Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 22 - Chapter 2109

Laura they are first time encounter this situation, Laura they, their these years battle although are not fortunately many, but before , after is to participate in all kinds of fights, their immediately with own spiritual force, the defending mind diligently, simultaneously counter-attacks these ghosts. But Qiu Tie is not good, he after all only then over ten years old, moreover before had not encountered this situation, don’t know how dealing, one his spirit by Bewitching Demon Bell control, dull standing in there. Zhao Hai looks at the Qiu Tie situation, immediately/on horseback silently said: Small iron, receives fear mind!” Qiu Tie hears the Zhao Hai sound, startled to sober, the immediately/on horseback heart fear mind, started to counter-attack, simultaneously his also cannot help but sighing face, felt one at heart ashamed and bashful angry. Qiu Tie is also going against the Bewitching Demon Bell ting with own spiritual force, but he brandishes a sword, join to regiment, but this Bewitching Demon Bell, if can be so good to solve, he did not match is Young Master Bewitch Cui Wuxin becoming famous Magical Artifact, influence getting bigger and bigger that Cui Wuxin full Cui Dong Bewitching Demon Bell, Laura they were receiving, movement also getting slower and slower on their hand. At this time, Zhao Hai actually moved, has put out a drum, lost nearby that two Undead Creature directly, that two Undead Creature immediately started to beat a drum, the giant drumbeat this made a sound, making the pressure of Laura her person fierce one light. But Cui Wuxin also thinks obviously Zhao Hai will have this move, his hand wields, was bringing Skull Magic Staff fierce appears in in his hand, as soon as he wielded Magic Staff. All around suddenly appears Skull of person. On these Skull braves blue ghost flame, gets down to clash toward Zhao Hai. Then Cui Wuxin inserts toward the ground Magic Staff, puts out a cloak to throw over backhandedly on own body, that cloak just threw over to his body, his whole person on vanish from sight. Has been paying attention to Cui Wuxin Zhao Hai, immediately present this situation, he cannot help but slightly stares, then complexion changes, could not be attending to that many, his personal appearance moved. Before direct, puts on, simultaneously the in hand long blade wields continually, Blade Qi from in his hand present, cut on these Malicious Ghost and skeletons. Zhao Hai Blade Qi overbearing is incomparable. Blade Qi these Malicious Ghost and skeletons, all screamed, then vanish from sight, simultaneously Blade Technique dispersing of Zhao Hai, they protected Laura and Qiu Tie in middle. Laura they have not seen Cui Wuxin stealth that they one was protected by Zhao Hai in middle, on let out a long breath, looked at one toward all around, presently these severe Ghost Hand skeletons are still actually gathering round them, Bewitching Demon Bell still. However Cui Wuxin actually vanish from sight. Laura their puzzled looked at one mutually, then they puzzled to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, Cui Wuxin?”

Zhao Hai brandishes a sword, while deep voice said : stealth, Laura, you got them to enter to the car(riage), outside gave me.” Laura immediately/on horseback has complied with one, leading Lizzy they to enter horse carriage, outside only left behind Zhao Hai with that two Undead Creature. But Zhao Hai is actually locking the Cui Wuxin position with Space now, that ting does not have to his influence. These Malicious Ghost and skeletons to him do not have what influence, Zhao Hai Blade Technique to launch, immediately oneself protecting in middle, but his Body-maneuvering Technique most favors the group war, the strength of these Malicious Ghost and skeleton is also not very strong. Therefore Zhao Hai simply did not fear. Before long Zhao Hai noted Cui Wuxin, Cui Wuxin that fellow slowly dived toward horse carriage there. It seems like he is wants Laura in attack horse carriage they, comes randomly his mind. Zhao Hai sees this situation, cannot help but laughs in one's heart, simultaneously his does not pretend presently the Cui Wuxin appearance, is still tangled up with these Malicious Ghost and skeletons. When Cui Wuxin close horse carriage, on suddenly that horse carriage raised protective shield, one Cui Wuxin shooting, Cui Wuxin presses to guard, the personal appearance one has exposed. But early has preparation Zhao Hai, the horse lifts the blade to kill the blade first, with own knife handle Cui Wuxin to circle in middle, Cui Wuxin one presently by Zhao Hai present, his hand wields, solved whip appears in in his hand, toward the Zhao Hai draw off, that whip in wielding, often spread the sound of intermittent ghost wailing, attack was strange. Zhao Hai this Cui Wuxin Whip Technique unexpectedly is not presently weak, most at least stronger compared with present True Spirit Realm here many cultivator on many, this arrives somewhat stems from the anticipation of Zhao Hai. The Cui Wuxin first successive is wielding in hand whip, first successive laughs said : to Zhao Hai Zhao Hai, you have not thought that you think I left Magical Artifact, didn't have what resistance? You have made a mistake, knows these many years, why haven't I entered to the Teleportation boundary? It is not wound that I receive did not have, because I in studying Whip Technique, snort|hum, Lin Yang and Feng Xuefeng these two fools, their although entered the Teleportation boundary, however their Martial Skill were not much, even if were they enters the Teleportation boundary to be also what kind, when I entered to the Teleportation boundary time, was certainly stronger than them.” Zhao Hai look at Cui Wuxin appearance, coldly snorted, in hand blade dance was more anxious, simultaneously his Blade Technique complete expansion, Cui Wuxin whip circle in flashes was suppressed. This presently makes Cui Wuxin be surprised, he screamed that said : this is impossible, you are Soul Fusion Stage cultivator, how possibly to suppress me, is impossible, this is impossible.” Zhao Hai coldly snorted said : anything is impossible, Cui Wuxin, today is your time of death, not only you, I must eradicate Ouyang Family.”

A Zhao Hai this saying exit / to speak, the Cui Wuxin cannot help but mind megascism, he with Ouyang Family relationship, is secret, biggest secret, his simply has not thought that some people presently, lay bare by Zhao Hai now, his cannot help but greatly surprised. Must know that they can haul in the Ghost Cultivator ranks Ouyang Gang are also not that easy, Ouyang Gang strength although is good, but by his innate skill, this feared for a lifetime was impossible in advancing one, for a lifetime was cultivator of Vajra boundary, but regarding cultivator was saying that what biggest attracting was gravitational force? It is not the dreadful authority, is not the innumerable money, these thing regarding cultivator, attract gravitational force not to be big, truly to cultivating to attract gravitational force, is actually that advancing step opportunity. Ouyang Gang was stranded in Vajra boundary innumerable years, he could not see any hope of breakthrough, but at this time, Ghost Cultivator actually gave him to hope that used the Ghost Cultivator method, Ouyang Gang may go a step further, became a Condensing Spirit/focus boundary, even was cultivator of Space Breaker boundary, was for this reason, therefore Ouyang Gang then agreed to become Ghost Cultivator. But Ouyang Gang is also Ghost Cultivator for these years, one of the few puissant influential figure winning over, therefore Ghost Cultivator very attaches great importance to Ouyang Gang, the cooperation with Ouyang Gang, is secret, for even not doubtable Ouyang Gang, they also specially let the Ouyang Family person, has killed several Ghost Cultivator, then arrives at Tyrant Blade Sect there to lead the merit, this nobody will suspect that Ouyang Gang and Tyrant Blade Sect cooperated. But now Zhao Hai has pointed unexpectedly out frankly this secret, how the person Cui Wuxin can not be surprised, the Cui Wuxin mind falls into enemy hands, the Zhao Hai seize the opportunity attack person, several blades, have broken the defense of Cui Wuxin one after another, a blade chopped on the Cui Wuxin shoulder. Cui Wuxin stuffy snort|hum, immediately/on horseback congealment mind, deals with the attack of Zhao Hai, but he wants the attack of Zhao Hai under blocking not to be impossible now, because Zhao Hai has been in power does not forgive the person, a blade tight as blade attacks toward Cui Wuxin. Zhao Hai attacks to act one after another Yu Dao, the blade chops the chest of Cui Wuxin in a blade, Cui Wuxin is also being incapable of wielding to own whip, his ten thousand ghost banner, the skeleton stick and Bewitching Bell also stopped. Zhao Hai receives the blade to stand in there, coldly look at Cui Wuxin, Cui Wuxin lies down on the ground, the mouth braves the blood froth, two eyes actually incomparable hatred look at Zhao Hai, ruthless sound said : Zhao Hai, your other happy, other people will revenge for me, you are waiting.” Zhao Hai look at Cui Wuxin, sneered said : to come, Ghost Cultivator with us, sooner or later will have a war, I was waiting for you.” Cui Wuxin look at Zhao Hai maliciously, left finally has spat to vent anger, stops the breath, Zhao Hai has waved, one group of black gas Cui Wuxin wrapping up, but made Zhao Hai be what was surprised, Cui Wuxin did not have immediately/on horseback to turn into Undead Creature, the corpse was still the corpse, lay down is motionless in there. Zhao Hai cannot help but stares, at this moment, Zhao Hai suddenly present, that ten thousand ghost banner, Bewitching Bell, with skeleton Magic Staff vanish from sight, Zhao Hai has gawked, then his immediately understand what's the matter does he, his cannot help but coldly snorted said : want to escape taking advantage of Strength of Soul? You were really too naive.”

Ends Zhao Hai to wield, in his hand left small bell, Zhao Hai has knocked small bell, a melodious ding transmitted, then Zhao Hai heard incisive ghost cries to transmit, before long, faint, such as smoke same form appears in Zhao Hai, this person's shadow Cui Wuxin appearance. Cui Wuxin face panic-stricken look at Zhao Hai, screamed that now said : this is impossible, why you will have this Spirit Hook Magical Artifact, this Magical Artifact only then our Ghost Cultivator will do, how will you have?” Does the Zhao Hai look at Cui Wuxin appearance, sneer said : your don’t know? I before was Dark Magician, but Dark Magician dealt with Undead Creature and ghost, how I possibly did not have this Magical Artifact, HaHaHa.” Cui Wuxin stubbornly is staring at Zhao Hai, wishes one could to nip Zhao Hai one, however was a pity, he now only remaining Strength of Soul, and has not turned into Malicious Ghost, simply impossible to have anything to threaten to Zhao Hai. The Zhao Hai look at Cui Wuxin appearance, sneered said : in the past you with this method escaped with life? What a pity, you cannot be inescapable today.” Said that Zhao Hai pinches Magic Secret Art, deep voice said : Yin-Yang rotates, the Divine Soul homing, scolds!” Along with the Zhao Hai voice, Cui Wuxin felt that a huge suction transmits from his body, one draws in him his body, then one group of black gas he wraps up, when Cui Wuxin when sobers, he disappeared to Zhao Hai all hates, because he turned into Undead Creature to Zhao Hai completely submissive. Undead Creature that Zhao Hai look at Cui Wuxin turns into, cannot help but shows a faint smile, then has delivered to Cui Wuxin Space, first made Universal Machine decompose Cui Wuxin several Staff Technique, then delivered to Hell Space there to go to practice to go Cui Wuxin, believes that in there it will not take long, Cui Wuxin can break through. rs , Please collect. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }