Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 22 - Chapter 2136

Zhao Hai transferred for seven days in Demon Mountain there, but actually still has achieved nothing, these seven days, his everyday is daytime in the Demon Mountain there extension, in the evening sleeps on the returned to small town, he now on person with small town to very familiar, the key is this several days, so long as he found any demon in Demon Mountain there, in the evening will come back to ask the person on small town to drink to eat meal. Is good are not many because of the small town here person, drinks every year also dozens individuals who to the shop, two Crystal Stone liquor sufficed them to drink. Do not say several Crystal Stone, even if several Jade essence Zhao Hai can also invite. Zhao Hai does not dare to take to drink the liquor in own Space, although the liquor in his Space is better, but he does not have the means to explain the origins of these liquor. If Zhao Hai or Tyrant Blade Sect cultivator, then he puts out how much liquor to come not to be excessive, Sect cultivator allowance is good, what matter may meet. However now Zhao Hai is Rogue Cultivator, that Rogue Cultivator will not have installed these thing in own Space equipment, because their Space equipment as big will not go generally as there, even if in their Space equipment has the place, they will not be used to install the liquor, that Rogue Cultivator will not have done. However this several days he is not a harvest does not have, three days ago, Zhao Hai present, the small town came the new person, altogether five, these five people probably are a batch, can look from their equipment and clothes, their status are not low. These people probably in situation to nameless small town very familiar, after small town here. They have not gone to shop there to inquire information. But looked for quite big courtyard to live, then ate meal to shop there, speaking thoughtlessly with two sub- chatted, the meaning, wants to inquire, in the nearest/recent town came any bystander. Two sub- think that these people are to come Zhao Hai, told that several people the Zhao Hai matter, that several people heard the Zhao Hai matter, immediately inquired carefully, exceed detailed that but along with two sub- said. The facial expression that on that several faces has doubts is getting more and more heavy, final two sub- did not see, asked that they knew with Zhao Hai, that several people said certainly did not know. This to is makes two sub- one get suspicious, his immediately in telling several people of matters about Zhao Hai, when drinks Zhao Hai to the shop in the evening, two sub- also told Zhao Hai the matter of that several person. Zhao Hai hears this information, immediately knows that the opposite party feared is hugging also with his same point, but before him, matter that handles, made that several people have the doubts, that several people heard most from the beginning Zhao Hai time, obviously regarded him looked for one of the seal. Matter that however one hear of Zhao Hai handle some not like. If one of the one ordinary seeking seal, that will not waste several days time, looks to listen to any red-clothed long sword cultivator in this small town, not everyday in Demon Mountain surrounding extension, not toward Demon Mountain , if looks for the seal, that has certainly the map, will have the map not to transfer in the surrounding. Synthesizes these to consider that Zhao Hai is not looks for the seal probably, but must say that Zhao Hai is not looks for the seal. His appears opportunity some were also too skillful, how several people do not have round do not believe that this is only a coincidence.

Therefore that night Zhao Hai , in the shop runs other people drink, they also went, they have been observing Zhao Hai, however the result of observation they were still disappointed. The appearance that Zhao Hai has not worried probably, his still everyday drinks with these cultivator. Treating that also keeps, made that several cultivator had a favorable impression to Zhao Hai. That several person don’t know, they, when observes Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai also in observing them, that several person although are also Soul Fusion Stage cultivator, but is very obvious, the status of that several person is different, from their conversation and clothes, they absolutely is not Rogue Cultivator, even if Rogue Cultivator, that has also hired oneself Rogue Cultivator of some influence. However Zhao Hai does not have specially with their words meaning, he still with fiery that other cultivator hit, to that several people, Zhao Hai has also said a hello, making them help to pay attention red-clothed long sword cultivator, in has not said anything to them. That several cultivator to were made not to know whether to laugh or cry by Zhao Hai, they are still suspecting Zhao Hai, but Zhao Hai is making them help him inquire the person now, this anything matter. Then several days, Zhao Hai still in the Demon Mountain surrounding extension, but Zhao Hai actually presently, that several people with him, moreover that several people have used one type of very special Magical Artifact unexpectedly, all hid their smells and spiritual force, their personal appearance were also hidden, that unexpectedly is hidden Body-maneuvering Technique. Also because of that several fellows in behind, Zhao Hai this several days not toward Demon Mountain , but in Demon Mountain surrounding strolling, had transferred two days later, that several cultivator finally not with him. Zhao Hai knows that several cultivator are impossible continuously with him, they have their duty, if they with him, their duty did not need to manage. Third day these person leave, on a route following map walked toward Demon Mountain in finally, Zhao Hai first knew certainly this situation, every action and every movement of that five person do not evade the Zhao Hai look, because Zhao Hai has put their bodies the Liquid Silver dust, the body of although that several person has many Magical Artifact, however their strengths are still Soul Fusion Stage, to the Earth Monarch Stage distance, they are is impossible presently the Liquid Silver dust. Along with leave of that several person, Zhao Hai also prepared to go toward Demon Mountain , but he before leave, actually ran with to greet in nameless small town here understanding cultivator, said that he must return to Raging Flames City to hand over duty, did not have to say one must enter Demon Mountain . Nameless small town here each place was received in Space by him, he naturally does not need to stay in here, therefore Zhao Hai will say that he wants leave.

The nameless small town here person heard that Zhao Hai walked, but also somewhat does not give up, like the Zhao Hai such natural person, but also are not really many, these days they the impression to Zhao Hai to are very good. After leave nameless small town, Zhao Hai that horse receiving, then rushed to Demon Mountain to go, this time he prepared such as to go to Demon Mountain in deeply, the surrounding he already looked everywhere, does not have presently a seal, therefore he can only toward. Zhao Hai these time on a route following map toward, very smooth, after all this route that carries on was that Clan sacrificed the lives of countless person to survey. However Zhao Hai advancing is not quick, he also on mark using Space map, walks the way out line, can fly in Demon Mountain here by own Liquid Silver dust is farther. Daytime said fortunately, because in the route of map, Zhao Hai to has not encountered any danger, but that several route that are not short, day of simply impossible to come out from there, therefore Zhao Hai needs on there dull several days. Evening's time, Zhao Hai does not want to annoy troublesome, his although has not entered Space, but also looked for a big tree, entered rests to the big tree. Connects several days Zhao Hai is such day, the good several days time, Zhao Hai such to cross, he also more walks in Demon Mountain here is farther, he enters to the demon forest in ten days later, nameless small town there came the two batches person, ten people that this two batches person, a batch comes, another a batch comes has three people. After this two batches person arrived at nameless small town there, has handled the same matter with former that five people, runs up to two sub- there to inquire the view at the matter of newly-arrived small town here person. However because of Zhao Hai leave, two sub- has also had nothing, he who worries told that two groups of people the matter of that five person, but the Zhao Hai matter, he was a character had not said. Zhao Hai also noted that two batches person, he knows that this two batches person was does do, but made Zhao Hai feel what was strange, this two batches person unexpectedly was also Soul Fusion Stage, this arrived is makes Zhao Hai somewhat puzzled, Demon Mountain here danger such, making Earth Monarch Stage cultivator enter these groups of people who why isn't it better? sent, all was Soul Fusion Stage? Such strength, even can't compare with nameless small town here some Rogue Cultivator.

Zhao Hai and don’t know, seek for seal matter, in that Clan family, is almost public secret, in Clan all thinks person who superior, every year will send for Demon Mountain there seeking for that seal, however the final result is actually, disappointments, send for Demon Mountain there seeking for the seal slowly, almost became that Clan all thinks that the one type of tradition of superior person, they every year in leaving about the Patriarch birthday top three month, sends for Demon Mountain there seeking for the seal, for by the bystander was not seen place that what does not suit, sent the person almost is Soul Fusion Stage Such although will not bring to the attention of these Rogue Cultivator, but actually meets the appears massive casualties, the person who sometimes, they send, is living does not have, but is this, they will still send, because that is the superior quickest shortcut. Also for this reason, these cultivator that therefore Zhao Hai sees, is Soul Fusion Stage cultivator, high level does not have. although or Soul Fusion Stage that cultivator however nearest/recent several times, these people send, but these Soul Fusion Stage cultivator, the body will have Magical Artifact, there are these Magical Artifact, these Soul Fusion Stage cultivator, but compares with Earth Monarch Stage cultivator. This can make these Soul Fusion Stage cultivator, the casualties fall, can let them to the nameless small town and Demon Mountain there familiar, this was one year had not found, next year can also send them to come, they can find the first year has not found the place, this will raise many efficiencies. But Chen Zhanggui before because of just join to that Clan few years, therefore and don’t know this matter, today is his first time knows this matter, therefore he so will be official, even only asked Zhao Hai one person to come, moreover spent the high price to buy the map. Chen Zhanggui has not thought that this map in that Clan, is almost thing of rotten avenue, simply is unworthy that much money, that sold to the person of Chen Zhanggui this map, regards the triumphant child to butcher him. Because of this, that five cultivator that therefore Zhao Hai sees, in hand will have that type to be able Magical Artifact of stealth, these cultivator to nameless small town here very familiar. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }