Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 22 - Chapter 2118

After Tie Gong sends off, Zhao Hai also let out a long breath, he knows that today's matter is impossible to conceal the truth, will fear is it will not take long, the True Spirit Realm here person knows, matter that he and Lu Sheng will fight, but can advance Blade Command to come up at this matter well However this matter actually proposed one to awake to Zhao Hai, he now is only Soul Fusion Stage cultivator, if he displayed extremely in outstanding, that will be is given in the caring by other Sect. However Zhao Hai does not go to initiative being bullied because of this, others will hit the matter that his he will not hit back and so on are will not live absolutely, he can make a move, butcher the person at the worst finally, will push toward Blade Command on and that's the end Stayed for day in small town, they explained to Laura the underground labyrinth there situation, Laura they to this situation also very concerned about, after all this are relationship to the entire Tyrant Blade Sect big matter, but they now are also the Tyrant Blade Sect people Next morning Zhao Hai their leave small town, will walk toward their this time item of collection places, all the way but this they walk to is very smooth, in has not run into any enemy Just as is such that Zhao Hai thinks, his with Lu Sheng to war, and information that striking to kill Lu Sheng, has spread on Continent now, but in this information has not mentioned Blade Command, but said that Zhao Hai striking to kill Lu Sheng Naturally believes this information also few, although now Zhao Hai is Soul Fusion Stage cultivator, but Lu Sheng also same has stabilized own boundary, he now was strength formidable Teleportation boundary cultivator, cultivator of Teleportation boundary, coped with Soul Fusion Stage cultivator, that was also not easy, perhaps some people have helped Zhao Hai, perhaps because of other reason Finally people suddenly has thought of the Zhao Hai status, Zhao Hai, but Tyrant Blade Sect Inner Disciples, but his teacher is in Tyrant Blade Sect strength formidable Yin-Yang 2 elders information that if passes on most from the beginning said that Zhao Hai with Blade Command Lu Sheng killing, other people will possibly think this matter some fishy, perhaps they do not believe Tyrant Blade Sect Blade Command is other Sect very headaches thing, but this Blade Command is a Tyrant Blade Sect tradition, other Sect cannot achieve this point, this is also the loving care of Tyrant Blade Sect to disciple, similarly is also one year of sign of Tyrant Blade Sect unity For this reason, therefore Tyrant Blade Sect disciple, when amateur moves is other Sect is not willing to meet, because of your attack this Tyrant Blade Sect disciple, he might suddenly leave one to draw on very much, moreover this big move of minimum or this of Teleportation boundary will be other Sect person most headache places

Because nobody disturbs, Zhao Hai their was also quicker, four days later, Zhao Hai they arrived at that abandoning small town finally Zhao Hai sharply has not been entering to the small town, but drew back then him to arrive at horse carriage above outside the small town horse carriage, static look at small town This is one is not very big small town, the entire small town also more than 300 families, the person is not many, besides a main street, did not have any special place The house is also not very neat, looks like scattered and organized, probably is the same after the special design, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback said : Laura you carry on to analyze to Space the map income of this small town, attention, not only need think whether he can compose formation, what most important is must have a look, the street design of this small town is more suitable to escape or fight, True Spirit Realm here is different from Cultivation World there, Cultivation World there almost does not have what land war, but at the True Spirit Realm here land war, has actually occupied a large part, therefore also considers to these issue Laura they complied with one, immediately returned to in horse carriage started to be busy, but has actually followed to Qiu Tie that these matters did not understand in the Zhao Hai side, he looked at all around one vigilantly, then deep voice said : Young Master, didn't we go in?” Zhao Hai looked at Qiu Tie one, shows a faint smile said : to act against heaven this small town in there, our earlier goes in the late point yes, first outside observation well, if really does not have anything presently, we in going in Qiu Tie nodded, he carefully observed all around situation, suddenly Qiu Tie is noting a situation, his cannot help but gently knitting the brows head, then turned the head look at Zhao Hai, his don’t know does Zhao Hai have presently, therefore does not dare to speak irresponsibly Zhao Hai also noted the Qiu Tie appearance, his puzzled said : small iron? You present what?” Qiu Tie one hear of Zhao Hai asked that immediately/on horseback said : Young Master, this small town all around tree is somewhat strange, this small tree all around tree should be for a long time nobody has handled, but these set up initially in planting have exquisite very much, you look at these trees Zhao Hai one hear of Qiu Tie said that cannot help but stares, then he also attention as centralized as these trees on, quick lets him presently the different place, these tree unusual, you looked really for the first time probably does not have anything, but careful looked actually presently distance between these tree and tree very has exquisite, what most important is, these trees are comprised of the almost different trees, the entire small town is given to surround by the tree probably, but the tree of surrounding small town, the type really had several this to be many, this on some were strange

But makes Zhao Hai feel what is surprised, he presently unexpectedly recognize not the entire these trees, this makes Zhao Hai cannot help but frown But at this time Qiu Tie then said : Young Master, my grandfather very much liked manipulating these flowers and plants, he also knew regarding some trees and medicinal herbs that I am very long in the together time with him, therefore I also knew that many trees, regarding some botanical garden also research, Young Master you pay attention, this small town all around trees although is not the precious variety, but these tree unions in together, will actually produce the one type of slight smell, this smell does not have what effect regarding the person, but actually will be very much will actually be effective by many Monster Beast, the nose of Monster Beast compared with the nose of person must. Keen, this smell meets their very uncomfortable, therefore these Monster Beast, majority of will not come this small town Speaking of here Qiu Tie to draw back, his then said : „, moreover these forest position very special, these tree these years were nobody reorganized, if reorganized, these tree President so were not high, if made these trees maintain three to about five meters altitude, then these Monster Beast entered to that piece of forest, presbyopia, even if were cultivator enters to forest , must transfer quite a while can come out this is visual deceit in one type of gardening Zhao Hai nodded, complexion dignified, he looked at small town all around one, deep voice said : around this small town these trees is destroyed, however here person actually by Monster Beast attack, but the death here surface it seems like had the issue Qiu Tie nodded in saying anything, Zhao Hai look at his appearance, cannot help but shows a faint smile said : good, after small iron, light do not think the practice, must study other thing, when knows cultivator that Dao Cultivator practices, his strength although is very strong, however has, later has anything that actually very suffers a loss outside presently saying that I who does not use will blame you Qiu Tie one hear of Zhao Hai said that immediately/on horseback nodded said : is, Young Master, I knew Zhao Hai nodded, the facial expression somewhat doubts heavily sizes up this small town, initially Tyrant Blade Sect person simply had not been suspecting this small town has any issue, therefore carried on some simple investigations also to put down to this small tree, this time they come, to disappear to be able presently some clues However disappearing of Zhao Hai report is not very big, the time that after all this small town abandons was too long, these Ghost Cultivator should not in returned to here, because such words too take risked In small town external stayed entire the day, in this period Laura they have been analyzing in horse carriage, but Zhao Hai does not have to stay in horse carriage there, he led Qiu Tie to gather round the small town to transfer one carefully to observe situation outside the small town, observed situation in the small town from each one angles In the evening when Zhao Hong on Qiu Tie returned to horse carriage Laura also finished, sees Zhao Hai to come back, Laura immediately Zhao Hai receiving in the horse carriage living room, is suspending computer on the table of horse carriage living room, this computer can demonstrate the three-dimensional image

But now on computer demonstrates is this small town situation, including these trees that Zhao Hai and Qiu Tie note, then Laura is pointing at small town hologram likely Elder Brother Hai to Zhao Hai said :, you guess does not have the mistake, this small town although has not formed any formation, but these houses of this small town, have the characteristics, if some people attack this small town, these house will be the same on likely the labyrinth, could not be found the thing north and south, outside the very suitable street fighting, in other words, this small town although looks like very ordinary, but is actually to do to fight, but preparation Lizzy connection said : in small town, several very covert escaping passage, these escape passage, is not the small town person, feared that is very difficult to know said Lizzy has referred to small town hologram, on hologram immediately appears several red lines, Zhao Hai looked that these red lines were startled These red lines in the small town, able to move unhindered pass through, but these lines have some are pass through from courtyard, looking from the semblance, some places even are the blind alleys, has not actually thought that simply is the escaping route Zhao Hai knit the brows said : „, if looks like, here was Ghost Cultivator has certainly managed many years of base, like a base, they can giving up easily? It seems like is impossible, yesterday we arrive in the town to go to careful look, I to have a look, these Ghost Cultivator in being up to mischief Laura deep voice said : I think Ghost Cultivator not such easily gives up this basically, you looked at here, although for a long time nobody lived, but the room maintained still very complete, few devils can patronize, normally such place, should some people live, but has actually left uncultivated in here, this somewhat could not really be justified, therefore I believe that the here situation was possibly related with Ghost Cultivator, perhaps they also want to keep here, after preparing used Zhao Hai nodded said : here although or the Tyrant Blade Sect control range, but is actually the surrounding, control of Tyrant Blade Sect to here is not very strict is dense, even here little will have Tyrant Blade Sect cultivator to come, this also said that here is absolutely possible becomes a Ghost Cultivator base, therefore Ghost Cultivator is keeping this small town, prepares as a base after battle, has the possibility very much { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }