Family already the complete reversed image Ghost Cultivator that head, but Cui Wuxin in the status of Ghost Cultivator that head definitely is not low, hid in Ouyang Family on very safe, our Tyrant Blade Sect person traced, will not trace the head of Ouyang Family.” Did Laura nod said : what to do that we then to?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile that thing that said : Ouyang Family loses. Regarding their Clan, certain very heavy wants, but they do not dare to kill me visibly, therefore asked Cui Wuxin in Ouyang Family to cope with me, if when the time comes I had the matter. They can on toward Ghost Cultivator push this one of the matter, does not have with their Ouyang Family relationship. He He, I think Ouyang Family hits certainly is such scheme, was a pity that I feared their scheme could not fire.” Lizzy deep voice said : Elder Brother Hai, how that do we want to do now?” Zhao Hai deep voice said : anything does not do, we waited for my old friend to be good in here, he he, wants to come his it will not take long to come, here was not Grand Dao, almost nobody came, if Ouyang Family were coordinating a point, we in here overturn the heaven, some people will not know.” Laura several people nodded, Zhao Hai turned the head to look at Laura their eyes, looked at Qiu Tie, deep voice said : Cui Wuxin attack, was more like the attack of cultivator, various his good at using Magical Artifact, a while he definitely will carry on attack with Magical Artifact to us, what if his release came was the ghost, that let your smelting trial well, you can use this opportunity, looks how must deal with these Ghost Cultivator.” Qiu Tie is actually somewhat anxious, how to say that he is also a child, first time comes across this matter, he naturally very anxious, but during is anxious is also bringing excited, that is one type of regarding the hope of fight. Zhao Hai looked at Qiu Tie one, shows a faint smile, Qiu Tie present performance satisfies him, because Qiu Tie is somewhat anxious, some excited, but he is not the fear. The very heavy of mentality regarding cultivator wants, when facing any enemy, you do not dread, when you start to dread, the failure will change will be also following, but regarding cultivator will be saying that the failure will often represent is losing the life.

Qiu Tie this equal to is the first official fight, but he does not have an appearance of fear, conversely, his some excited, this point is very good, this is very good on behalf of the Qiu Tie mentality, cultivates condition good cultivator, can wield 100% fighting strength in the fight, even also meets the level to wield, but such cultivator, the final achievement will not be often low, his innate skill is not good. Several people sit in living room are chatting, chatted while waits for the arrival of Cui Wuxin, Zhao Hai also to feel that gloomy aura getting closer and closer. About 10 : 00 pm, Zhao Hai felt that type of gloomy aura was heavier, Zhao Hai cannot help but showed a faint smile said : to come, Laura, you prepared.” Laura they have complied with one. The Zhao Hai voice just fell, hears one to measure cloudy the laughter that transmits said : HaHaHa, has not thought that has run into the old friend in here unexpectedly, Zhao Hai, comes out to suffer to death!” Zhao Hai has stood slowly, leading Laura they to arrive at outside, but what these time stemmed from the Zhao Hai anticipation was, Cui Wuxin in hiding, but stood in forest look at Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai also saw clearly growing into of Cui Wuxin, to be honest, the Cui Wuxin appearance is very good, his Scholar long gown, the black, a black of thick secret, complexion is somewhat pale, but appearance very handsome, looks like probably is frail Scholar, his eye actually destroyed his appearance, to be honest, his eye from the appearance, is not bad, however his look makes people very uncomfortable, you see his look, will think of one type of animal, that is Poison Snake. The Cui Wuxin look, making the person look thinks of Poison Snake, gloomy, cruel, cold blood, but also is bringing a gleam of madness, he stands in there, looks like the appears malicious ghost is night same. Zhao Hai look at Cui Wuxin, deep voice said : Cui Wuxin, has not thought that your life is so big, can live unexpectedly now, good, is really good, I have not gone to look for you, you to were deliver, this arrived has saved my many matters.” Cui Wuxin look at Zhao Hai, suddenly Ha Ha laughs wildly said : Zhao Hai, you know don’t know, I somewhat liked you actually, you were really crazy adorable, depended on you? Do you also match to ask me to revenge? HaHaHa, you may really act recklessly.” What Zhao Hai look at Cui Wuxin said : acts recklessly is you, you in the Tyrant Blade Sect domain, you dare to go into the Tyrant Blade Sect domain to chase down me now, I thought that you really act recklessly.” Does Cui Wuxin sneer said : „the Tyrant Blade Sect domain to be also what kind of? You think that I don't dare to move you in the Tyrant Blade Sect domain? Zhao Hai, you were too naive.”

Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : „saying that these were useless, come, war.” Cui Wuxin looked at Laura their eyes, deep voice said : „are they your wife? Has not thought that Zhao Hai, your this fellow does other is not good, takes the wife to have one, I a little have not hated to kill them, this, I have killed you today, then builds up my ghost slave you, your wives? My impolite, has made them make my cauldron furnace to be good.” Zhao Hai sneers said : Cui Wuxin that Cui Wuxin, you daydream, depends on you, wants to kill me? Ok, I rubbish with you, began.” Said that Zhao Hai pulled out own long blade, Laura they have also revealed own weapon. Cui Wuxin sneers, the hand wields, at the same time pitch-dark ghost banner appears in his hand, then Cui Wuxin rocks oneself in hand ghost banner, drinks said : Ten Thousand Ghost Devouring Souls, scolds!” Along with his sound, in ghost account spreads the sound of intermittent ghost wailing, then only jet black Malicious Ghost appears in the Cui Wuxin surroundings, these Malicious Ghost is the Ghost Soldier appearance, they do not have the lower part, the upper part to put on full body armor, yelled is encircling in the Cui Wuxin surroundings. Then Cui Wuxin in hand ghost banner proceeds to wield, these Malicious Ghost immediately they throw toward Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai has not actually moved, Laura they to were scold one to move forward to meet somebody tenderly, but Zhao Hai actually still stood in there, two eyes closely was staring at Cui Wuxin. But Laura they had fought with these Malicious Ghost at this time in one, these Malicious Ghost strength is not very strong, most is also the Doppelganger Stage strength, but wins in the quantity is numerous, therefore Laura they can block these Malicious Ghost. Cui Wuxin regarding the matter that these Malicious Ghost were blocked, does not have a point accident, his hand wields, in one time has put out same thing, this is Little Bell, hand operated Little Bell, Little Bell above is carving each and every one ghost's face, Little Bell is not big, compared with the fist of person big many, but looks like actually very refined. Cui Wuxin look at Zhao Hai has sneered, then gently swung Little Bell, along with his hand, ting of intermittent sharp lock from his in hand small Little Bell, that Little Bell does not have common ting that clear feeling, instead to is the one type of sharp lock, the grating sound, this sound is similar to intermittent ghost cries, Spirit Hook seizes the soul. Bewitching Demon Bell! Zhao Hai knows that Cui Wuxin will use him, has not thought he uses is so early, but Zhao Hai has not actually moved, how he must have a look at Laura they to deal with this Bewitching Demon Bell, must know that this Bewitching Demon Bell was one type of quite special Magical Artifact, in other place, you have not been possible to meet, this happen to can exercise Laura well their. rs! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }