Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 22 - Chapter 2113

Yin elder one hear of Zhao Hai said that also can only be sighs said : „the present also only to be this, even if alerts the enemy, must these fellows tidying up, but cannot tidy up these fellows, we later only trouble.” Zhao Hai nodded said : Sect to sending for be good as soon as possible to Ouyang Family, such words perhaps can also catch several Ghost Cultivator, the evening of if coming, feared that was who cannot catch.” Yin elder nodded said : this you not to need to manage, Sect will process, your I add carefully.” Zhao Hai complied with one, Yin elder has then closed communication device. Zhao Hai also received communication device, turned the head to look at Laura their said : looked like our time smelting trials did not have come in vain, we are not most at least young to the present harvest.” Laura smiles said : „, now the harvest is also small, obtained that many fighting strength strong Undead Creature, later the security had the guarantee.” In this time Zhao Hai was feeling one behind are standing Qiu Tie, his energy fluctuation is somewhat unusual, Zhao Hai turns the head to look that actually presently Qiu Haizheng micro closing one's eyes stands in there, probably is sitting in meditation to be the same. Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly, deep voice said : unexpectedly in this time Condensed Phase, this youngster, don’t know goes to own room.” Forced smile that Laura they also not bear, but several people stopped the speech, look at Qiu Tie that decides. After one hour, Qiu Tie body appears slowly Law Idol, this Law Idol was most from the beginning same like the smog. However quick. This Law Idol slowly clear, but sees this Law Idol, Zhao Hai and Laura they cannot help but stare, the Law Idol that because Qiu Tie concentrates lets their accident really very much, because this Law Idol unexpectedly is not his appearance, but is the Zhao Hai appearance, Zhao Hai on Law Idol, is standing, in hand is also taking Great Blade, large Glaive. Zhao Hai looks at this situation. Cannot help but has smiled bitterly, in moment of this Law Idol forming, Zhao Hai can feel clearly, Strength of Faith since. The body of Qiu Tie poured into his body. In fact after True Spirit Realm here, in Space although can still be able Zhao Hai to provide many Strength of Faith, but these Strength of Faith were also compressed probably, moreover doing that can play to the body of Zhao Hai with was not very big, conversely, what now these Strength of Faith are probably more was gives Zhao Hai spiritual force, Zhao Hai felt that in oneself mind golden Strength of Faith were getting more and more. But wells up Strength of Faith that from Qiu Tie, in his Space these Undead Creature below can be mellower than to Strength of Faith that he provides, this is Zhao Hai has not thought. When on after Qiu Tie Law Idol complete congealing of Zhao Hai is solid. Qiu Tie has then opened the eye, some of his two eyes doubts, then his immediately noted oneself Law Idol, saw his Law Idol appearance, he cannot help but happily has smiled, he turned the head to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, I have succeeded, my successful congealing became Law Idol.”

The look at Qiu Tie happy appearance, Zhao Hai has cannot help but smiled bitterly next step: Silly youngster, did you concentrate Law Idol my appearance? This to your later show. May not have what advantage.” Qiu Tie shook the head said : I don't care, in my at heart, Young Master is in this world the strongest person, therefore I doubt the Young Master appearance Law Idol.” The Zhao Hai look at tenacious appearance, sighed said : you such to do. I can only let you in study other Cultivation Method, the light with practicing Great Force Subduing Demon Profound Technique was not good.” Meaning of Qiu Tie although not understand Zhao Hai. However he has not actually made noise. But Laura they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that the meaning of immediately understand Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai was prepares to make Qiu Tie study Cultivation Method of Heavenly Demon clan evidently, to be honest, Qiu Tie present situation, only then Heavenly Demon Race Cultivation Method most suited him, naturally, here Heavenly Demon Race Cultivation Method, has improved Heavenly Demon Race Cultivation Method, will not cause anything to affect to Qiu Tie later practice, did not need him, only then defeated Zhao Hai to progress, such words he feared that was do not want to progress for a lifetime. However now was unable to let Qiu Tie learn Heavenly Demon Race Cultivation Method, he now most important his boundary complete stability. Rested a evening, Zhao Hai they continued advancing, this arrived all the way has not lived any matter, but they , in several small town ate while traveling, listened to some Rogue Cultivator to discuss that said the Ouyang Family clan by Ghost Cultivator attack, Tyrant Blade Sect had been sent out cultivator to support, received Tyrant Blade Sect General Hall to live Ouyang Family all people, in this generation very magnificent, very famous Ouyang Family clan, such vanished. Hears this information time Zhao Hai also cannot help but slightly to stare, he has not thought that really the response of Sect so is unexpectedly quick, this day of skill, Sect had to move, moreover this information can pass on was so quick, feared is behind this also has Sect to promote in behind, otherwise these Rogue Cultivator is impossible such quickly to know these information. Zhao Hai they do not have extremely to care about this information, he believes that Sect will handle this matter, rested in this small town, Zhao Hai they by one time left, now they were not far to that small town that they must go, believed in having about 34 days, they can that abandoned small town. Over the two days they walked to very peaceful, came attack in also nobody they, this arrived somewhat stems from unexpected of Zhao Hai, he thinks that other Sect can look for his trouble, has not thought that has not actually come. Zhao Hai sits in the living room drinks tea, in hand is taking a piece jade slip look at, this jade slip is not Cultivation Method jade slip, but is travel notes jade slip, is writes by Tyrant Blade Sect cultivator, he before True Spirit Realm here travelled for pleasure, was used to regional some custom will of the people wrote down, had written this jade slip.

Laura they in the one side in look at computer, in computer are on Space planet, a soap opera that makes, but the lead of this soap opera also very interesting, the name of this soap opera was called to create the world god, but this created the name of world god to call Zhao Hai. Also in other words, this is one by Zhao Hai the soap opera of give priority to corner/horn photography. thing in although this soap opera, simply is person make things up, but Laura they look with great interest, once for a while also chatted two, but at this time a Qiu Tie actually person ran up to the vehicle roof to come up practice to go, in this time, Zhao Hai suddenly is feeling that in their Space, small Transmission Formation moved, Zhao Hai has gawked, then the intention moved, immediately took that Transmission Formation, put out that Transmission Formation to look that Zhao Hai presently on this Transmission Formation has one to seal the letter, Zhao Hai takes up the letter one to look, in being believed wrote said : Wang Hu to be dangerous, invites rescues.!” Sees this letter, Zhao Hai immediately remembers whose this Transmission Formation is relates, Wang Hu, that he in Rogue Cultivator that in the underground labyrinth meets, at that time this Wang Hu had helped Zhao Hai some busily, Zhao Hai has given him small Transmission Formation, but also told him, if later had the matter, can look for him through that small Transmission Formation, Zhao Hai soon has forgotten this matter, has not actually thought that at this time, suddenly received a letter. Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback turns the head to Laura their said : Laura, you continue advancing, after next city, you stop, in the city , etc. I, I must exit.” Did Laura comply with one, said : What happened? had had an accident?” Zhao Hai nodded said : previous exiting smelting trial time a person who knows, he has the matter now, I must have a look.” Laura nodded, the Zhao Hai personal appearance vanished in the living room in a flash. Zhao Hai to Wang Hu that small Transmission Formation on, there is a positioning function, can make Zhao Hai easily found the Wang Hu position, the position that therefore Zhao Hai one was in Transmission on appears , arrives at this position Zhao Hai to stare, because here is still the underground labyrinth, is in a hall, but now the situation in this hall is not quite good, two groups of cultivator are ripping to kill in the hall. Zhao Hai sees this situation, cannot help but gently wrinkled under the brow, because of his clear remembering, Wang Hu they have said that in this hall does not permit to rip to kill, everyone/Great Clan gathers in this hall rests, therefore entered the hall is the personal enemy meets, will not begin, now hits? At this time Zhao Hai also saw Wang Hu, Wang Hu was encircling with several people in together, was resisting more than ten individual attack, but Zhao Hai appears the position, was actually side of corpse, but in the hand of this corpse, was grabbing Transmission Formation, Zhao Hai gave Wang Hu that. Zhao Hai received that Transmission Formation, the hand moved, long blade appears in in his hand, Zhao Hai direct these has besieged the Wang Hu person to throw, blade, encircling merit Wang Hu that these people cutting down half.

At this time in the hall was ripping the person who killed also to note Zhao Hai, special Wang Hu, Wang Hu saw Zhao Hai appears , his immediately/on horseback happy said : mister, you came, fantastic.” Didn't Zhao Hai to the Wang Hu side, to Wang Hu said : Wang Hu Big Brother, this, what's going on? say in this hall not to permit to resort to violence? Hits?” Wang Hu has smiled bitterly next step: Does not fear the mister joke, attack our that group of people, by a Rogue Cultivator alliance, this Rogue Cultivator alliance known as Ghost Shadow Gang, was newly established is less than one year, however show quick of actually, almost became the first big influence in this underground labyrinth, he makes all Rogue Cultivator submit to them, we are not willing to comply, they began to us.” Zhao Hai one hear of Wang Hu said that cannot help but knitting the brows head , is don’t know nearest/recent, because the Ghost Cultivator matter was extremely sensitive, he hears Ghost Shadow Gang this name time, some one type of uncomfortable feelings, at this time these attack Wang Hu people had killed toward them in time moving. Zhao Hai saw that these stare toward Rogue Cultivator that they kill, because such cultivator strength unexpectedly very strong, is the Doppelganger Stage Advanced level strength, some even are the Soul Fusion Stage strengths, this in Rogue Cultivator is small Expert. These will Rogue Cultivator have such strong strength? Moreover their strengths are also not very steady, probably was nearest/recent just promoted, was promoted forcefully, this what's the matter? However now Zhao Hai does not have the time to think these many, these people have killed his front, he wants to know that what's the matter , after must these people tidying up, was saying that thought of here, Zhao Hai raises the blade to kill. rs! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }