Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 22 - Chapter 2115

Zhao Hai hears that two Ghost Cultivator words, turn around wants leave, he suspected before that the change of underground labyrinth here possibly has relationship with Ghost Cultivator, otherwise is Evil Cultivator Sect or Demon Cultivator Sect, will have scruples the response of Tyrant Blade Sect, will not come underground labyrinth here to make any Ghost Shadow Gang to come out. Reason that Zhao Hai thinks that the change of underground labyrinth here, with Ghost Cultivator has relationship, most important because of the changes of these Rogue Cultivator, these Rogue Cultivator were used any method probably, enhanced own strength forcefully, but can look from complexion on these Rogue Cultivator people, this method certainly will not be any right method, if not have a big influence support, any Rogue Cultivator organization, not that big ability and that big compelling strength, under one will carry on the strength promotion to that many Rogue Cultivator. But Demon Cultivator and Evil Cultivator will not brave to offend the Tyrant Blade Sect danger, runs up to the Tyrant Blade Sect place to come up, makes Gang that such Rogue Cultivator composes, can therefore use this evil method , to promote these Rogue Cultivator this strength influence only remaining, that is Ghost Cultivator. But just talks between that two Ghost Cultivator, made Zhao Hai confirm this point, he knows now that this underground labyrinth became a Ghost Cultivator base, he did not need to keep here, he wanted immediately/on horseback leave, as soon as possible gave Sect this information telling, making Sect deal with underground labyrinth here Ghost Cultivator. When Zhao Hai just about to leave, suddenly cloudy measured the sound that does convey said : this to walk? Was not keeping a while.” As puts on the sound. Paints black Sword Qi together. Punctures toward place that Zhao Hai is. Zhao Hai hears that sound not to know well, his personal appearance moves, direct side dodges, but Zhao Hai has not thought that said Sword Qi entered underground, immediately passes on one group of black gas, then the with a bang sound explosion came. Zhao Hai shouted one not to be good darkly, he has not thought that the Sword Qi unexpectedly such formidable of opposite party, his personal appearance moved. Has put from underground, turning over stood the ground.( Reads novel.) At this time a person from in midair float over, coldly look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai saw this person time had a scare. This person long is really was too scary, his appearance looks like looks like on a skeleton is binding the one layer skin, gloomy and grim. But he actually has worn a red robe, this red robe puts in the body, making him appear strange, Zhao Hai look at his appearance, really has in one type of look at Space these Undead Creature same feelings. His head wool does not have, this makes his image look like strange, cannot see his age, however because the eye the person is too thin appears very big. Is flashing ghost flame same quiet green radiance. But at this time, all around cultivator of some black robes have encircled, Zhao Hai in middle, Zhao Hai looked at these black-clothed cultivator, these black-clothed cultivator, are some Ghost Cultivator, but these Ghost Cultivator strengths are not very strong, strongest is also Earth Monarch Stage, such strength, Zhao Hai simply does not pay attention.

Instead to is that skeleton same red-clothed Ghost Cultivator. To the feeling of Zhao Hai one type of very dangerous, Zhao Hai can affirm that fellow minimum is cultivator of Teleportation boundary. That red-clothed Ghost Cultivator also look at Zhao Hai, he suddenly laughs said : youngster, how dare you. Soul Fusion Stage youngster , the balls runs up to here. You take advantage is that Earth element Divergent Technique, now your Earth element Divergent Technique in my front, a point with does not have, what to do I think you to be able.” Zhao Hai look at that red-clothed does Ghost Cultivator, sneer said : what kind of? Your a while knew, what's wrong, you think that these fellows can leave behind me, I told you, even if were you, impossible to leave behind me, your Ghost Cultivator, will only hide in underground does not dare to see the fellow of person, matched for my match.” That red-clothed Ghost Cultivator because of Zhao Hai these words on the vitality, his coldly look at Zhao Hai said : has not listened to the tone that you spoke, should you be that Great Sect cultivator? youngster, in the report your name, having a look at the old man I to hear, if my old man has heard, perhaps will look spare your life in the share of your Sect's Master elder.” Zhao Hai look at that red-clothed Ghost Cultivator, HaHaHa laughs said : old ghost, you were really too naive, you think that I will tell you? Also matches to know that depending on you my masters elder is? To search the bottom of young master, you thought mistakenly.” That red-clothed Ghost Cultivator sneered said : you not saying that the old man does not want to know that youngster, on, grasped to me lives, the ancestor my nearest/recent was refining Magical Artifact, needed cultivator Divine Soul, I thought that he was very appropriate.” These Ghost Cultivator one hear of he said that immediately/on horseback has complied with one, then various very Magical Artifact attack toward Zhao Hai, Ghost Cultivator these people by Magical Artifact attack give priority to, few of close combat, but Ghost Cultivator these Magical Artifact, the majority is related with the ghost, therefore here may really be the bad people running wild at once, ghost screams all over the sky. Zhao Hai looks at this situation, cannot help but coldly snorted, then his hand moves, long blade appears in in his hand, Zhao Hai Blade Technique has then dispersed, blade light sparkles, all meets his blade light Malicious Ghost, all vanish from sight. Along with Zhao Hai Blade Technique, eight golden big gate appears in Zhao Hai all around, that red-clothed Ghost Cultivator saw this situation, cannot help but two eyes shrinks, calls out in alarm said : comprehend Grand Dao, did you practice this degree one set of ordinary basic chain blade unexpectedly? youngster, keeps you not to.” Said that Ghost Cultivator long expert proceeds a finger, Darkness color Sword Qi, shoots together toward Zhao Hai. The Zhao Hai in hand long blade wields, Blade Qi departs together conveniently, in his Blade Qi was bringing strong yellow light, Blade Qi and Sword Qi has hit quickly together.

Boom! a loud sound, Zhao Hai Blade Qi has counter-balanced opposite party Sword Qi unexpectedly completely, but entire cavern also shaking shakes by this energy fluctuation, probably lived the earthquake to be the same, all around innumerable dust flew. When the dust vanishes, Zhao Hai also vanished in cavern, but that red-clothed Ghost Cultivator elder saw this situation, cannot help but sneering, then stroke of his both hands on toward own eye, silently said: Specter's Ghost Eyes, opens!” Along with his sound, sound of the ghost screams transmits, then his two eyes has emitted spooky green light, is similar to two groups of ghost flame is flashing to be the same. Then his two eyes equally searched in all around like the searchlight, but looked at entire cavern, still does not have presently Zhao Hai, his complexion cannot help but ugly. Also all around looked looked at one, is still anything does not have presently, this red-clothed Ghost Cultivator, cannot help but was mad yelled that said : looked to seal up all cave entrance to me, must find him.” These Ghost Cultivator have complied with one, scatters in all directions to go, but when this Zhao Hai actually latent underground, in look at ground, not wrong, his simply has not walked, but he is carrying on the check to well up with the land of all around with his Strength of Soul now, in other words he now is earth, earth is he, therefore that Ghost Cultivator elder simply had not found him, thought him already leave. After Zhao Hai and other Ghost Cultivator walked, he does not have immediately to get up, but is still maintaining own that condition, static lying down in there, about a half hour, suddenly that leave red-clothed Ghost Cultivator in time appears in cavern, he had looked at one toward all around, then muttered said : looks like ran, was cheap your youngster, but this base feared that cannot use, what a pity, has been a pity.” Said him in time leave. But Zhao Hai still lies in there is motionless, probably he entered the condition of sitting in meditation, simply has not known that outside looked unfamiliar any matter to be the same. Also about one hour, that red-clothed Ghost Cultivator elder in time appears in cavern, he had looked at one toward all around, coldly snorted, flew away. Waits for that Ghost Cultivator elder slowly in leave, Zhao Hai is moving in underground outward, his mobility is not quick, does not have a point voice, has not caused a point energy fluctuation. Has spent for two hours, Zhao Hai to move a position of relative security, this is very ordinary cavern in underground labyrinth, without any special place, Zhao Hai believes that Ghost Cultivator wants in this underground labyrinth, to build the base, they impossible entire underground labyrinth complete control, this underground labyrinth was too big, their simply control does not live.

After Zhao Hai to this cavern, immediately started own Portable Transmission Formation, one on vanish from sight, waited for him in appears , already appears in horse carriage. horse carriage has not walked now, but stops in a unique alone institute in small town hotel, Laura they in courtyard, were not exit to play obviously. Zhao Hai appears on horse carriage, immediately puts out his communication device, gave Yin-Yang 2 elders to dial directly, Yin-Yang 2 elders immediately put through his communication device, Zhao Hai saw Yin-Yang 2 elders, immediately said : Master, has had an accident, in the Lost City there underground labyrinth, appears Ghost Cultivator, they have wanted to build the base in there, asking Master your immediately/on horseback to dispatch troops.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Yin-Yang 2 elders cannot help but complexion changes, their very clear, Zhao Hai will not crack a joke with this matter, Yin elder immediately/on horseback said : said that what's the matter? How you know that underground labyrinth there did leave Ghost Cultivator?” Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback said : previous Doppelganger Stage smelting trial time, I have gone to underground labyrinth there, knew in there Rogue Cultivator, that Rogue Cultivator helped busy that I cross at that time, I give him small Transmission Formation, I told him, if he has the danger, can contact with me with that Transmission Formation, I can add on, couple of days ago received his praying for rescue letter, I went to underground labyrinth there, has not actually thought that underground labyrinth there by one influence that called Ghost Shadow Gang gave control, I have had the suspicion to this Ghost Shadow Gang, on their control one. The piece area examined that has not actually thought that presently Ghost Cultivator, in these Ghost Cultivator, minimum had an elder of Teleportation boundary, I also took many efforts to run away.” Yin-Yang 2 elders one hear of Zhao Hai said that a complexion dignity, their immediately realized, this is a crisis, if processing is not good, regarding entire Tyrant Blade Sect, will bring the influence of very enormous. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }