Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 22 - Chapter 2117

Lu Sheng although presently the Zhao Hai Spiritual Qi density with him almost, however Zhao Hai boundary absolutely is Soul Fusion Stage, falls far short compared with Teleportation Stage , because of this, therefore he has the confidence certainly to defeat Zhao Hai, because he believes that Zhao Hai will not fly, will not move instantaneously, this is he to winning Magical Treasure However Lu Sheng also has to recognize, Zhao Hai Blade Technique formidable, he probably find opportunity that strikes to kill really very much, otherwise Zhao Hai all can use his Blade Technique, blocks his attack, such words troubled. However before wants to attack, first he must do is, leave Zhao Hai blade circle, only then leave the Zhao Hai blade circle, he has been able at hitting the person status that but not hit although Lu Sheng knows that in Zhao Hai also has flight Monster Beast, but he actually did not fear, reason that previous time he by Zhao Hai flight Monster Beast compelling that distressedly , because he just entered to the Teleportation boundary, is not the adaptation flight, this by Zhao Hai that several flight Monster Beast matching distressedly, if this Zhao Hai in release his these Monster Beast, he can defeat these Monster Beast certainly, can certainly Thinks of here, Lu Sheng first own Sword Technique complete dispersing, used that Space, immediately has used the technique of Teleportation , personal appearance flashes, left the Zhao Hai blade circle, then has flown in midair Zhao Hai looks at the Lu Sheng movement, cannot help but slightly stares, but at this time has flown in midair Lu Sheng look at Zhao Hai appearance, cannot help but laughs said :Zhao Hai, you have forgotten, I am cultivator of Teleportation boundary, I can fly, but you actually can only below look at, have the skill you your flight Monster Beast you to look that in release how I cut to kill them The Zhao Hai look at Lu Sheng appearance, sneered said : Frog at the bottom of the well saying that the Zhao Hai shape moved, unexpectedly also floating flew, was separated by hundred meters to stand firm with Lu Sheng in in midair Lu Sheng looks at the Zhao Hai appearance, is then his complexion cannot help but changes, his squawk said : this is impossible, can you fly? Is this impossible?” Zhao Hai sneers said : my boundary although not to arrive at the Teleportation boundary, however my Spiritual Qi is not worse than you, why you can fly I unable to fly Lu Sheng gawked suddenly in speaking he thought rational that Zhao Hai said that to the Teleportation boundary time, cultivator can fly, this with cultivator boundary irrelevant, but was related with the Spiritual Qi density, you had the Spiritual Qi density of Teleportation boundary, you can also fly, Zhao Hai although boundary has not arrived at the Teleportation boundary now, however his Spiritual Qi density similar he naturally also has actually been able to fly with cultivator of Teleportation boundary Lu Sheng complexion changes, then cold sound said : will be you will fly to be also what kind, I same can kill you saying that Lu Sheng will wield the in hand long sword, direct Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai has also lifted the blade to welcome They have fought more than ten rounds, Lu Sheng complexion completely changed, he has not thought that strength of Zhao Hai in sky so will be unexpectedly strong, only more than ten rounds completely suppressed him Actually Lu Sheng and don’t know, if compared in fighting strength in sky, True Spirit Realm here person, but also real can't compare with Lower Realm Ascenders, Lower Realm Ascenders, was already used to fight in the flight in the Lower Realm flight, but True Spirit Realm here is different, True Spirit Realm here cultivator, although to certain time will go to the Soaring Dragon Realm there smelting trial, how to have in there practice flight however them with has compared in Lower Realm flight Zhao Hai, must discuss the fight in sky, ten Lu Sheng impossible are the Zhao Hai matches The Lu Sheng sword circle was pressed a very small range, several hand over the Zhao Hai blade almost to chop, this also makes the cold sweat on Lu Sheng face brave, but he has not actually stopped, resistance that still carries on, but in his eye is actually the none remaining sparkles, obviously is planning anything They fought more than ten rounds, a Zhao Hai blade broke the Lu Sheng defense circle, a blade chopped on the shoulder of Lu Sheng, looked that this blade saw the merit, on the face of Zhao Hai cannot help but has also shown a smiling face

But at this time, Lu Sheng two eyes twinkling brightly suddenly, his personal appearance instantaneously vanished in the light place, next quarter he already appears in the Zhao Hai skill, but his behind Zhao Hai, on neck had actually been delimited a sword by him However on the face of Lu Sheng does not have any happy expression, because he can feel clearly that just that sword, a resistance did not have, in other words he has not delimited Zhao Hai, that sword he delimited in the Zhao Hai remnant shade At this moment, Zhao Hangran appears in his front, almost with standing of his face placard face in there, Lu Sheng one startled, the personal appearance will draw in the future back, but he simultaneously actually felt that own Chest one cool, he lowers the head looked that the present blade is pulling out from his Chest, but warm-blooded of his Chest, just like fountain same wells up Lu Sheng dull look at this situation, what some little time he bright grew in vain, he puzzled looked at Zhao Hai one, muttered said : this to be possible? Is this Teleportation ? How do you achieve?” Zhao Hai look at Lu Sheng sneers said : you not to think that I did arrive at the Teleportation boundary? I have not arrived at the Teleportation boundary, but you have forgotten, in this world also has one type of thing to be called Divergent Technique, I will thing is Divergent Technique, my Divergent Technique is Space Divergent Technique, I can carry on Teleportation , you did not know about my simply that thinks, when my match, Lu Sheng, can live unexpectedly to your such person now, this is really miracle Lu Sheng one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but a blood has spat, he is pointing at Zhao Hai said : you, you......” said that his downward carries, falls directly on the ground, passed away The Zhao Hai look at Lu Sheng appearance, sneers said : to depend on you, wants my life, my Zhao Hai life was is not not valuable saying that Zhao Hai wielded, received in the Lu Sheng corpse Space, simultaneously he also declined from sky He just one declined from sky, felt that distant place several person's shadow direct here fly, Zhao Hai stares, immediately guessed correctly that this possibly is Tyrant Blade Sect reinforcement, he now after all in the Tyrant Blade Sect domain, some people such loud provokes Zhao Hai, if Tyrant Blade Sect was unable to make the proper response, that Tyrant Blade Sect feared that was already given to carry, but in that small town did not have no Expert, Expert now Evening that Zhao Hai also doesn't blame they come, he and Lu Sheng finished to the fight from the contact, altogether also didn't take long, these people can such quickly catch up, is quick Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback waved Laura their let out, Laura they just release to come several black-clothed Tyrant Blade Sect cultivator on appears in Mt. Baitou, these people quick on present Zhao Hai, person of lead have howled, several people declined from sky have gotten down Zhao Hu, altogether six people all were the Teleportation boundaries Waits for these people to fall to his front Zhao Hai immediately holds the fist in the other hand said : Zhao Hai to see Senior Brother to that several people, Senior Brother the virtue of aid, Zhao Hai in here thanks a lot What takes the lead to help is one looks like 30-year-old cultivator, his long thin face such as the iron color, looks is a very serious person, he returns a courtesy to Zhao Hai, deep voice said : Zhao Junior Brother, just I listened to some people saying that he has caught your wife other people?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : jumping clown, had been given to kill by me That person of lead knit the brows said : Zhao Junior Brother, now is not cracking a joke time, I heard that person probably is Expert of Teleportation boundary, what condition he makes you accept his, therefore your wife putting?”

Zhao Hai stares, he has not thought that really this person thinks, he shows a faint smile, then shook the head said : Senior Brother you to be many that person of I to know actually that I have the knot with him, perhaps his name you have heard, he is Lu Sheng that unparalleled gives, today looks for me who I revenge specially with the Lu Sheng enmity, opens so is easy to settle, said it, what I will not look like Lu Sheng to lower the head will not accept his condition That person of lead stares, then his did complexion change said : „you are says you killing Lu Sheng?” Zhao Hai nodded, meets to begin to wield, Lu Sheng appears in the Zhao Hai side, Zhao Hai has smiled said : to that person Senior Brother, knew that the day becomes aware the sword, Lu Sheng, but he now, is my Person immediately of that lead felt that Lu Sheng Death Qi, he also heard Zhao Hai can turn into Undead Creature the person, when sees Lu Sheng, he could not bear hold breath a cold air, that was Lu Sheng, true Teleportation boundary cultivator, unexpectedly was turned into Undead Creature by Zhao Hai now, he does not believe to the present some Zhao Hai wields, received Lu Sheng, smiles said : present Senior Brother to believe? I have not deceived you That cultivator of lead looked at Zhao Hai one, muttered said : this to be possible? How do you achieve?” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : you to forget our Tyrant Blade Sect Blade Command, this time I came out, Master to let me maintained life, may not only give me a piece Blade Command, on my wife was also bringing Blade Command, that Lu Sheng caught them, was not hits the mildew One hear of Zhao Hai said that the appearance that a that cultivator cannot help but face of lead is suddenly enlighted, then he laughs said : so that's how it is, has not thought that this Lu Sheng will carry unexpectedly on Blade Command, I think that Lu Sheng has also forgotten our Tyrant Blade Sect cultivator, could Portable bring Blade Command, but Junior Brother your Blade Command, was Yin-Yang 2 elders personally, this also got what one deserves he to have bad luck Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, he does not want to make this cultivator know his strength, therefore he pulled on this matter Blade Command, in fact Laura they grasping gained Zhao Hai although somewhat to worry by Lu Sheng, was somewhat indignant, but he was not the ten points, he knows that Laura their bodies were bringing Blade Command, if because of in the city, did not fear that the wound to too many people, Laura they feared already moved Blade Command, Lu Sheng simply was impossible to catch them Zhao Hai to that cultivator said : „the don’t know Senior Brother Gao given name, several Senior Brother was laborious today, please several Senior Brother arrive in front small town, our drinking well one cup how?” That cultivator of lead, shows a faint smile said : „below Ji City branch Hall, Tie Gong, this several are my Junior Brother, already heard that Zhao Haidi your alcohol capacity favors, well will drink to heart's content with you turns Zhao Hai laughs said : Senior Brother to invite first, we arrive at Tie Gong conveniently not politely, holds the fist in the other hand to Zhao Hai, is leading his several Junior Brother, the direct small town direction runs But a Zhao Hai time turned the head to look at Laura their eyes, looked has felt dizzy past Qiu Tie, Qiu Tie their together was also grasped with Laura, just Cai'er to save them, drew in them Space directly, they will certainly not make him know Space secret, when drew them to Space, Cai'er Qiu Tie making fainted in the past, now has not waked Zhao Hai wields, release Demon Horse, deep voice said : has awakened the small iron, we went back Laura to comply with one, has put out Spatial Water, drenching gently to the face of Qiu Tie on, Qiu Tie one woke smartly

After he wakes, the first matter that handles is turning over, has pulled out oneself long blade, awakes around cautious look at, when he sees Zhao Hai, two eyes shows the pleasantly surprised facial expression, received the blade, to Zhao Heli said : Young Master, you came back, was unfair to Young Master, I cannot protect good Young Madame The Zhao Hai look at Qiu Tie appearance, shows a faint smile said : not, small iron, your done was very good, your response was also quick, was good, does not need to rebuke oneself, we went back saying that has patted the shoulder of Qiu Tie, has arrived by Demon Horse, on turning over Demon Horse, turned the head their said : to start to Laura, we returned to the city Laura they to comply with one, on turning over rode, with Zhao Hai together, ran toward in the city Before long several people arrived at in the city, that yard that returned to they lived, Tie Gong they were waiting for Zhao Hai in that yard they, Tie Gong they now curious was sizing up Zhao Hai that horse carriage, expressing admiration that in the mouth kept Looked at Zhao Hai to come back, Tie Gong cannot help but to Zhao Hai sighed that said : Zhao Junior Brother, your this horse carriage may really be fantastic, this was a family of migration this journey is a little is not quite probably convenient Zhao Hai said : is being a little, but this, if were good because of outdoor, with does not have what difference in here at home, therefore I have used him, this is in Lower Realm, work of the game, after Sect, modified, these time must happen to go out the smelting trial, took with, making Senior Brother be laughed at Tie Gong shook the head said : I not to be laughed, Zhao Junior Brother, do you also make such horse carriage to be what kind to me? The material I leave Zhao Hai one hear of Tie Gong said that cannot help but smiles said : this ease in doing, but after must wait for my returned to Sect, moreover Senior Brother you do not need to make that with my this exactly the same, you can redesign to the car(riage), designs appearance that you like, when the time comes you help you refine and that's the end Tie Gong great happiness said : good, was good I to thank Junior Brother in here you, Junior Brother you were don’t know, my Master birthday must arrive, what gift my don’t know must give him, if Junior Brother you can this horse carriage refinement as soon as possible, I deliver this horse carriage to work as the gift, but when don’t know can build up, can five years of dodging build up?” Zhao Hai stares, his quickly said: Wants my returned to Sect, immediately to begin to refine, does not need long time, Senior Brother to invite feel relieved { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }