Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 22 - Chapter 2134

That waiter looks at the Zhao Hai appearance, cannot help but shows a faint smile, the Zhao Hai too extreme response, this cannot get down in this small town on behalf of Zhao Hai this individual dull, if he really like many Great Sect disciple arrogant, he does not have the means to stay in the person nameless small town, many Great Sect disciple, when enters the nameless small town, is always thinking command(er) others, were expelled finally actually the small town. These Great Sect people have to think person who must cope with this small town, but their simply does not have the means to cope, in this small town here is some Rogue Cultivator, these Great Sect people came, Rogue Cultivator immediately/on horseback leave on small town, but these in Sect cultivator impossible long time is staying in here, because here once for a while will receive attack of demon, to them can also finally the gain does not equal the loss, because like this, therefore these Great Sect person will not keep the person in here resident, and other these Great Sect person leave, these Rogue Cultivator on can by a time returned to this small town., Such relapse, looks like engages in guerrilla warfare to be the same, finally these Great Sect people lost the patience finally, at the matter of tube small town, cannot say, their desirably this small town forgetting. Also because this small town has a such phase of history, therefore this small town will have a cultivator all people being equal such saying, to this small town, no matter before you, is any status, in here, you are only ordinary cultivator. waiter looks at Zhao Hai to nod, this then said : „, since mister agreed that this, that other was easy to do, in this small town, not too many customs. However has one. In the small town, all houses of opening the door are ownerless, mister you can optional moving, but after you move, house the work of restoration hands over give you, not only house, you outside place a restoration work of street is also completed by you.” Zhao Hai in time nod said : good, this does not have the issue, but slight effort.” waiter smiles said : customer to be able so saying that was best. Since these customers you agreed that does not have other anything said that so long as the customer still remembers that a point on line, that was in this small town does not permit the private war. Has enmity how to arrive at outside the small town to solve.” Zhao Hai nodded said : from working as so.” waiter smiles said : so really anything has not said that in this small town , is the same with outside, among us transaction, with Crystal Stone and Jade essence, naturally, if you must trade with others, trades the thing by the thing is not, so long as you agreed on the line.” Zhao Hai nodded said : so the thanks a lot waiter elder brother.” waiter smiles said : not to need to be polite, is the same with other people. Called me two sub- to be good, my originally also Elder Brother, but he actually died on Demon Mountain , therefore everyone/Great Clan called me two.” Zhao Hai to two sub- one holds the fist in the other hand said : „the thanks a lot two sub- elder brother.” waiter beckoned with the hand said : you not to need to be so polite, was right, if you have been admitted to a house, and three months do not have appears , then your door by automatic opening, if you want to close up, a piece Jade Token on door add-ons. That representative inside some people close up, this people will not disturb you.”

Zhao Hai to waiter said : „the thanks a lot two sub- elder brother, was really too troublesome you.” waiter beckoned with the hand, smiles said : my two sub- although not too big abilities, but in the matter regarding town knows very clear. Moreover regarding Demon Mountain there, I also knows. If you need any information, can inquire to my here that I guaranteed gives your information is 100% real.” One hear of waiter said that Zhao Hai has cannot help but gawked, then he has smiled bitterly next step: „The waiter elder brother so said that is really fantastic, regarding the Demon Mountain there situation, are really not many, just wants to find a person who I know to understand well, if the waiter elder brother is not busy, please sit down, I asked the waiter elder brother to drink two cups.” waiter one hear of Zhao Hai said that to smiles said : you not to need to be so polite, told me what's the matter, I think your appearance, is not a Lu Zang person, how not to understand Demon Mountain here that actually ran up to here to come the smelting trial to come?” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly next step: Also really made the waiter elder brother you say, I do not want to come the here smelting trial, but did not have the means that these time was held, I did not come also to come.” This waiter is one likes the Eight Trigrams lord obviously, one hear of Zhao Hai said that his immediately did come the spirit, look at Zhao Hai said : oh? What's the matter?” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly next step: I do not have the matter of means that my originally is Rogue Cultivator in Raging Flames City, does the matter in Gang in Raging Flames City, but when our Gang helped Lord's Family later generation actually don’t know run up to Demon Mountain here to come the smelting trial to come, when our Gang Master knows this matter time, his later generation walked several months of time, Gang Master synthesized all sorts of performance before his later generation that concluded that he arrived at the Demon Mountain here smelting trial, therefore on here was found the person by me.” waiter one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but said : does come the smelting trial to Demon Mountain here? Is that the how long matter? Perhaps I can provide a clue to you.” Zhao Hai deep voice said : minimum is six months ago, these six months of nobody have seen him, we think he is closing up, actually there thinks that he already ran.” waiter did knit the brows said : six months ago? Six months ago to has come several cultivator, including two are also living, remaining several die in Demon Mountain , can you say that your Gang Master that younger generation long what?” Zhao Hai deep voice said : 20-year-old age, he likes wearing a red cultivator clothing/taking, long very handsome is bright, weapon is a long sword, his long sword some characteristics, his long sword has four feet fully.”

waiter one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but knit the brows said : four feet long sword, the red-clothed clothing/taking? Hasn't heard such person? Is this unlikely?” Zhao Hai smiles said : „I am only hits an advance party. Goes to the mountain to have a look while convenient. Can look find any clue, if really could not find clue forget about it, I also well go back to report after carrying out orders.” waiter one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but said : is only acts as advance party? Behind you can also come the person? If is really such, you feared that offended who? Demon Mountain there does not compare other place, even if the surrounding, is very dangerous, does not do well, your poor life on explain/transfer in that.” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly next step: That can have any means that what to do does not come here also to be able. Wife child what to do? If I die in here, in the gang can also manage my wife child, if I do not come here, after me, did not use in in the gang mixes.” waiter one hear of Zhao Hai said. His cannot help but look at Zhao Hai said : „did you have the wife child? I said that your cultivator, does marry that early to do? Has a look now to be troublesome, this time you go to Demon Mountain there to be certainly careful, Demon Mountain there demon everywhere, even if some looks like does not have what threat thing, finally might want your life.” Zhao Hai nodded said : is, please feel relieved, I am careful.” waiter nodded said : „, if you must go to Demon Mountain , to can form a team together to go with others. Our small town here person is good, so long as is not the personal enemy, forms a team also yes, this can security.” Zhao Hai smiles bitterly next step: Ok, I am different from the points of other people, I find the person, they to kill demon, if we form a team, certainly will harm the matters of other people, when the time comes stirs up everyone/Great Clan not happy. Such counter- is not good, I thought that my person moves, I also transfer the extension in the surrounding in any case, if really could not find any clue, their also will not blame I am not.” waiter one hear of Zhao Hai said. Cannot help but laughs understand that said : you think, this is also good. That person first lives in this small town previous some time, has any need to inquire that although looks for me and that's the end.” After Zhao Hai smiles said : „, must have must trouble the waiter elder brother you, the waiter elder brother, you do not know, this time our Gang Master to inquire the matter of his younger generation, but has gotten down many qualifications, to little brother's funds that is very sufficient, therefore the later little brother will be will not treat unjustly the waiter elder brother absolutely you, the waiter elder brother you will not need not to want embarrassed, these will not be my money, I will spend, but will not be grieved.” waiter one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but laughs, effort after having patted Zhao Hai shoulder said : „that can I on impolite, start from this food what kind of?”

Zhao Hai nodded said : completely , the waiter elder brother, this sufficed?” Said that Zhao Hai put out a piece Crystal Stone to lose to waiter, this Crystal Stone although was also only a piece Advanced level Crystal Stone, was not Jade essence, but this Crystal Stone was actually very big, like this big Crystal Stone, its value compared these small Crystal Stone on absolutely big many. waiter received Zhao Hai to give his Crystal Stone, looked, then laughed said : so, I may on impolite, but I did not make you suffer a loss, you sat a while in this, I was delivering two small side dish to you, was taking pot liquor to you.” Zhao Hai one hear of waiter said that shows a faint smile, lost to waiter a piece Crystal Stone said : „the waiter elder brother, this Crystal Stone also gave you, today little brother I just came to the town , was predestined friends with everyone/Great Clan, please present all friends to drink one cup, you looked that this money can exempt?” waiter laughs said : to suffice, naturally suffices, but there is a good long time nobody to be so natural, these fellows have the luck today.” Said that smiles leave. waiter although followed, however restaurant other people actually heard Zhao Hai these words, one hear of Zhao Hai said that they cannot help but stare, then loudly applauds, these Rogue Cultivator are such direct, they and Zhao Hai any conflicts of interest, naturally have not been the Zhao Hai enemy, is not the enemy, but Zhao Hai showed enough good intentions, truth that they naturally have not accepted, most minimum Zhao Hai gives their impression now is very good. Zhao Hai before and dialog between waiter, they heard, some brokers who Zhao Hai although said that but regarding these Rogue Cultivator, Zhao Hai such procedure is indisputable, conversion is they, they will also do, Zhao Hai said that not only has not caused their dislike, instead to letting them feels very kind. rs! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }