Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 22 - Chapter 2127
Bree Group ordinary Gang, naturally cannot hold any welcome ceremony to Zhao Hai like this, in fact Bree Group there situation, simply that ability has not held any welcome ceremony to Zhao Hai, such silent Zhao Hai on join to Bree Group.

After join Bree Group, Zhao Hai had also understood the Bree Group situation, must say, this Bree Group may really be enough miserable, each month living expenses, want Bree Group person to gain, moreover entire Bree Group almost does not have what deposit, even if can be left over some money, finally all was also helping the person in Bree Alley. Zhao Hai has not thought immediately drew cash to help Bree Group, means that because that simply does not solve the problem, even Bree Group possibly also because of these money, but brings the disaster. This is not impossible, small Gang like Bree Group, if their suddenly obtained large quantities of money, but they have not protected these money the strengths, then waits for their, absolutely will not be any good matter, might to have the bad thoughts to their some money very much. In Raging Flames City here, Bree Group belongs to lowest level Gang, moreover does not have any background, in this case, they, if suddenly were rich, if other people do not take by force and deceit, that blamed. Stayed for two days in Bree Group, Zhao Hai had also understood Demon Alliance here situation, what Demon Alliance here believed was that Law of Jungle, in the city besides these Gang, nobody will begin, but outside the city was different, Demon Realm here, the robbers and bandits ran amuck, has plenty Rogue Cultivator. They will go to work as the robbers and bandits. When no matter what, this robbers and bandits also compared with making duty bring in money quickly. Because of this, therefore these Merchant exit to transport freight, will hire the person, because of such reason, therefore Demon Alliance here so many Gang, will have specially duty Mission Hall. Makes duty is the important source of many cultivator income, can say that these robbers and bandits and these cultivator, with relationship of this opposition, makes these ordinary are raising them mutually. Changes to aggravated these average people's burdens. However these matters are not Zhao Hai can manage, stayed for two days in Bree Group, Zhao Hai somewhat could not tarry, to was not his must make duty really anxiously. Perhaps really anxiously leave Raging Flames City, because the life of Bree Group here was really too impoverished, if they do not make duty now, they soon did not have the grain to eat. Gang unexpectedly poorly to this degree, this also absolutely was rare and beautiful flowers, but Zhao Hai to was present a point, in Bree Group here, best was not Gang Master that ate, was not this Guest Official Elder, but was these just joined a group. Is practicing the Martial Skill youth. Zhao Hai sees this situation, he really somewhat affected, he has not thought that in the Demon Cultivator domain, will really have such Gang, this is many Righteous Path Sect cannot achieve. Because saw this situation, therefore Zhao Hai then could not sit still, he needs to make duty, only then made duty they to have the income, had received them to be able to raise these people.

In Zhao Hai join to Bree Group third day. Happen to one group of Bree Group gang members must make duty, this duty is two days ago on following, the opposite party needs ten people, the duty reward is not low, Liu Wei they have reached an agreement. This time duty by Lishan was led, to add on other nine cultivator together to complete. This time duty did not have the Zhao Hai anything matter. However sees Bree Group this situation actively, Zhao Hai on raises to with, Liu Wei to has not said anything, Zhao Hai now is the Bree Group person, sooner or later must make duty, now makes him go to one familiar also good, avoid, he exits to make duty time, any also don’t know. Liu Wei this agreement, Zhao Hai naturally can also with, what leads a group is Lishan, like duty, Lishan has made already not only one time, very experienced, therefore team leader naturally is he. Zhao Hai naturally will not oppose that in the morning got up, has had the simple breakfast, Zhao Hai with Lishan their leave Bree Group, walked toward in the city business street there. This in the city business street there to really prosperity, everywhere have shops, some average people and cultivator passes and out in these shops, looks like all is very normal. Zhao Hai they before a shop of known as full moon porch stood stopped, then Lishan turned the head to Zhao Hai deep voice said : Zhao Elder, came with me.” Zhao Hai still walks toward full moon porch in Lishan. Entered full moon porch Zhao Hai to know that here unexpectedly was on a shop of very scale, inside anything thing had, thing that thing that cultivator used, the average person used, medicine pill, weapon, Monster Beast skin, medicinal herbs, even was some farm tools has to sell in there, like the shop, before Zhao Hai, has not seen. Before Justice League there, the shop of average person, had separated with the cultivator shop, besides the hotel and restaurant, other shops is almost separates, sells in the thing shop that the average person used, will not have thing that cultivator used, sells in thing that cultivator used, will not have the average person and thing, this also well became one type of unwritten turning over to decides, here this situation, really never appears . Lishan with the person of this full moon porch probably very familiar, as soon as he enters the full moon porch, in the full moon porch immediately had a storekeeper same person to walk, he saw Lishan, immediately said : Li Gang Master, you may be came, quick, let the brothers to behind, caravan has prepared, our immediately left.” Lishan nodded, deep voice said : Chen Zhanggui, this is our Bree Group Guest Official Elder Zhao Ming, Zhao Elder, this is our Bree Group long-term collaboration partner, Chen Zhanggui of full moon porch.” Zhao Hai is holding the fist in the other hand said : Zhao Hai to see Chen Zhanggui to Chen Zhanggui, later also invited Chen Zhanggui many taking care.”

Chen Zhanggui one hear of Zhao Hai said that also stares, he to Bree Group, but very familiar with, but he has not actually heard, Bree Group when appears Guest Official Elder, but he is also always the person in business, he holds the fist in the other hand to Zhao Hai hastily said : Chen Fengjian Zhao Elder.” Lishan turned the head at this time to Chen Zhanggui said : Chen Zhanggui, behind I arrange everyone/Great Clan to go to look now to examine merchandise.” Said that Lishan has arrived at outside the shop, outside Bree Group cultivator to shop, has howled, these Bree Group cultivator, an alley from shop circled behind the shop. Lishan and Zhao Hai with Chen Zhanggui will walk from the shop in the future, before long three people arrived at following courtyard, in courtyard, caravan prepares, this caravan comprised of ten horse carriage, these horse carriage may all be four rounds horse carriage, on each vehicle thinks of many cargos, the pile of cargo on the vehicle high. These cargos, all and box or the bag think of the code neat, but the freight volumes of these ten car(riage)s are many, in first horse carriage front, left a position of driver, position very wide of that driver is big, can sit the next two people evidently, obviously there also left the position to Zhao Hai their these guards. Chen Zhanggui has sized up Zhao Hai one, then turns the head to Lishan said : Li Gang Master, please come along with me, my some matter must discuss with you.” Lishan nodded, Chen Zhanggui polite holds the fist in the other hand to Zhao Hai, this gets Lishan to walk toward the shop, Zhao Hai also to nod of Chen Zhanggui, turns the head look at caravan, Zhao Hai knows Chen Zhanggui must say anything to Lishan, listens to the meaning in Lishan words, Chen Zhanggui cooperated with Bree Group is not once or twice, but before Chen Zhanggui has not seen him, now he suddenly in appears , naturally is let Chen Zhanggui very vigilant, Chen Zhanggui certainly likely Lishan inquired his details. Zhao Hai has not been angry, this very normal, what Chen Zhanggui is a businessman, now an unknown person, suddenly must escort their cargos, he naturally must asking well. But Zhao Hai looked that the scale of this full moon porch knows, this full moon porch feared also has background, will otherwise not do the business is so big. Really before long Chen Zhanggui with Lishan walked out, in the table of Lishan unemotionally, could not see that has anything to change, but on Chen Zhanggui face is still having the smiling face, but Zhao Hai presently in Chen Zhanggui look is having an accidental facial expression. At this time caravan has prepared, Chen Zhanggui held the fist in the other hand to Lishan and Zhao Hai said : two, caravan has prepared, these time asked two.” Lishan nodded said : Chen Zhanggui feel relieved.”

Zhao Hai also to Chen Zhanggui held the fist in the other hand said : Chen Zhanggui to be polite, we from, when entered fully.” Lishan looked at caravan, deep voice said : Zhao Elder, please after pad, I lead the way.” Zhao Hai nodded, Lishan has arrived on a first vehicle, but other people also respective looked for a car(riage) to sit, Zhao Hai rode the last car(riage), horse carriage enormous and powerful walked from courtyard. Obviously the full moon porch already arranged, leave that horse carriage opens access Raging Flames City, went toward the Raging Flames City east side line, has many with the person who Zhao Hai their together has, these people have are catching up with horse carriage, some actually carry a burden, they closely follow in horse carriage behind, does not dare to leave is too near, but does not dare to leave is too far. Zhao Hai looked that this situation knows, these people prepare to walk with their together, taking advantage of their light, avoids by bandit attack, moreover they were not first time have done evidently, he has not cared. Because horse carriage has drawn many thing, therefore is not quick, but is very obvious, these driver regarding this road very familiar, quickly to noon time, they sped up, then horse carriage stopped in a below of mountain side post, the people on horse carriage from horse carriage, look for the place rest to eat thing, simultaneously in horse carriage, takes some beans to feed the horse. Zhao Hai from horse carriage, had also found Lishan, to side of Lishan, he has referred to behind horse carriage not far away, won't these with the horse carriage person, deep voice said : Lishan Big Brother, these people have the matter?” Lishan looked at these person of one, shook the head said : to be all right, could not invite the poor man of guard, liked.” Zhao Hai nodded, did he look at all around said : „our time to take the several days road? They probably to this road very familiar?” rs! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }