Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 22 - Chapter 2116
Yin-Yang 2 elders thinks that did not say things just to frighten people, Lost City there although was not big, but to Tyrant Blade Sect General Hall was not very far, but by Lost City underground labyrinth, actually very big, that underground chamber big, knows to the present also nobody, if Ghost Cultivator must build a base in there, regarding the influence of Tyrant Blade Sect was very big, what most important was, Tyrant Blade Sect also very much can find that base, because underground labyrinth there was too big, Tyrant Blade Sect sent to exit all cultivator, may not find a Ghost Cultivator that base.

If they did not have the means to find Ghost Cultivator that base, making Ghost Cultivator slowly unfolds in underground labyrinth there, that by Tyrant Blade Sect General Hall, has suspended a timing bomb without doubt, that was too dangerous. Thinks instantaneously after understand these matters, Yin elder immediately/on horseback said : good, this matter I can the horse first on reporting Sect, your as soon as possible to your destination, had a look also to find the clue about Ghost Cultivator.” Zhao Hai complied with one, Yin elder immediately has closed communication device, in half communication device, Yin-Yang 2 elders immediately has sought an interview Sect Master, Sect Master also knows, if nothing, Yin-Yang 2 elders will not look his, his immediately welcome them to Zhantian Palace. Yin-Yang 2 elders enters Zhantian Palace, saw that Sect Master is taking a piece jade slip in the delight that there looks, in the mouth keeps said : originally is this, is really exquisite, has not thought of Butterfly Sect Butterfly Knife, unexpectedly also so many exquisite places, great.” Speaking of here Sect Master to put down in hand jade slip. What matter looked up Yin-Yang 2 elders said : also to have? I am giving my these jade slip in research Little Hai now. To be honest, Little Hai is really a talented person, this jade slip writes......” Has not waited for him saying that Yin elder beckoned with the hand to break his said : good Senior Brother, we to not listen to you today praise Little Hai, just Little Hai delivered an information, very heavy wants, you wanted immediately/on horseback to make the decision to be good.” Sect Master one hear of Yin elder said that cannot help but look one positive, his very clear. Zhao Hai these time exits, was looks for the clue about Ghost Cultivator, Yin elder said information that now Zhao Hai delivered, that was certainly related with Ghost Cultivator. All with the Ghost Cultivator related matter, is not the small matter. Sect Master deep voice is said : related with Ghost Cultivator?” Yin elder nodded said : to be related with Ghost Cultivator, but before the place is actually not us, that place that said that but in Lost City there.” Sect Master one hear of Yin elder said that cannot help but said : Lost City? Did Little Hai go to Lost City? Place that this time must go, not with the Lost City two directions? How will he know the Lost City there situation?” Yin elder beckoned with the hand said : Little Hai, when previous Doppelganger Stage practices, goes to the Lost City underground labyrinth the smelting trial, he knew in there Rogue Cultivator, that Rogue Cultivator has helped him, therefore he in leave. Has given that Rogue Cultivator small Transmission Formation, told that Rogue Cultivator, had any danger to find, couple of days ago that Rogue Cultivator looked for him, originally underground labyrinth there, already by one influence that called Ghost Shadow Gang to control, after Zhao Hai investigated Ghost Shadow Gang, presently that unexpectedly is Ghost Cultivator Gang of organization, these Ghost Cultivator want to construct a base in underground labyrinth there, Senior Brother. This matter we must attach great importance.”

Sect Master is not a fool, as soon as he listened to Yin elder saying that immediately understand this saying was representing any meaning, if made these Ghost Cultivator be in underground in really the palace builds up a base, then the threat to Tyrant Blade Sect may too be big. Sect Master one stood got up said : to knock Elite Gathering Bell. entire sect enters to an extremely alert posture, orders Lost City branch Hall. Under immediately/on horseback fief the maze entrance, simultaneously requisition in Lost City to underground labyrinth familiar Rogue Cultivator.” immediately some people have complied with one, transmitted orders, Sect Master transferred two in underground, turns the head look at Yin-Yang 2 elders said : Little Hai? How hasn't he come back?” Yin elder shook the head said : I to make Little Hai go to that small town to have a look, our here knows in any case this information, he did come back to be the same.” Sect Master nodded said : also well, the preparation, this matter must make Supreme Elder act to be good.” Yin-Yang 2 elders nodded, they regarding this time matter also attach great importance to, their very clear, if makes these Ghost Cultivator construct really that base, the trouble of that Tyrant Blade Sect only meets even bigger, therefore underground labyrinth there must clean up cleanly is good. What response Zhao Hai and don’t know Sect here is, after he gives Yin-Yang 2 elders sent the letter, from horse carriage walked out, in this yard nobody, Laura they obviously is goes out to play, Zhao Hai has not cared, transferred in the non- institute, he returned to on horse carriage, at heart actually cannot help but has remembered the matter of underground labyrinth. Thought of the underground labyrinth, Zhao Hai has cannot help but thought that Little Thing that initially he accepted, that Little Thing unexpectedly was a treasure hunt mouse, this arrived stems from unexpected of Zhao Hai, but afterward he in closing up, made that Little Thing enter Space, now that Little Thing, has become the mouse king in Space. Zhao Hai moves, that Little Thing grasping, that Little Thing, saw Zhao Hai, immediately called cheerfully, the Zhao Hai look at Little Thing appearance, cannot help but shows a faint smile, gently feels this Little Thing, put out several dried meat to eat to him. Little Thing stands on the shoulder of Zhao Hai is eating the dried meat, now this Little Thing compared with original fat many, but the appearance to was appears is more lovable. In happy that a person of mouse plays, suddenly Zhao Hai hears a sound to transmit said : Zhao Hai, you are listening to me, your woman in my hand, if you want your woman, to the outside the city Mt. Baitou, I in there wait for you.” The sound goes far away gradually, to vanish from sight.

However Zhao Hai actually knows this sound, because he has dealt with Master of this sound, Master of this sound, making Zhao Hai raise world, becomes True Spirit Realm here famous young Expert, Master of this sound is Lu Sheng, the day becomes aware sword Lu Sheng. The Zhao Hai facial expression cannot help but gawked, meets to begin to wield release Demon Horse, jumped to start, Demon Horse long hissing, jumped from courtyard, ran toward outside the city. Before long Zhao Hai ran from the inn, was quick he to see Mt. Baitou, Zhao Hai command(er) in the Demon Horse direct Mt. Baitou was running, he can feel clearly that in Mt. Baitou there, the very formidable aura is waiting for him in there, but that aura he very familiar, was Lu Sheng. Zhao Hai has not stopped, hits the immediately/on horseback mountain directly, this Mt. Baitou is not the famous mountain, the appearance of the mountain actually very precipitous, but is not very high, but Demon Horse that is the mountaineering crosses the water to go easily and freely, on this mountain is not not a problem. Different place Zhao Hai arrived at the summit of Mt. Baitou, distant he saw Lu Sheng, simultaneously he also saw Laura they, Laura they the anchorage the personal appearance, were being stood in there eager look at Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai looked that Laura they are all right, this changed Lu Sheng the vision, look at Zhao Hai of Lu Sheng face hatred, looks at Zhao Hai to look to him, he then sneers said : Zhao Hai, has not thought that you unexpectedly are unreasoning passion seed, HaHaHa, I had just caught your woman, your immediately ran, good, fantastic, I thought how you also how escaped from my palm.” Since Zhao Hai jumped down from Demon Horse, receives Demon Horse, looked at Lu Sheng one, sneers said : to deal with your such villain I also with running? Previous the person of running is not I.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that the Lu Sheng face sentiment on hate was thicker, he looked at Zhao Hai said : only to assume the villain of advantage of argument, today my you die, I not only wanted you dead, I must person killing of you cared about, I must make you feel pain that initially I felt.” Zhao Hai suddenly smiles said : „? Do you kill them? You to kill to me think that.” Lu Sheng one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but stares, then his complexion cannot help but changes, because he could not feel that Laura they, Lu Sheng turned the head to look, actually presently Laura they already vanish from sight. Actually Zhao Hai just saw Laura they time noted, them did not have existence of Cai'er among Laura, in other words Cai'er entered to Space, therefore his immediately spoke with Lu Sheng, attracted the Lu Sheng attention, then Cai'er immediately they drew in Laura Space, therefore and other Lu Sheng, when responded, Laura they already vanish from sight.

Lu Sheng complexion changes, then he turns the head look at Zhao Hai, ruthless sound said : good, Zhao Hai, I was underestimated you, but this it doesn't matter, you came on the line, you came today, do not want to walk, suffered to death!” Said that Lu Sheng pulls out own long sword, a sword cuts toward Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai coldly snorted, the hand moves, long blade also appears in in his hand, „the person who his look at Lu Sheng said : all dares to move my woman, must die completely, you are also same.” Said that lifts the blade to welcome. Boom! a loud sound, Zhao Hai has hit together with the Lu Sheng sword, what makes Lu Sheng complexion change, Zhao Hai Spiritual Qi is not unexpectedly worse than him, their these time spells hardly unexpectedly is evenly matched, is on a par! The Lu Sheng diving posture draws back, face shocking look at Zhao Hai, inconceivable said : this is how possible, you are only Soul Fusion Stage cultivator, why your Spiritual Qi so strong, why is this?” Zhao Hai look at Lu Sheng sneered said : I already saying that you also practiced compared with me for two years, the time that if we practiced same was long, I killed you to be easy as pie, the previous time, you missed have killed my opportunity, you were not having such opportunity, later only then I killed your share, suffered to death saying that Zhao Hai Blade Technique dispersing, gave the circle Lu Sheng directly in his blade circle. Lu Sheng presently, he has made a very enormous mistake quickly, that is he should not fight with Zhao Hai in the ground, he should fly, because he is in the ground to put together Blade Technique with Zhao Hai hardly, is by his athletic event in which one is weak, comes to hit with Zhao Hai most mean terms, he can be victorious Zhao Hai, that called strangely, but he was not worried that this several days his Sword Technique progressive very fast, what most important was, cultivator of his Teleportation boundary, he can carry on the short distance in the fight Teleportation , this was the Teleportation boundary strongest place.( To be continued.! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }