Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 22 - Chapter 2129
Both sides fought more than ten to come back, listened to Zhao Hai in one time to call out said : „!” A Zhao Hai this saying exit / to speak, in the Cangshan five ghosts the remaining three people could not attend to attacking, immediately danced one group of tool marks, protected oneself in. However this time they have actually thought mistakenly, this Zhao Hai in projecting throwing knife, but wants to make attack of three ghosts on slow one slow. Three ghosts look at this situation, cannot help but a complexion paleness, look at Zhao Hai of two eyes torching, then calls out one, attacks toward Zhao Hai and Lishan. Also has fought more than ten rounds, Zhao Hai in one time drank one „” character, three ghosts in time protecting own body, but Zhao Hai still did not have the release throwing knife, complexion of three ghosts were uglier. Also has fought more than ten rounds, Zhao Hai in one time drinks said : „!” His time is drinking this character, three ghost slightly round trips receive the blade, then violently has attacked, but at this moment, Zhao Hai in hand remaining that sledgehammer, actually fierce lets go to depart, but Zhao Hai this does not besiege his two ghosts sledgehammer attack target, but is that a ghost who fights with Lishan. bu! This hammer in one time pounded, has been pounding in has fought that ghost back with Lishan, in that ghost who fought with Lishan, puffed out, in the blood was also bringing the fragment of internal organs, then pulled out by a Lishan stick on the head, his head also like was a rotten watermelon broke to pieces. With two ghosts who Zhao Hai fights, the eye is almost sobbing bleeding to come, simultaneously shouted: Second Child! I spelled with you!” Said they not awfully same throws toward Zhao Hai. They completely only then style of attacking. Without the style of defense, wants to perish together with Zhao Hai evidently. Lishan looks at this situation, cannot help but ya zi wants to crack, he called out said : houseboy, you dare! said that a stick toward a ghost draw off, he knows Zhao Hai did not have weapon, facing two fellows not awfully, that was suffers a loss. However attack of Zhao sea surface to two ghosts, is actually the eyebrow raises, then diving posture retreat. A two hands pendulum, in hand were many eight throwing knives, afterward Zhao Hai two hands wields continually, eight throwing knife direct two ghosts shoot. But that two ghosts gave up the defense now. They forgot Zhao Hai once to kill a ghost with the throwing knife, when they saw the Zhao Hai throwing knife shot in front of them the time, late, their bodies have shaken, influence that first threw one slow, threw several steps before, one fell down, twitched several not. Lishan has gawked, he has taken back Wrought Copper Rod, the corpses of look at ground Cangshan five ghosts. On the face also has the facial expression that cannot believe that the famous Cangshan five ghosts died in their hands unexpectedly, was this real? Zhao Hai also stopped at this time, but he actually stands in there gasping for breath in gulps, Lishan recovered at this time, his immediately/on horseback half step has arrived at the Zhao Hai side, supports Zhao Hai said : „the Brother Zhao younger brother, you how?” Zhao Hai this appearance naturally is an attire, if he with his strength, at any time can solve the Cangshan five ghosts. However he actually cannot do, because he, if has done, that will certainly cause Lishan their suspicion, looks like Soul Fusion Stage cultivator that therefore he must display as far as possible.

Zhao Hai pretends to escape the strength the appearance, shook the head said : to be all right. A little did not escape the strength, did not obstruct. Rested to be good.” Lishan immediately greeted two cultivator to come, making them hold Zhao Hai to come up the rest to horse carriage, but he personally arrived by the corpses of Cangshan five ghosts, the Zhao Hai sledgehammer sorting, has polished, has pulled out the Zhao Hai throwing knife, scratched cleanly, delivered to nearby Zhao Hai said : „the Brother Zhao younger brother, received these thing, I cleaned the battlefield, we must a bit faster leave here, otherwise in the evening probably miss the lodging place.” Zhao Hai nodded, receives sledgehammer and throwing knife, Lishan immediately command(er) Bree Group several other people, searched for Cangshan five ghost thing, then installed in his Space equipment, this at will found a place, buried the Cangshan five ghosts, immediately started off. Zhao Hai has not gone to ask how these thing of Lishan five ghosts must process, he knows not to need to ask that Lishan will definitely not forget his, if Lishan dares not to give him that Bree Group will of the people immediately will disperse, when the time comes Bree Group ended. But Zhao Hai also notes, after this war, other Bree Group cultivator looked that his look changed, originally Bree Group these cultivator look at his look, is becomes estranged is bringing a vigilance, but now is different, now Bree Group these cultivator, look in his look, is intimate with is having a worship, an awe, this was enough. But these drivers of full moon porch was needless saying that in the each and every one look at Zhao Hai look, full was the color of awe, Zhao Hai has not cared, but pretended to sit in the appearance that there controlled one's breathing, was not managing anybody. In the evening Zhao Hai they rest in a small town, this small town they also pass through often come, lives is also an old-established shop, moreover very familiar, after Lishan arranges the good person stands night watch, on pulling Zhao Hai to this shop in the dining room sat, lets the shop storekeeper has made two small side dish to them, on two pot nice wines. Lishan to Zhao Hai to one glass of liquor, has filled one cup to oneself, then he held up wine glass to respect said : to Zhao Hai „the Brother Zhao younger brother, today many thanks to you, otherwise the words our Bree Group this time has also planted, Elder Brother I respected your one cup.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : Li Big Brother you to be too polite, I now am also the Bree Group person, naturally should make contribution, Li Big Brother does not need to be polite.” Lishan nodded, has bumped the cup with Zhao Hai, then raises head, has done the liquor in cup, Zhao Hai has also done the liquor in cup, after their bright cup, simultaneously has put down wine glass. Lishan look at Zhao Hai said : „the Brother Zhao younger brother, this our harvest is not small, please feel relieved, your, I do not forget you.” Zhao Hai smiles said : Li Big Brother this saying to meet, my although comes the Bree Group not two days, but in Bree Group is any situation, I knew, said honestly that Li Big Brother, I admire you and Liu Gang Master really very much, I have also seen some Gang in Justice League there. To be honest. Gang like our Bree Group, I have not actually seen, for other, for Bree Group, for these children, I am not willing to be Bree Group strives, these thing give me is also makes my on hand loose, but if uses on these children, will make better, better that these children eat puts on. weapon is also better, therefore these thing you do not need to me, to remain are giving these children.” Lishan look at Zhao Hai, in has not been saying anything. In one time has taken up wine glass, to Zhao Hai but actually one glass of liquor, to oneself one cup, then to a Zhao Hai respect, has raised but actually head to raise one's wine cup does.

Zhao Hai also raised one's wine cup with Lishan has done, later Lishan then open the mouth and said: Brother Zhao Hai, I must, these many years, other cultivator laugh at us to be silly thank you, in their opinion. We ignore a proper occupation, in their opinion, we are one group of fools, one crowd of Lunatic.” Zhao Hai shook the head said : not, I do not think that you are Lunatic, the matter that conversely, you handle is very meaningful, is very meaningful, therefore I want join Bree Group, is willing to be Bree Group strives.” Lishan let out a long breath. Then laughs heartily, ten points that he smiles carefree, probably in the heart all unhappiness, all grievance along with this smile, but wind disappeared and the clouds dispersed. They drank late to go back to rest that night very much, their relationship have also pulled closer much. Next morning, people in time leaving. Because lived the matters of Cangshan five ghosts, this they were all the way more careful, but all photo plans advancing, finally when fifth day, they arrived at the destination, after the cargo has connected with, they do not have immediately/on horseback to go back, they are waiting in here, the full moon porch also has the a batch cargo to transport, similarly he needs their guards. Goes back this not to come across any matter all the way, that Cangshan five ghosts themselves have fished, in adding on this Zhao Hai the Cangshan five ghosts destroying completely the matter, has spread on the rivers and lakes, these had a mind to want the Bree Group person, when heard this information, must think over own component. Smooth returned to Raging Flames City, caravan stopped the back door of full moon porch, distant Lishan saw that back door there of full moon porch is standing one group of people, two people stand in front of all people, waited for Lishan to see clearly near, that two people unexpectedly were Liu Wei and Chen Zhanggui. Lishan jumped down from horse carriage hastily, has arrived around them, holds the fist in the other hand to them said : Gang Master, Chen Zhanggui, you how in here?” Liu Wei laughed said : naturally greets you, Zhao Ming? How to have seen him?” Lishan one hear of Liu Wei said that knows Liu Wei was any meaning, Zhao Hai tidied up the Cangshan five ghosts at one fell swoop, what although multipurpose was other hidden weapon and styles, but this also sufficiently demonstrated that the Zhao Hai strength, Liu Wei will then come out to greet them. Lishan smiles said : „the Brother Zhao younger brother to hold down on the last vehicle, Gang Master does not need to worry.” At this time ten horse carriage stopped, Zhao Hai they from horse carriage, their this time pressures have also transported duty have completed, can receive money. Sees Zhao Hai, Liu Wei from afar moved forward to meet somebody, held the fist in the other hand to Zhao Hai, laughs said : our heroes to come back, Brother Zhao Ming, you hid the truth from my good pain, I have not thought really that you unexpectedly were Expert.” Zhao Hai one hear of Lishan said that cannot help but showed a faint smile said : Gang Master to be too polite, any Expert, was opportunistic.”

At this time Chen Zhanggui gathering up came, held the fist in the other hand to Zhao Hai said : Zhao Ming elder, was I do not recognize a superior perforated, but also asked you to be broad-minded, I have arranged the banquet in Full Moon Building , invited all Bree Group brothers, but also asked everybody to accept this invite that.” Liu Wei laughs said : probably Old Chen, plays this mind with us, that Full Moon Building originally is the industry of your full moon porch, treats does not have the sincerity, no matter considers as finished, we do not haggle over with you, today well eats your.” One hear of Liu Wei said that Chen Zhanggui also laughs said : others to call me iron Rooster, but I a rare please guest, if makes others know that I asked you to drink, what don’t know surprisedly became, you were content.” As soon as other people listen to Chen Zhanggui, laughs. However Zhao Hai actually listened, Liu Wei already knew with Chen Zhanggui fearing, and friendship was great. Zhao Hai has not guessed wrong, Liu Wei and Chen Zhanggui truly already knew that Liu Wei has rescued a Chen Zhanggui life, they become the good friends, afterward Chen Zhanggui, because doing business innate skill is very high, slowly became the storekeeper of this full moon porch, but Liu Wei just formed Bree Group at that time, Chen Zhanggui transported duty to give Bree Group the pressure of full moon porch, because background very deep of full moon porch was thick, other Gang not good to capture the Bree Group business, will be adding on Liu Wei personhood, therefore also in provoked Bree Group on nobody, Bree Group can along along arriving of dāng dāng now, with this Chen Zhanggui. Also has inseparable relationship. The group arrived at Full Moon Building , there had already prepared to them, the entire one layer building, was all used to invite the Bree Group person, regarding Chen Zhanggui such procedure, the person of full moon porch did not have a point opposition, because this Bree Group truly was the dry attractiveness. The large stock of goods that this Bree Group delivers, regarding the full moon porch, very heavy wants, if has been robbed, then the loss of full moon porch was big , because of this, therefore Chen Zhanggui invited the Bree Group person, nobody will say anything. The reputations of Cangshan five ghosts in that pendulum, Bree Group can strike the type Cangshan five ghosts, cargo smooth delivering, the full moon porch naturally feels grateful Bree Group. Simultaneously Zhao Hai in this fights the strength that shows, makes the people of full moon porch feel to be startled, the although full moon porch does business, but in the matter regarding rivers and lakes they is also knows that the Cangshan five ghosts are not the obscure individual, their five ghost Soulseeker, are very famous, Zhao Hai can with strength of the, strike to kill the Cangshan five ghosts, such strength, is worth the full moon porch winning over absolutely, is the full moon porch cannot dig to help them do the matter to the full moon porch in Zhao Hai, but with giving Zhao Hai ties a friendly reason that is also. Good. Businessman exquisite is one wrangles becomes wealthy, regarding them, queers that is not the cost-effective matter, does business on competes that cannot avoid, but if you are not because the matter in business queers, that is intolerable, conversely, becomes friends with the person, makes the world friend, this is the businessman should do, many friend many roads, this is an all businessman understand truth. Has drunk liquor in Full Moon Building well, Bree Group person then returned to their in the gang, just returned to in the gang, some people of to report Liu Wei, said that today several Gang have sent invitation card. Liu Wei one hear of this saying, immediately made people send that invitation card, received invitation card to look at the above name, Liu Wei immediately understand what's all this about. These Bai Zhang all are in Raging Flames City other small Gang sends, before Bree Group did not have what strength, did not have what backer, these small Gang naturally disdained to become friends with Bree Group, but now is different, now in Bree Group left Zhao Hai such Expert, these small Gang naturally are willing to become friends with Bree Group. Regarding this matter, Liu Wei not dislike, others and you become friends with, that thinks highly of you, said it, became friends with them, to Bree Group, only then the advantage did not have the fault, why not. rs! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }