Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 22 - Chapter 2124

Boom! The ground and sky have simultaneously heard a huge sound, these Ghost Cultivator simultaneously are gawking in Space is preparing, when some strength strong people, complexion changes, because they feel formidable aura, suddenly appears in this Space. * long-drawn-out When these Ghost Cultivator unclear grew in vain any matter, at this time Tyrant Blade Sect cultivator had also killed from high and low both sides. These Ghost Cultivator flurry, the war disperses, is at the inferiority in the population, by the suddenly attack situation, these Ghost Cultivator almost did not have any possibility of victory. But Yin-Yang 2 elders their these Expert, stared at these Expert in Ghost Cultivator, these Ghost Cultivator Expert want to run now cannot be inescapable. underground labyrinth here terrain very special, he is one layer one layer, each one layer is interlinked, but relative **, direct connection mouths between two are not many, now Tyrant Blade Sect all sealed Ghost Cultivator all around and above both sides of the base, was destroying these fixed Transmission Formation, but also used formation to make here not have the means to use Portable Transmission Formation, therefore these Ghost Cultivator on equal to by the Tyrant Blade Sect person stopping up in here, wanting leave not to be impossible. The fight from most from the beginning becomes the lopsided situation show, Ghost Cultivator is at the inferiority in the population, but this Tyrant Blade Sect attacks their people, is Elite, therefore these Ghost Cultivator this times were cut. The war was held for a half hour, Zhao Hai arrived at the battlefield at this time, he has not thought, Mouse Clan population unexpectedly such. However fortunately. These fellows is also quick, moreover after entering Space, Mouse Clan these fellows also on equal to are his Monster Beast, did not want underestimated these Old Mouse, fighting strength of these fellows were not weak. However now Zhao Hai has not let the meaning that these Old Mouse help him fight, he does not need, he is to need now fights, disciplines own Martial Skill. Zhao Hai appears time, what the fight enters is the most intense time, if Zhao Hai if ordinary Soul Fusion Stage cultivator. Arrives at here absolutely with courting death not to have what difference. This Ghost Cultivator sends the person who here comes, is some Elite, the strengths of these fellows are not weak, worst is also Earth Monarch Stage cultivator. Moreover they all are the same level Elite, belongs to stand in existence with level cultivator Gold [金] character tower peak, facing such cultivator, Soul Fusion Stage cultivator of face came, share that also only then courts death. However Zhao Hai after is not ordinary Soul Fusion Stage cultivator, arrived at here, his immediately has pulled out own blade, has killed toward these Ghost Cultivator.

Zhao Hai present, these Ghost Cultivator forms of combat very special, the Ghost Cultivator forms of combat move are divided into two types. one type is uses Magical Artifact to carry on the fight, this forms of combat, mainly by long-distance attack give priority to, they will use all kinds of Magical Artifact, carries on attack to the enemy, but relative, these people the strengths of near body war must miss on some. But another people actually fight give priority to by near body, weapon that these Ghost Cultivator use also many with some hooks, soft sword, ghost stick and so on side door weapon give priority to. Did not want underestimated these thing. These thing are Ghost Cultivator most commonly used weapon, but these weapon Ghost Cultivator used don’t know to have many years, can say that took these weapon, even if were True Spirit Realm here specializes in these weapon Sect, does not dare saying that they will use these Ghost Cultivator was better. Zhao Hai he is first time carries on this close combat with these Ghost Cultivator. Regarding him , helping is very really big. These Ghost Cultivator attack, very strange, looks like their names is the same, is strange and dangerous. Fight after passing through for four hours, finally removed the conclusion of bottom, this service, Tyrant Blade Sect investment military strength about ten thousand people, but the entering the war population in Ghost Cultivator aspect, about 3000, the final result was, three thousand Ghost Cultivator died in battle completely, but Tyrant Blade Sect this aspect, lost completely 2000 people, it can be said that one time killed the enemy 1000, damaged 800 fights. The fight had eventually ended, the entire underground labyrinth was cleaned up, but later Tyrant Blade Sect did not prepare to open the underground labyrinth, here becomes a Tyrant Blade Sect interior disciple smelting trial place, will not be making Rogue Cultivator come. Cleaned up the underground labyrinth at this time, Yin elder they were leading person returned to Tyrant Blade Sect, after returned to Yuanyue Peak, Yin-Yang 2 elders had found Zhao Hai, Yin elder look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, the matter I have asked you, what advantage have you given Mouse Clan? Makes them so help us unexpectedly?” Zhao Hai smiles said : actually not to have anything, I have given their some grain, Mouse Clan present show strong is very big, as the matter stands their things to eat somewhat is insufficient, I give them some grain and meat, is adding on the Little Thing face, they helped us.” Speaking of here, Zhao Hai then said : „, moreover underground labyrinth there, if can occupy by Ghost Cultivator, did not have any advantage regarding Mouse Clan, Ghost Cultivator these fellows, will not give up a such big tribal group occupying in the underground labyrinth, can say that Ghost Cultivator was we with the Mouse Clan common enemy, therefore they will help us.” Yin elder nodded, he looked at Zhao Hai said : Mouse Clan Patriarch to say after him , will not see me, what meaning was this saying?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : don’t know, possibly was they prepares to move out, you also know that the Mouse Clan merit had me, but they actually very big shortcomings, that was courage too small, especially these strength not strong Old Mouse, their courage smaller, therefore the Mouse Clan Patriarch preparation was bringing clansman leave.”

although is somewhat regrettable, but Yin elder has not said anything, he nodded said : that to be also good, the matter of this underground labyrinth has been solved, but regarding us, but also the has plenty matter person did, the activities of nearest/recent these Ghost Cultivator were getting more and more rampant, we must make some preparations to be good.” Zhao Hai nodded, the nearest/recent Ghost Cultivator there sound truly is a little big, Zhao Hai has paid attention to the Ghost Cultivator situation, naturally also knows what's the matter. What Zhao Hai deep voice said : other do Sect have to respond? This time matter, do they know?” Yin elder shook the head said : don’t know, they are impossible to know that this time matter is strictly has been keeping secret, therefore outside world almost don’t know this matter.” Zhao Hai nodded, his deep voice said : „does Master, have the possibility, we send for infiltrating in Ghost Cultivator, becomes the planted agent, as the matter stands did we cope with these Ghost Cultivator to come more relaxed?” Yin elder understand Zhao Hai is any meaning, but he shook the head said : this matter you do not think, Ghost Cultivator is not so is good, all into the Ghost Cultivator person, will give his Sect's Master own Strength of Soul, but his Sect's Master will make Soul Tablet his Strength of Soul, this Soul Tablet has placed in his Sect's Master, one, but this person was killed, his Spirit Tablet can immediately/on horseback be stave, therefore you want to pretend to be a ghost Ghost Cultivator is impossible.” Zhao Hai nodded, he also wants to mix in Ghost Cultivator to go to be an undercover, now looked like this road has not worked, he does not want to hand over his Strength of Soul, such words will only make him be under the control of others, he was not such person. Yang elder looked at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, the Ghost Cultivator matter you did not need to manage, your this time smelting trial although said is very successful, but the time was too short, I thought that you also required time of smelting trial, your this several times smelting trial, almost did not have leave the Tyrant Blade Sect domain, this was not good, you must toward far walk are good, did you have to pass Demon Cultivator and Evil Cultivator there have a look?” Zhao Hai one hear of Yang elder said that to stares slightly, then he to is two eyes bright said : good, I just want to go to there to have a look.” The Yang elder look at Zhao Hai appearance, smiles said : you to go to there, but two conditions, first, you cannot say that you are Tyrant Blade Sect disciple, such bidding goodbye person very easily guesses correctly your status, second, you cannot use your attracting attention horse carriage, cannot take Laura they, such words were really too dangerous.” Zhao Hai nodded, Tyrant Blade Sect reputation although very good causes, but similarly, that also will bring lots of troubles to him, must know that in Demon Cultivator and Evil Cultivator there, the Tyrant Blade Sect personal enemy may be many.

Moreover Demon Cultivator and Evil Cultivator there, likely is not Justice League here, Justice League here cultivator, even if plots, bottom line, but in Demon Cultivator and Evil Cultivator there, but does not have this bottom line, how you come to be good. If Laura they passed with Zhao Hai, that danger overall coefficient big increase, Zhao Hai present strength although will not be weak, situation that but to was unable to walk sideways in True Spirit Realm here, in Demon Cultivator and Evil Cultivator there, but has plenty Expert did not speak any Expert face, thing that if settled on by them, they will begin certainly to snatch, but Laura they, were that beautiful to want by the person the beautiful woman who began to snatch, in this case, if the belt Laura they will only be giving him and Laura they bring many dangers. Zhao Hai regarding Yang elder these two conditions is very clear, he knows that these two conditions are good for him, moreover his always nest in Tyrant Blade Sect here, truly does not have what show, should rush to outside, these time fights with Ghost Cultivator, made Zhao Hai increase many actual combat experiences, if transferred to Demon Cultivator or Evil Cultivator there, then to Zhao Hai, the advantage were certainly more. But reason that Zhao Hai this time will have such energy , because in his present Space had many Undead Creature, 3000 Ghost Cultivator, had almost all been loaded into Space by Zhao Hai, naturally, Zhao Hai changed into the material to give Sect these Ghost Cultivator equipment, he really will naturally not want these Ghost Cultivator equipment, he after Space these equipment decomposing, what materials had a look at some, then in these equipment synthesis again, these material was he takes to come out from Space, like this will not affect these Ghost Cultivator fighting strength, Tyrant Blade Sect not. Will suffer a loss, other cultivator in Tyrant Blade Sect could not say anything. although by the Yin-Yang 2 elders face, Zhao Hai does not put out these materials, will not have anything to be great, but Zhao Hai does not want to say this and that therefore he took these materials, this people will not have said anything. But these Ghost Cultivator Undead Creature, are the Zhao Hai biggest energy. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }