Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 22 - Chapter 2137
Zhao Hai static ambush in one toward forest, he not with trees combine together, has not submerged underground, because he is not hiding any demon now, he is prepares to kill people! Now Zhao Hai entered to Demon Mountain in already soon one month, this one month came him still to have achieved nothing, but now Zhao Hai had determined that was walks into the mountain to look for cultivator of seal, seven batch were many, the cultivator total has also achieved about 100 people. But the a batch person who Zhao Hai this time must kill, altogether seven, these seven people all are Soul Fusion Stage cultivator, original Zhao Hai does not want to kill their, but has not actually thought that these seven person outside the city time, met Rogue Cultivator in three small town, Zhao Hai also knew that three Rogue Cultivator, but that seven people unexpectedly that three Rogue Cultivator killing! Because of this, therefore Zhao Hai then wanted extinguishing these seven people, if did not kill these people, Zhao Hai thought that really somewhat was unfair to the person in small town. He in person with small town, although casual acquaintance, but also is some friendship, but finds the person of seal with these, is relationship does not have, therefore he naturally must tidy up these to find the person of seal. All looks for cultivator of seal, had been put the Liquid Silver dust by Zhao Hai, their whereabouts, by Zhao Hai knowing purity, therefore Zhao Hai knows that seven fellows on after a while, appears this road, Zhao Hai will prepare in here ambush they. This several days Zhao Hai has not been idling actually, his although had not found the seal, but Zhao Hai actually in Demon Mountain there, received many animal and plants. But those who make Zhao Hai not think is. After these thing enter to Space, prompt in Space unexpectedly is gene incomplete life form, this makes Zhao Hai feel very strange. Gene incomplete life form? This is in Space first appears this prompt, reason that also in other words, Demon Mountain here meets appears these many demons, possibly is because their genes are incomplete. Is thinking in Zhao Hai these matters time, a rustling sound gently transmits, Zhao Hai spiritual immediately has concentrated, he has pulled out his blade, but simultaneously actually has restrained own aura and killing aura completely. Rustling sound getting closer and closer. Before long several person's shadows on appears in the line of sight of Zhao Hai, look at that several people who Zhao Hai Ding decided that when that several people to his about hundred meters time, the Zhao Hai intention moved. That several feel their sole pain, then their foot immediately hemp. That several people are also generations of the rich experience, felt that an own under foot hemp, immediately knows, he by attack, several people of response very fast, immediately had been sealed up the acupuncture point on oneself foot, then immediately toward underground attack, but anything has not actually projected on. A moment ago attack that several cultivator, were these small Insect Race in Zhao Hai Space. This small Insect Race toxicity very formidable, one, but was hit by them, that toxicity rapid in within the body proliferation of person, if responded slowly, less than life of one minute of important person.

That several cultivator look has not projected on thing, their immediately from own Space, has put out several jars, then has poured grain of medicine pill from the jar, threw own mouth. Zhao Hai knows now they eat certainly is Detoxification pill, these Detoxification pill in True Spirit Realm here are not good thing. However actually also divides level, the toxin that level higher Detoxification pill, he can solve is also many, the toxin that even if was some solutions, they can also the beginning very good alleviation do to use. Let cultivator have the time to ask others to carry on Detoxification. When that several cultivator just threw Detoxification pill to their mouth, Zhao Hai suddenly moved. His in hand long blade wields, attacks toward the opposite party. That several cultivator immediately presently Zhao Hai, their complexion cannot help but change, they think that just that attack, was they have run into the don’t know demon, now looks like is actually not that a matter, this feared that was deliberate attack. Several people of immediately mentioned Blade and Sword to counter-attack, at this time Blade Technique complete expansion of Zhao Hai, several circles in middle, several people of originally was poisoned, six layers of fighting strength insufficient most flourishing time, although they also had many Magical Artifact, however Zhao Hai Blade Technique attack solid was savage, they can only passive resisting, put Magical Artifact opportunity not to have now. The time is not long, several pitiful yells transmit, Zhao Hai also received the blade, then waves, received in that several cultivator Space, personal appearance flashes, leave here. Zhao Hai very clear, their here a while will have Monster Beast to arrive, here sound although is very small, but hides the truth from these Monster Beast absolutely. Zhao Hai in this Demon Mountain one month, has fought with these demons is not once or twice, the abilities of his very clear these demons, these demons arrived at one type of to let the Zhao Hai surprised situation their instinct, their five feeling, were in the one type of dumbfounded situation. About ten times of their hearing minimum in compared with other Monster Beast, the strengthening of this degree, are really astonishing, simultaneously this is also these Monster Beast fiercest places. Just as is such that Zhao Hai thinks, he leave not long after, some demon appears in there that they had just fought, heard half-day then leave in there. Zhao Hai to a place of relative security, immediately that several Undead Creature let out that he just received, asked that several Undead Creature about Demon Mountain this time situation.

From that several Undead Creature there, Zhao Hai found out some Demon Mountain situations, but understood was not many, that several Undead Creature although nearest/recent several years have come Demon Mountain here, but they have not actually gone to Demon Mountain other places to go, sought in that several route there, has achieved nothing to the present, if discussed really the understanding Demon Mountain , these fellow feared that was also can't compare with Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai received these Undead Creature, his brow also cannot help but wrinkled, in Demon Mountain here one month, the situation in Demon Mountain surrounding, he has understood, even on the map all areas, he has installed in the Space map, inch by inch has looked, finally is anything does not have presently. Zhao Hai can determine, Chen Zhanggui gives him on the map, was impossible to find that seal, therefore the Zhao Hai preparation toward Demon Mountain , he must penetrate Demon Mountain . although will say toward Demon Mountain in goes to danger, but he does not want to break a promise by himself in Chen Zhanggui, but what most as the main will be, Chen Zhanggui superior, can make Bree Group obtain many attendances, but he will have to be able to meet join to that mysterious Clan, now Zhao Hai most wants to know will be, that will be Clan that anything will want. This Clan he has not heard, Zhao Hai has thought that in True Spirit Realm here, strongest was these Great Sect, but now looks like probably is not that a matter, this mysterious Clan, its strength was not absolutely bad, but he has not actually heard, therefore he must clarify is good. Zhao Hai is not that type thinks the person who is not, has thought does, these time follows up Demon Mountain not to be different, he just entered Demon Mountain time, because the beforehand some people have come, therefore he must collect some situations well, in the situation to Demon Mountain carries on to analyze. However the Demon Mountain deep place, nobody has actually gone, must enter the Demon Mountain deep place, simply does not have the means collection information, therefore he can only go in directly. However Demon Mountain here demon formidable to any degree, Zhao Hai, but is clear, therefore he must toward the remote mountain, Zhao Hai also meet very careful, because of his very clear, by his present strength, if not hiding these demons, will be will be very troublesome, do not look at his present true strength not compared with cultivator difference many of Teleportation boundary, but demon formidable of Demon Mountain here , he if not careful, that on was troublesome. Now these enter Demon Mountain to find the person of seal, but also seeks in that several route there, but Zhao Hai actually went toward the remote mountain, because of his very clear, that several route there simply does not have the seal. The Liquid Silver dust leads the way in front, Zhao Hai careful advancing, although because of the level issue, his Liquid Silver dust is not having to be too far, but Zhao Hai that the means fly actually has to use such method, now although strength although is not weak, but level is not high, but his level is not high, his Liquid Silver dust does not have the means to fly to be too far, this is Zhao Hai now the most worried matter, otherwise his simply does not need to penetrate into Demon Mountain here, so long as transfers the extension in the Demon Mountain surrounding, did for show is OK. Before level this Zhao Hai, has thought does not have thing that what uses greatly, has not actually thought that actually became thing that he most wants to obtain now, because his level came up, his Space will be liberated, thing in Space, less comes under the influence of here Law of the Heaven and Earth.

Because needs the Liquid Silver dust opening, therefore Zhao Hai advancing is not quick, he continuously careful advancing, all places that but he passed by, he all received in the map with the Liquid Silver dust Space, with Space key looked for that seal, but still has achieved nothing to the present. A Zhao Hai person in thorough of Demon Mountain , careful advancing, he is not believing that Clan Doppelganger Stage cultivator, can rush to the Demon Mountain thoroughly such far place, but external does not have, he also can only look to inside. Time advancing bit by bit, Zhao Hai was entering to the Demon Mountain deep place had half a month time, the time of half a month, he is not constantly toward the Demon Mountain deep place drill, derailing that but must be careful, his clear that Clan cultivator killed place, in that several routes, even if were he is killed by the demon, his seal by the demon killing, the demon will not leave that several route there to be too far, the demon also has the domain, will have the demon to go into other Monster Beast domain few. Also in other words, even if Monster Beast takes away the seal from the body of that cultivator, will not leave here to be too far, therefore Zhao Hai has not transferred to the surroundings of that several route. Even if this, made Zhao Hai transfer for many days, but does not have to the present still anything presently, Zhao Hai although somewhat worried, but any means did not have, only ability temper looking slowly. Time past bit by bit, Zhao Hai considered as finished, time of immediately three months/March must arrive, however the matter of seal was a feature does not have, Zhao Hai cannot help but somewhat worried, simultaneously he also felt that probably oneself this time, spoke the words was too full.( To be continued..) { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }