Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 22 - Chapter 2119

Laura deep voice said : „, if is really such, that this small town, might leave behind some spider's thread and horse track very much, but will not be many.” Zhao Hai nodded said : „, moreover later this small town possibly really by these Ghost Cultivator discarding, me has thought that now these Ghost Cultivator presently they the person in Tyrant Blade Sect had been tidied up, in adding on our these time arrives at here, their understand, they nail/saboteur in Tyrant Blade Sect will have been pulled out, moreover all has incurred, that here they will not be using.” Laura nodded said : well, now only hopes that beforehand Ghost Cultivator has left behind any present rope in here, and has not cleaned up, such tomorrow we can find some clues.” Zhao Hai nodded, looks at outside one pitch-dark small town, deep voice said : tomorrow was saying that today rest well, raised fully the spirit.” The people complied with one, immediately have rested. Zhao Hai lies down in own in the room, his side is lying down Julie, they rest just soundly, suddenly Zhao Hai has opened the eye fiercely, one sat, but at the same time Julie also fiercely opened the eye to sit. Julie looked at Zhao Hai one, Zhao Hai nodded, then they have stood from the bed, has worn the clothes, fast to platform that in horse carriage has gone against, looked toward the small town. ” Small town there greatly changed now, the entire small town such as is ordinary with the pandemonium, above appears of small town one group of Dark mist, that has rolled Dark mist covering the entire small town, in the small town is Yin Wind is more intermittent, is adding on lighting a lamp light not to have, to appearing is really similar to the pandemonium. although small town here appears like the pandemonium, but is a ghost had not seen actually actually, but that intermittent Yin Qi lets Zhao Hai being startled. The appearance of Zhao Hai look at small town, the knitting the brows head of gently, his don’t know small town there lived anything, but can affirm that small town here has certainly the matter fresh. In this time, the dark cloud in suddenly sky is diverging, moon appears in sky. Then heard in the small town to spread very sad and shrill ghost cries, then one group of phantom appears on small town, but made Zhao Hai feel what was strange, the clothes that this phantom wore were not warrior cloth, but was ordinary farmer -type clothes . It looks like the body is not high. It looks like ordinary peasant on any small town. That phantom static standing on small town, then he to the direction of moon, dull is standing, but the snow white moonlight shoots together toward him. But that moonlight shoots his body, his body has emitted the intermittent silver light, but moonlight also vanish from sight. Zhao Hai and Julie look at that phantom, stayed one dull, they can affirm. That phantom is a cleverness, but he is absorbing the moonlight to practice.

But Zhao Hai almost can affirm that ghost is a wild ghost, ghost who he not raised, outside the ghost who because all people raise, will little put makes him absorb the moonlight to practice, because such is not only slow, but also was too easy to expose, therefore Zhao Hai can affirm. This ghost wild. In Ghost Cultivator once domain, will really have a wild beast? What situation is this? Zhao Hai felt that own head some use unavoidably. Zhao Hai turns the head to Julie said : Julie, you keep here, called everyone/Great Clan, making everyone/Great Clan careful. I have a look to the small town.” Julie nodded, she has not gone to prevent Zhao Hai, because of their Zhao Hai strength, she believes that Zhao Hai will not have the matter. Diving posture of Zhao Hai from horse carriage under. Walks toward the small town, he when outside small town. That is only clever to the arrival of Zhao Hai did not respond that resembles Zhao Hai simply not to exist to be the same, when Zhao Hai just entered to the small town, that ghost immediately present Zhao Hai, then he called out to throw. Zhao Hai has gawked, but afterward he presently, that ghost simply do not injure his meaning, but keeps in his all around inconsiderately shout, screaming, such is frightening him probably. Zhao Hai sees this situation on some ignorant, he has prepared for has fought, who knew his match actually simply does not give him such opportunity. This ghost strength is not weak, Zhao Hai looked, by this ghost present strength, almost a equivalent to ghost has challenged, if according to the algorithm of population cultivator , had almost the Earth Monarch Stage strength the person, his can probably't attack the appearance? Zhao Hai look at that only also keeping frightens own ghost, what good solid don’t know said that he sighed said : not to bustle about, I know that you can understand the words that I spoke, said that did you want to do?” As soon as the ghost listens to Zhao Hai, cannot help but stares, dull look at Zhao Hai, some little time that ghost look at Zhao Hai said : „don't you fear me? Why?” The appearance of Zhao Hai look at that ghost, forced smile said : I am cultivator, you said that I will fear the ghost?” As soon as the ghost listened to Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but gawked, then complexion changed, immediately knelt next step to Zhao Hai: Sir cultivator, have seen Sir, villain has no intention to affront the Sir, asking the Sir to excuse me.”

Appearance that Zhao Hai looks at this ghost, has cannot help but gawked, but he beckoned with the hand said : to be good, all right, gets up, what's the matter?” After ghost, look at Zhao Hai said : Sir, my real don’t know what's the matter, I did not live in this time, but suddenly one day, to one crowd of Monster Beast, these Monster Beast sees the person to kill, I remember that my parents were killed, at that time Monster Beast threw to me, later my anything also don’t know, afterward don’t know how long I had awaked, but in the small town a person did not have at that time, but I cannot leave the small town, therefore can only live in small town here, afterward on small town some people, I. Notified these people, they all ran away in fear.” The appearance of Zhao Hai look at that ghost, in one time inspired said : when you are presently, oneself became the ghost, when also starts to practice?” Ghost look at Zhao Hai shook the head said : Sir, I do not remember that I only know, when has moon, I will feel that very comfortable, as for practicing anything, I do not understand.” The appearance of Zhao Hai look at that ghost, deep voice said : „do that you daytime hide in there?” Zhao Hai very clear, as long as is the ghost, generally very fears up, therefore this ghost daytime time, certainly will hide. Ghost deep voice said : in the well of our family, there has a piece Stone, I when there am staying feels very comfortably, therefore my daytime time hides in that well.” Does Zhao Hai frown said : not to come cultivator before me?” The ghost shook the head said : I not to remember that wakes to start from me, has not come to small town here in existing cultivator, the Sir you are first.” Zhao Hai nodded said : to get me to have a look to your house/family.” The ghost does not dare to neglect, has complied with one, leading Zhao Hai to walk toward the small town, before long arrived in a small town courtyard, this courtyard in the small town surrounding, belongs to most unvalued that one type of. Enters this yard, Zhao Hai felt that Yin Qi in this yard specially heavy, Zhao Hai looked at a yard that well, Yin Qi were braving from the well. Zhao Hai has arrived at well there, looked toward the well, immediately/on horseback he feels some a piece Stone issues in well, that Stone although mixes with other Stone in together, a point is also common, but Zhao Hai actually felt very formidable Yin Qi from that Stone.

Zhao Hai wields, that Stone flew from the well, the ghost somewhat intensely is paying attention to Zhao Hai, he also really feared that Zhao Hai this Stone taking away, his shelter did not have. Zhao Hai look at their appearances, show a faint smile said : not to need to be worried that you go in now, I send you to a place, you can hand over many friends in there, always stays you in here is stronger.” As soon as the ghost listened to Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but somewhat hesitated, because inborn to fearing of cultivator, he clenched teeth finally, directly entered in that Stone, Zhao Hai turned, has thrown into that Stone Space. Stone just entered to Space, in Space immediately transmits prompt speaking sounds: Presently Yin Spirit Stone, analyzes the ingredient, is one type of attribute special Stone, originally does not have attribute, but came under the influence of environment to produce attribute, can make Yin Spirit reside, had the protection to do to use regarding Yin Spirit, cultivator wore, can make cultivator Strength of Soul be increased, simultaneously in cultivator was killed, can make the cultivator soul escape into to Yin Spirit Stone, has been preserved, Space produced the Yin Spirit Stone ore, Host can examine.” Zhao Hai has gawked, he has not thought that really can be this, he cannot help but curiously has arrived at side of that well, in that is presently cloudy really also has intermittent Yin Qi, but was weaker. Zhao Hai one on understand person, no wonder here has met appears Yin Spirit Stone, this mine shaft has small Yin vein, but that Yin Spirit Stone, was affected by Yin vein, therefore slowly turns into Yin Spirit Stone. Zhao Hai also closes many understand now, here although is Ghost Cultivator Stronghold, but Ghost Cultivator is very sly, lives in many true commoner in here, finally to guarantee that several sneaks in Ghost Cultivator to Tyrant Blade Sect not by the person presently anything, therefore they have brought in Monster Beast, has killed the here residents, but that was only just clever, is only ordinary occupying of here, he truly was killed, is just in courtyard of their family just right has small Yin vein, this small Yin vein, these Ghost Cultivator has not paid attention, then this small Yin vein. Bred a piece Yin Spirit Stone, after that youngster was killed, his soul ran up to Yin Spirit Stone, because he was not cultivator, therefore his Strength of Soul very weak, stayed for a long time to come out in Yin Spirit Stone, when he came out, don’t know many years, this small town already had also abandoned, came in also nobody, therefore he also met some to live in here commoner, ran away in fear by him, in here on excellent. although nobody can confirm that now Zhao Hai this saying is right, but Zhao Hai actually thinks he guesses possibly was mistakenly, will otherwise not live such skillful matter. However this is also good, this explained that this ghost is not Ghost Cultivator remains, he on feel relieved, now is also waiting for a situation in tomorrow careful examination small town.! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }