Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 22 - Chapter 2110

Master, the people of Ouyang Family clan collude with Cui Wuxin to cope with me, but Cui Wuxin by my type, a while I will have been used Transmission Formation now, sends back the Cui Wuxin oral confession, but how the people of Ouyang Family clan must process, but also please is Master show on Zhao Hai look at communication device appears Yin-Yang 2 elders to say Zhao Hai oneself with the situation that Cui Wuxin fights, simple said to Yin-Yang 2 elders, said the situation of Ouyang Family clan, how having a look at Yin-Yang 2 elders to make him say Yin-Yang 2 elders one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but stares, then Yin elder immediately/on horseback said : first delivers the Cui Wuxin oral confession, Ouyang Family? You can cope with them, but do not go with your status, you must go with the Ghost Cultivator status Zhao Hai deep voice said : is, Master said that Zhao Hai has switched off communication device, has put out Transmission Formation of small shape, has admitted in a piece jade slip Transmission Formation, delivered returned to in Tyrant Blade Sect Laura they have also stood are auditing, now one hear of Yin elder said that on several people of faces has revealed happy expression Laura look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, how do we move?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : first to rest, tomorrow we in cope with Ouyang Family, I make Cui Wuxin begin, I want to take a look, when Ouyang Family by Cui Wuxin attack, what response they will have Laura they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but gawked, then he he the chuckle, regarding this situation, their former don’t know has done repeatedly few, naturally was a response does not have, thinks that this was in normal Zhao Hai looked at one to stand in nearby Qiu Tie, smiles said : small iron today's harvest to be what kind of?” Qiu Tie one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but on the face red said : is unfair to Young Master, he does is not good, cannot help you, but also makes you take care of me Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand said : not, you do was very good, very good first actual combat, to have you to display really like this, very good, you are first time experience such scene after all, after lacking the experience, hit several times to be good Qiu Tie complied with said : is Young Master, I knew Zhao Hai said : was good, rests, if really cannot fall asleep the process that thinks to fight today, went to Qiu Tie to comply with one, turn around returned to own in the room, actually in horse carriage, his room was not very greatly only then a bed, in not having other thing, however can have a such room on horse carriage, was good Zhao Hong Laura they have been resting to horse carriage second floor, but that two Undead Creature, already by Zhao He returned to in Space, only then several Demon Horse also place outside, leisurely and carefree is chewing the grass

A night does not have the words, next morning will have the breakfast, Zhao Hai they had then left, huge horse carriage will proceed to rush, they just walked not to have how long, Zhao Hai felt that own horse carriage stared to stare at his horse carriage person is not being Ghost Cultivator, but will have the hostility to him very much Zhao Hai does not need to look knows that certainly was the Ouyang Family person examines the situation, Ouyang Family these fellows definitely know that yesterday Cui Wuxin came attack his matter, now looked that Cui Wuxin disappeared, but his horse carriage still as usual drove toward moving forward, this wants to examine Zhao Hai has not cared, this matter Ouyang Family person sooner or later must know that Zhao to can affirm, yesterday in the evening, he and Cui Wuxin fights time, he both sides of the road, definitely by the Ouyang Family person sealing, have not made others disturb them, therefore his here moves, Ouyang Family person immediately knows Zhao Hai has not stopped, has not gone to catch up with Ouyang Family these people, but forwards, has not stopped, at noon, Zhao Hai they arrived at a small town, this small town is not very big, only then a main street, exempts is a town, Zhao Hai made horse carriage stop shop in front of the door in town, then he was leading Laura they from horse carriage That shop the horse carriage in person dull look at Zhao Hai, such lordly horse carriage, they are first time see, such pretty woman, they are also first time saw, but looks at the Zhao Hai appearance, these people in small town also know that this is not influential figure that they can stir up, therefore each and every one immediately lowers the head to eat meal, some timid, even left on paying up directly Zhao Hai they just from horse carriage, shop boss immediately welcomed, this shop boss is one about 40 -year-old Fatty, puts on silk the clothes, appearance very funny This Fatty arrives around Zhao Hai, bows, look at he like the ball same stature, actually makes curved face hard sledding the movement, Zhao Hai cannot bear want to smile That does Fatty bow to Zhao Hai said : villain have seen Sir, the Sir must dine in the shop? private room Space in shop building, can also receive the Sir, is the good fortune of villain Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand said : to be good, front guided that Fatty immediately/on horseback to comply with one, fat Old Mouse same made in Zhao Hudian walk, but outside that two Undead Creature, remained looks at the car(riage) Quick Zhao Hai they under eagerly anticipating of shop boss to second floor of shop, shop second floor are the each and every one independent rooms, altogether five, Zhao Hai they under eagerly anticipating of boss, entered on one to write Gold [金] character in the room to sit This room is not very big, is less than 20 square meters, inside decoration also can only be general, the sole advantage is here faces the street, in this in the room, can see outside vista, naturally that vista does not have attractively what in the room has a big table, can sit the next more than ten individuals fully, Zhao Hai they sat down are handle, after sitting down, 12 vegetables of Zhao Hai on to that fat boss said :, sorted your here signature dish to come on

That fat boss immediately/on horseback complied with one, turn around walked toward downstairs, walked to that fat boss, Laura puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, how suddenly thinks that ran up to here to eat meal? Delicious what can here have?” Zhao Hai said : I do not eat meal in here, I must in here and the others, look at, I think it will not take long, the people of Ouyang Family clan will certainly arrive at here to come, we are living, Cui Wuxin has actually been missing, if Cui Wuxin had any accident, their Ouyang Family clan will certainly face the retaliation of Ghost Cultivator, they do not want to be retaliated by Ghost Cultivator, therefore can only with us, want to know Cui Wuxin dead or alive from our here Laura they then nodded, several people of vision start to look toward the street on, probably the person on street, turned into the Ouyang Family person to be the same Zhao Hai look at their appearances, cannot help but show a faint smile, when are not many, that fat boss command(er) several partner/shop assistant, have been delivering to in the room vegetables, but also let alone, although here is only a small place, but the dish does good, the flavor also calculates Is eating meal, suddenly outside heard a horse's hoof sound, Zhao Hai went along the prestige, presently flies from the avenue the quickly arrived more than ten individuals, these people were black warrior cloth, carried on the back also with the sword strap sword, Zhao Hai in these people, but also saw several yesterday have seen Ouyang Family person, that red cultivator that but they led had not actually seen that don’t know ran that These people entered the small town, quick arrives at outside the shop that Zhao Hai they have eaten meal, pull horse Ting gets down, then jumped down from immediately/on horseback, was welcomed in the shop by that fat boss Then Zhao Hai hears a sound of footsteps, then by them a private room gate opens, these people walked, after entering private room, open the mouth and said of these people: Goes, the nice wine good dish to deliver That fat boss is also the character who becomes a ghost slickly, looks at these people are not the friendly stubble, does not dare to speak, immediately complied with one, turn around walked Before long Zhao Hai their next doors broadcast a sound of exchanging toasts, Laura they turned the head to look at Zhao Hai one, Zhao Hai have shown a faint smile, carry wine glass to smile said : to eat meal, finished eating the food, we left Laura they to comply with one, then ate meal, what probably their next doors came was only some average people Has eaten meal, Zhao Hai they sat in the shop have drunk two tea, this set out leave, but they just a door, these Ouyang Family people also came out from the shop, they did not know Zhao Hai to be the same probably, on own horse, has hit horse leave the small town Zhao Hai looked at Ouyang Family these person of one, shows a faint smile, he knows that the Ouyang Family person could not calm down, just these was demonstrating, believes that these fellows will certainly be waiting for them outside Zhao Hai they got up horse carriage, horse carriage leave slowly the small town, the leave small town was not just far, horse carriage draws back, because their road aheads by just that several cultivator blocking, but horse carriage this just stopped, they behind immediately gushed out several cultivator, that red cultivator of lead

Zhao Hai opened the vehicle door, walked out from car(riage), stands in that Little Ping stage there of tailstock, look at that red cultivator, calm face said : why is your you must block my way That red cultivator look at Zhao Hai, coldly snorted said : few idle talk, I asked you, Cui Wuxin now where Zhao Hai look at that red cultivator, sneers said : originally you to collude with Ghost Cultivator, Ouyang Family, you ended, you dare to collude with Ghost Cultivator, in Sect will certainly not let off your That red cultivator look at Zhao Hai appearance, sneers said : „, so long as has killed you, nobody didn't know? So long as you die, we said that is you colludes with Ghost Cultivator, wants to be illegal to our Ouyang Family, you spoke of the time, Tyrant Blade Sect believes your this what was not disciple, believe an elder?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : you to think really I am ordinary disciple? Hasn't you my name inquired? HaHaHa, the Ouyang Family person is really extremely arrogant That red cultivator one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but stares, then his does complexion change said : „you are who? Even if you are Core Disciple, feared that will be will not have the Patriarch authority to be big? Tyrant Blade Sect believe finally Patriarch, will not believe your Zhao Hai laughs said : extremely arrogant ignorant thing, depends on you, matches with me speaks like this, do not say that Ouyang Gang colludes with Ghost Cultivator, even if he does not collude with Ghost Cultivator, by his authority, he cannot manage my head { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }