Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 22 - Chapter 2114
This underground hall is not very big, rips both sides that kills also several hundred individuals, Wang Hu their this side has Zhao Hai join, situation immediately big was different, before long these attack their cultivator, was given to repel by them, these Ghost Shadow Gang cultivator that retreats, have left behind more than 100 corpses.

To these Ghost Shadow Gang cultivator, after retreats, Wang Hu their then let out a long breath, then the people cannot bear cheers. Some little time Wang Hu they calm, he have arrived around Zhao Hai, splash one gave Zhao Hai to kneel down, Zhao Hai has drawn him hastily, look at his said : Wang Hu Big Brother, you make anything.” Wang Hu two eyes red look at Zhao Hai said : „the virtue of thanks a lot mister aid, mister you, we today all end.” Zhao Hai patted Wang Hu shoulder said : to be good with a smile, does not need to be so polite, told that me this Ghost Shadow Gang what's the matter, was right, making everyone/Great Clan help, moved these Ghost Shadow Gang the corpses of person, I was useful.” Wang Hu has complied with one, making the audiences move the corpse, but he actually Zhao Hai welcome to nearby small cavern. After entering small cavern, Wang Hu then open the mouth and said: This Ghost Shadow tiger is one year ago appears , no matter who has established him, therefore the join Ghost Shadow Gang person, their strengths has been promoted in a short time, however their personalities will also change, becomes cruelly is very good to kill, combative, the sometimes Ghost Shadow Gang person on one's own side also meets internal strife, such Gang we naturally shake to meet join. Therefore Ghost Shadow Gang several times invited our join. We had not agreed that has not thought they were actually calling today we rest, suddenly comes attack we, killed our one to be caught off guard.” Zhao Hai deep voice said : this Ghost Shadow Gang appears , does Tyrant Blade Sect know?” Wang Hu shook the head said : „should don’t know, our these Rogue Cultivator have their wrap rule, no matter labyrinth here lives any matter, with the Tyrant Blade Sect person will not say that therefore I think that the Tyrant Blade Sect person should in don’t know this underground labyrinth live anything.” Zhao Hai nodded said : that you to say that this Ghost Shadow Gang person. Except that the strength promotion is too quick, is cruelly good to kill beside, what characteristics hadn't had other?” Wang Hu thinks, deep voice said : other to does not have presently them also to have any characteristics. Right, their control some places in underground labyrinth, have listed as Ghost Shadow Gang Forbidden Land these, does not permit anybody to go, if goes, will receive chasing down of Ghost Shadow Gang.” What place did Zhao Hai knit the brows said : to be listed as the Forbidden Land place by them is? Special what has?”

Wang Hu thinks that said : to is not the meeting the special place, is in the underground labyrinth some quite dangerous place, heard that these places will produce some special herbal medicine, some special Monster Beast, some places also will have Zombie lurking. These place normally we do not dare to go.” Zhao Hai one hear of Wang Hu said that his brow cannot help but wrinkles was tighter, in this underground labyrinth really has Zombie, he before don’t know? Has Zombie that to represent Yin Qi living of that place is very being, but the Yin Qi heavy place, besides has the advantage to Undead Creature, also very much has the advantage regarding the practice of Ghost Cultivator. At this time other people also these corpses lifted Zhao Hai, but Zhao Hai looked that these corpses gawked, because in these corpses he actually has not felt Strength of Soul, Zhao Hai tried to lose one group of black gas to get down. Really does not have the effect, Strength of Soul all vanish from sight in these corpses. These cultivator of Zhao Hai ground, brow wrinkles was tighter, he had recalled carefully, these have to cultivator of team attack. Has any difference with others. Careful thinking, Zhao Hai suddenly has thought of a point. These cultivator besides practice boundary some not steady, their souls probably very weak, moreover in their foreheads, one group of black gas, that rolls black gas is not very normal, if Zhao Hai has not misread, that on these faces roll black gas is their Death Qi, in other words, these people did not die by their type, feared that was also can not live on much longer. However Zhao Hai can affirm that these people will not be easy dead, that rolls Death Qi to have the fishy probably, has any fishy, he has not thought understand now, but he believes that sooner or later will clarify. Person other look at Zhao Hai of being perplexed, don’t know Zhao Hai is making anything, Zhao Hai looked at Wang Hu their said : Wang Hu Big Brother, this matter some fishy, that Ghost Shadow Gang feared that is some backgrounds, if you believe that I, you in the following some time, did not want to enter this underground labyrinth, here will have the danger.” Wang Hu nodded said : well, I believe you, our following some time will not be entering this labyrinth, has Ghost Shadow Gang, we did not dare to enter this labyrinth.” Zhao Hai nodded said : that well, Wang Hu Big Brother, you first leave, I are having a look to inside, I to have a look at this Ghost Shadow Gang what's the matter.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Wang Hu immediately anxious, his quickly said: „It is not good, mister, is not really good, that was too dangerous, you are don’t know, this Ghost Shadow Gang person may be many, moreover they some people have achieved the Earth Monarch Stage strength, is remaining too to be dangerous he.”

Zhao Hai smiles said : feel relieved, I will not have the matter, you walk quickly.” Wang Hu looked that really cannot calm down Zhao Hai, nod of this not bears, puts out Jade Token , prepares leave. Zhao Hai turns, in his hand are many Transmission Formation of small shape, Zhao Hai has given Wang Hu Transmission Formation, smiles said : Wang Hu Big Brother, this gives you, later has any matter, informs me with him.” A Wang Hu face received that Transmission Formation excitedly, then after Zhao Hai good a big ritual, the crumb that Jade Token , his flash of white light, vanished in same place, in the hall other people with Wang Hu leave, these people have not dared to stay in the labyrinth. Looked that these people walked, Zhao Hai then turns the head cultivator that looked at these dead, then sighed, the hand wielded fire appears on these corpses, before long these corpses turned into ash. Zhao Hai looked at this hall, turn around sneaked in nearby cavern, three revolutions of two revolutions of disappearing traces, to be honest, Zhao Hai has not thought, some day he in returned to this underground labyrinth, but this Ghost Shadow Gang to really has brought to his attention now. Before Wang Hu said that in the underground labyrinth had some places, was listed as the forbidden area by Ghost Shadow Gang, don’t know they have done in there, Zhao Hai decided to arrive by Ghost Shadow Gang hunts for the place of forbidden area first has a look. How Zhao Hai said that also crosses in this underground labyrinth wanderer, to the place then labyrinth or very familiar with, Zhao Hai changed to a quite dangerous place before long, looked in that quite dangerous cavern in front of the door, Zhao Hai fruit immediately/on horseback notes, this cavern cave entrance, except for one generation, and beyond the skeleton symbol of danger, but also were many several characters Ghost Shadow Gang Forbidden Land, bystander no admittance!” Zhao Hai looked at one toward cave entrance, is a person does not have, but this did not express that Zhao Hai anything does not have presently, he in this cavern cave entrance here present several formation, it seems like that this cave entrance truly was by the Ghost Shadow Gang person sealing up. Zhao Hai looked at cavern one, the decision goes to have a look, but he will not go from cave entrance here, the Zhao Hai intention moves, his form sinking slowly to underground, vanish from sight, he has prepared to dive from underground, in had a look to live any matter. Zhao Hai has used Earth element Divergent Technique, he follows not to have what difference in underground in the ground, before long dodged in cavern, Zhao Hai pleasing, in this cavern, had arrange massive formation, these formation had some are the early warnings, but the majority actually all was some attack formation, if Rogue Cultivator came , was only these formation can want their lives.

In stealth toward cavern about kilometer, these formation then had vanished, but simultaneously Zhao Hai actually saw several Ghost Shadow Gang cultivator, these cultivator people black gas of between foreheads are heavier, even the bodies of their whole person are passing Death Qi, Zhao Hai even can smell a corpse stink on their bodies. The brow of Zhao Hai wrinkles was tighter, proceeded stealth about the kilometer, Zhao Hai saw very big Space finally, this Space very big, what most important was, in this Space, there is very strong Yin Qi, this Yin Qi produced Undead Creature essential thing, naturally, was thing that the Ghost Cultivator practice could not leave. But most makes Zhao Hai be what is surprised, in this huge Space, he in a feeling that gloomy feeling, that is only then after meeting Ghost Cultivator, can have the feeling that. Zhao Hai has not exited from the meeting, but then proceeds to dive in underground, suddenly he stopped, because he hears to have two people to speak, hears person said : Senior Brother, this may really be a good place, not only very beneficial practice, but also some these many disperse cultivation level we to provide Strength of Soul silly, they can turn into our corpse slaves and other several days, Senior Brother, you said that Hall Master did find this place? Heard here, but the Tyrant Blade Sect domain, doesn't Hall Master fear Tyrant Blade Sect presently we?” Another cultivator shook the head said : not, your feel relieved, among these Rogue Cultivator also has own custom, they not the here matter, optional told Tyrant Blade Sect, here was very good, we constructed a base in here, we can kill directly from here, outside Lost City to control, HaHaHa, when the time comes we have been able to come a center to blossom to Tyrant Blade Sect, even if were we were defeated, Lost City there had that many people, can provide many Strength of Soul for us, wasn't this very?” Ghost Cultivator, Zhao Hai can affirm now, the person of speech is Ghost Cultivator, they want to construct the base in here, to be honest, this arrives is really a good choice, any place unavoidable Darkness under a lamp, in Tyrant Blade Sect feared that will be nobody thinks, Ghost Cultivator will construct a base in here, if, they will move really in here, by the Tyrant Blade Sect Lost City branch Hall there strength, but could also not cope with them, Lost City will fall when the time comes to their in hand, then to the attack of Tyrant Blade Sect very big, this equal to was in Tyrant Blade Sect inserted root nail/saboteur. rs! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }