Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 22 - Chapter 2128
Five days, they pass through a road frequently, therefore very familiar, you do not need to be worried that will not have any danger, to the evening, we generally the small town will rest in the village or, so long as against some Little Wool have been very OK, other big robbers and bandits groups, very had already been familiar with us, will not come us.” Lishan calm [say / way].

Zhao Hai one hear of Lishan said that cannot help but stares, his suddenly felt that the Bree Group present lifestyle, somewhat like Earth upload said bodyguard office, in the ancient times bodyguard office good dart time, is not relying on high Martial arts, even if your Martial arts in high can be what kind, these wanderer have the matter method to tidy up you, therefore guards shipments of goods is not your Martial arts, but must think your face, if friend of rivers and lakes gives you face, that your dart nature can walk along along dāng dāng, if not give you face, that your dart nature on will be robbed. Because of this, therefore these bodyguard offices in guarding shipments of goods, will drink the dart number, sets up the dart flag, for must remind these rivers and lakes friends, what now is who, is the friend gives a face. But matter that Bree Group they handle now is also similar, these robbers and bandits with Bree Group very familiar, looked that is thing that Bree Group escorts, naturally cannot move. Lishan looked at Zhao Hai to be shocked, deep voice said : felt very strange, we actually knew with these bandits and thieves that actually did not have quite strangely what, in the past Gang Master a family/clan has visited them, and has said that put out 1/10 to come from the expenses of first escorting to them, therefore they naturally cannot come us.” Zhao Hai nodded, deep voice hasn't said : run into other bandits and thieves? If meets has fished what to do?” Lishan deep voice said : does not have other means that can only spell, has fished bandits and thieves, the strength is not much, we have strength of the spelling.” Zhao Hai nodded, Lishan deep voice said : eats to select thing, in the afternoon we must hurry along, in the evening we can rest well.” Zhao Hai nodded. Also put out some dry rations to eat. * long-drawn-out Noon was only has rested simply, in the afternoon then hurried along, a afternoon anything matter has not lived. However Zhao Hai was actually feels, this afternoon time, two groups of people have carried on spying on to their caravan, but did not have make a move finally. Like Lishan said evidently, these bandits and thieves are very familiar with them, therefore has not moved them. Evening's time, they rest in a small town, they to this situation also real very familiar with all the way. On the small town, they even have the hotel that special stays, is old relationship, this evening rests to is good. Next morning, has had the breakfast, has prepared some dry rations, this left, that noon time. They have not actually stopped the rest. But continuously in advancing, even if this , after was the darkness, has met a small village, has rested a evening in small village, they then left. This Zhao Hai presently has 45 groups of people to spy on them all the way, but comes them to the present actually still nobody. This road Bree Group is very evidently ripe, these will look like will not have any matter.

In Zhao Hai to think these times. suddenly horse carriage stopped, on horse carriage of Lishan also sound of the howling. Hears this sound, Zhao Hai stares, then complexion changes, because he is very clear, the sound of this howling, represents front is having the enemy. At this time Zhao Hai horse carriage also stopped, Zhao Hai ran from horse carriage, the personal appearance moved, toward vertical went directly, before in the blink of an eye, he arrived at horse carriage front, to horse carriage in front of time, on his present horse carriage front road, setting up in an array was standing five people, these five people were black-clothed, in hand of everyone was taking Executioner Blade, naturally this was not the most appealing place, most appealing place these appearances. These five person long exactly the same, are the same clowns, chaotic, upturned nose, thick lip, pitch-dark skin color, three points not like person, seven points to likely ghost. Zhao Hai looked at these person one eyes, cannot help but frowns, is looking around Lishan that ugly complexion, his cannot help but deep voice said : how, Lishan does Big Brother know these fellows?” Lishan shook the head said : not to know that heard, the Cangshan five ghosts, these fellows in Cangshan generation of activities, are five ruthless character, each strength very formidable, but Cangshan is very far from our here, they have not moved in here, how now to run up to here to come?” Zhao Hai looked at the strength of that five person, the strength of that five person is not very strong, is Soul Fusion Stage cultivator, naturally, this is not very strong, looks like in Zhao Hai, regarding others, their strengths is not weak, in particular regarding small Gang like Bree Group. Zhao Hai deep voice said : five people I to can deal with, I do not fear the technique of their group war, my Body-maneuvering Technique is very good, is don’t know they meet Technique of Joint Attack, if they can Technique of Joint Attack, that matter somewhat trouble.” Lishan has smiled bitterly next step: Cangshan five ghosts most famous is one set of known as five ghost Soulseeker Technique of Joint Attack, it seems like these time has troubled, these are the fellows who eats the shelled peanuts, anybody's face to their there no matter uses, was saying that we do not have what friendship with them, it seems like today this closes does not feel better.” Lishan just spoke, heard opposite to hear sound of the laughing, then a rampant sound conveyed said : opposite was listening, if you knew the grandfather, on little darling handed over thing, the grandfather forgave your undead, if you did not know the grandfather, the grandfather did not fear to tell you, the grandfathers had a given name, was known as that Cangshan five, I urged you to hand over thing, so as to avoid has gone bad your life.” Any cultivator toward own face on the account [gold/metal], the Cangshan five ghosts is the bystander will give their given name, but they actually say Cangshan five. Zhao Hai looked at Lishan one, deep voice said : these five fellows has given me to deal with.” Said that did not wait for Lishan reply, Zhao Hai to stand, to Cangshan five Ghost Dao: Several friends invited, below Bree Group Guest Official Elder Zhao Ming, please several friends show due respect for the feelings, puts us to pass, in the future my Bree Group will have a thank-you gift to deliver.”

Bah! What thing do you calculate, Bree Group? Listens has not heard small Gang, dares to make us show due respect for the feelings, youngster, knowing the limitation get lost on immediately/on horseback, otherwise do not blame me brothers impolite.” Zhao Hai one hear of opposite party said that complexion cannot help but thinks said : said everybody was agree does not certainly let? So-called request of , the matter of loyal person, that can only offend below today.” Said that Zhao Hai moved, has put out two sledgehammers. This time he has not used blade, he feared that has exposed own status, is good is 18 moves Martial arts every kind to be skilled in because of him, is the same with any weapon. The Cangshan five ghosts looked that Zhao Hai suddenly revealed the weapon, that ghost of lead has cannot help but laughed said : well, fantastic, how long nobody dares to begin to our several brothers, today your here all people, do not want to run, you died.” Zhao Hai looked at opposite party one, sneers said : „to make us die, is not that easy.” Said that Zhao Hai calls out one, a double hammer pendulum, the direct Cangshan five ghosts attack. Zhao Hai this hammer looks like simple, probably is only a simple long jab, but was welcoming the Cangshan five ghosts of this hammer, actually feeling complete was different, Zhao Hai this hammer not only has sealed up their all escape routes, but also on this hammer also had the one type of potential, one type of unprecedented potential. Eldest Child in five ghost look at Zhao Hai this hammer, cannot help but complexion changes, his then shouted: Drop is hard, formation arrangement!” Along with his sound, other four ghost immediately moved, has encircled the middle Zhao Hai several people, five Executioner Blade direct Zhao Hai strike. The Zhao Hai personal appearance moves, his in hand two sledgehammers actually like are two fists, the high and low fluttering, has blocked all attack of Cangshan five ghosts, but can also say that strikes to counter-attack under 1 or 2, compelling the Cangshan five ghosts to turn round to help oneself. However Lishan sees Zhao Hai such attack, on the face is a point smiling face does not have, he knows that the Zhao Hai hammer is the heavy weapon, wants with like this heavy weapon, must have the very formidable strength to be good, moreover like this heavy weapon, regarding the consumption of Spiritual Qi is also very big, is much bigger than general weapon, if such spells, feared that is Zhao Hai consumes the Cangshan five ghosts. Really thinks like Lishan, Zhao Hai and Cangshan five ghosts walked more than 50 moves, on his face saw the perspiration, breath also loud, the Cangshan five ghosts look at this situation, attacks was more anxious. At this moment, Zhao Hai suddenly calls out one: „!” Along with his words, the Zhao Hai in hand sledgehammer one flew, seizes one in Cangshan five ghost, that person of simply in five ghost have not thought that Zhao Hai will come such one, his simply point preparation does not have continually, hears bu, Zhao Hai to let go the sledgehammer that departs, was pounding on his head, in five ghosts the head of that ghost, looked like looks like by the watermelon that the sledgehammer hit, under one became crushes, red white, all over the sky chaotically flew.

Such change makes all people stare, but this has not ended, Zhao Hai double is grasping the remaining that sledgehammers, calls out, flushes away toward another ghost. In five ghosts the remaining that four ghosts, probably one calling to recover by Zhao Hai this, their several people shouted said : Fourth Child sadly!” Then several people of red eyes look at Zhao Hai, call out said : „dead!” Four Executioner Blade cut toward Zhao Hai. The Zhao Hai double hand-held thump, the full standard is keeping off, some little time, hears Zhao Hai suddenly said : „!” All people had a scare, then hears Uh!, the people go along the prestige, people in five ghost, on his throat are inserting a throwing knife, the throwing knife not to the handle, that Ghost Eye saw cannot live. At this moment, Zhao Hai said loudly: Lishan Big Brother, begins.” Somewhat looked that scared Lishan one hear of Zhao Hai said that one recovers, then his fierce shouted: Kills!” Said that suspends oneself in hand Wrought Copper Rod, attacks toward five ghosts, but other people have not actually begun, their still guard by horse carriage. Lishan this join, one has blocked a ghost, remaining two ghost although are still besieging Zhao Hai, but did not have what threat to Zhao Hai.( To be continued..) The quickest renewal, please collect(.). { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }