Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 22 - Chapter 2111

That red cultivator one hear of Zhao Hai said that among the facial expressions has cannot help but taken an uncultivated land perhaps, his look at Zhao Hai said : „are you who?” Zhao Hai look at that red cultivator, sneered said : you to listen to me, I called Zhao Hai, Tyrant Blade Sect Inner Disciples.” That red cultivator hears the Zhao Hai name to stare, then complexion crazily changes, he in Ouyang Family is also small puissant Captain, what status naturally knows Zhao Hai is, status of Zhao Hai in Tyrant Blade Sect is not absolutely low, even is higher than Ouyang Gang, because Zhao Hai is Yin-Yang 2 elders disciple, Direct Disciple, moreover he was also Tyrant Blade Sect obtained the Doppelganger Stage first honor in spirit really competition, was a such person, how possible and Ghost Cultivator colludes? Moreover according to legend, Zhao Hai from making a debut to the present, dead in his hand Ghost Cultivator were many, such person, how also possibly to collude with Ghost Cultivator. But makes that red cultivator feel what fear is, Cui Wuxin has said that he and Zhao Hai has fought, finally he cannot exceed Zhao Hai, with that several Ghost Cultivator that Cui Wuxin comes out, but also the toxin of Zhao Hai poisonous insect, has died a violent death, can say, Cui Wuxin in Zhao Hai and in suffered a loss, but at that time Zhao Hai or Doppelganger Stage. Zhao Hai Doppelganger Stage time, makes red cultivator suffer a loss, but he now is Soul Fusion Stage cultivator, this Cui Wuxin to he, feared that cannot ask to be good, perhaps died in his hand. Thinks of here, on that red cultivator face cannot help but more panic-stricken, he has experienced fierce of Ghost Cultivator, if Ghost Cultivator knows that Cui Wuxin had been killed by Zhao Hai, but the cause because of them, their Ouyang Family really ended. Finally, to the Ghost Cultivator terror, has defeated their terror to the Zhao Hai, that red cultivator, who two eyes sets up said : I don't care you are, knew Ouyang Family secret must die, at the worst said that you were killed by Ghost Cultivator. The brothers, begin, cannot make him run absolutely.” Said that red cultivator from the immediately/on horseback diving posture under. Simultaneously extracts oneself back iron mace, mace pounds toward Zhao Hai. Other cultivator have also extracted their weapon, they throws toward Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai sees this situation. Cannot help but has sneered, met to begin to move, has pulled out own long blade, direct Cui Wuxin welcomed. Laura they are also various good weapons, fought with these cultivator in one. weapons the sound of hit is lingering on faintly at once, but a Zhao Hai person has gotten down several cultivator including that red cultivator on blocking. That red cultivator originally is Earth Monarch Stage cultivator, but Zhao Hai is actually Soul Fusion Stage cultivator, he thinks own make a move copes with Zhao Hai, that is not easy, has not actually thought that Zhao Hai resembles simply not to care, moreover Zhao Hai Spiritual Qi stems from him to meet the material deep. Blade Technique is as deep as a well. He one by Zhao Hai suppressing, this lets him is roars again and again, but actually depends on is taking Zhao Hai not to have the means.

At this time, his side often had to hear the pitiful yell sound, red cultivator stole a glance looks, each pitiful yell sound. Was killed with his companion, now died three and four people. This makes red cultivator panic-stricken extremely. Has fought one after another for one hour, by that several cultivator that Zhao Hai keeps off. Besides that red cultivator still in exempting strong support, other cultivator by Zhao Hai cutting down, but with Laura their these cultivator to war, has not asked to be good, even if to Qiu Tie that cultivator, by Qiu Tie wounding, but he actually cannot injure to Qiu Tie. Qiu Tie begins with these cultivator most from the beginning, some anxious, but he was not afterward anxious, what he practices is the body practices Cultivation Method that the itself strength is big, is adding on his Blade Technique these cultivator be exquisiter, therefore his match although is Doppelganger Stage cultivator, actually also bears about him can not. This must come Qiu Tie more to hit is more self-confident, but his match actually more hits is more surprised, that person has not thought that looks like young child can unexpectedly such formidable. Before long a Zhao Hai blade result that red cultivator, received in Space to turn into Undead Creature him, this turns the head look at Laura they, he has not been helping, this is rare opportunity, made Laura they play the hobby well. But these with cultivator that Laura they fight, each and every one is actually anxious extremely, they saw, Zhao Hai such as chop vegetables cut melon is ordinary, all cut to kill these cultivator, in them strongest that person of red cultivator, was cut by Zhao Hai under the blade, such strength opened is they can provoke, they were afraid, ten tenths the matter, on remaining six layers, Laura they have hit also to be naturally relaxed. Before long Laura their offensive deals with their matches, but at this time still in the fight, only remaining Qiu Tie, Qiu Tie now probably enters in the one type of condition, his simply has not paid attention to the outside world situation, now he has a thought that defeats his front match. But on his match has hung in all directions the knife wound, Zhao Hai sees this situation, on does not show a faint smile, getting better and better of Qiu Tie performance, in having about 20 moves can his match attending. Zhao Hai has not helped, he must make Qiu Tie see the blood, as cultivator, sooner or later one day to see the blood, happen, use this opportunity made him see the blood to be good.

Really, was less than 20 moves, a Qiu Tie blade cuts on that person of neck, that person attending , after having killed the match, Qiu Tie cannot help but stayed, then rushed to side, the vomit of big mouth, some little time he calm, but in there gasping for breath in gulps. Zhao Hai has arrived at the Qiu Tie side, in a soft voice said : good small iron, they are the unprincipled people, died died, killed an unprincipled person, equal to saves many good people, do not want to be too many.” Qiu Tie one hear of Zhao Hai said that the facial expression on face attractive, he turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : Young Master, what I kill is an unprincipled person, my equal to has saved many good people, is right?” Zhao Hai nodded, deep voice said : good, you have killed an unprincipled person, has saved many good people on equal to, you is a hero, like two teacher.” Nod of Qiu Tie makes an effort, in two eyes because of the first murder, but a appears flurried facial expression, already vanish from sight. Zhao Hai received in that Ouyang Family cultivator corpse Space, this got up horse carriage, horse carriage continues moving forward, evening's time, Zhao Hai they stopped in small town, in the shop in good an inn, wrapped an independent yard, after entering the yard, Zhao Hai Cui Wuxin let out, his look at Cui Wuxin, deep voice said : from now on, you fully will cope with the Ouyang Family person, no matter who, do not let off, went.” Cui Wuxin complied with one, personal appearance moved, vanishes in the yard, the back that Zhao Hai look at Cui Wuxin went far away, the corners of the mouth have shown a smiling face, he also really wants to know, when the Ouyang Family person saw that Cui Wuxin ran coped with their times, the expressions on their face can be what, believed certainly fine Cai'er. The small town that Zhao Hai they are, to the Ouyang Family distance, the Ouyang Family people lives north small West District , has probably about on a thousand li(500 km) mountain, the name of that mountain was called Yin Yu Peak, the entire mountain peak was Ouyang Family, because Ouyang Gang was the Tyrant Blade Sect elder, therefore his Clan has occupied Yin Yu Peak, nobody said anything, after all here was the Tyrant Blade Sect domain, that mountain peak originally was the Tyrant Blade Sect property, what extraordinary place, Ouyang Gang also on can not. Zhao Hai does not prepare itself to go to Yin Yu Peak, does not have that necessity, he made Cui Wuxin go to be enough, Cui Wuxin lived in some time in Ouyang Family, he regarding the Ouyang Family situation very familiar, making him make this matter that is in good. A night does not have the words, next morning, Zhao Hai they will leave from small town, then walks toward their destinations, is proceeding, in front of suddenly Zhao Hai their horse carriage, appears has rejected the horse, that rejects the horse probably with nearby big tree nail, looks like very rough, horizontally is placed on the road, road sealing.

Zhao Hai one hear of Undead Creature said that also has arrived on the car(riage) curiously, fixes the eyes on to look at front look at, simultaneously his pair looked at one toward all around, in this time, Zhao Hai was feeling that malevolent winds his neck, he wants to hide directly has missed the opportunity, skin prosperous body of his immediately on by own neck was melted, then he felt that his neck pain, he one fell down, by the skin of his Crystallization, can be hit a pain unexpectedly, obviously this under attack strength had formidable how, Zhao Hai cannot help but had a lingering fear. Zhao Hai lies down on the vehicle, he knows that he by one type of long-distance Magical Artifact to attack, this Magical Artifact is not the average person all has absolutely, deals with his person, is certainly special, in other words, that rejects the horse, is the opposite party suspends to direct specially his, directed outside him, was striking to kill at one fell swoop. Now Zhao Hai wants to know that deals with his person, is who, is the Tyrant Sword Sect person? Is the Imperial Beast Sect person? Is the Divine Machine Sect person? Ghost Cultivator! These groups of people have possibility, they can also put out this formidable long-distance attack weapon. Laura they also felt the sound on vehicle, but they have not gone to look at the Zhao Hai situation, they believe that Zhao Hai will not have the matter, does not need to look, conversely, each of them lay on the window, looked outward. One person runs toward the building, that is Qiu Tie, Qiu Tie although is very confident to Zhao Hai, but he is the extremely worried Zhao Hai situation, immediately must run toward the building, Julie was actually one holding on said : honestly was staying in here Qiu Tie, you must exit, by opposite party attack, possibly will not be needed to be worried about Elder Brother Hai, he was all right.” Qiu Tie somewhat puzzled looked at Laura their eyes, presently Laura they are calm of face, does not have an appearance of worry, some feel relieved, but he is not complete feel relieved, his immediately/on horseback said : „is Young Master all right really? How I felt that Young Master just did throw down?” Laura smiles said : matter, your feel relieved.” Was saying, on suddenly her body glass heard one, Laura they turned the head to look that present iron arrow was actually striking on the glass, the arrow body was gently was shivering, but on the glass did not have any wound mark, that iron arrow was only the strength of because shooting was too big, in spatial was the short stay.( To be continued..) { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }