Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 22 - Chapter 2125

flash of white light, grey-black warrior cloth, carried on the back at the back of cultivator of blade, appears in Transmission Formation, but actually nobody paid attention to him \; first, was too ordinary because of his long Yu Guo, second was, generally rich cultivator will not make these fixed Transmission Formation. In True Spirit Realm here, various Great Sect cultivator, will not sit these fixed Transmission Formation generally, they will use Portable Transmission Formation, the use fixed Transmission Formation person, generally is divided into two types, one type of when the war, general Portable Transmission Formation almost cannot use, that a slaughter will have various Great Sect use fixed Transmission Formation of People quantity, second is Rogue Cultivator, the use fixed Transmission Formation price is not very high, therefore some Rogue Cultivator in having what anxious matter, will use fixed Transmission Formation. Zhao Hai looked at this urban one, seems with the city of Tyrant Blade Sect does not have what different place, Zhao Hai not to care, he takes a step to proceed to walk. Position that a city in here on Demon Alliance, he is at now, should belongs to the Divine Fire Cult domain, Divine Fire Cult is in Demon Alliance a very big religious sect, this religious sect takes the fire as the god, they also by practicing Fire element Cultivation Method become famous, is very hard to deal with Sect. Position that Zhao Hai is at now, is Raging Flames City under Divine Fire Cult, big city that but this Raging Flames City Divine Fire Cult governs, in Rogue Cultivator has plenty that this nearby seeks a livelihood, therefore Zhao Hai arrives at here, has not brought to the attention of person. Zhao Hai transferred in Raging Flames City first, this city is very big. But most makes Zhao Hai be what is surprised is. He saw several Gang in here unexpectedly, but these Gang unexpectedly all are comprised of Rogue Cultivator, this is really somewhat inconceivable. Zhao Hai in Raging Flames City also present special cloth duty place, he went to there to look, generally was escorting some duty many Rogue Cultivator meets duty in there. Zhao Hai this coming out smelting trial, although will also meet some duty, but he casually will not have met duty in this situation, because of Zhao Hai very clear, like the has plenty Gang city, will have generally very serious conflicts of interest. If his casual meeting duty, will possibly stare by these Gang, although Zhao Hai does not fear troublesome, does not fear these Gang people. However Zhao Hai actually does not like now the life conflicts with these Gang, because he did not know about the here situation that don’t know these Gang behind are standing some who. Zhao Hai never meets underestimated these Gang, in such big city city, causes Gang to come, is only their every year incomes, very appealing, if these Gang behind nobody are supporting, that is impossible, nobody will give up such big benefit. Even if these Great Sect cannot. Therefore Zhao Hai does not have immediately/on horseback to move, he sits in Mission Hall there, in the look at hall crowded duty then, after looking for one hour, Zhao Hai on leave.

although he only stayed in hall there more than often, thing that but he sees are absolutely many, in his present hall meets duty cultivator, is divided into several batch, a batch is Rogue Cultivator, these people are people or several people meet duty, duty that they meet is also some relaxed small duty. total number of people that duty needs not ten people. The second batch are on one group of clothes are bringing flame mark cultivator, their although puts on all kinds of warrior cloth, however in the left chest place of his clothes, actually red flame mark, this group of person very overbearing. As soon as they enter the hall, immediately has referred to several reward very high duty. Said that is they decides, nobody dares to oppose that several duty behind, immediately was hung up flame to symbolize, dares to meet that duty in also nobody. The third batch are one group with cultivator of axe, this group of cultivator weapon is an axe, on their clothes is also having a symbol of axe, but they with cultivator of these flame symbols, do not cope probably very much, they when see the opposite party, can coldly snorted one turn the head, will also taunt several, has several times in one time to move in Mission Hall begins. The fourth group of people are different, they are one group put on cultivator of green clothes, this group of cultivator look like probably is very low key, their bodies have not been bringing any weapon, but all person evil group of people very in hall, sees their appears probably, distant avoid, these will have cultivator that the flame symbolizes and these have the axe to symbolize the person, does not like annoying them, but Zhao Hai also from these person smelled a taste, if he has not guessed that wrong, this partner person certain is by playing poisonous give priority to. The fifth group of people are most special, this group of people are Mission Hall Master, what they put on is red warrior cloth, is hanging a piece token in each of them's waist, but on this token, flame same symbols, will also have the Divine Fire two characters. Sees these two characters, Zhao Hai immediately understand their status, these fellows are the Divine Fire Sect people, Divine Fire Sect is the ruler in this area, these cultivator look like soars to the heavens conceited, moreover does not have anybody to dare to annoy them. These five groups of people are this Mission Hall main body, but in the city these Merchant, were in this hall the Master cloth duty person, although says uses Transmission Formation, regarding cultivator was not the extraordinary matter, but regarding these was not cultivator Merchant, was actually not a small matter, if the cargo were too many, used a time Transmission Formation expense, sufficed them to hire the person to escort one to have more than enough, therefore many Merchant will not use Transmission Formation, they can here hire the person to escort their cargos. Comes out from any hall, Zhao Hai went to the dining room, the dining room generally is an urban information quickest place, many people like eating meal chatting while, although during these chatted, you possibly could not obtain any useful information, so long as after careful screening, met has plenty useful thing. Has had a food after the dining room, Zhao Hai satisfied looked for a small hotel to live, this stayed at an inn Zhao Hai to feel urban biggest difference that this Raging Flames City and Tyrant Blade Sect governed.

In city that in Tyrant Blade Sect governs, besides some special cities, there Rogue Cultivator will be under the effective management, moreover these Rogue Cultivator not wandering about aimlessly in all directions, therefore cultivator stays at an inn, is a very strange matter. However is different in Raging Flames City here, in Raging Flames City here, these cultivator stays at an inn probably is very ordinary matter, boss although of inn is polite, but does not have appearance in reverential awe, probably this matter they often meet, has been nothing unusual. The price of shop is inexpensive, Zhao Hai opened five days of room in here, then everyday will exit to transfer the extension on the street, has a look to Mission Hall there, then eats meal outside, in the evening meets in the returned to inn to rest. Regarding Zhao Hai such procedure, these shop bosses have not felt surprised, has probably been unalarmed by strange sights, Zhao Hai has not cared, this several days time, he general had understood this in the city situation, this in the city is dominating by three big influences, under these three big influences, more than ten small influences, but ordinary Rogue Cultivator, wants to meet duty in this in the city, must meet the level to these big influences, will otherwise be tidied up by these big influences. But outside these Merchant want the counter- cargo to meet, must put duty to Mission Hall there, thinks that recruit several people to transport thing at home, that is incorrect, if some people dare to be so dry, they will go out are given to snatch, make the non- good person to be killed, therefore nobody dares to be so dry. Zhao Hai one hear of this situations on understand what's the matter, this was the monopoly, the in the city three big influences has monopolized the business of this escorting, is this will only bring the massive income every year to them. But these three big influences, respectively are Raging Fire Group, Great Axe Group and Spirit Medicine Hall, Raging Fire Group are in Raging Flames City the first big influence, their strength very formidable, have the gang members about thousand people, heard that their Gang Master are Earth Monarch Stage cultivator, naturally this is not their tyrannical reasons, heard that Raging Fire Group biggest taking advantage is their Gang Master Younger Brother, their Gang Master Younger Brother probably is Divine Fire Sect disciple, Raging Fire Group Gang Master under the support of his Younger Brother, this has established Raging Fire Group, because also has a back like this, therefore Raging Fire Group such tyrannical. But the Great Axe Group situation is similar to Raging Fire Group, Great Axe Group Gang Master heard that is also Earth Monarch Stage cultivator, but heard that Great Axe Group Gang Master also has the relative in Divine Fire Sect therefore Great Axe Group not Raging Fire Group, two groups of people to compete for benefit, will also live the conflict once for a while. As for the third influence, that was quite special, this Spirit Medicine Hall, although known as Spirit Medicine , in fact is one crowd specially plays the poisonous fellow, these fellows most are good at to use poison, moreover hears some of some of their also background, but is any background, is actually nobody knows that in any case Raging Fire Group and Great Axe Group not too annoy them, naturally, they will not annoy that two groups, in three big influences, they to is most mysterious.

Because these three Gang have the complicated relation with Divine Fire Sect, therefore other small influences, are very difficult over, these small influences, are depend upon these three big influences to survive, the day not necessarily will also feel better that to go. As for branch Hall of Divine Fire Sect located in here, basically will not take care these matters, three big influences to Divine Fire Sect branch Hall, will deliver the massive commodities every year, can say that these three big influences, are actually three wicked dogs that Divine Fire Sect raises, is helping their look at this Raging Flames City specially. Hears this is, Zhao Hai cannot help but sighed that this Demon Sect is Demon Sect, such mode of administration, regarding cultivator very advantageous, but regarding these average people, actually not necessarily is any good matter, because of these average people, most receives one group of people who they oppress, moreover including rebel opportunity no one group of people. However this situation is not he can manage, although Zhao Hai has not gone to the other places of Demon Cultivator influence, but he can actually affirm, the situations in other places compared with here , as good not to go as there, Raging Flames City here is gives people a hard time the miniature of Demon Cultivator influence on equal to, he wants to change here, must change the entire Demon Cultivator influence, was not Zhao Hai speaks the mourning angry words, ability that this has not wanted. rs! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }