Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 22 - Chapter 2133

On a fast horse speeding along main road, riding of Zhao Hai face calm in immediately/on horseback, the horse that he rides is not Demon Horse, this horse is by Chen Zhanggui provides to him, from Chen Zhanggui gives him the map to the present, already enough past seven days, when Chen Zhanggui thinks when Zhao Hai gave up this time duty, Zhao Hai actually suddenly found him, lets Chen Zhanggui provides a fast horse to him, he wanted. Chen Zhanggui naturally must agree regarding the request of Zhao Hai, he not only secret has prepared a fast horse to Zhao Hai, but also has prepared Space Bag to Zhao Hai, has installed 1000 Jade essence in Space Bag, some medicine and other medicine pill, evidently Chen Zhanggui regarding the motion of Zhao Hai, attaches great importance to really. Goes to the Demon Mountain road is not secret, the people of almost all Demon Cultivator alliances know, person but who that road walks also very few, therefore looks like a good road, now looked like is actually somewhat desolated. Zhao Hai has not actually paid attention to these, he complete thoughts uses now, in hurried along, Zhao Hai these seven days of may not have white, the matter that every day must handle has many, now can collect the Demon Mountain there situation him, understanding was clear. Demon Mountain there is not a person does not have, at the matter in Demon Alliance here, has plenty Rogue Cultivator is relying on Demon Mountain lives, Demon Mountain there is the same with other Monster Beast lurking places, in Demon Mountain there, the surrounding almost does not have no formidable demon, but these strength not strong demons, can be captured and killed by these Rogue Cultivator, turns into their income. In entire Demon Mountain here. Altogether has six cities. But with closest city that these Clan leave, actually can only say that is a small town, small town does not have the name, many people do not want to give him to give the name, because that is a forgotten place. there truly is a forgotten place, will go to there every year besides several Merchant, almost few people will go, there cultivator will not come out, they have been used to that environment probably, is equal in there their everybody. These Great Sect cultivator have not been to bully them, they have enough income, they have can fully with the demon who they fight, all these regarding them. Is very important, cultivator practice for is not these, in other place, but must receive these Sect disciple air/Qi, therefore there cultivator does not want leave. Naturally every year will have some cultivator to enter to this nameless small town , some people of leave, will cross into the small town, many are some not too Ruyi Scepter that mixes outside, but wants to go to Demon Mountain here to rush , some are actually various Sect. Was being sought boundary for a long time by the card, wants Demon Mountain there smelting trial, seeks the breakthrough turning point, except for these people, almost does not have other cultivator to enter to here, Every year will have some cultivator leave, leave is some Sect cultivator, perhaps they obtained themselves to want, perhaps oneself has not thought that but here is staying not to be useful now. Therefore leave, some are actually some Rogue Cultivator, they stayed for a long time in Demon Mountain here, own cultivation level arrived at a certain degree, is staying in Demon Mountain here. Regarding them, is not useful. Therefore their leave. The entire nameless small town, has almost not expanded the scale, does not have any Gang to exist in here, coming here cultivator to obey a custom, that is, arrives at the nameless small town, no matter you outside are any status, to here, you are ordinary cultivator, in front of the demon, all people being equal.

Naturally nameless small town here is not Heaven, here to Demon Mountain very close, sometimes will meet surprise attack of demon, naturally, surprise attack their demons are not the fierce demon, the strength are also not very strong. Moreover cultivator is very big at the Demon Mountain there casualties, compares the general famous Monster Beast mountain range casualties to be big, even there is a rumor, has cultivator of Vajra time, once fallen in Monster Beast mountain range here. Zhao Hai this time target this nameless small town, that Great Clan disciple, he wants Demon Mountain there to carry on the smelting trial, therefore he does not need to run is too far, therefore he most has the place that the possibility goes to is nameless small town here, such as is he goes to other place, will spend the too long time on the road, in that case, will possibly be given by that omnipotent Great Clan presently, therefore Zhao Hai after analysis, has thought this nameless small town is very likely that Great Clan juniors, enters before Demon Mountain finally one stands. Zhao Hai rides a horse arrived at this small town directly, this arrives all the way is nobody looks for his trouble, his although has not indicated own status, but these Rogue Cultivator look at Zhao Hai are riding high big horse, an arrogant appearance, naturally also nobody dares to attack his full intent, Demon Cultivator Sect does not compare Justice League there Sect, Justice League there Sect disciple by person surprise attack, their Sect will also carry on to trace, do not say that Demon Cultivator sect six, looks like in these Demon Cultivator, you dare attack our Sect disciple, that on to be rank have not paid attention to our Sect. Is chases down the ends of the earth also to chase down you. Zhao Hai jumped down from immediately/on horseback outside the small town, leads a horse to enter the small town, this is one looks like very ordinary small town, on the small town also opens some shops, shop anything is having, from restaurant to weapon shop, in arriving at Medicine Shop, these with the cultivator related shop, all have on this small town. However in this small town does not have an inn, does not have one and commoner has the relationship shop, in this small town, very unusual customs, that is in the small town, house that these doors open, you can live casually, the house that because these doors open represented inside cultivator to walk, that house did not have Master. Moreover on this small town, you cannot see any average person, all people are cultivator, gets up these partner/shop assistant in shop , is cultivator, Zhao Hai sees the situation in this small town, suddenly has the one type of misconception, he felt that he Soaring Dragon Realm was probably same in time returned to. In Soaring Dragon Realm there, all work are all completed by cultivator, but on this small town is also same, here all work have been completed by cultivator, this arrived is makes Zhao Hai somewhat accidental. But makes Zhao Hai be what is surprised, this small town street unexpectedly very clean, small town house also very neat, this arrives somewhat stems from unexpected of Zhao Hai, looks like in Zhao Hai, on a such small town, some people to tidy how possibly up, therefore this small town should be tattered is right, clean neat a small town like the present, was really stems from the anticipation of Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai that the person on town also present suddenly intruded, but everyone/Great Clan also looked at his one eyes, respectively is doing own matter, probably is simply has not noted him to be the same. The understanding of Zhao Hai this small town are not many, Chen Zhanggui gives in his jade slip, content in simply with having this small town, but Tyrant Blade sect there, almost not record about this small town, but records here to have a small town , because of this, therefore Zhao Hai has almost not collected, any information of this small town, to this small town, he is two eyes one discredits. Zhao Hai looked at these person of one in small town, finally has aimed at a dining room on small town the vision, the dining room inquires the information best place without doubt. Before Zhao Hai has arrived on the small town few small restaurant, the horse hitch on the shop exam hitching post, then walked toward the shop, to the shop, Zhao Hai has gawked, because in this shop, sits many people unexpectedly, these people all are cultivator, but now they are eating meal. Zhao Hai just entered the shop, in shop all person look at he, but also looked at his one eyes, then shifted other place the vision, was not paying attention to him, only then shop waiter welcomed, bowed said : customer to be good to Zhao Hai, but did the wind in upper heavens leech come our nameless small town? What can eat?” Zhao Hai nodded, held the fist in the other hand said : to disturb to that waiter, I also just arrived at the small town, eat thing, was inquiring some information.” Reason that Zhao Hai is so polite to this waiter , because this waiter unexpectedly is also Doppelganger Stage cultivator . Moreover the two eyes none remaining sparkles, body killing aura also very sufficient, looks is not an affable fellow, but he now to is a happy expression of face, looks like the appearance that is easy getting along with. Two smile said : customer not to need to be polite, asking inside to sit, so long as you serve a need to be young, the small certain knowledge said all, expresses oneself fully.” Zhao Hai nodded, sat to shop in table there along with waiter, smiles said : to ask the waiter elder brother to deliver two vegetables to waiter to me, in delivering pot liquor comes, if the waiter elder brother is not busy, below how please casual following do chat several?” Two smile said : customer to wait a bit, small the food and wine that wants to deliver after you, immediately comes with you to chat several.” Said that turn around walks. waiter here just moved, hears a guest to laugh said :two, your youngster may found the person who likes listening to you to speak, the words of this becoming famous discussed that finally can well satisfying.

Two sub- also think little, but laughs said : that to be also what kind to that person, after having plants you, does not want the words, has a look to suppress undead you.” As soon as the people listened to two sub- saying that also cannot help but laughed, that has not cared with the people of two sub- speeches, has laughed with the people. Two sub- although played a joke with that person, but trick/hand and foot is not slow, before long small side dish and liquor that Zhao Hai wanted carrying. After the food and wine Zhao Hai puts away, two sub- stand in Zhao Hai side, with a smile to Zhao Hai said :customer, you, since must with small inquired that the matter of this non- famous town, that must defend Prophet to say a custom of non- famous town, to non- famous town here, no matter before you, is that Great Sect, before no matter also you, is falling how compels, to here is the equalities, you in here are only an ordinary status, is not that Great Sect disciple, is not a beggar of going begging, you are only one ordinary. cultivator. Zhao Hai has gawked, then nodded, to be honest, he very welcome regarding a such custom, most at least he has guaranteed, on this nameless small town, not appears by resembling that the potential will oppress others, this will be the good matter. rs , Please collect. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }