Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 22 - Chapter 2126

That yard of Zhao Hai look at not far away, is hanging a piece token in in front of the door of this yard, above writes Bree Group three characters, this name looks like some although foreign style, but in fact actually cannot stain with foreign style least bit relationship, this is only small Gang in Raging Flames City, because this Gang in Raging Flames City Bree Alley, therefore gave such a name. But reason that Zhao Hai will come here, because of managing Raging Flames City here has a custom, external Rogue Cultivator, to meet duty in Raging Flames City here, must arrive at local Gang there to register, turns in a management fee, like this you must meet duty in Raging Flames City here. The average people will choose some large Gang to send registration, but Zhao Hai actually does not want to go, these large Gang send regarding Rogue Cultivator that registers, examination will be very strict, Zhao Hai does not want to go, but conversely, small Gang like Bree Group, itself by three big influences pressing not gasping for breath, in this case, some people are willing to arrive at their here to register, turn in a management fee, their happy without enough time, that carefully will also examine you are any background. Reason that Bree Group will establish in here , because Bree Group first Gang Master itself walks from this Bree Alley, although he is only Rogue Cultivator . Moreover the strength also arrived at Soul Fusion Stage, but this fellow regarding the Bree Alley sentiment is actually very deep, he outside wanderer several years later, on returned to Bree Alley here, has established Bree Group, and looked for some frustrated Rogue Cultivator, such Bree Group established. Their normally is also makes some duty to come to live. Every year wants on to give Great Axe Group some money. Did not need to be worried by Great Axe Group tidying up. However name of Bree Group in Raging Flames City is good, because the Bree Group person will teach that the person in Bree Group practices martial art now many gang members in Bree Group, was the person in Bree Alley grows, therefore the sentiment of their native soil was very thick, very Bree Alley here resident's support. Is good is not antiforeign because of Bree Group, conversely, regarding these join their Rogue Cultivator, they very welcome, because such their strengths will increase. Zhao Hai these days inquired many thing in Raging Flames City, in relationship between these greatly not Gang regarding Raging Flames City. He knows, especially these Gang rumor, he has designated finally Bree Group. This Bree Group to put it bluntly is some Rogue Cultivator, to protect oneself. For by person to live better of own hometown, a Rogue Cultivator organization that organizes, Gang General Hall is big courtyard, without any branch Hall, entire Gang gang members, in addition is less than 50 people, 20 people some these Rogue Cultivator that is Bree Group Gang Master invites, their qualifications are also very good, mostly is Soul Fusion Stage or Doppelganger Stage cultivator. But other 30 people, are actually the people who Bree Alley the native place grew at this time. Their strengths generally are also Rebirth Stage and Condensed Phase Stage strength, the strength is not very strong. Like Gang, has many in Raging Flames City here, they also belong to most bottom level these Gang, only compared with these acting alone variant Rogue Cultivator. Gang like Bree Group is nobody copes their, because their in hand really does not have what benefit, you tidy up them unable to obtain any advantage, therefore nobody moves them, because of this, therefore Bree Group outside. Does not have including a person of guarding the door. Zhao Hai looked at Bree Group big gate, showed a faint smile, arrives at big gate there to pat knocking at the door gently, then toward retreat two steps.

Before long the gate opened, looks like the 20-year-old person from inside walked out. Did he somewhat vigilantly look at Zhao Hai said : what matter mister to have?” Zhao Hai look at that person, shows a faint smile said : hello. I am Rogue Cultivator that an outside area comes, I want to meet duty in Raging Flames City here, wants to register in Bree Group.” That Bree Group cultivator one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but slightly stares, he resembles some unable to believe the words that Zhao Hai spoke, must know Bree Group from establishing to the present, but also does not have Rogue Cultivator that outside area comes to register in here, these Rogue Cultivator ran up to these Great Sect there to register, because in the Great Sect there registration, although must pay some management fees, but they can actually receive some income quite many duty, therefore general Rogue Cultivator, like this will not register to Bree Group small Gang. That Bree Group cultivator has gawked some little time, this recovers, his immediately/on horseback face excited said : mister is registered, good, fantastic, in requests personally.” Said that has opened the door, hand signal that has made invitation, Zhao Hai holds the fist in the other hand to that person, this entered courtyard. This is not big courtyard, most at least compared to Zhao Hai Yuanyue Peak to fall far short, but in courtyard tidied up to was very clean, now is having some cultivator to practice in courtyard, these cultivator used any weapon used, but the strength was really not much. That cultivator that leads Zhao Hai to come, arrives at Zhao Hai said : mister to invite.” Zhao Hai nodded, in toward courtyard walks with that room of cultivator, these cultivator in courtyard stopped, face surprised look at Zhao Hai, don’t know does Zhao Hai is do. Quick two arrived at a room in courtyard, that cultivator asked Zhao Hai to enter in the room to sit down, his then turn around leave. That person of leave, Zhao Hai actually in curious is sizing up this room, this is not a very big room, moreover is suite, the outside is a small living room, inside should be the bedroom, Zhao Hai now sits in living room here. The non- little while three people walked from outside, brings that cultivator that Zhao Hai comes, but other two people, look like the age were not small, what lead is 50-year-old cultivator, his strength is not weak, almost can break through to Earth Monarch Stage, but Zhao Hai actually believes that he highest achievement like this, the Earth Monarch Stage strength was not easy to achieve, looks at his age, wants in suddenly to Earth Monarch Stage, that is almost was impossible. His figure is not very tall, looks like also very ordinary, to does not have any noteworthy place, but on face actually also smiling face. In the look is passing an astuteness. Sees this person. The first feeling of Zhao Hai is, this fellow should go to work as Merchant, but does not work as cultivator, but thinks also to feel relaxed, if this fellow is not a slick character, is impossible to start from scratch to establish Bree Group, moreover mixed such long time, not only had not been sent annexing by these large Gang, but also slowly expands at show. Follows after this person is actually a guy, the height of this fellow over two meters. Muscle, may compare favorably to construct the beautiful champion, understood at a glance that is Body Cultivator, but Zhao Hai can actually affirm. His Body Cultivator is not qualified Body Cultivator, the practice certainly is worst Body Cultivator Cultivation Method, will otherwise not practice that appearance own muscle.

Must know Body Cultivator is not the meat many are Body Cultivator, Body Cultivator and healthy, but two matters, your meat are many, does not represent you are qualified Body Cultivator, rests cultivates must fight, to not sell the meat. But before invited that cultivator that Zhao Hai came, followed in their, Zhao Hai looked that three people came. immediately has stood, that cultivator that leads Zhao Hai to come, immediately to Zhao Hai said : mister, this is the help of our Bree Group, Liu Wei, this is our Bree Group Vice-Gang Master Lishan.” Liu Wei is the middle-aged person of that smiling, but Lishan is that Body Cultivator guy, Zhao Hai really has not guessed that is wrong they the status, their one is Bree Group Gang Master, one is Bree Group Vice-Gang Master. The Zhao Hai horse salutes said : Zhao Ming to see Liu Wei Gang Master to Liu Wei first. Has seen Li Vice-Gang Master.” Reason that Zhao Hai must give a Zhao Ming such name , because in bright this character, there is a date to have the moon/month, implied the meaning of Yin-Yang, therefore Zhao Hai can give such a name. Is Yin-Yang 2 elders gets up specially. Liu Wei quickly said: mister was too polite, mister please sit down in a big hurry.” Said that asked Zhao Hai to sit. He also sat with Lishan, but that cultivator that leads Zhao Hai to come , was actually turn around walked, before long gave three people to deliver a pot of tea. Liu Wei look at Zhao Hai said : mister from outside area? Where from comes?” Zhao Hai understand, this Liu Wei is look at him is Soul Fusion Stage cultivator, will run up to their such small Sect to come unexpectedly, therefore he got suspicious, inquired the Zhao Hai details. However regarding this point, Zhao Hai early is prepared, he smiled bitterly, deep voice said : had not feared that Liu Gang Master you laughed, I was Butterfly Sect there Rogue Cultivator, because offended Butterfly Sect Inner Disciples, cannot run away, but Butterfly Sect that disciple, in Butterfly Sect there, was very famous, if I were then staying in the Justice League domain, sooner or later will be found by them killing, therefore then ran away this Raging Flames City.” Liu Wei stares, how pulling his puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : „can mister offend Butterfly Sect cultivator? Our these Rogue Cultivator, and between these Sect cultivator, should not have what occurring together is right?” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly next step: mister has not to know that what this time I offend is Butterfly Sect Inner Disciples Hu Jilong, this person very famous, he in Justice League competition, was representing Butterfly Sect before, rushed in Doppelganger Stage competition top five ten, in Butterfly Sect, is Expert in young generation, but finally is actually the disastrous defeat in Tyrant Blade Sect cultivator Zhao Hai in hand, this is the great shame of his entire life, but the little brother in the past with the person chatted, on saying one, said that by the Hu Jilong spirit, was forever impossible to compare favorably with Zhao Hai, but don’t know why, these words, actually passed to Hu Jilong there, that Hu Jilong Has issued a chasing down command to the little brother unexpectedly, good little brother in Rogue Cultivator, but also some friends, under the help of these friends, the little brother then ran away.” Liu Wei one hear of Zhao Hai said that to has believed his words, in his opinion, these Great Sect cultivator, were some eye exceed the top of the head fellows, a few words they do not like listening, making the person chase down you, was excusable. Liu Wei does not have immediately to comply to give the Zhao Hai registration, but is look at Zhao Hai said : why that don’t know mister must choose our Bree Group to register, I know that our Bree Group is small Gang, does not have what show potential, mister has registered in our here, is impossible to receive good duty.”

Zhao Hai smiles said : Gang Master this saying too to be polite, to be honest, I came Raging Flames City already good several days, this several days I continuously in the familiar Raging Flames City here environment, Raging Flames City here big influence nothing else but such three, but that three have the complicated relation with Divine Fire Sect, but below does not think that was having anything to relate with these Great Sect, Bree Group although was small Sect, but was in entire Raging Flames City is most conscientious, was cleanest, most made me be have a liking for eye small Sect, therefore I Bree Group registration.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Liu Wei not only does not have point vitality, conversely, he to nodded, must mention other, Bree Group has not possibly managed Law Idol to compare with other Sect, but must mention is most conscientious, cleanest Sect, Bree Group is one, Zhao Hai settles on their this point absolutely, does not have quite strangely what. Liu Wei nodded, his look at Zhao Hai said : don’t know can mister want join our Bree Group?” Zhao Hai look at Liu Wei, some little time he deep voice said : join Bree Group, but I can only make one to record a name, to be honest, will not be long in Raging Flames City here, if you agree, my join, naturally, I will not have forgotten one is a Bree Group person, if Bree Group has any matter, I will stand as Bree Group person.” Liu Wei one hear of Zhao Hai said that not only not disappointed, instead to is a great happiness of face, his happy said : good, fantastic, had mister these words to be enough, mister please come along with me, my immediately gave the mister registration, later mister you were our Bree Group Guest Official Elder.” Said that pulling Zhao Hai outward walks, to is made that Zhao Hai somewhat does not know whether to laugh or cry. However Zhao Hai also understand Liu Wei why such happy, because of the Zhao Hai strength, strength although in Zhao Hai surface is only Soul Fusion Stage, such strength is not certainly anything in these Great Sect, in Bree Group such in Gang comprised of Rogue Cultivator, was considered as absolutely on is Expert, you have not seen, their in the gang Gang Master strength was Soul Fusion Stage, Zhao Hai in Bree Group, can become Guest Official Elder absolutely. Zhao Hai has not cared, to Liu Wei then, several people arrived at the honorable hall in courtyard, after there, Liu Wei took a book, not wrong, is a book, but this book is not made of paper, but by the beast skin system, but looks is not good beast skin, possibly is most common Monster Beast beast skin. Then Liu Wei very serious has written about in Zhao Ming this name this book, and has sectioned out his status, Guest Official Elder, then gave Zhao Hai a piece Guest Official Elder Jade Token , this Jade Token manufacture simplicity of , even was not the good jade, but above has written the Guest Official Elder inscription, the back writes the Bree Group three characters, such simple Guest Official Elder Command Token, Zhao Hai first time saw. Zhao Hai has not cared, receives Jade Token , then Liu Wei the Zhao Hai official introduction to the Bree Group person, Zhao Hai such changed, turned into Bree Group this small Gang Guest Official Elder, Zhao Ming! rs! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }