Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 22 - Chapter 2132

In the impression of Zhao Hai, like Great Clan, has certainly very strict level division, because of a gift, will not promote you among suddenly to a high position, that is impossible However looked he who Chen Zhanggui complies such passes quickly, probably this aspect has not been a problem , is a good gift really so important? Chen Zhanggui has understood the Zhao Hai look, he smiles bitterly said : mister you possibly not to understand that Clan handling matters way, looks like in that Clan, if your gift does not prepare well, how you do business with others , because of this, therefore this gift, is looking at an ability of person on equal to actually, therefore we have to attach great importance to Zhao Hai has also smiled bitterly, he has not thought really that Clan will really have such one type of strange view, but this also Zhao Hai understand that seal regarding Chen Zhanggui important degree, if Chen Zhanggui regards the gift that impression, feared that will be his status immediately will skyrocket However Zhao Hai immediately has thought of an issue, his look at Chen Zhanggui said : „, if your map obtains from that Clan, that explained that in that Clan already had that map, by their attaching great importance to degree to that seal, they will certainly send for looking, hadn't they still found?” Chen Zhanggui nod said : „had still not found, if some people found, feared that already took, that Clan also sent many people to look most from the beginning, afterward had not found, now they will send some people to look every year, but had not found also because of this, therefore that map in that Clan was not specially keep secret thing, I then can get so far as, otherwise I may not get so far as a that map Zhao Hai nodded, his deep voice said : also in other words, this time looks for the seal, regarding you, but is the alternative plan, is purely hits transports greatly, other lived the crystal gift you already to prepare right?” Chen Zhanggui has not been hiding the truth from Zhao Hai, he nodded said : well, actually that gift I already prepared, this is only an alternative plan, but if you have succeeded, then my status is different from status immediately, I can the person the help of Bree Group also not only a little, now my in hand although also several available cultivator, but many people of my feel relieved, these fellows are not for money, who knew can they revolution of buttocks give to sell me, therefore I need a trustworthy person, but not paid attention person, but this person. Also only then you are most appropriate Zhao Hai nodded said : to make the person send to me the map Chen Zhanggui has put out Space Bag from own clothes pocket, he opens Space Bag, has put out jade slip from inside, then gave Zhao Hai said : jade slip this is that map, like this thing, how possible feel relieved my to place on others, you momentarily can leave, however within three months must come back, if you within three months did not come back, even if were you found that seal not to use, because three months later was the Patriarch birthday, I cannot give him in the Patriarch living Japan the gift on that day, was good I not to see on opportunity. He, I have given gift, cannot hand over in his hand but this year time, will live any matter everyone not to know The Zhao Hai understand Chen Zhanggui words, in this world do not have the wall that does not ventilate, if he cannot give Chen Zhanggui in three months the gift, Chen Zhanggui can only keep in hand one year the seal, but if within this year, some people knows that Chen Zhanggui in hand has this seal, that can rob, by Chen Zhanggui strength, feared that is simply cannot preserve this seal, will not do well to link life to discard Zhao Hai received jade slip said : when I to have you do not manage, if in three months I have not come back, only then one type of is possible, I died in Demon Mountain , if in three months I come back him, that also only then one type of is possible, was I brings the seal to come back saying that Zhao Hao, held the fist in the other hand to two people, turn around walked

The back that Chen Zhanggui look at Zhao Hai goes far away, let out a long breath, transfers right Liu Wei said : Brother Liu, how I felt that this fellow is not simple, perhaps his straight can take to me pleasantly surprised one also perhaps Liu Wei has smiled bitterly next step: I also disappear, but I disappear he to live coming back, to be honest, do not look that his normally covers is very good, moreover handles affairs also very low key that shows, but I can affirm that in Bree Group, nobody is his match, even if in Bree Group all people returns, not necessarily was his match , he was too strong Chen Zhanggui turning the head look at Liu Wei said : you such a person who found from that? By his strength, willingly staying in Bree Group?” Liu Wei forced smile said : is not he who I look, but is he walks on own initiative, he is Justice League there comes, queered in there, but this point I was skeptical, what can affirm, he absolutely was not Demon Alliance, but Devil Coalition there person Chen Zhanggui looked at Liu Wei said : how you to be able such to affirm puzzled that this fellow wasn't the Demon Cultivator alliance or the Devil Coalition person?” Liu Wei smiled bitterly, in eye full is facial expression said : that cherished the memory of is very simple, because these three places I went, my although was born in Demon Alliance, but I also went to the Justice League there wanderer to cross, went to the Devil Coalition there wanderer to cross, to be honest, compared another two places, Demon Alliance here Rogue Cultivator, easier live, Justice League there, the Rogue Cultivator income was few, but Devil Coalition there, once for a while will have some Rogue Cultivator to be missing, was grasped to perform the experiment by these Evil Cultivator, or did other, therefore my finally returned to here Speaking of here Liu Wei also to sigh said : because crossed in these three place wanderers, therefore my very clear these three styles of place cultivator practices, Evil Cultivator there Rogue Cultivator, what even if in practice was with our similar Cultivation Method, their bodies will also be bringing air/Qi of gloomy and cold, but Demon Alliance here Rogue Cultivator, on them will have always wild air/Qi, because the here people somewhat were good to fight bravely ruthlessly, but Justice League there, Rogue Cultivator had the one type of low key reserved air/Qi, because Justice League there was very strict regarding the management of Rogue Cultivator, they have to the low key, but Zhao Hai. The body has this low key reserved feeling, therefore I said him, he came from Justice League there Chen Zhanggui nod said : „, if he came from Justice League there, that matter to was instead easy to do, was right, the these days person and he contacted you to think that what person he was?” Liu Wei sighed said : „a good person Chen Zhanggui has not thought that Liu Wei can be a such reply, but this reply was enough, Chen Zhanggui nod said : good, I first went back this time me under the pretext of discussing cooperation, cannot in the here dull too long time, in order to avoid others got suspicious Liu Wei nodded said : to listen to his information, his disposition will not accept others anything matter at will, if he can achieve, I disappear you to help him, lets his join to that Clan, he also has the potential, like us, we basically was also not mixes to eat to wait for death he to be different

Nod of Chen Zhanggui, has not been saying anything, turn around walked, Liu Wei has delivered to outside him, they walk chatting, looks like does not have what difference with normally Zhao Hai returned to in the room, searched into spiritual force to jade slip , the content in careful look at jade slip, simultaneously his immediately they have had the contact with Laura Now Laura their everyday in the Yuanyue Peak there earnest practice, their very clear Zhao Hai time smelting trial, the time will not be short, but their everyday can meet in the evening, now their everyday will arrive under in Yuanyue Peak that base, then returns to Space from that base, but Zhao Hai also meets in everyday returned to Space to cultivate them, although although they looked like separatedly finished now had not separated Hears Zhao Hai in calling them, Laura their immediately returned to in the room, before doorkeeper , after being good, the Cai'er immediately link Zhao Hai, must say in these women, with Zhao Han is closest was Cai'er, Cai'er and Space unified in together, but Space also belongs to Zhao Hai, therefore Zhao Hai, no matter did with Space, Cai'er knows that but Zhao Hai one they had the contact through Space and Laura, first knew information, certainly was Cai'er „Does Elder Brother Hai, what matter ask us to have?” Cai'er also knows, if Zhao Hai does not have what matter, in daytime, will not relate their, therefore she comes straight to the point asked Zhao Hai deep voice said : your immediately passes to that map in Space to analyze to me, must first have a look at that map is true or false, if real, calculates the best line of march, second, immediately understood that Demon Mountain matter, is detailed is better Cai'er immediately/on horseback has complied with one, then passed on to the Zhao Hai words to Laura, Laura immediately made Cai'er their in the room analyze that map that Zhao Hai gave, but their actually immediately ran up to junks hall there, inquired information about Demon Mountain In Justice League here, information about Demon Mountain is not many, after all Demon Mountain in the Justice League domain, Justice League will not send disciple to go to the Demon Mountain there smelting trial, therefore information about Demon Mountain , belongs to that quite deserted thing in Justice League here But Cai'er they fully are actually analyzing the genuine and fake of that map, the genuine and fake of map are very good to analyze, this mainly looks at some details, must know in jade slip that Zhao Hai obtains, not only but a map is so simple, there surface also very detailed has recorded, Demon Mountain there some danger points, with the place that Clan Young Master possibly goes, very detailed that writes, because of this, therefore Cai'er they judge preliminary, the map is really The map does not have the issue, that remaining calculates the route, Zhao Hai one time made Cai'er they calculate, was not he enters to the Demon Mountain route, but was that Young Master may enter to the Demon Mountain route Zhao Hai although don’t know that Clan in there, but can look from that map, on the map enters Demon Mountain route such several, moreover centralized in a direction, this general knew the direction of that spatial clan, this can also general calculate, that Young Master, enters from that direction to Demon Mountain

This is the preparatory work that Zhao Hai said that although his these preparatory work, sometimes was possibly making not studiously, after all the opposite party already died, moreover what disposition person the opposite party was, he was also not very clear, general route that such plan came out, possibly was wrong, but the most minimum this can provide target to Zhao Hai On map has plenty route, but Zhao Hai is actually very clear, these routes were already given to look have spread innumerably, can find possible shoes therefore him of that seal very only to be able in these places according to own plan Did not arrive at one day, Laura all can find in Tyrant Blade Sect, the information about Demon Mountain collected, in this Laura asked junks hall to be good many people to help, but these people are also willing to help, Laura was Zhao Hai wife matter everyone knows, but so long as Zhao Hai in the future the strength is increased, that met the superior, this point was also everyone knows, because of this, therefore Laura acted to handle the matter, these people naturally were glad to give the green light When Laura lets Cai'er the Demon Mountain there situation Zhao Hai passes on, Zhao Hai sees these information, cannot help but felt that an intermittent headache, this Demon Mountain also is really not a good destination This Demon Mountain real very big, this Demon Mountain is incomparably huge, the continuous great huge mountain area, the total area equivalent to half China so is almost big, but area that now True Spirit Realm cultivator, verifies, but is not some places of this Demon Mountain most surrounding, what in Demon Mountain is, knows to the present also nobody This Demon Mountain so big, the demon of there surface is also more certain, on the place of cultivator proving, this Demon Mountain inside demon are truly many, but is a little makes people feel very strange, this Demon Mountain inside demon, will little leave the Demon Mountain range, probably does not want wild beast of leave domain to be the same, but is defending own domain However the demon of there surface is not absolutely affable, with level compares with Monster Beast of outside, three layers of fighting strength minimum of demon in compared with these Monster Beast above, what most important is, the fight instinct of these demons, are the one type of brand-new forms of combat, cultivator, if the first time meets, certainly will suffer a loss But these demons most make the head pain the place also lie, they do not fear death, but they will also escape, but they will bear a grudge, attack that can keep you, this is the demon most lets the head pain the place But in Demon Mountain there, not only but has all kinds of Monster Beast demons, all kinds of plants demons, these plants demons, can regard as are actually the one type of monsters, but they come compared with the general monster, wants on stupidly many, however their fighting strength are absolutely is not weak, is stronger than the general monster, but now Zhao Hai must go is a such place, can say that danger everywhere, perhaps on one carves is an ordinary grass that you see, under one carved has become must actually the demon of your life( to be continued, welcome you to cast the recommendation ticket. Monthly ticket, { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }