Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 22 - Chapter 2131
The instinct is one type of very fearful thing, especially the attack instinct, the beast attack instinct, be more than human formidable, the instinct is not the wisdom, but sometimes, instinct actually compared with wisdom fearful. It looks like Bladesman, he does not practice other, he only practices to draw a sword, when he practices the cost energy this move, few people may block his this move, this is the instinct most fearful place. But the demon, is one type of does not have the wisdom, only then instinct Monster Beast, they do not have the wisdom, is impossible becomes the monster, but they have the very formidable fight instinct , because of this, therefore many cultivator, rather go to face Monster Beast, facing cultivator, is not willing to go facing these demons. Also because of these demons only then instinct does not have the wisdom, therefore these demons will not be surrendered, you or the homicide, either by the homicide, either he were escaped, either you escaped, you want to subdue him, that is impossible. But Demon Mountain there, is most famous, most is rich in the place of demon, in there has plenty Monster Beast, but these Monster Beast actually all are the demons, almost does not have normal Monster Beast, why nobody can talk clearly this is, nobody can penetrate into Demon Mountain , because in Demon Mountain , not only has the demon who innumerable does not fear death, has innumerably does not fear death the strength formidable demon, this is most important. In the Righteous Path cultivator eye, Demon Cultivator is one crowd of militant Lunatic, Evil Cultivator is one crowd of sinister Poison Snake, but in the Demon Cultivator eye, Righteous Path cultivator is one group of hypocrites, Evil Cultivator is one flock of annoying poisonous insects. But in the Evil Cultivator eye. Righteous Path cultivator is one group of arrogant Bai Zhi, Demon Cultivator is one group of militant fools, however in three cultivator eyes, Demon Mountain there, is a forbidden area, because there lives is not Lunatic, but was one crowd has resulted in insanity Monster Beast, obviously this Demon Mountain how fearful. Chen Zhanggui nature saw Zhao Hai is wrinkling the brow, he is intimate friends said : to ask mister do not misunderstand, I do not want to make mister you bring death. These time asked mister to go to Demon Mountain there, I can be mister provide the map, mister walk according to the map, will be very safe. Even if will meet some Monster Beast, will not meet too strong Monster Beast.” Zhao Hai look at Chen Zhanggui, deep voice said : this helps me to help, but I want to invite Chen Zhanggui explained with me, you to is any thing that wants me to look, but this thing, is useful.” Chen Zhanggui thinks that finally nodded said : this I to tell mister you, these time thing that goes to you to look, actually strict. It is not the treasure, he is a seal, a Clan seal, this type of seal first member one in their Clan, is not the treasure, but he is also a treasure, because in their Clan each seal of person is different, each seal is only one of its kind, as for this Clan is that Clan, I cannot tell you. I can only tell you, the full moon porch is the industry of their Clan, moreover is only one of the Clan from multi- industry.”

Zhao Hai to is not what kind, but Liu Wei has actually held breath a cold air, he is very clear full moon porch in the Demon Alliance here status. The full moon porch absolutely is a Demon Alliance here number thing that big Trading Company, although they manage. commoner also has, cultivator also has, but has been good at the quality, the reasonable price is celebrated worldwide, in Demon Alliance here, has tremendous influence, the income that every year can bring is the number not abundant number, but a such industry, unexpectedly is only one in that Clan numerous industry, that was really too astonishing. But Zhao Hai hear of he said that is actually a dignity of face, because of his very clear, can have Clan of such industry, absolutely is existence of extremely powerful, but the biggest problem is, such Clan, he has not heard. Zhao Hai is not Liu Wei, Liu Wei had not heard such Clan is not strange, he is only Rogue Cultivator, is cultivation level very bad Rogue Cultivator, he experiences limitedly, had not heard that is normal. But Zhao Hai family background in Tyrant Blade Sect, Tyrant Blade Sect thing that but one of the True Spirit Realm here 80 Great Sect, he knows, comes that don’t know to want many many compared with Liu Wei, but is this, he had still not heard existence of this Clan, this is the Zhao Hai most surprised place. Chen Zhanggui looked at Zhao Hai one, then said : our full moon porch these storekeepers, every year the time sees right in front of one this Clan Patriarch opportunity, if has made the good impression to Patriarch, our immediately will make a rapid career advance, but this time opportunity is each Nian Clan main birthday day, but can Patriarch have a liking for you, how looked at the birthday present that you prepared.” Speaking of here, Chen Zhanggui sighing, then deep voice said : this Clan although extremely powerful, but in Clan was not everyone that formidable, a current Patriarch grandson, did not have what practice innate skill since childhood, he even single Spirit Root was not, simply not suitable practice, but this child's father, was Patriarch son, actually before was in Clan , a talent that became famous, because afterward the matter in Clan, died an untimely death miserably badly, but this child in mother's within the body, on was also intoxicated, can therefore not spirit root, but. This child was born his mother also dead soon, this child is the Patriarch nurture grows up.”Because of this, therefore Patriarch to this child not in part of ones duty love, but this child because actually cannot practice since childhood, but was ridiculed by other children, although said Patriarch these ridiculed his child gave to kick the main house gate, but that child tenacious start has actually practiced, because did not have spirit root, he progressed very slow, even if regarded the sugar bean to eat Spirit Medicine , he practiced was also much slower. When this child practices Doppelganger Stage with great difficulty, he leave secretly Clan, rushed to outside to go to the smelting trial, but he chooses the smelting trial place that grasps, is Demon Mountain ! ”

Speaking of here, Chen Zhanggui cannot help but after sighing said : result naturally is that child entered Demon Mountain , in has not come out, but Clan after knowing this matter, immediately sent out Expert to kill in Demon Mountain to seek, but only had found finally actually that child's skeleton, Clan through the skeleton identification, clothes identification and other methods, had determined that child's status, and brought returned to in Clan to bury that child's skeleton, but that child Portable belt a Clan seal had not actually found.” Zhao Hai hears the here cannot help but knitting the brows head of: Then a possessing marvelous abilities Clan person, cannot find that seal, did I go am not go in vain?” Chen Zhanggui sighed said : I not to have the matter of means that competition very intense between our these storekeepers, my position, some don’t know many people eyed covetously, the gift that but I prepared for these years did not have the place that anything lost face, therefore the has plenty person wants to expel from this position me, I have then thought of this means.” Chen Zhanggui look at Zhao Hai said : I have thought many means that obtained a map from Clan, this map enters to the Demon Mountain map, labelling of above very detailed the there danger, there was not dangerous, and has labelled that child advancing route, therefore I want to find my trustworthy person, making him help me look for that seal to Demon Mountain , if can find, that naturally is good, if real could not find, that, I in preparing other's gift and that's the end.” Zhao Hai frowns, is thinking Chen Zhanggui words, to be honest, Zhao Hai really has not wanted to enter to Demon Mountain in now, Demon Mountain there, was talked into by three cultivator together is a forbidden area, that is not nonsense, that is considered as absolutely on is ominously, his present strength although is not weak, but must enter like this ominously, does not have the big assurance. But if he is helping Chen Zhanggui really had found that seal, then regarding him also absolutely is the good matter, less than can affirm that behind full moon porch that Great Clan, has his don’t know secret absolutely, if he can draw in relationship with these Clan, perhaps will know in Tyrant Blade Sect there don’t know secret, if is really such, that this steep to being worth braving. said it, Zhao Hai is not does not want to go to Demon Mountain there, he thinks own present enters Demon Mountain there somewhat early, but arrives is a little advantage, the Demon Mountain there demons do not have the wisdom, in there, Zhao Hai can use the strength of Space at will, even if were these demons saw, they will not say that as the matter stands, he entered Demon Mountain , equal to has not braved the too big danger, like this, this danger can brave. Thought of here, Zhao Hai two eyes twinkling brightly, he gained ground look at Chen Zhanggui said : I to comply to help you enter Demon Mountain , if this matter has not succeeded, what that naturally was does not fear saying that if this matter has succeeded, then I hope you while obtaining authority, can help Bree Group, making Bree Group not receive the threats of other influences, Ok?”

Zhao Hai the proposal, lets Liu Wei and Chen Zhanglian stares, they have not thought that Zhao Hai will even propose such a request, has not waited for Chen Zhanggui speech, Liu Wei one stood got up said : not to be good, the Brother Zhao younger brother, was not absolutely good, Old Chen, if this Brother Zhao younger brother really success, then you, if wants the means to let Brother Zhao younger brother join to that Clan, you did look what kind of?” Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand said : Gang Master, your good intention I declined with thanks, what what a pity is, by my this aptitude, even if entered that Clan to be what kind, that Clan did meet Rogue Cultivator of imperial one like me? Goes to there being bullied, might as well free and unfettered like the present is merry, you are not no need saying that Chen Zhanggui, before does not have that proposition, if you agreed that yesterday sends for sending to me the map.” Chen Zhanggui deep looked at Zhao Hai one, then he nodded said : your condition I to comply, so long as found that seal, after I not only let Bree Group, will never receive the threats of other influences, similarly will also find the way to let mister your join to that Clan, I guaranteed.” One hear of he said that Liu Wei then relaxed, Zhao Hai is actually somewhat accidental. rs! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }