Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 22 - Chapter 2135

Has had a food in restaurant, in these cultivator with restaurant was also knew, although by the Zhao Hai status, simply does not need to become friends with these cultivator, but Zhao Hai such has done, these Rogue Cultivator strengths truly were not strong, probably did not have any help to him, but you made a friend, always compared many enemy. Previous Zhao Hai and Wang Hu become friends with, looks like does not have any help to him probably, but has not actually thought that finally Wang Hu has actually helped his busy, not only lets him presently the change of underground chamber there, made him eliminate that many Ghost Cultivator, finally also made him obtain about 3000 Undead Creature, making his strength increase, even in True Spirit Realm here, there is a certain self-preservation ability. Has eaten meal in restaurant, Zhao Hai immediately wanted in the city to look for empty house to settle down, from now Zhao Hai was also the person on this nameless small town, moreover he also knew in here some people, had some friends. Before Zhao Hai, anything that said is Gang Master looks for the matter of younger generation, naturally is fake, Zhao Hai very clear, Chen Zhanggui can get so far as that map, can know that matter, that other people can also know that matter, can obtain that map, but finds the person of that seal, will not be few. Moreover Zhao Hai believes that this time, almost other people also soon went into action, at this time, he arrived at the nameless small town, others inquired that can inquire he did do. Zhao Hai that many, although will not cancel these people to suspect completely, will most at least make these people have some suspicions. Because he said was really too detailed. These people will possibly think this matter real. Even if they thinks that this matter is fake, that it doesn't matter, Zhao Hai does not fear them, moreover Zhao Hai today and person in small town contacts to be on good terms, must in the person to small town print the next good impression, lets the person in small town, regards the person on one's own side him, if by that time some people inquired that his information, he first will know. First enters give priority to, these words, no matter is effective in there. Most at least is ten is in charge to use regarding the person on small town, Zhao Hai under this chess, waited for this chess to wield now does with. Stayed for two days in the small town, Zhao Hai has also put on airs. Inquired in all directions red-clothed, carries four feet long sword cultivator information, naturally he is impossible to have any information, because simply does not have this person. Has inquired in small town five days, Zhao Hai then leave small town, but now the person on small town also almost knew Zhao Hai this person, because Zhao Hai arrives in small restaurant to eat meal, will ask the person in shop to drink, although is not valuable thing, but also makes Rogue Cultivator of these bitters to his feeling excellent. Five days later. Zhao Hai finally leave small town, official entered Demon Mountain , naturally these five days of times he was not the matter has not done, this several days he put Demon Mountain there to put many Liquid Silver dust. If these Liquid Silver dust have not dared to use in other place Zhao Hai, after all cultivator of dust removal time, can very relaxed presently these Liquid Silver dust, such is very troublesome. However is actually all right in Demon Mountain here, Demon Mountain here demon although fight instinct very fierce, their wisdom after all are however limited, even if were they present the Liquid Silver dust. Feared that is will not know anything, will not say the matter of Liquid Silver dust, therefore Zhao Hai can the feel relieved use Liquid Silver dust. Now the terrain of Demon Mountain there surrounding, is all received in Space by Zhao Hai , because of this. Therefore Zhao Hai the meeting must leave, he prepares the Demon Mountain surrounding to transfer the extension. Makes the Liquid Silver dust walk while convenient toward Demon Mountain . In True Spirit Realm here, because the Law of the Heaven and Earth change is too big, therefore the Liquid Silver dust cannot leave Zhao Hai to be too far, therefore Zhao Hai has to go to Demon Mountain there, is good because of the these days Demon Mountain there surrounding map, all received in Space, such Zhao Hai can the danger of lying down oversized part.

The nameless small town to some Demon Mountain distances, probably is distanced about hundred meters, such distance, regarding the demon or cultivator, simply is not anything, almost can say that lifted the foot to arrive at a distance such, was because of this, therefore nameless small town here once for a while will receive Demon Mountain attack. Zhao Hai these time goes to Demon Mountain there, has not ridden a horse, he stays in nameless small town there horse, has given two sub- several Crystal Stone, making two sub- help him look after discontinues, his then leave nameless small town. Two sub- saw Zhao Hai to want the leave small town, but also ridiculed him, said that he wanted leave finally, this merit let be possible really to be enough fierce, they who he rubbed underwent these many days contacts, has been familiar, like joke simply was not anything. Zhao Hai walks toward Demon Mountain , this he also has met all the way many cultivator, these cultivator are cultivator on nameless small town, they go to Demon Mountain to hunt and kill the demon. Zhao Hai knew with some cultivator, these cultivator saw Zhao Hai also went toward Demon Mountain , many cultivator, crack a joke with Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai also chatted with these people, because has not arrived at Demon Mountain there now, therefore Zhao Hai they can also go the same way. Good one hour, soon arrived at the Demon Mountain surrounding, the look at Demon Mountain appearance, Zhao Hai then smiles said : everybody, I must advance one step, in this, I must ask everybody to help my busy, the person who if everybody meets other understanding in here, please help to inquire with everybody, red-clothed cultivator, four feet long sword, the appearance is delicate and pretty.” These people with a smile complied, regarding them is the matter of a few words, Zhao Hai these days asks them to drink, this small busy, they will not have any opinion. Zhao Hai holds the fist in the other hand to the people, turn around leave, here is only the Demon Mountain surrounding, Zhao Hai look at their appearances, Zhao Hai is comparing the map in Space, slowly proceeds. Before long Zhao Hai is official entered the Demon Mountain boundary, the Space map unfolded at this time has done to use, above there had the demons to mark, this can make Zhao Hai avoid these force Monster Beast, even if were Monster Beast of these non- force. Zhao Hai will not go to them. Because of Zhao Hai very clear, in Demon Mountain there, you easily provokes any demon, because you have provoked a demon, might not bring in more demons very much, when the time comes you want to withdraw that to trouble. Even if these passes through often come Demon Mountain here to hunt and kill cultivator of demon, does not dare with demon dogfight too long time, they to cope with the demon, generally looks for several friends of getting to know each other well, motion. Strives to solve these demons within the shortest time, if the time cannot solve these demons steadily, they rather retreat, not with that demon dogfight too long time. Zhao Hai careful moving forward. However he does not have the straight line walks toward Demon Mountain , he in spinning that the Demon Mountain surrounding keeps, careful moving forward. Zhao Hai suddenly stopped, because in the Space map demonstrated that a demon erect quick catches up toward his here, but he does not have the place to hide now, if he wants to hide , can only hide toward Space, if hides toward other place, will also run into other demons. Zhao Hai knows one could not hide. His personal appearance moves, whole person sinking of slowly to underground, he just sank to underground didn't have long time, a rustling sound transmits, then Monster Beast of rabbit walks toward his here. This rabbit shape Monster Beast looks like with ordinary Monster Beast does not have what difference, is advancing cautiously, steps onto several steps vigilant stopped to look, must say that this was first that Zhao Hai met looks like quite normal, compared with looking like wild beast Monster Beast. Arrived at Zhao Hai just to sink to the underground not far place in that rabbit shape Monster Beast. He stopped, four are hearing, personal appearance also in slowly toward retreat.

At this moment, rabbit shape Monster Beast underground suddenly emits blade point to come, direct rabbit shape Monster Beast that soft abdomen punctures. This blade very fast, in the wink of an eye punctured from underground. However Zhao Hai these ten adept steady blades. Actually cannot want that rabbit shape Monster Beast life, is not right, this rabbit shape Monster Beast should call the demon to be right. This rabbit essence in that flash that Zhao Hai blade point punctures, personal appearance suddenly one turns toward side, Zhao Hai blade although has left behind a slash on his body, actually cannot cause the fatal damage. The Zhao Hai blade likely was not been at this moment common by the resistance of land, a blade cuts horizontally, chopped on neck of that rabbit shape demon, rabbit fine first one was cut. Rabbit fine body ascended two legs to be motionless. Rabbit essence that Zhao Hai received dead, this has braved from underground, however his complexion was not quite attractive, because just he thinks that a ninety percent sure blade, unexpectedly killing that rabbit essence, that rabbit essence unexpectedly avoid in quick attack, this was Zhao Hai never expected. However Zhao Hai actually not in here sigh too long time, the place that his immediately turn around leave just fought, he still has used simultaneously Wind element Magic in his side, on all smells oneself gave to blow not to have. Now Zhao Hai also finally understand, what is the fight instinct, just that rabbit fine that absolutely was the fight instinct, if were not the fight instinct, the rabbit essence was impossible to evade Zhao Hai that blade. Really, in Zhao Hai leave not long after, several demon appears had just fought in Zhao Hai the place, Zhao Hai guesses does not have the mistake, these demon although do not have spiritual force, however of their fight instinct, complete can make up for this point, but the fight instinct by the instinct of own body, was achieved the one type of very high situation, naturally also includes the sense of smell, the senses of smell of these demons were really too fierce, Zhao Hai itself did not have what smell, but that only rabbit fine smelled his flavor, this has made the alert, this was also that only rabbit fine can avoid his blade. Reason. Zhao Hai also saw that several demons through the Space map, has been careful, strives not to be brought to the attention of any demon by oneself, simultaneously he also by own Liquid Silver dust, in advancing toward Demon Mountain , is making Space help him, makes Space all maps to carry on the full investigation to the Liquid Silver dust, look can discover to print. Morning time unconscious passed, has achieved nothing Zhao Hai to the present, but Zhao Hai has not worried, he knows that other people used not to find fully, if he such easily can find, that felt strange. Noon time Zhao Hai has not found the place to rest, he has roved in Demon Mountain here, very careful, has not been provoking any demon. About 1 : 00 pm time, Zhao Hai suddenly stopped, because he presently front has the situation, in the Space map showed that front had several cultivator in there careful moving forward, Zhao Hai immediately was stopping, he is thinking must meet with these Rogue Cultivator. Pulls closer the scene, Zhao Hai presently in these Rogue Cultivator, he knew that has seen in nameless small town there, several other he actually did not know, even has not seen in nameless small town there, this cannot help but makes Zhao Hai somewhat accidental, but he decided that has met with that several people. Careful moving forward about ten minutes, Zhao Hai heard a rustling sound, he knows that the opposite party came, but he pretends the don’t know appearance, pulled out own blade to be long, has exhibited an appearance of alert.

The opposite party was also present Zhao Hai, the rustling sound also vanished probably, Zhao Hai gradually proceeded to walk, opposite party also in slowly was close toward his here, has transferred two big trees, both sides saw the opposite party, both sides gawked, then on the face showed the smiling face, Zhao Hai received weapon first, then flushed these cultivator to hold the fist in the other hand, to that cultivator said : that he knew grandson elder brother, originally was you, I have also thought and bumped into the demon.” Sun cultivator one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but smiles said : originally is your youngster, your did youngster change to here to come? What can harvest?” Zhao Hai smiled said : to harvest to have painstakingly, look has projected on a rabbit, other harvest was not having.” Sun cultivator one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but laughs said : that to be also good, most at least you in the evening also had the rabbit to eat, the rabbit skin or the value two money, the meat made two sub- that fellows cooking in the evening, what kind of? In the evening we go to two sub- that eats your cooking rabbit meat to be what kind of?” Zhao Hai smiles said : line, in the evening together goes to two sub- that to drink two cups, but also asked Sun the elder brother you to help, if you were meeting other cultivator, helping me inquire, was right, several Big Brother went in the evening, but feared that this rabbit insufficiently ate.” Sun cultivator one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but laughs said : you to be worried about anything, has drunk your several days liquor, in the evening I also took some meat to cook in the past and ensure your youngster has not eaten.” Zhao Hai smiles said : well, that such settled, in the evening everyone/Great Clan together to two sub- that drinking well one cup, I walked first, was calling returns sometime, I in transfer the extension.” Sun cultivator nodded, holds the fist in the other hand to Zhao Hai, turn around walked. After waiting for Zhao Hai leave, by Sun cultivator cultivator, puzzled who to Sun cultivator said : Old Sun that person is? How before , hasn't seen? Comes to the town newly? How probably with you very ripe appearance?” Sun cultivator smiles said : his to name be Zhao Ming, cultivator that came from Raging Flames City, coming here to find the person, their Gang Master younger generation entered Demon Mountain , has been missing, he is looks for the present trace, because this time is the common difference, money that therefore their in the gang has to him is a lot, this fellow drinks us to drink daily, this knew.”( To be continued..) { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }