Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 22 - Chapter 2130

How Liu Wei sees these Gang people, with Zhao Hai did not have no relationship, Zhao Hai not to go to see these fellows, although said that made him deal with these people to come, possibly is better, but Zhao Hai that Liu Wei dealt with actually did not like dealing with these fellows, because simply was unworthy, Zhao Hai must do now, was taught that these Bree Group new people, let their rapidness of strength promotion. although said Liu Wei they education also very attentively to these new people, but does not have the means that itself their strengths very limited, they educate these disciple time, meets has plenty the place of errors, these by the person who they will educate, the strength naturally high to that will not go. Also let alone, in these people, Zhao Hai really present several innate skill is good, naturally, this innate skill was good, relative, comes compared with general Rogue Cultivator, their innate skill are possibly good, but compares to disciple that these Great Sect select, their innate skill fell far short. But reason that Zhao Hai selects these people , because they are Earth element single Spirit Root, they the road that is suitable Qiu Tie to pass through, works as Body Cultivator. But Cultivation Method that this Zhao Hai uses, is Earth element, he is also Body Cultivator, not in the words he will not choose the sledgehammer to take his weapon. Sledgehammer weapon, fierce fierce, but the non- strength big strength is unusable, in cultivator here, right and wrong Body Cultivator not available, general cultivator does not have the Body Cultivator strength to be big, but Body Cultivator also likes using hammer weapon, because this weapon looks like extending of fist, in addition rudely. So long as the enemy projected on by them. Does not die already injures, this regarding Body Cultivator, is best weapon. General cultivator will not use sledgehammer weapon \; first, was too heavy, affects their flexibility, second is they do not have that big strength, can let their too quick of Spiritual Qi consumption with the sledgehammer, what finally is bad luck is they. When Zhao Hai puts out the sledgehammer, Lishan had concluded that Zhao Hai was Body Cultivator, when Zhao Hai chose several from these new people. Said that must hand over they practice, Lishan wants not to agree. Lishan although is also Body Cultivator, but his very clear own strength, do not look that he muscle looks like very scary. However Lishan is actually knows from the family work, Cultivation Method that his very clear, oneself study, is not brilliant thing, even can be said as very simple thing, will otherwise not practice itself this appearance. But Zhao Hai although looks like the build is ordinary, but is this, more is makes Lishan affirm, Zhao Hai study Cultivation Method certainly compared with his brilliant, when Zhao Hai must choose person Professor. His immediately agreed. Cangshan five ghost killed matters, have caused not small causing a sensation in Raging Flames City here, Raging Fire Group, Great Axe Group and Spirit Medicine Hall have alarmed, must know that the strengths of Cangshan five ghosts are not weak, the fame is not small, now such is given to butcher unexpectedly, three large Gang people also really feel being startled.

However Raging Flames City here is a life very tense place, a matter regarding the influence of here was not very big, quick matter has subsided. Three large Gang people are knowing how Zhao Hai kills the Cangshan five ghosts, has not cared Zhao Hai, in their opinion, Zhao Hai is a good luck, is adding on somewhat sly Body Cultivator. If the Cangshan five ghosts do not have a low opinion of the enemy, if Zhao Hai is not that sly. He possibly has not defeated the Cangshan five ghosts. This matter although has subsided, but Liu Wei actually uses this time opportunity, is using own wrist|skill, has done well relationship with other small Gang, now Bree Group finally by these small Gang pushing aside outside. In fact harvest of Bree Group, not only these, they biggest harvest is actually the Cangshan five ghosts themselves, the Cangshan five ghosts are the alone professions, they in Cangshan generation of activities, rob innumerably, but these fellows also do not have a fixed domain, has fished matter, they are also not first doing, the fellow like them, is today did not have the hand of tomorrow, therefore they will carry all family belongings Portable general, after they were killed, these thing nature cheap Lishan, Lishan received these thing, had not looked at that time actually., After waiting for returned to Bree Group to count carefully, Lishan and Liu Wei they almost sleep smile to awake. This Cangshan five ghosts rob innumerably, in hand good thing is really many, does not have thing that gives up to sell out besides some them, other thing, were changed into Crystal Stone or Jade essence by them, but light Crystal Stone quantity 1 million, Jade essence quantity also hundreds of thousands, but also the has plenty good treasure, is the Cangshan five ghosts has not hated to sell, these thing values, possibly compared with these Jade Stone and Jade essence high. These thing regarding Bree Group, absolutely are the money, had this sum of money, the life of entire Bree Group can obtain the huge change. However is good because of Liu Wei and Lishan is very clear, they had not announced to all people this matter, moreover they do not have spending of big hand bigfoot, looks like a violent household by oneself, they improved the meals of some in the gang people, then did not have any sound. Naturally, they obtained how much money from Cangshan five ghost there, Zhao Hai know that was Liu Wei and Lishan two people tells Zhao Hai, they also after soliciting the suggestions of Zhao Hai such have done. Spends slowly richly, this not only will not make other Sect know that Bree Group one obtained these much money, but produces the illegal heart, similarly will not let the person in Bree Group, has the lazy sentiment, originally Bree Group here, life continuously very anxious, everyone/Great Clan in advancing diligently, for was not only been stronger by own strength, wants to become by own life well. But if among their suddenly knows that in own Gang, really had these much money, they can do nothing, one on the auspicious day, will they have the advancing power? One but they the day that is used to that type to mix to eat to wait for death, that Bree Group will have anything in the future. Because of this, therefore Liu Wei and Lishan these time have not obtained how much money to tell the in the gang person, they improving the in the gang meals, improve thing that in the gang must improve, other all with before almost.

Is been easy by Jane Rushe, is entered Jane Nan extravagantly, this truth is not everyone understands, otherwise not so many violent household. Also because of Bree Group low key such, therefore nobody thinks that Bree Group was very actually rich, but Bree Group these days, in normal meeting duty, naturally nobody has been able to see anything. To be honest, Zhao Hai is very satisfied regarding such result, Bree Group can such do, his really very happy, but these days he to leaving duty, in Bree Group here, everyone leaves duty is the light class, Zhao Hai left duty, can the rest some time, wait for well next time is one's turn his time, will make him leave duty. Raging Flames City restored calm probably, but at this time, Zhao Hai arrived at Raging Flames City, enough one month, Zhao Hai taught some Bree Group that several innate skill good Body Cultivator thing, he prepared to meet duty, the exiting wanderer one, after all this time coming out smelting trial, did not come out to save the common people. Is preparing the Zhao Hai plan own idea to Liu Wei said that has not actually thought that Liu Wei suddenly first had found him, when Liu Wei Zhao Hai welcome to his in the room, Zhao Hai really has also gawked, because of present Liu Wei in the room, not only he, Chen Zhanggui unexpectedly also. Sees Chen Zhanggui, Zhao Hai holds the fist in the other hand hastily said : Chen Zhanggui came, do this time you come are do do that?” Chen Zhanggui shows a faint smile to Zhao Hai, holds the fist in the other hand said : to see mister, these time has the matter to request the mister help.” Zhao Hai one hear of teams said that cannot help but has selected the eyebrow, because he heard Chen storekeeper saying that his these time asked him to help, did not ask Bree Group to help. Zhao Hai turned the head to look at Liu Wei one, Liu Wei has smiled bitterly, he also really skidded to think that the Zhao Hai unexpectedly such being skilled in accident, Chen Zhanggui a few words, made him listen differently beside. What Liu Wei deep voice said : I and Chen Zhanggui is the good friend, Chen Zhanggui although is the storekeeper of full moon porch, but he is also only the full moon porch Raging Flames City storekeeper, the full moon porch in Demon Alliance here, is big Trading Company, the storekeeper like Chen Zhanggui, more than 30, their competitions was very intense, but this time Chen Zhanggui has encountered a problem, but his in hand not what trustworthy, available person, therefore had then found my here, wants please you to help him.” Zhao Hai nodded, turns the head look at Chen Zhanggui said : Chen Zhanggui has any words, please freely speak frankly that your help to our Bree Group is very big, you have any matter, we fully will naturally help one another.”

Nod of Chen Zhanggui, he not polite, deep voice said : these time wants to invite mister, enters in Demon Mountain to go to seek a treasure below.” less than one hear of Chen Zhanggui said that a brow cannot help but wrinkle gently, this Demon Mountain he knows, that is Demon Alliance here very famous huge mountain, in this Demon Mountain , has plenty demon, but the so-called demon, is actually the one type of monster variety. The monster, by Cultivation World cultivator recognize one type of heterogeneous cultivator, for example the tiger monster, he is actually old tiger, underwent the practice, slowly had the wisdom, can turn into the appearance of person, has the no less than cultivator strength, therefore they will be called the monster. But the demon is different from the monster, the strength of demon and is not necessarily worse than the monster, however their wisdom are worse than the monster on many, they will not turn into human-shape, their relying on instinct goes to attack, can say, wisdom can't compare with Monster Beast of demon. The although wisdom is not high, but fighting strength of many demons, are absolutely is not weak, many demons, even is higher than Monster Beast and cultivator fighting strength, because these demons depend entirely on the instinct to handle affairs, they their hunting for instinct, practiced one type of very fearful degree, but this instinct attacked, was all Monster Beast most fearful places. rs! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }