Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 22 - Chapter 2112

Laura they see this situation cannot help but one startled, must know that this horse carriage outside has one layer protective shield, the that layer protective shield defense capability are also many, minimum can block Soul Fusion Stage cultivator to strike fully, but this iron arrow actually directly shot through protective shield, in sewing , on glass, still has such big strength, this makes them most surprised. Does not have the fire to put on the glass regarding that iron arrow, that is very normal, this horse carriage glass is not the ordinary glass, said strictly reliably that horse carriage his glass, at is not the glass, but is one type of Crystal Stone, but that Crystal Stone degree of hardness very formidable, that iron arrow shoots certainly not broken that Crystal Stone. But outside attack their people, have not thought obviously that his arrow will be given to block by horse carriage unexpectedly, he cannot help but stares, then slowly from roadside road walked out. This person puts on black-clothed, in in his hand, is raising longbow, this person of long common, puts in the crowd, your simply will not note. Conversely, to is his in hand that longbow, very remarkable, that is very enormous longbow, bends height one -and-a-half meters about, all over the body dark, but is actually flashing the metallic luster, looks conspicuously. That person of coldly look at Zhao Hai horse carriage, silently said: Comes out, I forgive you dead.” His voice just fell, heard a sound to transmit said : you to forgive us, we have not wanted to forgive you.” Said that a person's shadow has stood slowly, his in hand grasps an arrow, Zhao Hai that before the arrow fell to the ground. That took longbow cultivator to see Zhao Hai to stand, his look cannot help but shrank, then his surprised said : „haven't you died? Is this possible? You are impossible a arrow that can evade my to kill.” Zhao Hai sneers said : I not dead very much obviously, an arrow that your must kill, regarding others possibly useful, but is a point with does not have to me, if I have not guessed that wrong, you should be Divergent Warlock ? Are you metal Divergent Technique? Moreover can own killing aura complete hideaway, even if by person of your Qi locking, does not have the means presently you. Fierce, your such person, when used to carry out the assassination. That also is really uninhabited can guard.” That cultivator look at Zhao Hai, coldly snorted said : you are very intelligent, but you must die in my in hand eventually.” Zhao Hai look at that cultivator, shows a faint smile said : I to hear Divine Machine Sect there. Does the assassination very fierce person, nobody has seen his appearance, but died in in hand cultivator is actually many, heard nobody to be able to evade his must a type arrow, therefore the people gave him to have a nickname. Called Shadow Killer, don’t know was your excellency he?” That person of look at Zhao Hai, sneered said : you to guess correctly, what also asked that what? you think that you can run away? You saw my face, all sees the person of my face, must die.”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile: That may not necessarily, how I not look. Can I be the person of dying? Does not need rubbish. Begins.” That person does not have the mistake that holds up oneself in hand bow said : you just saying that I am outside metal Divergent Warlock , my in hand this draws a bow to be specially-made, has used 998 ten one type of materials, lasted one year is completed, except for having the metal Divergent Technique person. simply nobody can meet him, even if cultivator of Teleportation boundary does not have the means to meet him. Can die under a such bow, you should feel that happy is right.” Zhao Hai smiles said : oh. Right? Then to is good, I happen to lack draw a bow to use, used him to be good.” Said that Zhao Hai waved, has pulled out own long blade. But that person has held up longbow, when don’t know, an iron arrow has built on the bow, an arrow shoots toward Zhao Hai, that arrow meteor, directly soars the Zhao Hai surface gate. Zhao Hai in hand blade fierce wields, listens to one that works as, that arrow knocking to fly by Zhao Hai, that person looked that a Zhao Hai unexpectedly blade knocking to fly his arrow, his look cannot help but shrinks, then both hands gearing, an only arrow shoots toward Zhao Hai, but these arrow shoot out compares a rapidness, such as at top speed general. Zhao Hai also present this person of archery characteristics, this person of archery does not have other characteristics, is the same, quick, is one by one quick, an arrow quick an arrow, he used the arrow only quick character Secret Art extremely. Zhao Hai drinks one lowly, around his body suddenly appears eight Dao Sect, on this Dao Sect were bringing a great lock, these eight Dao Sect gather round Zhao Hai to rotate, hears dāng dāng dāng, when makes a sound continually, that person of shoot out arrow, unexpectedly all by that eight Dao Sect keeping off. That person stopped his in hand bow, his dull look at that eight Dao Sect, he has not thought that the archery that oneself are proud, actually with does not have to a Zhao Hai point, Zhao Hai has blocked unexpectedly only own arrow with Blade Technique, but simultaneously he also felt one defeat is not injust, he has not thought that Zhao Hai Blade Technique actually built up highest boundary, own arrow by such Blade Technique keeping off, not the injustice that he defeats. Zhao Hai also stopped at this time, he looked at that person of one, good that deep voice said : your arrow uses, you listened to the quick character to use the limit the archery, this was very great, I admired you very much, but you defeat today.” That person of look at Zhao Hai said : good, I have defeated, Assassin one, but is defeated, then waited for that his destiny has one, the death.” Said that person does not wait for Zhao Hai to respond, the hand turned, has put out a dagger, he hesitated not to have, one entered own neck. Zhao Hai look at that cultivator, muttered said : „is really a staunch fellow, but this was also good, avoid I was beginning, but this was also good, later under the hand/subordinate are many Assassin to have been able to use.” To be honest, Zhao Hai in hand Assassin may be many, is some Undead Creature, but these Undead Creature present strengths are not very high, in True Spirit Realm here, cannot have any big use, therefore this suddenly appears fellow, to happen to be used by Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai waves, received in that fellow Space, turned into Undead Creature, simultaneously he also made Universal Machine decomposing that longbow of that fellow, some materials that in that longbow used, unexpectedly was in Space useless, in that bow fortunately used all was the metallic material, these let in Zhao Hai Space, many 20 many metallic ore conceal. That two Undead Creature, went forward moving out that Cheval on road, horse carriage continued moving forward, Zhao Hai also returned to in the living room, Laura look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, what Shadow Killer was that fellow really Divine Machine Sect that?” Zhao Hai nodded said : is, the fellow is Divine Machine Sect Shadow Killer, he is Divine Machine Sect very famous Assassin, heard that had cultivator of several Teleportation boundaries dead under his arrow, but his strength also arrived at the Earth Monarch boundary, quickly to the Teleportation boundary.” Laura wrinkled under brow said : lightly such looked like, Divine Machine Sect has been finding the way to cope with you, the Divine Machine Sect person who you killed were more, hatred was also deeper, Divine Machine Sect will be sending out stronger Expert to cope with you, it seems like these time came out, our troubles also really many.” Zhao Hai nodded said : „, these time comes out to trouble also really much, is good, I to have a look, Divine Machine Sect can I be what kind.” horse carriage continues moving forward, this all the way they in meeting attack, when the weather is dark time, Zhao Hai they kept outdoor to pass the night once again, just this dinner, Cui Wuxin on returned to here, entered horse carriage to see Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai sees Cui Wuxin, is not accidental, because Cui Wuxin is he calls, his look at Cui Wuxin said : how, has the person in Ouyang Family been possible to tidy up?” Cui Wuxin nodded said : to tidy up, this time I have certainly killed the Ouyang Family more than 30 people, is some cultivator of their family.” The Ouyang Family not only more than 30 people, Zhao Hai has not certainly thought makes Cui Wuxin be ruthless the Ouyang Family person, he must do lets Cui Wuxin attack Ouyang Family, this was enough. Zhao Hai nodded, received returned to Cui Wuxin in Space, then he has put out communication device, has put through Yin-Yang 2 elders, waited for Yin-Yang 2 elders appears on communication device, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback saluted said : to see two Master to them.” Yin elder has beckoned with the hand said : „, what matter has? Ouyang Family matter? How do you process?” Cloudy long is very confident to Zhao Hai, he knows that the Zhao Hai strength, he wants to know, how Zhao Hai locates a Ouyang Family matter, if made that too in a big way, they must find the way to end. Zhao Hai deep voice said : my yesterday made Cui Wuxin go to attack Ouyang Family, Cui Wuxin has killed the Ouyang Family more than 30 individuals, moreover Ouyang Family all people can show that these people were killed by Ghost Cultivator, Master, I want like this, Ouyang Family by Ghost Cultivator attack, their Clan there not to be been unsafe, you looked at the Ouyang Family person, received in Sect to go previous some time, to guarantee their securities.”

One hear of Zhao Hai said that Yin elder cannot help but two eyes twinkling brightly, his immediately understand the meaning of Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai has wanted in this way, to change to catches returned to Sect General Hall there the Ouyang Family person, the pass/test presses, this arrives is good means that moreover gave a pretext Zhao Hai to find to him. Yin elder nodded said : well, this matter you did not need to worry, gave us to solve, do you arrive at there now? What has to meet to trouble?” Zhao Hai deep voice said : took the quick 50% road, to also really has met troublesome, today I was punctured the type by Divine Machine Sect Shadow Killer, but he assassinates inadequately, committed suicide.” Yin elder sound cold said : Shadow Killer? Under Divine Machine Sect to is gives up originally, sent including him, it seems like Divine Machine Sect thinks really our Tyrant Blade Sect did not dare them to be what kind.” Yang elder deep voice said : should tidy up them well one, Tyrant Blade Sect these years are somewhat low-key, probably have made them forget our Tyrant Blade Sect location of overbearing, Little Hai you must pay attention to some, Divine Machine Sect can know that your information, that several other Sect also same can know, you must add carefully, understand?” Zhao Hai nodded said : is, invited Master feel relieved, how I knew do, this Cui Wuxin death, Ouyang Family was tidied up by us, may arouse Ghost Cultivator some vigilances, in wants to find them is not easy.”( To be continued..) { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }