Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 22 - Chapter 2138

let out a long breath, Zhao Hai has prepared to give up this motion, did not have the time, in having three days, was he with the time that Chen Zhanggui agreed on, but that seal, still a clue did not have now, Zhao Hai does not want to give up also being probable now to give up, even if were he can use Space direct returned to Raging Flames City, but three days of times, he still did not have any assurance to find a that seal. In look at Demon Mountain on luxuriant jungle, Zhao Hai cannot help but sighed, this Demon Mountain was really too big, if were giving him some time, he gave to turn inside out entire Demon Mountain , must find that seal, but is means does not have now, because he feared that now was 1/10 Demon Mountain has not arrived continually, nobody knows that seal got so far as Demon Mountain where. The extension of Zhao Hai preparation in forest in transferring, uses these three days, well looks for that seal, even if could not find the seal, he can also look for in some Space no plants to receive in Space. although said Demon Mountain here, no matter plants or demon, have the genetic defect, but these plants and animal can actually , when has the genetic defect, can still be long such well, this itself measured miracle, Space already has analyzed to these animal and plants, this regarding the constitutions of various Space species, had very big advantage. In Zhao Hai proceeds, suddenly Zhao Hai hears ten points to quarrel the mixed sound, hears this sound, Zhao Hai cannot help but frowned, because this sound he has heard, this is the sound that in Demon Mountain the one type of very special demon comes out, this demon named Naughty Monkey . Naughty Monkey , sounds is one type of very adorable animal is probably same, in fact the Naughty Monkey appearance also chops the reality is very adorable, looks like looks like Snub-nosed monkey, but the eye compared with Snub-nosed monkey even bigger, looks like bright and intelligent, very adorable. However this thing is actually the one type of demon who Demon Mountain here most lets the head pain \; first, this thing quantity extremely numerous. In is the strength of this demon is very good, is quick, moves in forest very fast. What most important is, their will take the initiative attack person. However has the one type of advantage, this Naughty Monkey although meets the attack person, but they are more like are playing noisily. They with some nuts and so on thing comes the attack strength, this although will not make the person receive anything to injure, but regarding cultivator, so was provoked by a demon, is in itself a very embarrassed matter. If you if counter-attacks. These Naughty Monkey endless pursues you to hit, this is inappropriate, therefore general cultivator will not enter to the Naughty Monkey domain. About the Naughty Monkey matter, Zhao Hai inquired from nameless small town there, Naughty Monkey was in Demon Mountain the most special one type of demon, they compared the common demon to be astute, what most important was, they did not have because of deciding domain. Before Zhao Hai in Demon Mountain here. Also has met Naughty Monkey . However Zhao Hai has not annoyed them, but in the Zhao Hai Space map, Naughty Monkey here is also all cultivator around walking place. Because of this, therefore Zhao Hai hears the Naughty Monkey sound, the brow cannot help but wrinkled, he really does not prepare to annoy these Little Thing. When Zhao Hai just about to turn around walks, his suddenly heard Naughty Monkey there. Has heard the intermittent sharp cry. This cry is not very right, even if Zhao Hai did not understand that the cry of demon is any meaning. He can also be able to hear, in this cry full is the panic-stricken meaning, these Naughty Monkey were meets to trouble evidently probably. However Zhao Hai does not prepare tube these Naughty Monkey , Demon Mountain here originally is the world of demon, Naughty Monkey receives attack to be also normal in here. However makes Zhao Hai be what is surprised, at this time, the Naughty Monkey cry, unexpectedly came toward their here, Zhao Hai just about to walks, actually presently on his all around tree a leaf falls, innumerable Naughty Monkey were screaming was jumping leave from his tree.

Zhao Hai stares slightly, at this moment, Zhao Hai present, in these Naughty Monkey behind, with two golden forms, Zhao Hai carefully looks unexpectedly, unexpectedly is two Gold leopard , they squander the same golden spot all over the body, looks like very beautiful. Very these Gold leopard builds healthy, vertical jump very fast, these two Gold leopard prepare to hunt and kill Naughty Monkey evidently. However at this time, two Gold leopard on suddenly tree threw toward Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai cannot help but gawked, he thinks that two Gold leopard target was these Naughty Monkey , has not thought that in the blink of an eye has traded target. Zhao Hai cannot help but sneered, these days he has harbored evil thoughts in Demon Mountain here, was almost saw that the demon was hiding walking, this feeling let Zhao Hai not being feeling well, but also did not have the means that he can only such do. Currently really has the demon to come attack on own initiative he, one that Zhao Hai anger from bottom of the heart cannot help but leaps has braved, the hand turned long blade appears in in his hand, blade light flashed, two Gold leopard both were encircled of blade light by Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai and Gold leopard just began, these Naughty Monkey also Zhi Zhi called to run, their in hand was taking the nut, but they have not actually hit Zhao Hai, was only calm the fight in look at field. That two Gold leopard strength is not weak, equivalent to Earth Monarch Stage cultivator, in adding on their fight instinct, can say that two Gold leopard are to Earth Monarch Stage cultivator, will win absolutely. What what a pity is, today what these two Gold leopard meet is Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai is not general cultivator, these two Gold leopard this times were kick on iron plate, they by the Zhao Hai blade to the circle, have been wanted to run quickly cannot be inescapable, although two Gold leopard roared again and again, but still did not have the means to clash. Fights for about ten minutes, Zhao Hai capture an opportunity, two throwing knives, injected from two Gold leopard eyes directly, two Gold leopard furiously roar two, have then fallen down was motionless. Zhao Hai then received own long blade, but somewhat vigilantly looked at these Naughty Monkey one, what stemmed from the Zhao Hai anticipation was, these Naughty Monkey have not moved attack to him unexpectedly, but was Zhi Zhi of squatting of each and every one on the tree was calling. Meanings of some Zhao Hai do not understand these Naughty Monkey , quick Zhao Hai on present, these Naughty Monkey are crying probably, this lets Zhao Hai some not understand. In this time, Naughty Monkey was jumping down from the tree unexpectedly, then slowly has arrived at the Zhao Hai side, then the entire body crawled, such is carrying on to worship on bended knees to be the same to Zhao Hai probably. Zhao Hai looked at this situation, immediately understand, that two Gold leopard have certainly massacred many Naughty Monkey . Therefore these Naughty Monkey will share a common hatred with him, now after seeing the homicide these two Gold leopard , these Naughty Monkey will salute to Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai only crawls toward that in ground Naughty Monkey walks. That only looks like the old Naughty Monkey although body lightly trembles, but has not actually set out. Zhao Hai arrives at that to be only old Naughty Monkey the side, extends make a move to come, gently that only Naughty Monkey holding. That was only old Naughty Monkey look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, has referred to the ground two Gold leopard corpses, referred to that being only old Naughty Monkey .

That is only old Naughty Monkey to look at the Zhao Hai movement, some understand is not any meaning. Zhao Hai often smiles, Gold leopard that two died has grasped, handed over that to be only old Naughty Monkey the side, that was only old Naughty Monkey to look at Zhao Hai this movement, his immediately understand meaning of Zhao Hai, he to Zhao Hai excited called several, then also on these Naughty Monkey to tree called several, these Naughty Monkey on tree. Also is excited called several. Then large quantities of Naughty Monkey , jumped down from tree, some strong Naughty Monkey , rushed to that two Gold leopard side, has lifted that two Gold leopard , walks toward Demon Mountain . But that is only old Naughty Monkey to arrive at side Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai somewhat puzzled look at that is only old Naughty Monkey , that is only old Naughty Monkey to extend the hand of claw then Zhao Hai to proceed. Zhao Hai although understand he is not any meaning, but he was only old Naughty Monkey to walk with that. Walked for about a half hour. They arrived in forest of cover, the tree in this piece of forest, the characteristics, that is the here tree specially big, when Zhao Hai is perplexed, that was only old Naughty Monkey to scream, before long large quantities of Naughty Monkey have braved from these big trees, Zhao Hai saw that this situation has cannot help but gawked, because of him presently, he actually did not have presently these Naughty Monkey before, this absolutely was not normal. The piece of region that he is at now, he passed through before, because here is the Naughty Monkey domain, therefore he has not arrived at here thoroughly, but observed here with the Liquid Silver dust. However at that time he presently here so many Naughty Monkey , this has not made Zhao Hai feel very strange, he carefully looked at these big trees, then he present a very strange matter, he presently these big trees, unexpectedly can shield his spiritual force, his spiritual force can only presently existences of these big trees, but does not have the means to see that in treetop is hiding anything. Zhao Hai complexion cannot help but changes, because he divides presently, oneself before with the Liquid Silver dust looked at here the time, only paid attention to under the tree, on the tree he had not looked that he neglected. These Naughty Monkey saw that their clansman lifted Gold leopard to come back, excited called, then these Naughty Monkey jumped down from the tree, starts the scream of excited. But that is only old Naughty Monkey actually not to manage other these Naughty Monkey , he leads Zhao Hai to arrive in forest on the biggest that tree, then 2-3 jumped on the tree, Zhao Hai looked at this situation, shrugged the arm, the personal appearance moved, jumped the tree. Zhao Hai has gawked to the tree on, because he smelled a very rich wine fragrance taste, the fragrance of this liquor very mellow, is only hears, makes Zhao Hai feel that somewhat was drunk. At this time that old Naughty Monkey has arrived by tree trunk, then he gave to dismantle a piece tree bark on tree, richer wine fragrance passed on, Zhao Hai looked toward that Tree Hole, presently in that Tree Hole unexpectedly is some golden liquids, that wine fragrance taste from these ** came out. At this time the old monkey has put out a firm husk from side, abundant one that golden liquid, has given Zhao Hai, incited called two, Zhao Hai to show a faint smile, not polite, he received the firm husk, the liquor in husk doing. This liquor entrance Zhao Hai stares, because of flavor unexpectedly extraordinary good of this liquor, Zhao Hai knows that these liquor should be the monkey liquor in legend, no matter on Earth, is in True Spirit Realm here, will always have the legend of monkey liquor, but Zhao Hai does not think the monkey liquor can go the delicacy to there. The liquor is not good to ferment, this has relationship with the water, has relationship with the time of yeast, has relationship with the fruit type, has relationship with the allocated proportion of fruit, wanted to make the one type of nice wine, was not that easy matter. However today the flavor of this monkey liquor, makes Zhao Hai somewhat stare, he has not thought that this monkey liquor unexpectedly so tasty, compared with Fruit Wine that in his Space ferments , is not bad, even the flavor will be better.

The facial expression that on the face of Zhao Hai has cannot help but revealed being infatuated with, the old monkey looks at the Zhao Hai appearance, cannot help but happy Zhi Zhi called several, obviously the Zhao Hai expression makes his very satisfied, Zhao Hai also calling to recover by the old monkey, he smiled to the old monkey, has given back to the old monkey the firm husk. The old monkey swung the claw, referred to Tree Hole, Zhao Hai looked that the appearance of old monkey knows, the old monkey was makes him drink, the tube sufficed to drink, Zhao Hai cannot help but showed a faint smile, not polite, took up the husk, oneself abundant, but this time he has not drunk, but has delivered to that glass of liquor Space, making Universal Machine analyze the liquor the material. Meets saying that Zhao Hai has given back to the old monkey the husk, he just pretended the drinking appearance, delivered to the fruit Space, therefore the old monkey presently, has not given the old monkey after the husk, Zhao Hai was not drinking. The old monkey looked that Zhao Hai does not drink, has not exempted, has blocked that Tree Hole, then he led Zhao Hai to jump on another big tree, on that big tree had big Tree Hole, spread the intermittent rank stink when Tree Hole, this arrived is makes Zhao Hai somewhat accidental, because the flavor that taste resembled the corpse was rotten comes out, this, what's going on? was here a tomb of Naughty Monkey clan is inadequate? However Zhao Hai denied own idea quickly, because he heard the sound of intermittent breath from cavern, the old monkey also looked at the doubts of Zhao Hai probably, he in Zhi Zhi to cavern called two, in cavern to spread a breath is present but vigor is absent cry, then Naughty Monkey crawled from cavern. Sees this only Naughty Monkey , Zhao Hai stares, Naughty Monkey that because this is injury, on his belly broke large hole, the belly there meat has corrupted, left the intermittent rank stink. This Naughty Monkey age seems like not only small, but appearance actually very pitiful, looks at his appearance, feared is this sickness was not a day or two, looked at his appearance, feared that could not support during the multi- progress. The old monkey looked at this only Naughty Monkey appearance, immediately ran, held that only Naughty Monkey , making him sit, then turned the head to Zhao Hai Zhi Zhi called several, in the sound full was the apology. Zhao Hai to has not cared, he looked at one that only Naughty Monkey wound one, then has referred to that only Naughty Monkey wound, has referred to itself, then his hand wields, in his hand appears one group of white light, that white light was flashing gentle radiance, making the person have one type of to be warm, relieved feeling.( To be continued..) { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }