Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 22 - Chapter 2123
Mouse Clan Patriarch saw that own these under the hand/subordinate walked, he then looked at Zhao Hai their eyes, then lies down toward the ground, two front claws toward the brain latter pillow, two hand fingernails suspended the appearances of two bright legs, such must exasperating exasperating. Looks at his appearance, Zhao Hai cannot help but laughs, then his hand wielded, puts out a deck chair, look at has put out a small table, has displayed several fruits and two dried meat on the table, some dry fruit, then have put Mouse Clan Patriarch side. That Mouse Clan Patriarch looked at the Zhao Hai appearance, immediately jumps on the deck chair, then to Zhao Hai satisfied nod, this jumped on the deck chair to lie down, then the claw has extended, works on dry fruit to put the mouth, creak has eaten. Yin-Yang 2 elders they look at this appearance, has cannot help but smiled, this big Old Mouse was really too interesting, Yin elder smiles said : well, Little Hai, you, since brought these many thing, that took, we also drank two cups.” Zhao Hai smiles said : well.” Said that Zhao Hai waved to put out a big table, several chairs, then steaming hot dishes set out on the table, the bottle, the jade cup took, Zhao Hai also specially has suspended a cup. These elder look at Zhao Hai equally same takes thing outward, each and every one was a puzzled color of face, Lu Shanren looks at Zhao Hai said : I to say Zhao Hai, in your Space installed these thing?” Zhao Hai look at said : „, normally I will prepare some, like this is away from home can also eat nice and warm thing.” Lu Shanren they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai to say. Cannot help but shook the head to smile. They to did not have the meaning of blame Zhao Hai , the strength to their this degree, their in hand Space equipment must have, installed some drinking of eating in, this nobody has been able to manage is not. Yin-Yang 2 elders does not have the meaning of responsibility blame Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai is so outstanding, if because of this minor matter on responsibility blame Zhao Hai, that were not extremely in severe. After the table suspends, Yin-Yang 2 elders they sat, Zhao Hai had arrived by the deck chair at this time. To Mouse Clan Patriarch said : „can Patriarch, be interested in they drinking one cup with my Master?” A Zhao Hai this saying exit / to speak, Yin-Yang 2 elders all of them stare, Mouse Clan Patriarch stares. People look at Zhao Hai, the look somewhat is strange. Zhao Hai is perplexed looked at people said : how Master?” Yin elder look somewhat complex look at Zhao Hai said : „, is not very good, mouse brother, come, together drinks one cup.” Mouse Clan Patriarch look complex looked at Zhao Hai one, let out a long breath, has stood from the deck chair, looks like a person is the same, stands with the hind leg in there. Arches own small claw to Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, the hand signal that has made invitation, Mouse Clan Patriarch has then arrived by the table, sat that on the chair, that was a special chair, wanted on high some compared with other chairs, but gives tableware that he prepared with others was different, that was one set of knife and fork, was not the chopsticks. wine glass anything is the same.

Mouse Clan Patriarch look at front thing, the eye somewhat is unexpectedly red, then his let out a long breath, with hoarse sound speaking sounds: Has not thought really that my Old Mouse one day unexpectedly can also sit to here drinks. HaHaHa, has not thought. I will run into such person.” His this saying exit / to speak, all people stare, Yin elder they were surprised look at Mouse Clan Patriarch, Mouse Clan Patriarch looked at people one eyes, smiles said : everyone/Great Clan being startled , will I actually speak?” The people nodded, being perplexed some look at he, Mouse Clan Patriarch said : actually our Monster Race, when achieves the person Teleportation boundary, can speak, but Monster Race rather with oneself this language speech of putting, will not go to exchange with Human Race with the Human Race language, because Human Race has looked down upon us, why do we also want to speak with your languages?” A Mouse Clan Patriarch this saying exit / to speak, presented all person understand what's the matter, to be honest, although said that in True Spirit Realm here, Monster Race that the practice had are many, but except for that beside ancestor's of Ten Thousand Monster Demonic Dragon King that in Soaring Dragon Realm ascend came up, other Monster Race, Human Race looked down upon, even if were Demonic Dragon King, in the Human Race eye, was low grade life form , was looked down upon by them very much. True Spirit Realm here resembles Human Race and Monster Race superficially is equal, but, Monster Race, Human Race among them is in fact impossible to achieve the complete equality, in fact Human Race has thought from is the Heaven and Earth pet, thus looks down upon other races, but Monster Race also understand Human Race thoughts, therefore they also dislike with Human Race exchange, slowly, Monster Race and Human Race started to oppose. But Zhao Hai is different, he has had the contact with too many Monster Race, he has had to do with too many Monster Beast, his very clear, the Human Race thought was extremely complex, sometimes, you are good to a person, but that person actually may not feel grateful, may insert your blade in your back in turn. But if good to your Monster Beast, that Monster Beast will possibly record for a lifetime, their thought that many that the person is simpler , is also better to be together a lot. Because has such experience, therefore Zhao Hai will place in Monster Race a relatively equal position, he to the status of Monster Race person equality, as the matter stands Zhao Hai, when handles certain matters, appears with other cultivator some is not quite naturally same.( Reads novel.) Yin elder has held up wine glass, I respects Patriarch one cup to Mouse Clan Patriarch said :, thanked Patriarch to tell us these words, was our Human Race thinks oneself infallible.” Other people have also carried wine glass, but the Mouse Clan clan labor happy, had also carried wine glass to drink one with the people at this time, this cup of liquor respect, the atmosphere of liquor table one good, everyone/Great Clan exchanges toasts, the delight of drinking. After one hour, big Old Mouse drilled from the rat-hole, he sees on the table is drinking happy Mouse Clan Patriarch to stare, stands in there does not know at once must do. At this time Mouse Clan Patriarch also present he. Turning the head. Was only big Old Mouse to call two to that big Old Mouse also immediately to Mouse Clan Patriarch called two, Mouse Clan Patriarch to nod, was only big after that Old Mouse called two, laid out the claw, that was only big Old Mouse turn around to run in the rat-hole vanish from sight. People look at Mouse Clan Patriarch, wants to know that was only just big Old Mouse to bring back to any information, the appearance of Mouse Clan Patriarch look at people, shows a faint smile, deep voice said : present these Ghost Cultivator. We can pass now.”

Yin elder they, as soon as listened to Mouse Clan Patriarch saying that was the spirit shakes, look at that then two eyes shone he, Mouse Clan Patriarch. Shows a faint smile said : „the opposite party vigilance of , moreover the population are many, if you have not prepared completely safe, should better do not go to them.” Yin elder nodded, then turns the head to Lu Lin said : Hall Master, called the person, Patriarch, the position considered us, our immediately called the person toward the there set.” Mouse Clan Patriarch shook the head said : this to fear that is not quite easy, these fellows arranged in the surrounding of their site have forewarned formation. If you trade overrunning rashly, the final result is by them presently, if they will not conflict with you directly, will go to other place, like this will rove, will not be means.” Yin elder they, as soon as listens, frowned, this is not impossible, these Ghost Cultivator must enter compared with Tyrant Blade Sect to the underground labyrinth first, they can arrange several Transmission Formation in other places. When the time comes if they run to run with these Transmission Formation, Tyrant Blade Sect wanted to find them also is really not that easy, even if had the help of Mouse Clan is also same. Zhao Hai thinks that deep voice said : we can not build up toward there from all around, but from up and down two directions toward there building up. When the time comes invited the friend help of Mouse Clan, has dug several holes. We simultaneously crash in the place that Ghost Cultivator is at from below, so long as knows their Transmission Formation position, first one step blocks their Transmission Formation, they do not have to run.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Yin elder they stare, then is actually two eyes one bright, but this idea very good Ghost Cultivator will forewarn formation in all around arrange, but will actually not forewarn formation in high and low arrange, these two directions of that Ghost Cultivator base are spatial on equal to, can let Zhao Hai their do whatever one wants to do. Mouse Clan Patriarch one hear of Zhao Hai said that also stares slightly, then he laughs said : good intelligent fellow, no wonder that kid with you, good, illuminates the office that you said that you can know your Tyrant Blade Sect person one, one will ask them to leave with my clansman, do not go astray, because in this underground labyrinth, forewarns formation and formation trap now may be many.” Yin elder they, as soon as listens to Mouse Clan Patriarch, immediately has complied with one, was spread communication device to order from Lu Lin, the order has issued quickly, Tyrant Blade Sect these cultivator although some not understand what's the matter, but they did not dare not to listen regarding the above order, Lu Lin although famous hiding shortcomings, but if you did not listen to the order to handle affairs, he tidied up you to get up, will be will not be absolutely lenient. Zhao Hai looked at Geo-Positioning Disk, presently these cultivator on Geo-Positioning Disk, instantaneously moved, all people toward a direction movement. At this time Yin elder had also stood, his look at Mouse Clan Patriarch said : also asked the mouse brother to guide, our these time must these ghost bastard extinguishing.” Mouse Clan Patriarch has not declined, his deep voice said : comes with me.” Said that his personal appearance moved, flew one, flew toward a hole, Yin elder they in behind, had Zhao Hai hastily not with. Zhao Hai does not want to make them such already know that he can fly, therefore he has not pursued, but still chooses on the ground moves, his side also has Little Thing in any case, he will not become lost. Zhao Hai is not participating anxiously to the fight of Ghost Cultivator, because does not have that necessity, this Tyrant Blade Sect to cope with these Ghost Cultivator, almost leans a strength, light looks like the person who underground labyrinth here assumes, knew, coming underground labyrinth here to assume in the person, there is Yin-Yang 2 elders, has Lu Shanren, has Lu Lin, several also status not low the elder in Tyrant Blade Sect, these people gather in here, this equal to gathered about Tyrant Blade Sect half high-end fighting strength, obviously attaching great importance to degree of Tyrant Blade Sect to this matter. But Ghost Cultivator although attach great importance to underground labyrinth here, actually has not attached great importance, must lean fully the situation that here takes, under this disappears other rises, if Tyrant Blade Sect could not have tidied up these Ghost Cultivator, that was really mingled in vain.

Yin elder they along with Mouse Clan Patriarch to very big cavern , the Mouse Clan Patriarch look at cavern hole have gone against said : on this currently these Ghost Cultivator dull places, here to above have a about 200 meters thick seat, upward digs from here, about one hour, we can dig ten directly five meters large hole, but these large hole positions, will elect in opposite party Transmission Formation there, when they presently Transmission Formation destroyed time, you on can kill directly, when the time comes all on looking your.” One hear of Mouse Clan Patriarch said that Yin elder immediately/on horseback holds the fist in the other hand to him said : thanks a lot mouse brother, these time was lucky the mouse brother you.” Mouse Clan Patriarch laid out the claw, then Zhi Zhi called several, along with his sound, all around suddenly gushed out large quantities of Old Mouse, these Old Mouse resembled tide same welling up to this cavern hole top, then went against in the hole to start downward to fall the water, that water looked like the rain same downward kept was falling, Old Mouse vanish from sight that before long the hole went against, but went against in the hole, actually appears several giant holes. Such was really too quick, the preparation that but Yin elder their all interest, each and every one was actually ready to fight began, has not let them and other how long, was less than one hour, ten five meters large hole appears in the cavern hole top, large quantities of Old Mouse has then welled up from the hole, vanishes does not lose. Mouse Clan Patriarch deep voice said : you can begin now, these holes have dug to the ground about five meters place, by your strengths, strikes can puncture the hole, but hole above is their Transmission Formation, you puncture these holes at the same time, can destroy their Transmission Formation, remaining matters on give you.” Yin elder holds the fist in the other hand to Mouse Clan Patriarch said : thanks a lot mouse brother, our Tyrant Blade Sect will never forget that the mouse brother your great kindness, Tyrant Blade Sect will not treat unjustly the friend, our certainly will pay back your.” Mouse Clan Patriarch beckoned with the hand said : not to need, perhaps this was we last time met, we did not like with Human Race too many having to do, naturally, your apprentice was an exception, this time matter, he has given us the advantage, you do not need to manage.” The meaning of Yin elder although do not understand Mouse Clan Patriarch, his understand, Zhao Hai has not given the Mouse Clan Patriarch anything advantage, will make Mouse Clan Patriarch such help them unexpectedly, but now most important tidies up these Ghost Cultivator, if made these Ghost Cultivator run, they may has troubled, therefore Yin elder did not have to say anything, he held the fist in the other hand to Mouse Clan Patriarch, then flew toward large hole, but other people also followed. These people just entered to that large hole in didn't have long time, Zhao Hai came, Mouse Clan Patriarch look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, the hand wields, Space rift appears , Mouse Clan Patriarch looked at Zhao Hai one together, then the flashes body entered in Space rift, before long he has put from Space rift, then he made a sound called one several, immediately, tide same Old Mouse, has spilled into Zhao Hai Space. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }